Speeding With a Junior License or Restricted License in New York

Congratulations! You just got your junior license and are ready to set out on the open road. Be careful though. As a young driver in the State of New York, you are punished extra-harshly for violating the rules of the road. Remember, driving is a privilege and the law has no problem taking it away from you if you commit serious traffic violations.

Speeding With a Junior License

If you are a junior license holder, the State of New York will suspend your license if you commit a serious traffic violation. Under New York law, a “serious traffic violation” is one that is worth 3 or more points.

Speeding even just 1 MPH over the speed limit is a 3 point offense! Consequently, if you are a junior license holder and are convicted of speeding in New York, your junior license will be taken away for 60 days.

Some other examples of other offenses that are considered “serious offenses” are: Cell phone, texting (electronic device usage), passing a school bus, and reckless driving.

Imagine: you just passed the road test after diligently practicing your parallel parking and your junior license is suspended for 2 months because you chose to go slightly faster than the posted speed limit.

You might think this is unfair. After all, what is 1mph over the speed limit really going to do? Unfortunately, speeding in New York kills more people than other traffic violation. As such, New York law comes down tough on speeding and considers it an inherently serious offense.

Similarly, as a junior license holder you will only be allowed to commit 2 minor offenses before your license will be suspended for 60 days. Any offense that is less than 3 points is considered by the State of New York to be a minor offense.

In other words, if you are convicted of backing up unsafely, a violation of VTL 1211-(a), you will not be suspended (since it is only a 2 point offense). However, if you commit the offense twice, or violate any other VTL after it, your license will be suspended.

Who Should You Contact?

If you received a NY traffic ticket and are a junior license or restricted license holder, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today. You could be facing a suspension of your license, points, and a large fine. Our team of NY traffic ticket lawyers will do all they can to protect your legal rights, fight to keep you on the road, and will diligently work to get you the results you want. Call us today at 888-434-0406.

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  1. i got a speeding ticket in massachusetts when i was 17, i am moving to new york state soon. if i transfer my MA jr license to NY, and plea guilty to my ticket which i am awaiting a hearing for, will new york take action to suspend my license because of a speeding ticket from another state?

  2. Hello,
    I got a 20 miles overposted speed zone ticket on the belt parkway in NYC with my juniors drivers license. The officer told me to plead guilty because it would take up to a year to get a court date. From doing research my license will be suspended for 60 days, but I am scheduled to get my class D license in August. Should I plead guilty now and take the suspension or should I plead not guilty and by time the court date happens I should have my class D license ?

    1. License suspensions are effective from the violation date, rather than the conviction date. Thus, postponing your trial would not allow you to avoid a suspension should you be found guilty. Furthermore, the advice provided by the officer is incorrect. I suggest contacting us at 888-883-5529 to discuss how you can best address this ticket. —

  3. I was going 59 in a 45, the officer told me to ask the judge to reduce it because I have a DJ license and this is my first offense. I really don’t want my license suspended, is there any way out of this?

    1. Ben, please advise us of the location of this incident, as there are two court systems in NY, with differing procedures.

    1. Bryan, this ticket carries a total of 8 points. Along with a $600 fine, $93 court fee, and a $450 Driver’s Assessment Fee, 3 more points will result in license suspension. Additionally, this ticket will substantially increase insurance rates. I suggest you contact me at 888-434-0406

  4. I was caught going 82 for a slight second but the cop lowered it to a 77 mph violation in a 55 mph speed limit zone. I have a dj Junior license & i was coming home from work. I am also in the NY Army National Guard & need my car to go to my weekend job. Will i lose my license ? What are fines & points looking like?

    1. As a speeding violation will result in the suspension of a junior license, I strongly suggest you contest this ticket. You may reach us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406

  5. My daughter has a junior license and got a speeding ticket 49 in 30. She attended court last night and met with the ADA. The case was adjourned for a month, so that she could “research” what kind of plea deal she could agree to that would not result in her having her license suspended. any suggestions?

    1. Summer – any serious violation will lead to license suspension. A serious violation is generally speaking 3 points or more.

  6. My 17 year old step son got a ticket for going 63 in a 45mph zone. Well he lose his license? Fines? Dra? Can it be reduced. First tickets. Also got one got cracked windshield.

  7. I was in an accident where there was little to no damage at all but i got a summons for court what do you think the punishment would be? (I have a juniors now but i will have my full license before the court date)

  8. I got 2 tickets for an illegal u turn and driving with a juniors license without a 21 or over licensed driver present. What will most likely happen? please help this was very recent

    1. If convicted of this offense, your license would be suspended for 60 days. This also entails a fine of $693, along with a driver responsibility assessment charge of $450.

  9. Today i got a speeding ticket. According to the cop I was going 15mph over the speed limit. Is there any possible way to not get my Junior license suspended. I use my car to drive to school everyday, drive to work, and to my extracurriculars. I do realize 15 mph is tough to fight , but is there anything I can do to reduce the points so i have no suspension? maybe a class or something ?

    1. Tristan,

      The only way to not have your junior license suspended is to not be convicted of the speeding offense. Speeding offense are considered “serious traffic offenses”, and once you are convicted of the offense or plead guilty to it, NY will automatically suspend your driving privileges for 60 days. You can call our office at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation to discuss your options and how we can help.