Canadian Driver With a NY Speeding Ticket

canadian flagEach day, a significant number of Canadians cross the border into New York and a large number of New Yorkers travel into Canada. Many travelers find themselves on the New York State Thruway, where the police are notorious for giving out plenty of traffic tickets.

If you are a Canadian driver traveling into NY, you need to be extra careful and understand that you may be in more trouble than you originally thought if you receive a NY traffic ticket.

Canada Has Reciprocity With New York

Although the United States and Canada operate under different laws and legal systems, both countries share driver information with one another.

This information includes who receives a traffic ticket as well as when and where. In other words, Canada has reciprocity with New York (and vice versa).

New York State will transfer notices of conviction to Ontario and Quebec provinces and they will assess demerit points against your Canadian driving record.

How Demerit Points Work in Quebec

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) made it abundantly clear that an equivalent offense committed in another province or in an American state that Quebec has a reciprocal agreement with (e.g. NY) will result in demerit points being put on your driving record as if the offense occurred in Quebec itself.

Put simply, if you received a New York traffic ticket for an offense that is recognized in Quebec, then you will likely receive demerit points on your Canadian driver’s license. The points you receive will be set by the SAAQ point system based on the equivalent offense that you committed. Remember, you will only be allowed to receive a maximum of 15 demerit points on your license.

If you receive more than 15, you will lose your driving privileges for a set duration of time (usually 30 days) and your license could be taken away (depending on the offense you commit).

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Demerit Points for Ontario Drivers

Remember, Ontario also has reciprocity with New York. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, demerit points will be assessed against you for any traffic violation that you commit in NY that is equivalent to a traffic offense in Ontario.

What are the Ramifications of Speeding in NY With a Canadian License?

If you received a NY speeding ticket, the number of demerit points that Quebec will put on your license directly depends on the speed you were going and how many miles over the posted speed limit you were traveling.

For instance, if you received a speeding ticket for driving 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone (i.e. exceeding the limit by 24 kilometers per hour), you would receive 2 demerit points. If you received a speeding ticket for going 90 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone (i.e. exceeding the limit by 56 kilometers per hour), you would receive 10 demerit points.

It is crucial to note that Quebec does not assess demerit points for only traveling 10 kilometers per hour or less over the posted speed limit. In other words, if you hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney who is able to get your traffic violation reduced to a ticket for simply going 6 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, Quebec will not assess any demerit points against you.

However, in Ontario, speeding tickets tend to range from 3 to 6 demerit points.

  • More specifically, if you exceed the speed limit by 16-29 kilometers per hour, you will receive 3 demerit points.
  • If you exceed the speed limit by 30-49 kilometers, you will receive 4 demerit points.
  • If you are caught going 50 kilometers or more, then you will receive 6 demerit points.
  • Lastly, Ontario does not assess demerit points for speeding 15 kilometers or less over the posted speed limit.

Therefore, if you hire a traffic ticket attorney who is able to get your ticket reduced to one for traveling 9 miles per hour or less over the posted speed limit, you will not have to worry about having demerit points assessed against you.

Penalties Associated With Demerits

If you are a new driver and get 2 or more demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter. If you get 6 points, you may need to provide a good explanation for why you should be allowed to keep your license. At 9 points, your license will be suspended for 60 days.

If you are a fully licensed driver and receive 6 demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter. Once you obtain 9, you could be compelled to explain why you should be allowed to keep your license. However, if you receive 15 points, your license will be suspended for 30 days.

Aside from the possibility of having your license suspended or revoked, receiving demerits will cause your insurance to skyrocket. You can also incur hefty fines. Consequently, it is crucial to hire an experienced speeding ticket attorney who can help negotiate and argue on your behalf in order to reduce your offense or get it dismissed outright.

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  1. Hi. I got a desobeyed traffic control ticket in Plattsburgh town (arrest type 2-radar) . how much would this cost me and if there will be any demerit points ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. An 1110(a) violation – disobey traffic control device – will not result in any demerit points in Ontario or Quebec. The maximum fine for this violation is $243.00.

  2. I am an Ontario driver who received a ticket in NY state for going 72 miles in a 55 mile zone. The speed limits kept on changing as the road/hwy would pass rural areas and then randomly turn into cities/residential areas and therefore the speed limits kept on changing. Do I have to go to NY state to fight the ticket or fight by mail? Also how would this affect my driving record in Ontario? Would it be 3 demerit points as I went 27 km over the speed limit? And am I able to get the charge reduced?

  3. Hi
    Got speeding ticket in Nova Scotia, i have NJ license, will they transfer points? 16 km over posted limit

    Thank you!

  4. Hi,
    I have received a speeding ticket in the town of Saugerties, Ulster county. I was caught doing 86 mph in a 65 mph zone, what penalty will I face as a citizen of Canada?

    1. This is a 6 point violation in NY, requiring the payment of a fine of $393, as well as a $300 assessment fee. The number of demerit points that Canada will assess may vary based on where you specifically reside. Ontario, for example, will assess 4 demerit points for this violation.

  5. Hi, I have received a speed ticket at 65mph on 55mph zone. The description of violation says: speeding in posted work zone. Police office attached supporting deposition with additional information saying: driver was doing in 74mph in 55mph posted work zone. Upon stopping driver was doing 65mph.
    How much do you thing I’ll have to pay?

    1. Rodrigo – The fine for a 4 point work zone violation is $693, along with a significant increase in your insurance rates.

  6. Hi I got a speeding ticket 75mph on 65mph near Avoca with Ontario licence. Can I know what will be fine & demerit points. And I missed the court date. Any late fee applies? I have no tickets until this has happened.. Please advise.

    1. Raj – this 3 point ticket will transfer to ON, and will result in the assessment of 3 demerit points against your license. Whether additional fees will apply depend on the state of your ticket. If your license has been suspended for a failure to answer, then a $70 suspension termination fee will be due. I strongly suggest addressing this violation at your earliest convenience. You may reach us at 888-883-5529 with any questions you may have.

  7. I live in Ontario and recently received a ticket for allegedly going 71 in a 55 mph work zone a violation of VTL section 1180F. The charge was based on office’s direct observation verified by radar (Stalker dual). The violation occurred on I 81 SB in Jefferson County and I have been referred to Orleans Town Court. I’m interested in getting my ticket negotiated down to a minimum fine of $180 and zero points. What are my odds? Can you help me?

    1. Glenda – your chances of obtaining a favorable reduction depend on numerous factors, including the facts surrounding the stop, as well as your prior driving history.

  8. I live in Ontario and received a ticket from the Orleans Town Court in LaFargeville, NY on April 4, 2018 for driving 61MPH in a 40MPH zone as I was approaching the Canadian border. I pleaded guilty and paid the $215.00 fine on April 11, 2018 with the following explanation: Approaching the border, a passed a bed-truck and missed the speed reduction sign – also focusing on the customs lanes. Since 2006 spending Winter months in Florida – I was never given a speeding ticket.
    I received yesterday a Driver Responsibility Assessment Statement for $300.00. I have no plans to drive in NY State. What are the consequences if I do not pay this fine. Do I risk getting my Ontario license suspended? Do I get the demerit points on my Ontario license?

    1. You will likely receive 4 demerit points for this violation. Furthermore, your drivers license will be suspended if the assessment fee is not paid. You may still, however, be able to contest the underlying ticket by filing the appropriate motion.

  9. My wife Marie-France Mathieu, received a traffic ticket last night in upper state NY,
    11:12 PM 04/30/2016
    NYS V and T LAW
    section 1180D tr inf, 84 MPH in a 65 MPH zone
    interstate 87, hyw 87, offd assign B 3 31
    2- radar, Lewis, town of 1656 essex county
    Officer D Ross, badge 5177

    there is no fees indicated on the ticket, what are the fees what are the option

    Thank you
    Philippe Crepin

    1. Your wife is facing a 4 point speeding ticket that carries fines of $300, and court fees of $93. You may either plead guilty and pay the fine, or you may contest this ticket to mitigate the consequences.

  10. I received a ticket at the hill island crossing. I went over the first bridge and crossed the border, it was 65MPH. as i turned the second corner to the other (US side) thousand Island bridge, I saw a sign of 40MPH so I slowed down. But a cruiser turned and followed me and stopped me over the bridge and said I was going 62 in a 40, and said there were 3 40MPH signs before the bridge – wife and I saw none! He dropped it to 60 in a 40. I’m from Ontario and have a clean record.
    What should I expect and what should I do? plead guilty and just pay it? I’ve filled out the guilty section but haven’t mailed it yet. Also what do your fees range?

  11. Hi,
    I got a traffic ticket on I-90 for speeding at 87 over 65mph. I plead not guilty and have a pre trial date of April 12. Die to some urgent work in my office I wont be able to make it. My pre trial is in Marcy Town Court. Is it possible to reschedule the pre trial date. Also, this is my first ever offence and I am a Canadian G2 license holder. How much reductions can i expect in pre trial. I am concerned about my demerit points.

    1. I suggest contacting the court for any questions regarding scheduling. I would note, however, that hiring an attorney would allow you to contest this 6 point ticket without your required presence.

  12. I was driving 70 mph in NY state right before I got to the Canadian border. The limit was 50 mph. My ticket does not state a fine. Do you know how much the fine may be and if I will get demerit points?
    Thank you

    1. The maximum fine is $393 for a first offense. How many demerit points transfer would depend on where in Canada you reside.

  13. I was issued speed ticket 55mph on 40mph zone on Town of Alexandria NY I85 North near border on March 18/2018, ticket has a note to plea not guilty it has to be mail with 48 hrs, what happen if they don’t recive it between time frame


    1. You must answer the ticket by the date that appears on the front, generally listed as ‘return or appear in person on or before.’ This is the date that either a guilty or not-guilty plea must be received by the court.

  14. I got speeding thicket 65 miles zone was going 89 miles and sigh guilty.they send me bill $125.00+thicket + $93.00 additional fee =$218.00us.i paid my thicket with money. Order.
    I receive another letter from department of motor vehicles of New-York ,they want another $300.00 us for driver responsibility assessment statement and lost 06 point on my driving licence,.avoid paying $300.00 lost my privileges drive in New York State,renewing my license in Ontario.i call my insurance,tell me to go Service Ontario,I did but they don’t know what to do with letter.
    What happened if I don’t pay that $300.00 Usa.? Have no plan to go back New-York.

    1. Denise – failure to pay the driver responsibility assessment fee will result in a license suspension. I would strongly caution against ignoring this assessment fee due to this result.

  15. Got a speeding ticket at 55mph in a 30 mph zone in mt. morris livingstone new york last sept 3 2017. i plead guilty and received a letter from court to pay US $300 to DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLE New York which I paid last November through money order. Now, my problem is , I just received another letter from Mt. Morris Court last week (January 5,2018) asking for me to pay US $245.00 for my violation. I called the Mt. Morris court to inform them that i already paid it and they told me that DMV and Mt. Morris Court is two different entity. How come i need to pay twice? Please advice.

    1. The additional fee is the mandatory state fee. Anytime that you are convicted of a moving violation of 6pts or more the DMV charges a fee in additional to the court fee. The fee must be paid directly to the DMV. Additionally, the moving violation will be placed on your driving record.

  16. Just got a speeding ticket, 81mph on 55mph at Hancock county, NY. I am from Ontario and was caught going downhill. I am quite concern about the fine and impact to my record in Canada, given I have been carrying a clean record for 20 years. Any guidance would be helpful.

  17. Hello,

    I got a speeding ticket in Tonawanda (buffalo), NY. On I-190 south at 3:39pm on a Friday. I was doing 70mph in 55mph zone. The ticket did not have a fine, the state trooper said I could find it online with the website provided on the ticket. After leaving and looking into the ticket more when i got home, I could not find a website. I then got a letter in the mail about an appearance in court. I called the court to find out how much the fine was. They told me I must pled guilty before telling me the fine or pled not guilty and must appear in court on a Tuesday(must be a Tuesday) after 5:00pm. After reading the responses, and seeing some fines up wards to $393usd, I don’t want to pled guilty and get him with a huge fine. I also don’t want to drive down to Buffalo on a Tuesday.

    Is going to court on a Tuesday the only way to find out how much my fine will be? If the fine is only like $90-$120 ill pay it, just don’t want to get hit with an unnecessary fine of $393. So the question is, how do I find out the fine without pleding guilty and having to drive to Buffalo on a Tuesday.

    1. Jay this 6pt violation imposes a fine up to $393 and a DRA fee of $300. I would recommend contesting this ticket in court, and submitting a not guilty plea. If you have any other questions give us a call 1888-883-5529.

  18. Hello…i just received a speeding ticket, going 70mph in a 55mph zone in Buffalo, NY….how much will ticket cost? How many points will transfer to my Ontario license? I have a clean record? Is it worth going to court?

    1. John – this 4 point ticket will result in fines of $393, along with increases to your insurance rates. 3 demerit points will be assessed against your ON license. Because of these consequences, we suggested contesting this matter in court.

  19. my wife received a speeding ticket in New York State. It was 72 in a 55 zone. Tne fine is not on the ticket. How can we find out the amount she owes and where to send it?

    1. Bill – the maximum penalty for this violation is $393. As each jurisdiction is different, we would need to know where she received the ticket to advise you further.

  20. Speeding to change lane at 72 mph over 55mph zone. What are the points deductions?
    Is going to NY court will spare me the demerits points?

    1. Rachel – this is a 4 point speeding ticket, that will transfer demerit points to Canada. Attending your court hearing will allow you an opportunity to contest this ticket. The procedures of the court system vary based on where you had received the ticket.

  21. I just got issued my first traffic ticket ever (Lancaster town) and it was for 75mph in a 65 mph zone. Will I receive demerit points in Ontario and a high fine for this?

    Thank you

  22. I received a ticket over a year ago in NY State. There was no price of a fine on the ticket. I think I was going 80mph in a 65mph with a G2 license. I’ve moved a few times, but have always kept my license up-to-date to reflect my current addresses, and now have a full G license. I did nothing with the ticket, truthfully forgot about it until now. First and only ticket I have ever received. I am supposed to be crossing the border soon, and I’m afraid that I could be facing some trouble. I could probably find the ticket. What should I do?

    1. Sarah – You need to contact the NY DMV to determine the status of your license, and the location of the ticket – if you do not remember. Next, you need to either contest the ticket if possible, or pay the penalty. Additionally, there will be a suspension termination fee of $70.00. Finally, please note that even if you do not plan on entering NY, license suspensions transfer between the states. It is therefore important to clear up any outstanding suspension issues you may have.

  23. Got a speeding ticket at 55mph in a 30 mph zone in mt. morris livingstone new york last sept 3 2017. i plead guilty and they give me 6 points and to pay 300 USD. I care about the points because i know Canada and New york have agreement about driving violations. Is there anyway i can reduce that?

    1. Enrico – a motion can be filed to withdraw the guilty plea. While there is no way to guarantee that this request will be granted by the court, we often see success with a factual scenario such as yours.

  24. What are the options if a Canadian driver gets a speeding ticket for 83 mph in a 65 mph and misses the deadline to file a plea?

    What are the options if it has been weeks after the deadline?

    1. Jay – This will depend on where this incident occurred. Generally speaking, you may contact the court and ask for a new date. Your license, however, may be suspended which will require the payment of a $70.00 suspension termination fee.

  25. Good morning,
    I am Canadian and got a speeding ticket doing 78 MPH on 55 MPH zone (+23 MPH) in NY, I a seeking your help, what should I do? If I plea of guilty how much is the fine and how many points?
    If I plea of not guilty will they reduce the fine and the points? Can I change the court date in case I cannot attend the specified court date?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards,

  26. Hello. I’m an Ontario resident. I just got a speeding ticket in NY state for 87 in a 65. I don’t care about demerit points. My main concern is the total fine. I’ll be damned if I’ll be paying $600 US once all is said and done. How can I get this cost down?

  27. hi,
    i live in alberta and got a ticket in ny. im not worried about demerit points because theres no reciprocity as far as i understand. what are the consequences of not paying the fine? will it affect my ability to use my Canadian licence in a different state? what if i want to drive in the future in ny?

    1. The court will eventually suspend your license if the ticket is not answered / paid. While I understand that the violation may not impact you if found guilty, I would strongly caution against ignoring a traffic violation. Suspensions transfer
      between the states – and risking an arrest due to a suspension for a traffic ticket is simply not worth the risk.

  28. Hi I am an Ontario driver who got a speeding ticket of 70mph in a 55mph zone it is Gen 101. All I worry about is points how should I plead not guilty how can I fight it. It said if it has a supporting deposition I can not plead not guilty wat can I do.
    I need to respond by Sept 28,2017.
    Please respond ASAP thanks

    1. Sherry – This ticket will transfer over as 3 demerit points. You should therefore plead not guilty to the ticket which will allow you to contest this in court.

  29. Hello,

    I received a speeding ticket in the State of NY, driving back to Canada in 2010. I believe it was 65mph in a 60mph zone. I cannot remember whether I paid it or not, as it was years ago. Since, I have never had the need to drive in the States until soon from now, and only recalled about this ticket when I found out I may need to drive there. I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding out whether I can drive or not. NY State court needs a ticket number, which I don’t have. Here (Ontario), I can’t be helped because nothing is showing on file for that year (I called in), and there is no way for them to tell me whether I can or cannot drive, even though there is an information exchange agreement between the two states.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Alon – I suggest you contact the NY DMV to obtain your NY driving history. This should show you whether your license is suspended, and what it is suspended for.

  30. I am a resident in Ontario. No speeding record in 10 years. I got speeding ticket 1180D. 80 in a 65 zone on Sat morning. Location is at Albany. When I asked the cops for the fees, I was suggested to reach out the Albany city court. Do you know how much is it? When I asked the cop, he told me that I won’t get any demerit points in ON. Is that right?

    1. RD – The maximum fine for this ticket is $300 + $93 court fees. We generally see the court impose the maximum penalty for these violations. The officer was incorrect here – you will receive 3 demerit points for this violation. NY reports this information to ON, whom assesses points based on the violation.

  31. Hello,

    I was driving through Plattsburgh NY at night, it was raining and I got out of the petrol station. There were 2 lanes with green light so I turned, without realizing that the there was a separate lane to turn which was red. So I got pulled over and got a ticket (VTL 1111 D3). I am from Montreal with a Quebec license, and I didn’t want a hassle so I pleaded guilty. Now I have a letter that the court has accepted my guilty plea, with a fine (for VTL 1111 D3) and surcharge of $168, but doesn’t mention any points. My question is will I get any points on my Quebec driving license ? Because I can’t afford that.


  32. Hello,
    I have received two tickets in NYC and I am an Ontario driver, one for going 70 mph in a 55 mph, and one for moving from lane unsafely. The officer mentioned that no points are associated to these tickets. First, if i do not pay these tickets what would happen? Second, if i wanna reduce the penalty fee and fight it but do not want to drive to New York court, how can i do that?

    Thank you!

    1. Ali – what are you being charged with exactly? Certain violations will transfer to ON, whereas others will not. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  33. Hi,
    I am ontario driver with G license since 2013. I have got my forst ever speeding ticket while travelling in NYC.
    I got a speeding ticket in NY state for 86mph in 65 zone.
    I have pleaded guilty and paid around 300$ fine but now I have received another letter of driver assessment which is asking for 300$ further.
    I am not sure whether I did right by pleading guilty or not?
    But I want to ask if anything can be done now to avoid any further implecations? Or can I do anything now?

    1. Omer – it is possible to file a motion to reopen your guilty plea, as it appears that you were unaware of the full consequences of this ticket. You may reach us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  34. hi, i got a ticket from warsaw new york, buffalo, at 1 AM in the morning, i never expected that i’ve been caught on speed radar, while my car is on kilometer in dashboard, and said the officer that im running 53mph into a 30mph road, i don’t know what to do, its my first time to be pulled over, since i got my licensed almost 5 years. can i mark not guilty?, or guilty?, what would be the result if i marked not guilty?, or guilty?, thanks.

    1. Ezra – You have received a 6 point point ticket, as you were clocked travelling 53/30 – 23 miles over the speed limit. Aside from the points, pleading guilty will result in fines of $393, assessment fees of $300, and a substantial impact on your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this ticket to avoid / mitigate these consequences.

  35. Hi,
    I have an Ontario G License since 2009 and I received a speeding ticket in NY state on the I-80 for going 86 in a 65 zone. I have no prior speeding tickets or any issues on my driver’s license ever. This is my first speeding ticket, in fact it is the first time to meet police in the road. The ticket appears an amount of $200 penalty. Police said points are not transferable and advised me to pay just the penalty only. Is it sure that the points are not transferable ? Or is there any option to check it for more confirmation ?

  36. Hello,
    I’m having Ontario driving license, today I got the speed ticket on I81 while returning back from New York. As per ticket I was driving on 84 mph on 55 MPH zone. Just would like to explore my possibilities here and next steps of action. Also, if you can let me know your fees for your services with best possible outcomes on the ticket.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Paresh – you are facing a 6 point ticket that will transfer to ON, and add demerit points against your license. You will be required to pay a fine and assessment fees to the court & NY DMV of approximately $693 if found guilty. To discuss our pricing structure, you may reach us at 888-434-0406.

  37. Hi,

    I got a fine in the state of NY for going 75 in a 55 mph zone. What should I expect? I was caught by radar.

    Thank you!

    1. Artur- This is a 4 point ticket in New York. It carries a fine of $300 plus a $93 administrative fee. This ticket can also cause a significant increase in your insurance rates. I recommend you fight this ticket.

  38. Hello ,

    I got at ticket for 70 on a 55mph I-90 just leaving the border of Canada to this highway. Police charge based on radar. Supporting deposition was attached to my two page ticket. VTL Section is : 1180B, I need to know what to proceed for this not to affect mundo auto insurance. Never got a ticket in my life my record is clean and this is a first and I’m USA. I’m thinking to plea not guilty with an explanation, and if it comes down to appear in the Seneca Town court which is 2 hrs away from Toronto, worth it? Do I mail my ticket as not guilty and will they decided that to do? What could happen based on your experience ?

    1. Monica – You are currently facing 4 points in NY, 3 demerit points in Canada, a $393 court fee and a significant auto insurance increase. I would suggest fighting the ticket to avoid/reduce these penalties. If you have an attorney, you do not have to appear in court in person. To discuss possible outcomes/expectations, contact us for a consultation.

  39. Good afternoon,
    I am a Canadian who was recently in NY state and I was pulled over for doing 70 in a 55 zone (although granted I was just following the speed of the other traffic ahead of me). I was crying too hard to understand the officer when he explained to me about how to apply for a reduction. Do I need to plead not guilty in order to apply for the reduction? As well, it has been approx. 50 hours since the ticket, will this be an issue if I can only mail it later this evening?
    Any idea what the fine will work out to be? The fact that the fine is not on the ticket seems confusing to me.

    As well, I had to change over my divers license and plates this week to Ontario since I recently moved there, will have all new information/registration affect the process?
    Thank you!

    1. Tina – To best answer all your questions, I suggest you contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options. You are facing 4 points in NY, 3 demerit points on your Ontario record, a $393 court fee and a significant insurance impact. You should plead not guilty to fight the ticket and reduce these penalties.

  40. Hi,

    I am a resident of Ontario, Canada and I received a speeding ticket in Alexandria Bay going 70 in a 55.

    Just wondering how much this will cost and if it results in any points in your opinion? Thanks

    1. Sadie- You are facing a 4 point ticket in NY, with a fine of $393. As you are an ON driver, 3 demerit points will transfer for this rate of speed.

  41. Hello,
    I’m Ontario resident, received a speed ticket for going 75 in a 55 work zone near North Hudson (NY).
    I rented car the same morning (which I was not fully familiarized with) to take a friend and our aunt to family matter in NY.
    I was next to a truck trailer, which seems unstable (may be the wind). I saw the work zone coming with one lane.
    To be safe, I decided to speed and pass him (concentrated to manoeuver). As soon as I passed him I started slowing down and got my exit where the cop followed me.
    I did mention to the cop: I was passing the truck, I did see the speed limit zone and didn’t know my speed, but still gave me the ticket.
    It will cost me 6 points and $$. What are my solutions? Should plea not guilty and try to explain my case?
    Thank you

    1. Pete – pleading guilty and ‘explaining’ the situation will not assist you. If you would like to fight this violation, you must plead not guilty and either obtain a reduction, or bring this matter to trial.

  42. I received a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 55 work zone (VTL 1180 OF). I plead not guilty and received an amended charge 1102 Fail to comply. What fine and fees should I expect to pay and what demerit points would there be against my Ontario license?

  43. Hi I am a Canadian living in Quebec and I received a speeding ticket in NY State on Sunday doing 83 in a 65 what would it cost to take on this file?
    The ticket was issued in the Town of Chesterfield – City of Keeseville on the I87

    1. We would be happy to discuss our pricing structure with you for your 4 point speeding ticket. You may reach us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  44. Hello,
    I am a Canadian living in Ontario and I received a speeding ticket in Syracuse, NY last August. I received a fine of $195 USD but I have not paid it nor have i received anything in the mail about it. I know Ontario and NY state have an agreement, can I just go to service Ontario to fix this or do I have to send in my credit card information by mail to the NY state office?

    1. Andrea – I suggest you contact the court where this violation occurred in order to clear up any outstsanding issues against your license.

  45. I’m Canadian living in Ontario, I received a speeding ticket in NY in December and lost 6 demerit points according to the NY system. I paid the fine and have now received a Driver Responsibility assessment statement to the tune of $300.00. Failure to pay this assessment will result with the following…

    Failure to pay will result in your NY state driver’s license, privilege to obtain a NY state driver’s license and/or privilege to drive in NY state SUSPENDED.

    Do I need to pay this since I’m not a US resident and do not have or will ever need a NY state driver’s license?

  46. Hi…I am a Canadian residing in Ontario, i got a ticket last December in Alexandria Bay New York State. The court fine is 273$ which I am willing to pay a.s.a.p. Hence I received also another letter from DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY ASSESSMENT STATEMENT requesting me to pay 450$. I am a bit confused. do I have to pay the DRA fine too? As out-of-state driver what s the impact on my driving license in case i don’t pay it? Thank you.

    1. Elvis – if you do not pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee, NY will suspend your license. This suspension will transfer to your home state. Thus, you must pay all assessment fees that are due to NY.

  47. hello,
    i received a speeding ticket and was offered a plea of 1202 (b) 1, what would my fine be and I also have to complete a defensive driving course. The ticket is in cayuga county. i am an Ontario resident, how can I find the website to do the course on line.

  48. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket in october 2015 which resulted in 6 demerit points. I paid the ticket in full, however have not paid the DRA .
    What are the consequences of not paying, and can I contest this? Also, will I be denied entry into NY with the unpaid DRA fine?

    Thank you.

  49. I received a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 55 zone. I usually also use a garmin so I can track my speed in miles. This time I was driving my husband’s vehicle due to the weather forecasts in buffalo. I was watching my speedometer and was sure I was driving between 60 -65. I have done as he asked … I sent back the guilty plea but also added a note that I travel this route frequently driving my 90 year old mother to Ontario for a break and then back to her home in PA and that I never had a speeding ticket in Ellicottville, that I typically use a garmin but forgot to bring it along on this quick trip to meet my sister in ny to lessen my trip. What do most Ontario drivers do to try to get some leniency and what will this cost?

  50. I am an Ontario resident. While driving back from Florida, I received a speeding ticket at Interstate 81 near Watertown, NY, a mile from the Canadian border, driving 73 in a 55 zone. The police vehicle was parked a few feet away from where the signs change from 65 to 55, which didn’t leave much time to lower my speed. I hadn’t seen the 55 sign, but I know ignorance is not an excuse. The ticket indicates I have 48 hours to respond by mail if I plead not guilty (it happened yesterday). Should I plead not guilty or guilty? If I plead guilty, according to your web site, I am subject to 3 demerit points, correct? How much would I have to pay for the fine? Many thanks.

    1. That is correct, you are facing a 4 point ticket in NY – which transfers as 3 demerit points. You must answer the ticket by the date as it appears on the front of the ticket – ‘return or appear in person on or before.’

  51. Hi

    I received a traffic ticket by driving along I 90 New York State. I was driving 80 mph in the 65 mph driving zone. Could you please let me know what is the fine for this ticket and what are my option to defend? Am I going to receive demerit points since I am living in Ontario?

  52. Hello,
    I am a Quebec driver. Last december 26th, I embarked on a trip with my family to go visit Washington D.C. It was my first time driving on New York State roads and unfortunately I got a speeding ticket after passing another vehicle. I was driving on the right shoulder at 105 km/h, the limit speed, this was controlled by my cruise control and my GPS. Concentrated in the maneuver, I was not really concient what was my speed while passing the other car but, after passing I took the right shoulder again and I slowed down until 105 km/h, it was at this moment that I saw the patrol behind my car with its headlights on.

    The uniform traffic ticket says that my speed was 80 mp/h (about 129 km/h) on I88 in Town of Worcester… I must say honestly that it is maybe possible, because I was doing a passing maneuver on a highway, but that took only some seconds and the rest, my whole driving was and is always safe and according to the law.

    When the officer came, I didn’t be able to speak, explain, ask or understand about what was she saying about the incident and the contravention because my english is really limited, unfortunately no functional to have that kind of conversation (I am even writting this with google translator help).

    I do not see any amount to pay on the ticket and I do not know what is the procedure to follow, of course I do not want to create a bad record in New York State and much less to affect my record in Quebec.

    Thak you very much if you have some recomendation to share,

    1. Fernando – I suggest you contest this violation as it does carry substantial fines and penalties. Please clarify the precise speed infraction that you are being charged with.

  53. Hi there, I received a ticket for going 88mph in a 65 zone by radar on I 390 N/B and it states to mail a plea to North Dansville Town Court by 18th of Jan. It is my first offence and I’m on a Ontario licence but from Ireland temporarily living in Canada, what would the cost of the ticket be and best thing to do, I wanna just get it resolved quickly

    1. The cost of this ticket is $393, along with a $300 assessment fee. Whether you chose to fight this will likely depend on how long you plan on residing in ON.

  54. I lost my ticket, in order to pay it on the NYC site I need the ticket number. Is there anyway for me to get it using my license plate or something?

  55. Hi, I received a ticket on the I290 near Amherst NY for 71 in a 55 zone, just after exiting from the I90W. The problem is, I didn’t see a posted 55 speed limit until after the cop pulled me over. The speed limit on the I90 was 65, so I thought I was only 6 over. Is this a valid defence for a not guilty plea?

    1. No, ignorance of the law is unfortunately not a defense. While there are other ways to contest your ticket, this is not one of them.
      Contact us at 888-434-0406 and we will be able to further assist you.