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Considered part of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area, Erie County is the seventh-most populated county in New York. However, law enforcement in Erie issue the second-most number of speeding tickets in the state. With dozens of major roadways and several well-known universities, police are always vigilant for speeding and other traffic violations. In 2021, police handed out just over 39,000 speeding tickets in Erie County. Any ticket issued in New York State can lead to serious penalties including points, fines and auto insurance increases.

New York Counties Issuing the Most Speeding Tickets, 2022

CountyNumber of Speeding Tickets

New York State Speeding Ticket Costs

Paying a speeding ticket mean incurring for far more costs than most realize. Fines of $150 to $600 are not the final cost. Each ticket also comes with a mandatory state surcharge ($88 to $93). If the ticket puts the total number of points on the license at six or more, a driver will be hit with a DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA). The DRA is a separate fine, which costs $100 per year for three years. Each point over six costs an additional $25 per year for three years. Even worse is the massive increase in insurance premiums, which typically last for 36 months or more after the ticket appears on the driving record.

Speeding Tickets Data from Erie County NY

Erie County is the second county in New York with the highest number of speeding tickets in 2022. Although the total number has noticeably decreased since 2021, there was still a staggering amount of speeding tickets issued by the authorities–34,357 tickets to be exact. This could be attributed to the large population and the number of major roadways in the county. 

The State Police were responsible for issuing a substantial number of tickets, totaling 17,363. Other local enforcement agencies, which include city and municipal police, played a nearly equivalent role to the state police by issuing 16,647 tickets, and county enforcement also contributed to this effort with 347 tickets.

In addition to the speeding tickets, many drivers who were given a speeding ticket were also cited for other offenses during the same traffic stop. The most frequent violations were licensing violations (2,228 tickets), motor vehicle inspection violations (775 tickets), and aggravated unlicensed operations (749 tickets). 

Number of Speeding Tickets Issued in Erie County (NY), 2013 – 2022

YearNumber of Speeding Tickets

Speeding-related crashes are also prevalent in Erie County. In 2022, there were 19,993 incidents recorded: 14,231 of these resulted in property damage; 5,710 resulted in personal injuries; and 52 cases resulted in fatalities. This data emphasizes the importance of road safety because speeding not only jeopardizes the safety of the drivers, but also imposes a considerable burden on healthcare systems, emergency services, and the overall well-being of the community.

Drivers in Erie County who receive a speeding ticket might want to contest the citation, to get it dismissed or downgraded to a low-point or no-point violation. This will also help to avoid a steep increase in one’s auto insurance premium. However, considering the county’s high conviction rate, achieving this outcome may require the assistance of an attorney skilled in handling traffic tickets.

Erie County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

Located on part of the U.S.-Canadian border, Erie County spans 1,227 square miles and is home to 25 towns, 16 villages and three cities (Buffalo, Lackawanna, and Tonawanda). Its numerous waterfront parks and conservation parks, along with the abundance of highways and proximity to Canada make it a popular tourist destination. It’s also a frequent drive-through county for those heading to or from Canada. As such, state and local police are mindful of speeding and other traffic offenses.

Hiring an Erie County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

No one should approach a speeding ticket or other traffic violation lightly. An experienced traffic defense attorney can evaluate the charges and offer a solid defense that will minimize the fines and points. The best part is that, in most cases, those who hire legal representation may not have to show up to court themselves.

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