Speeding In A School Zone in NY

Anyone who lives near a school in NY or NJ knows what a school zone is. These areas – usually the street in front of or surrounding an elementary school or similar institution – feature unique road laws that mandate drivers to slow down to speeds of around 15 to 20 miles per hour. For some, these laws are the very definition of annoying, requiring abrupt and often undesired deceleration, but the logic behind them is simple and sound. Anyone who has children knows how scary the possibility of a road accident is – a car careening down a quiet suburban street, striking children at play in front of their homes is no imaginary threat.

These laws exist to protect our children and ensure they can cross in front of or around their schools without fear of injury. Because they secure the safety of our children, they enjoy widespread support and are likely to stick around as permanent fixtures of traffic law for a long time. The point is, they exist and will exist, and a sensible driver will obey these laws or suffer the consequences, which can and often be very steep.

Any time you drive at a speed higher than the speed posted for that area, you are in violation of state law. Obviously this remains the case in school zones, which often post their unique speed limits right around the school that is protected. Smart drivers will notice these speed limits, come to anticipate them in future trips around those areas and make sure to abide by those limits when they appear next. They will also notice when these speed laws are in force – school zone speed limits are often not in force all day and night, usually only requiring decreased speeds from times between 7 am to 7 pm, or similar time frames.

So What Are The Fines and Penalties For Speeding in A School Zone ?

Penalties are, as you can imagine, typically expensive and come in the form of fines or similar punishments.  But that’s not the end of the story. In New York State, ignoring the posted speed limit near a school can actually carry the possibility of jail time. The extent of the punishment is related to by how much the posted speed limit was violated.

For example, if someone is 10 miles above the posted speed limit they will be assessed 3 points and a $300 fine with an $85 surcharge.

If they speed above 10 mph, they begin to face the possibility of jail time, ranging from 15 days in jail. They can also face fines up to $600 dollars in fines with an $85 surcharge. As it is becoming increasingly obvious, it does not pay to speed near a school.

If you’ve racked up significant penalties as a result of speeding near a school, it is highly recommend that you consult a legal professional as soon as possible. An experienced traffic attorney – like the attorneys at the Rosenblum Law Firm, know how to navigate the legal system and secure the best results for their clients.



70 thoughts on “Speeding In A School Zone in NY”

  1. Hello.
    I received violation for going 44 in a school posted speed of 30. There is no school in session. Does that have any bearing. Some NYC signs say when children are present.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Cathy and thank you for reaching out to us. Please be advised that your alleged offense carries 4 points and a maximum fine of either $393 – $693 depending on the exact violation code/time. The fact that school is not in session will likely bear some weight though it is a highly contested issue. Nevertheless, a conviction of this will likely have significant insurance implications for the foreseeable future. We suggest contesting this matter in order to attempt to mitigate these ramifications.

  2. I went around 42 mph per hour in a school zone and saw cameras flash. Is it possible to get points for a camera speeding ticket because it was in a school zone or will it be 50 dollar fine?

    1. Hello Anthony and thank you for your inquiry. Please note, New York does not impose points for camera tickets. There will only be a fine.

  3. Hi,
    I received a ticket captured by camera on Queens Blvd and 62nd Drive in queens New York which happens to be a “school zone”. There are no schools around the only one showing on the map is at austin street which is way into 63rd drive. Also the camera captured me speeding 36 mph at a 25 speed limit on December 26th, 2019 at 6:17pm. So the schools on that day were closed for winter vacation and also after hours of school. I have been fined $50 dollars. My question is should I plead not guilty since I feel this ticket is not valid and should not have been issue to me. Please advise at your earliest. Thank you Ronnie.

    1. Hello Ronnie and thank you for reaching out to us. Please note, a NY speeding camera ticket will not afflict points onto your license. While you may choose to contest the matter before the Court, it may result in a lengthy endeavor.

    1. Hello Charlie and thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that the offense for driving 15 miles over the limit carries a maximum 4 point penalty and depending on where you were charged, a maximum fine of $300 with $93 court fees. However, as this offense occurred in a school zone, all fines will be doubled. Hence, a maximum fine of up to $600 may be imposed. The points will likely negatively impact your insurance rates for the foreseeable future. We suggest contesting the matter with an attorney in order to attempt to mitigate the likely insurance implications and points on your license.

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