Speeding Tickets in Brooklyn (Kings County), NY

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Just south of Queens and across the river from Manhattan, Brooklyn is the most populous of the five boroughs of New York City. Brooklyn—also called Kings County—is increasingly both diverse and young. Areas like Park Slope and Red Hook are incubating many new and innovative businesses while serving as home to a growing number of millennials and trendily off-trend “hipsters.” Despite the stereotype of millennials and hipsters as averse to driving, Brooklyn still gave out the third-most traffic tickets in 2017!

Whether one lives in Brooklyn or is just passing through on the way to JFK airport, Staten Island, Queens or Long Island, drivers should not pay a speeding ticket issued in Brooklyn! Far better to hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to help eliminate the penalties (fines, points and more).

Brooklyn Speeding Ticket Costs

A speeding ticket costs much more than just a fine. A driver who is ticketed for speeding can expect an upfront cost of $150 to $600. But each ticket also comes with a mandatory state surcharge of $88. Then there’s the points: Whenever the total number of points on one’s license reaches six or more, the DMV will issue a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. The DRA is separate from and in addition to the fine for speeding. It costs $300 plus $75 for each point over six. Paying a speeding ticket also means it will appear on one’s driving record and thus result in a large hike in insurance premiums. That increase, which can cost hundreds of dollars, will typically last for 36 months or more. Speeding tickets also mean points and the potential for license suspension.

Counties Issuing the Most Speeding Tickets in 2017

Speeding Tickets Data from Brooklyn, NY

In 2017, police wrote 28,647 speeding tickets to drivers in the borough of Brooklyn, a 2% increase from 2016. Unlike in many parts New York State, drivers in Brooklyn who are pulled over for speeding were rarely issued additional tickets; less than 14% of drivers received “companion tickets” last year. Yet drivers in Brooklyn still got hit with more companion tickets than in other boroughs. The most common were tickets for driving without a license (VTL 509 and 510), followed by failing to use a turn signal (VTL 1163-1164) and disregarding traffic control devices (VTL 1110-1114).

Speeding Tickets in Brooklyn (Kings County)

Because Brooklyn is part of the Traffic Violations Bureau, drivers who get a speeding ticket there must either fight the charges at trial or plead guilty. This is not an easy task, as the TVB does not allow negotiations or plea bargain deals—a driver is either guilty of the charge or not guilty! Worse, 95% of all speeding tickets written in Brooklyn end in a conviction. It is critical to contact a skilled New York traffic ticket attorney who can strategize as to the best way to approach the ticket.

Brooklyn Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

More than half (57%) of all Brooklyn households don’t even have a car. Despite this, Brooklyn roads are still quite busy. The borough is a critical throughway for drivers heading to and from southern New Jersey, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island. As such, the western and southern sections of Brooklyn are covered in limited-access roadways, including the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the Gowanus Expressway, the Prospect Expressway (NYS Route 27), and the Jackie Robinson Parkway. Drivers heading to JFK International Airport in Queens from points west must take the Belt Parkway through Brooklyn. Brooklyn is connected to Manhattan by three bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Williamsburg Bridge; these are in addition to the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (formerly the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel). Police aggressively monitor these roads for speeding and other traffic violations.

Hiring a Brooklyn Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Never take a Brooklyn speeding ticket or other traffic tickets lightly! Instead, let an experienced traffic defense attorney evaluate the charges and offer a strong defense that will offer the best possible chance to avoid the fines and points. The best part is that, in most cases, those hiring legal representation will save themselves a trip to the courthouse.

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