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New York Speeding Ticket Fines

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If you received a New York speeding ticket, you are now facing fines and surcharges and potential DMV penalties, not to mention increased auto insurance. Below is a list of New York speeding fines classified by offense and miles per hour over the speed limit.

How Much Will My New York Speeding Ticket Cost? What Are the Fines for a NY Speeding Ticket?

Every New York speeding ticket carries a court fine and mandatory New York State surcharge. Use the table below to determine the fine associated with your ticket:

1180(a) Speed Not Reasonable and Prudent = $45-$150
1180(b), 1180(d) Speeding:
• 1-10 mph over the limit = $45-$150
• 11-30 mph over the limit = $90-$300
• 31+ mph over the limit = $180-$600
1180(c) Speeding in a School Zone (7am-6pm on a school day):
• 1-10 mph over the limit = $90-$300
• 11-30 mph over the limit = $180-$600
• 31+ mph over the limit = $360-$1200
1180(e) Failure to Reduce Speed (special hazards) = $45-$150
1180(f) Speeding in a Work Zone:
• 1-10 mph over the limit = $90-$150
• 11-30 mph over the limit = $180-$300
• 31+ mph over the limit = $360-$600

Each ticket carries a mandatory NYS Surcharge of $88 for a city court and $93 for a town or village court. These fines are for first offenses. If this is your second offense or greater, the range of potential fines is higher. The fines listed above are for speeding tickets received anywhere in New York State except for New York City and Rochester. In the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) the points are the same but the fine schedule is different. In addition, negotiating a settlement or reduction (known as a “plea bargain”) is not permitted (see below). The TVB handles traffic tickets in the following areas:

  • NEW YORK CITY – All 5 Boroughs (click here for locations)
  • CITY OF ROCHESTER (click here for location)
*If you receive 6 or more points you may be subject to an additional fine known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA). The DRA is a separate fine charged to you when you reach 6 points against your license in New York. At 6 points you will be fined $300 + $75 for each point over 6 points.

How Many Points is a New York Speeding Ticket?

In order to determine how many points are associated with your ticket, note how many miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit the officer said you were going. Then, use this table to determine the number of points you are facing.

New York Speeding Ticket Points

  • Speeding 1-10 mph over the limit = 3 points
  • Speeding 11-20 mph over the limit = 4 points
  • Speeding 21-30 mph over the limit = 6 points
  • Speeding 31-40 mph over the limit = 8 points
  • Speeding 41 mph+ over the limit = 11 points

At 11 points the NY DMV will suspend your NY license or NY driving privileges (if you live out of state). Any points accumulated within a given 18 month period count towards suspension. If you have a CDL license or a Junior License, the penalties can be even more severe.

* For a consult about your New York speeding ticket call 888-434-0406 for immediate assistance. *

How Much Will My Auto Insurance Increase for a New York Speeding Ticket?

Simply put, auto insurance is all about risk. You pay an auto insurance premium so that if you get into an auto accident they will pay for the damage. An insurance adjuster’s job is to determine what your premium should be based on how likely they believe you are to get into an accident. The more New York traffic violations you have, the greater the risk and the higher the premium. If you rack up enough traffic tickets, your insurance company could even cancel your policy. Studies by sites such as have concluded that your NY auto insurance premium can go up as much as 22% for a single speeding ticket.

Should I Fight My Speeding Ticket or Plead Guilty and Pay the Fine?

In most cases, it is NOT a good idea to plead guilty to the charge. Police officers and prosecutors want you to plead guilty to speeding charges because it makes their job very easy. Pleading guilty means you give up your rights to a trial and you automatically have to pay fines, take points on your license and pay higher insurance rates. Instead you canplead not guiltyand fight your ticket (see below)!

download_nowPleading guilty means you throw in the towel and give up your right to fight and potentially avoid the damaging consequences of a speeding ticket when in reality you are innocent until proven guilty. In many cases, an attorney can get you a dismissal (all charges are dropped and without fines or penalties) or a reduction in fines and points. Here are some reasons why you should fight your New York speeding ticket:

  • Significant fines & surcharges
  • Points on your license
  • Increased auto insurance premiums
  • Possible license suspension or revocation
  • DMV Penalties (where applicable) i.e. NY Driver Responsibility Assessment
  • Loss of your job (if a valid driver’s license or CDL is required)

Will a New York Speeding Ticket Affect Me if I Live in a Different State?

Out of state drivers are subject to the same fines and surcharges as a NY driver. If a driver fails to pay them NY will suspend his or her NY driving privileges and that suspension will be reported to the home state which can also issue a license suspension.  In addition, a NY conviction may be listed on an out of state driving record and lead to points, suspension and increased auto insurance so in most cases it pays to fight a New York speeding ticket even if the driver lives in a different state.

How to Fight a New York Speeding Ticket

How a New York speeding ticket is typically handled depends on the jurisdiction (where you received it). Since the process of fighting a speeding ticket can be more complex than meets the eye, we strongly recommend that you hire an experienced New York traffic ticket lawyer to handle your case (not to mention being able to skip the trip to court in most cases). More on this below.

* If you want immediate assistance with your New York speeding ticket please call 888-434-0406 right now for a free consult. *

Speeding Tickets in any Location Except NYC and Rochester
If you received a speeding ticket in any location other than NYC and Rochester, your ticket will be handled by a city, town or village court. The name and address of that court is listed at the bottom of the ticket. If you want to fight your ticket, you have to enter a plea of “Not Guilty” by filling out that portion of the ticket and mailing it in to the court. The court will mail you a pre-trial conference notice on which to appear and discuss your case with the prosecutor to see if you can agree on a settlement. Note, a prosecutor is not required to offer you a deal. You also have the right to reject any settlement you are offered and have a trial. The trial will most likely be held on a second court date (this means you will have to appear in court more than once). At the trial the police officer will present testimony to support his case. You have the right to question or “cross examine” the officer. The judge will make a ruling of innocence or guilt. If you are found “not guilty” you will not be required to pay any fines and you won’t get points. If you are found guilty you will get the full amount of points and be required to pay a fine.

Speeding Tickets in any Location Except NYC and Rochester
In New York City and Rochester, the tribunal handling your ticket is called the Traffic Violations Bureau or “TVB.” As mentioned above, in the TVB there are no settlements or plea bargains so if you want to fight your ticket, the only way to do so is to have a trial. Trials are tricky business and best handled by an experienced attorney who knows how to ask the right questions and make the best legal arguments in your favor.

The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney

There are many advantages of hiring an attorney. Our mission at The Rosenblum Law Firm is to get your ticket dismissed or minimize the damage that a speeding ticket in New York can cause you. We work toward that goal in every case we handle. Hiring an attorney to handle your case significantly increases your chances of getting a better outcome in your matter. We can offer you:

  • A specific strategy for your case and tailor it to the court where your speeding ticket is being handled.
  • A low flat rate to take care of your case; you will not pay more than the price you are quoted.
  • We offer representation by a licensed professional to give you advice, defend you, negotiate on your behalf (if applicable) and/or take your case to trial.
  • In most cases, you do not have to spend your day in court. You don’t have to waste time and money driving to court and waiting around for hours for your case to be heard.

Hiring us is fast and simple. Call us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation. We’ll process your payment, you upload your ticket(s) and sign our Waiver of Representation Form online, and we’ll do the rest. This short video explains how our system works:

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    • Shinee – I suggest that you contest this 6 point ticket as it carries significant fines $393, assessment fees of $300, and significant insurance implications.

  1. Hi I received a 1180B ticket for going 72 in a 55 as I was attempting to pass a large truck to avoid being to close to his vehicle in town of Tonawanda on interstate I-290.
    Its a first offense and surrounding vehicles were driving at similar speeds. What would be my best options?

    • Matthew. You are currently facing a 4 point speeding ticket that carries fines of $300, court fees of $93, and substantial increases to your insurance rates. Speeding, being a strict liability offense, does not have any legal defenses. Therefore, while we understand the reason for your speeding, it would not be helpful in your situation. Furthermore, the fact that other drivers were also speeding does not aid in your case for similar reasons. I suggest pleading not guilty and contesting this violation in order to avoid / mitigate the negative consequences. If you would like to discuss further strategy, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation. You may reach us at 888-883-5529 .

  2. What about if you’re a NY driver who received a ticket in Montreal?

    I received the ticket while exiting from route 15 north, onto route 20 west while taking my elderly cousin to the airport. He resides in NY, and France, and I transport him to and from the airport with his wife on december 14th of 2016. When I got up to the exit ramp, a car from Canada flew up behind me, and cut over to my right onto the exit, blocking me from getting over. I chose to slow down until they went by, while I was signaling my lane change. They finally pulled up enough for me to merge over. upon merging, we noticed a woman in dark clothing (there was also a fairly heavy snow squall in this exact spot), who was walking towards traffic from the right shoulder waving to either the car in front of me, or us. I slowed down to see who or what they were, and noticed she was a police officer. She then ran to her car, and came out with siren and lights, I then looked for a safe place to pull over and stopped. she came to the vehicle and spoke french to me, to which I replied that I do not understand french, and she told me to give her my license and registration. I asked her why she had pulled me over and she said that I crossed a solid line back at the exit ramp. I went to speak and before I could, she went to her car. She returned with a ticket in her hand, and once again, I tried to speak and told her that I couldn’t get over as that other car had flown up behind me and was blocking me from getting onto the ramp. That I merged over as safely and swiftly as I could. Her response was “Too Bad For You, Goodbye!”, and left!! When I got home, i called the court and spoke to a clerk explaining to her what happened. She told me to write it up in a letter, and mail it in and they would review it and get back to me. She also asked if I wished to file a complaint against the officer as she was extremely rude to me, and I declined. I figure we all have bad days! Two weeks ago, just before thanksgiving, I received a letter from court in Montreal, to appear for my trial date, ALMOST A YEAR LATER! I’m now not sure how to handle this. The fine on the ticket is $311.00 Canadian, and 3 points which from what i’m told, will count on my commercial license! I don’t feel there should have even been a ticket, and the extra expense will cause me some grief. How do I handle this?

  3. Hi, I am an exchange student from Singapore who currently resides in Canada. I was on my way back to Montreal from New York where i was caught speeding along the highway. I lost my ticket upon arriving at Montreal and I have no idea what should I do. Date of offence was 22 November 2017. I am returning to Singapore from Montreal in December. Will this affect my return?

  4. Hi my son got a speeding ticket hearing is at Brooklyn south traffic violation bureau can the ticket be fought at this location? Violation description 11-30! Thank you

  5. Hello –
    I have a question. Is the mandatory NYS surcharge in addition to the fine? Or is it incorporated into the fine?
    Thank you,

    1180(b), 1180(d) Speeding:
    • 1-10 mph over the limit = $45-$150
    Each ticket carries a mandatory NYS Surcharge of $88 for a city court and $93 for a town or village court. These fines are for first offenses.

  6. I was ticketed for going 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. Im a full time student in Buffalo and wanted to know how this ticket can be contested. I was told by an officer a while back that going around 10 over the speed limit was okay when traffic isn’t present. When I was driving the spedometer showed 45 mph for me. Any advice would be helpful, Thanks!

    • Andrew – while officers are less likely to ticket drivers at these lower rates of speed, even travelling 1 mph over the limit may lead to a speeding ticket.

    • William – I suggest that you contest this 6 point ticket as there are expensive fines, and likely impacts to your insurance rates. To provide further information, I would need to know what state you are licensed in.

  7. A friend of mine was pulled over near Rochester, NY for going 103 in a 65. He also was driving without a license. He has a valid license in Minnesota, but it was recently misplaced. We are working on receiving a replacement for this. Do you know how this should best be handled? He hopefully will have his replacement license by his court date.

    • Kristen – The first step your friend must take is to plead not guilty to this ticket. I suggest reviewing what they are specificaly charged with, as the charges may range from speeding to a more serious offense. You may reach us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 to discuss further..

  8. I was driving in a 106 in 65 mph by buffalo with an expired drivers license but I have a renewed license and it wasn’t on me. I’m sure I wasn’t going that fast because i looked at my speed limit as I was passing by the trooper and it read 101. Still triple digits but 41 miles over and 36 miles over is a huge penalty difference. It’s my first time getting tickets and it’s gonna be an automatic suspension. How likely is it that I will win this case?

    • Eric – Please provide the name of the court so I may advise accordingly. There are two court systems in NY – one of which allows for plea bargaining, the other does not.
      Due to the serious nature of these consequences (suspension, points, fines, and insurance implications), I suggest contesting this ticket irrespective of what court will ultimately be handling this ticket.

  9. Going 84 in a 55 full time student on break for work to get me out of debt need advice don’t see how I could contest in court

  10. Got tagged going 83 in a 65 with an hill decline to where I got lit up. Cruise was set to 75 but the uphill increase made my gears change and push the speed a little more. Unable to settle back down to normal cruise limit of 75. On my home from overnight shift at work. I do not fight these tickets but afraid of the hefty fine. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

    • I suggest you contest this as this 4 point violation will likely impact insurance rates, and require the payment of court fines. Please be reminded that traveling but 1 mile over the speed limit is a 3 point violation.

  11. Hello, today I received a ticket on Sunrise Highway going 90 in a 55. This is my first ticket I’ve ever received. I know this ticket is costly, but what I’m more worried about is the points that will be added to my license. How should I pursue this ticket. What are the options for fighting it myself, and/or having a lawyer fight it for me?

    • Mitchell – you are facing an 8 point ticket that carries fines of $693, and assessment fees of $450. Aside from the impact on insurance, this violation will bring you close to license suspension. I strongly suggest you contest this ticket by pleading not-guilty.

  12. My husband just got pulled over in New York for going 22 over the speed limit and he had to pay $180 on the spot or go to jail. Is that even legal? I mean, seeing as though people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. We live in Illinois. Please help me because I just dont see that being right.

  13. Hello I received a ticket for going 72 in a 55 on a 2 lane road. I was being tailgated by the person behind me and was hit with laser. I have 2 or 3 points already. What action should I persue. I know of a course caked alive at 25 that can often be taken to reduce impact on ones license. Is this a reasonable option for an offense of this speed?

    • The ‘alive at 25’ course will not ‘delete’ points from your record. Rather, it potentially provide a credit before license suspension. As you have 2-3 points on your license already, adding 4 point will activate the driver responsbility assessment fee. Additionally, you will be required the pay the fine of $393, and incur substantial impacts to your insurance rates. If you would like to discuss this further, you may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 .

  14. Hi. I received a ticket for going 39 in a school zone, where the speed limit is 25. This is my first ticket ever. Some people are advising me to hire a lawyer, others say to just pay the fine since i have to pay extra money for a lawyer anyways. Is it really such an extra expense? What ahould I do?

    • Alieshaia – Whether you should hire an attorney is more than a comparison between the price of a lawyer and the total fine paid. Paying the fine will result in 4 points against your license, fines of $693, and a substantial increase in your insurance rates. Additionally, depending on the location of this offense, an attorney will be able to assist you in either obtaining a plea offer from the prosecutor, or conducting a trial on your behalf – both of which will likely not require your personal appearance.

  15. I received a ticket for 96 I a 65, I was pulled over with another gentleman who was ahead of me going fast than myself. The officer said he got me on radar going 96, as i passed the officer i looked abd waz going between 80 and 83mph. I also had my 2 year old in the car with me- I k ow I wasn’t going that fast and wouldn’t ever with my daughter in The car. I think he toom radar on the man in front of me and assumed because I was behi d him I was arou d the same speed. Fight it? I ha e never had any other Speeding or vehicle violations before either. Thank you-

    • Kathy – I would advise you to contest this violation as this 8 point ticket will have a fine of $600, court fees of $93, and assessment fees of $450. Furthermore, speeding tickets increase insurance rates substantially. How best to go about contesting this ticket will depend on the location of the incident. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 if you wish to discuss further.

  16. I got a speeding ticket for doing 77 in a 55 on the I-495. I already have 7 points on my license. How should I contest this? My deposition makes me look like I plead guilty since it’s says I answered “no.” when asked if I had a legal reason for speeding.

    • Eunice – As you are facing license suspension if found guilty, I strongly suggest that you contest this ticket. The statements made to the officer are quite common, and we have substantial experience dealing with such a case. It should be noted that you are likely before the jurisdiction of the traffic violations bureau, which does not allow for plea bargaining of any sort. Therefore, a trial must be conducted in order to contest this violation.

  17. Hi I received a ticket on route 13 in alpine ny doing 64 in a 55 just coming out of a double lane going downhill should I try to fight this and what would this ticket cost ?

    • Josh – this 3 point ticket has a maximum penalty of $243. Were you intially charged with a hire offense? It appears that you may have been given a ‘roadside reduction,’ as officers rarely issue tickets for this rate of speed.

  18. Hi! I got a 1180D3 ticket for going 90mph in a 50mph on the Long Island Expressway trying to get home. I am very aware of the lumps i’ll have to take, but not sure if I should hire an attorney to reduce any cost/points. I am a PA resident who travels to NY a lot. I’ve postponed the ticket and right before the hearing, it was rescheduled again “Administrative by Office”.

    • Victor – you are facing an 8 point ticket – 1 mile away from the 11 point ticket bracket. This ticket will result in fines of $688, along with a driver assessment fee of $450. The violation will transfer to PA for insurance purposes – thus significantly increase your rates. I suggest you contest this ticket to provide for a chance of the dismissal of these charges.

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