Canadian Driver With a NY Speeding Ticket

canadian-flag-300x225Each day, a significant number of Canadians cross the border into New York and a large number of New Yorkers travel into Canada. Many travelers find themselves on the New York State Thruway, where the police are notorious for giving out plenty of traffic tickets.

If you are a Canadian driver traveling into NY, you need to be extra careful and understand that you may be in more trouble than you originally thought if you receive a NY traffic ticket.


Canada Has Reciprocity With New York

Although the United States and Canada operate under different laws and legal systems, both countries share driver information with one another.

This information includes who receives a traffic ticket as well as when and where. In other words, Canada has reciprocity with New York (and vice versa).

This means New York State will transfer notices of conviction to Ontario and Quebec provinces. Once they have this information, they will assess demerit points against your Canadian driving record.

How Demerit Points Work in Quebec

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) made it abundantly clear that an equivalent offense committed in another province or in an American state that Quebec has a reciprocal agreement with (e.g. NY) will result in demerit points being put on your driving record as if the offense occurred in Quebec itself.

Put simply, if you received a New York traffic ticket for an offense that is recognized in Quebec, then you will likely receive demerit points on your Canadian driver’s license. The points you receive will be set by the SAAQ point system based on the equivalent offense that you committed. Remember, you will only be allowed to receive a maximum of 15 demerit points on your license.

If you receive more than 15, you will lose your driving privileges for a set duration of time (usually 30 days) and your license could be taken away (depending on the offense you commit).

Demerit Points for Ontario Drivers

Remember, Ontario also has reciprocity with New York. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, demerit points will be assessed against you for any traffic violation that you commit in NY that is equivalent to a traffic offense in Ontario.

What are the Ramifications of Speeding in NY With a Canadian License?

If you received a NY speeding ticket, the number of demerit points that Quebec will put on your license directly depends on the speed you were going and how many miles over the posted speed limit you were traveling.

For instance, if you received a speeding ticket for driving 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone (i.e. exceeding the limit by 24 kilometers per hour), you would receive 2 demerit points. If you received a speeding ticket for going 90 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone (i.e. exceeding the limit by 56 kilometers per hour), you would receive 10 demerit points.

It is crucial to note that Quebec does not assess demerit points for only traveling 10 kilometers per hour or less over the posted speed limit. In other words, if you hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney who is able to get your traffic violation reduced to a ticket for simply going 6 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, Quebec will not assess any demerit points against you.

However, in Ontario, speeding tickets tend to range from 3 to 6 demerit points.

  • More specifically, if you exceed the speed limit by 16-29 kilometers per hour, you will receive 3 demerit points.
  • If you exceed the speed limit by 30-49 kilometers, you will receive 4 demerit points.
  • If you are caught going 50 kilometers or more, then you will receive 6 demerit points.
  • Lastly, Ontario does not assess demerit points for speeding 15 kilometers or less over the posted speed limit.

Therefore, if you hire a traffic ticket attorney who is able to get your ticket reduced to one for traveling 9 miles per hour or less over the posted speed limit, you will not have to worry about having demerit points assessed against you.

Penalties Associated With Demerits

If you are a new driver and get 2 or more demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter. If you get 6 points, you may need to provide a good explanation for why you should be allowed to keep your license. At 9 points, your license will be suspended for 60 days.

If you are a fully licensed driver and receive 6 demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter. Once you obtain 9, you could be compelled to explain why you should be allowed to keep your license. However, if you receive 15 points, your license will be suspended for 30 days.

Aside from the possibility of having your license suspended or revoked, receiving demerits will cause your insurance to skyrocket. You can also incur hefty fines. Consequently, it is crucial to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help negotiate and argue on your behalf in order to reduce your offense or get it dismissed outright.

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  1. Hello…i just received a speeding ticket, going 70mph in a 55mph zone in Buffalo, NY….how much will ticket cost? How many points will transfer to my Ontario license? I have a clean record? Is it worth going to court?

    • John – this 4 point ticket will result in fines of $393, along with increases to your insurance rates. 3 demerit points will be assessed against your ON license. Because of these consequences, we suggested contesting this matter in court.

  2. my wife received a speeding ticket in New York State. It was 72 in a 55 zone. Tne fine is not on the ticket. How can we find out the amount she owes and where to send it?

    • Bill – the maximum penalty for this violation is $393. As each jurisdiction is different, we would need to know where she received the ticket to advise you further.

  3. Speeding to change lane at 72 mph over 55mph zone. What are the points deductions?
    Is going to NY court will spare me the demerits points?

    • Rachel – this is a 4 point speeding ticket, that will transfer demerit points to Canada. Attending your court hearing will allow you an opportunity to contest this ticket. The procedures of the court system vary based on where you had received the ticket.

  4. I just got issued my first traffic ticket ever (Lancaster town) and it was for 75mph in a 65 mph zone. Will I receive demerit points in Ontario and a high fine for this?

    Thank you

  5. I received a ticket over a year ago in NY State. There was no price of a fine on the ticket. I think I was going 80mph in a 65mph with a G2 license. I’ve moved a few times, but have always kept my license up-to-date to reflect my current addresses, and now have a full G license. I did nothing with the ticket, truthfully forgot about it until now. First and only ticket I have ever received. I am supposed to be crossing the border soon, and I’m afraid that I could be facing some trouble. I could probably find the ticket. What should I do?

    • Sarah – You need to contact the NY DMV to determine the status of your license, and the location of the ticket – if you do not remember. Next, you need to either contest the ticket if possible, or pay the penalty. Additionally, there will be a suspension termination fee of $70.00. Finally, please note that even if you do not plan on entering NY, license suspensions transfer between the states. It is therefore important to clear up any outstanding suspension issues you may have.

  6. Got a speeding ticket at 55mph in a 30 mph zone in mt. morris livingstone new york last sept 3 2017. i plead guilty and they give me 6 points and to pay 300 USD. I care about the points because i know Canada and New york have agreement about driving violations. Is there anyway i can reduce that?

    • Enrico – a motion can be filed to withdraw the guilty plea. While there is no way to guarantee that this request will be granted by the court, we often see success with a factual scenario such as yours.

  7. What are the options if a Canadian driver gets a speeding ticket for 83 mph in a 65 mph and misses the deadline to file a plea?

    What are the options if it has been weeks after the deadline?

    • Jay – This will depend on where this incident occurred. Generally speaking, you may contact the court and ask for a new date. Your license, however, may be suspended which will require the payment of a $70.00 suspension termination fee.

  8. Good morning,
    I am Canadian and got a speeding ticket doing 78 MPH on 55 MPH zone (+23 MPH) in NY, I a seeking your help, what should I do? If I plea of guilty how much is the fine and how many points?
    If I plea of not guilty will they reduce the fine and the points? Can I change the court date in case I cannot attend the specified court date?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards,

  9. Hello. I’m an Ontario resident. I just got a speeding ticket in NY state for 87 in a 65. I don’t care about demerit points. My main concern is the total fine. I’ll be damned if I’ll be paying $600 US once all is said and done. How can I get this cost down?

  10. hi,
    i live in alberta and got a ticket in ny. im not worried about demerit points because theres no reciprocity as far as i understand. what are the consequences of not paying the fine? will it affect my ability to use my Canadian licence in a different state? what if i want to drive in the future in ny?

    • The court will eventually suspend your license if the ticket is not answered / paid. While I understand that the violation may not impact you if found guilty, I would strongly caution against ignoring a traffic violation. Suspensions transfer
      between the states – and risking an arrest due to a suspension for a traffic ticket is simply not worth the risk.

  11. Hi I am an Ontario driver who got a speeding ticket of 70mph in a 55mph zone it is Gen 101. All I worry about is points how should I plead not guilty how can I fight it. It said if it has a supporting deposition I can not plead not guilty wat can I do.
    I need to respond by Sept 28,2017.
    Please respond ASAP thanks

    • Sherry – This ticket will transfer over as 3 demerit points. You should therefore plead not guilty to the ticket which will allow you to contest this in court.

  12. Hello,

    I received a speeding ticket in the State of NY, driving back to Canada in 2010. I believe it was 65mph in a 60mph zone. I cannot remember whether I paid it or not, as it was years ago. Since, I have never had the need to drive in the States until soon from now, and only recalled about this ticket when I found out I may need to drive there. I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding out whether I can drive or not. NY State court needs a ticket number, which I don’t have. Here (Ontario), I can’t be helped because nothing is showing on file for that year (I called in), and there is no way for them to tell me whether I can or cannot drive, even though there is an information exchange agreement between the two states.

    Thanks in advance

    • Alon – I suggest you contact the NY DMV to obtain your NY driving history. This should show you whether your license is suspended, and what it is suspended for.

  13. I am a resident in Ontario. No speeding record in 10 years. I got speeding ticket 1180D. 80 in a 65 zone on Sat morning. Location is at Albany. When I asked the cops for the fees, I was suggested to reach out the Albany city court. Do you know how much is it? When I asked the cop, he told me that I won’t get any demerit points in ON. Is that right?

    • RD – The maximum fine for this ticket is $300 + $93 court fees. We generally see the court impose the maximum penalty for these violations. The officer was incorrect here – you will receive 3 demerit points for this violation. NY reports this information to ON, whom assesses points based on the violation.

  14. Hello,

    I was driving through Plattsburgh NY at night, it was raining and I got out of the petrol station. There were 2 lanes with green light so I turned, without realizing that the there was a separate lane to turn which was red. So I got pulled over and got a ticket (VTL 1111 D3). I am from Montreal with a Quebec license, and I didn’t want a hassle so I pleaded guilty. Now I have a letter that the court has accepted my guilty plea, with a fine (for VTL 1111 D3) and surcharge of $168, but doesn’t mention any points. My question is will I get any points on my Quebec driving license ? Because I can’t afford that.


  15. Hello,
    I have received two tickets in NYC and I am an Ontario driver, one for going 70 mph in a 55 mph, and one for moving from lane unsafely. The officer mentioned that no points are associated to these tickets. First, if i do not pay these tickets what would happen? Second, if i wanna reduce the penalty fee and fight it but do not want to drive to New York court, how can i do that?

    Thank you!

  16. Hi,
    I am ontario driver with G license since 2013. I have got my forst ever speeding ticket while travelling in NYC.
    I got a speeding ticket in NY state for 86mph in 65 zone.
    I have pleaded guilty and paid around 300$ fine but now I have received another letter of driver assessment which is asking for 300$ further.
    I am not sure whether I did right by pleading guilty or not?
    But I want to ask if anything can be done now to avoid any further implecations? Or can I do anything now?

    • Omer – it is possible to file a motion to reopen your guilty plea, as it appears that you were unaware of the full consequences of this ticket. You may reach us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  17. hi, i got a ticket from warsaw new york, buffalo, at 1 AM in the morning, i never expected that i’ve been caught on speed radar, while my car is on kilometer in dashboard, and said the officer that im running 53mph into a 30mph road, i don’t know what to do, its my first time to be pulled over, since i got my licensed almost 5 years. can i mark not guilty?, or guilty?, what would be the result if i marked not guilty?, or guilty?, thanks.

    • Ezra – You have received a 6 point point ticket, as you were clocked travelling 53/30 – 23 miles over the speed limit. Aside from the points, pleading guilty will result in fines of $393, assessment fees of $300, and a substantial impact on your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this ticket to avoid / mitigate these consequences.

  18. Hi,
    I have an Ontario G License since 2009 and I received a speeding ticket in NY state on the I-80 for going 86 in a 65 zone. I have no prior speeding tickets or any issues on my driver’s license ever. This is my first speeding ticket, in fact it is the first time to meet police in the road. The ticket appears an amount of $200 penalty. Police said points are not transferable and advised me to pay just the penalty only. Is it sure that the points are not transferable ? Or is there any option to check it for more confirmation ?