Speeding Tickets in Rensselaer County, NY

Map of New York Counties Highlighting Rensselaer

New York’s Rensselaer County sits on the eastern edge of the state, sharing a border with both Massachusetts and Vermont. It covers 653 square miles of mostly suburban homes and boasts a population of 159,442, a third of whom reside in the city of Troy. Troy used to be the second-largest iron-producing city in the U.S., after Pittsburgh. However, in more recent years, the city has migrated toward more advanced technologies, including video game development. 

Drivers should think twice before paying a speeding ticket in Rensselaer County! A speeding ticket costs far more than just the fine. Instead, a driver should call an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help avoid the costs, points, and other consequences that come with a conviction.

New York State Speeding Ticket Costs

A speeding ticket is far more expensive than most drivers realize. In addition to a fine of $150 to $600, each ticket also comes with a mandatory state surcharge ($88 or $93). If the ticket puts the total number of points on the license at 6 or more, a driver will be hit with a DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. The DRA is a separate fine, which costs $300 for the first 6 points and $75 for each point thereafter. Even worse is the increase in insurance premiums that follow a speeding conviction; this can run hundreds of dollars a year for three years or more.

Speeding Ticket Data from Rensselaer County, NY

In 2022, Rensselaer County saw an increase in the number of speeding tickets issued. There were 7,704 speeding tickets issued by the police that year, or 36.4% of all traffic tickets issued in the county.

Although the majority of speeding tickets were issued to New York residents (70.5%), a significant portion went to drivers from the Northeast region (23.4%), other U.S. states (4.5%), Canada (0.2%), and other areas (1.3%). The New York State Police issued 52% of all speeding tickets, while local law enforcement groups handed out 43.5%. County police issued 4.5%.

Number of Speeding Tickets Issued in Rensselaer County (NY), 2013 – 2022

YearNumber of Speeding Tickets

The state police are not the only group that maintains a strict stance on speeding violations in Rensselaer County; the traffic courts are known to be equally unforgiving. Only 3.9% of drivers were able to have their tickets dismissed or be acquitted in 2022.

However, those who hire a seasoned traffic ticket attorney are more likely to achieve positive outcomes. These attorneys have the expertise to negotiate with the authorities and get a speeding ticket reduced to a lesser offense. Ideally, this reduction would result in fewer or no points on the driver’s record and have minimal or no impact on their auto insurance rates.

Rensselaer County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

Only a few miles of the New York State Thruway (I-90) runs through the southwest corner of Rensselaer County, moving north-south from Columbia County and quickly crossing the Hudson River into Albany County. Beyond that, the county can only be traversed via state routes, county routes, and local roads. This explains why local police, more so than State Troopers, are the ones citing drivers for speeding in Rensselaer. While there aren’t a lot of major throughways to carry New Englanders into the county, the fact that Rensselaer shares a border with both Massachusetts and Vermont means that police are mindful of out-of-state drivers violating traffic laws in their jurisdiction. 

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Hiring a Rensselaer County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A driver ticketed for speeding in Rensselaer County should not just accept the numerous financial consequences. Instead, he/she should hire a traffic ticket attorney to fight the underlying charges.

For most speeding matters, an attorney can appear on behalf of the driver, ensuring he/she does not have to show up in person, which is especially beneficial for out-of-state drivers. An attorney also offers the best possible chance of one beating a ticket or getting it reduced to a lesser offense. 

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