Speeding in a Work Zone

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construction zone
Speeding in a work zone is a charge that will cost you more than your average ticket.  Getting caught driving above the speed limit in a work zone will result in a variety of different penalties that you might potentially suffer. You will most likely also face a drastic increase in your auto insurance premium.
Speeding in a construction zone falls under Article 30 section 1180 (f) of New York State Traffic Law.  Remember the penalties of a VTL 1180 (f) are not your average fines that you might receive for speeding in a regular area.   You might have noticed on certain road signs in New York State that speeding in the work zones will result in the fines being doubled.

Why Do Work Zone Violations Carry Stiffer Penalties? 

Workers on the side of the road that help fix roads, bridges and barriers are left in a very dangerous position on the side of the road.  Strictly obeying the speed limit within the work area (which is generally slower than other areas on the highway) can help keep workers safe.

According to the laws of New York State a “work zone” is any location on a roadway being utilized for roadwork in which workers, work vehicles, equipment, supplies or other barriers are located.  It is also important to note that the absence of construction work does not mean that the area is no longer considered a work zone.  We often hear from drivers who are ticketed in a work zone in middle of the night when there are no workers present but that makes no difference in the eyes of the law.

Statistics have demonstrated that increased speeds in work zones have lead to significant deaths among construction workers and the drivers themselves.  Slower speeds help facilitate a safer flow of traffic that could prevent the potential mishaps that result from lane changes and reductions in this environment.  

What Are the Fines and Penalties for a Work Zone Speeding Ticket?

Driving 1 to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit will result in 3 points. 11 to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit posted in a work zone will result in 4 points.  The minimum fines will double that of a normal speeding violation.  Receiving a second work zone related speed ticket within 18 months of the first will result in you having your license suspended.  Driving 21 miles or more over the posted limit will result in a 6 point ticket and also require you to pay the NYS Driver Responsibility Assessment as well, only adding to the amount of fines that you will be required to pay.

Contacting an experienced attorney can prove beneficial to you and potentially help you avoid steep fines or penalties that result from work zone related speeding tickets.  If you received a New York Traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone, contact the attorneys at Rosenblum Law: 888-434-0406.

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  1. I have a question please. Today I got caught speeding in a work zone 73 mph in a 45 mph (+28) work zone, regularly a 65 speed limit on I87 Exit 4. The court I was assigned is Town of Colonie Traffic Court. What is the fine and points I will be charged. Should I plead guilt or argue in the court with the following points in the court to reduce my fine:
    1. At that time, there is no worker in this zone and the road work seems already finished.
    2. I have a habit to check my speed whenever I saw a police car. Today I read the speed is between 60 and 65 right before the police follow me.


    Leo Wu

    1. Hello Leo and thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that driving in excess of 28 miles over the limit carries a maximum 6 point penalty and a maximum fine of $300 with $93 court fees. Since you were charged in a work zone, fines are doubled so you will be responsible for a maximum fine of $600. Additionally, you will be charged with the NY imposed Driver’s Responsibility Assessment Fee of $300 for accumulating 6 or more points on your license. The points you raise in your defense will likely not demonstrate that the Officer failed to meet their burden of proof against you. We suggest contesting the ticket with an attorney in order to attempt to mitigate the likely impact on your insurance, avoid the DRA Fee, and the points on your license.

  2. I was issued a ticket in NYS for speeding in a posted work zone. He reported I was going 60 in a 45 in violation of 1180F. The place of occurrence was on the I-90 E in the Town of West Seneca. I have a clean driving record; there are no points on my NYS license. I admit, I was not looking at my speedometer at the time of the incident, so I can not be sure what my speed actually was. I was on my way to a job interview and was preoccupied with my thoughts relative to that. If I plea not guilty, Court will take place in the town of West Seneca, State of New York. I have read through the comments and am sick with what may happen. Can you please advise on how you think I should proceed? Thank you.

    1. Megan, thank you for your inquiry. We generally suggest contesting work zone violations, as there are increased fines, and likely increases to the impacts on your insurance rates.

  3. Hello,

    The cop said I was going 65 in the 45 mph work zone in Buffalo (I don’t think I was going that fast). He also tried to pull me over by standing outside his car and waving at me from the side of the road.

    After he got in his car and pulled me over, he wrote me up as going only 55 and encouraged me to plead not guilty (which I did). I was not aware it was a 45 mph as every other work zone on the interstate is 55mph (this is the speed I was aiming for). He pulled me over immediately after entering the zone after the tolls. I had just recognized it was a work zone and started slowing down to what I assumed was 55 mph.

    I am not sure how to address this in court or what my best option is. I am trying to get any type of reduction that I can as I am young and have never received a speeding ticket before.

    Thank you!

    1. Jordan, thank you for your inquiry. We recommend you give us a call so we can get more specific information from the ticket that will help us provide you with the best course of action to take to fight it.

  4. Last Thursday, 6/6, received a speeding ticket in work zone. I am from PA traveling thru NY on way to R.I. for vacation.

    Ticket reads “defendant observed vehicle on I-287E the City of Rye in a work zone area at 55 MPH in a posted 35 MPH work zone. Visual est 64 Radar confirmation. 55

    It also says in which I substantially stated “l saw it but I thought it was for getting off . About 55.”

    Wondering how much ticket will cost and if there is a way to avoid points and insurance notification as I have a clean driving record. I did not realize I was in a work zone . This happened at a split for 95N & S. I was in a wrong lane and when I switched lanes I then saw the 35mph sign, the radar sign showed 41 (a passenger confirmed), and the officer was right under the signs.

    1. Angela, thank you for your inquiry. We recommend you give us a call so we can get more specific information from the ticket to provide you with the best course of action to take in regards to this matter.

  5. Hi,

    Was unfortunate enough to be in the state of New York for a couple of days last month.

    Got a ticket for speeding in work zone. Ticket states speed of 69 in a 45.

    Formerly a NYS resident but now a resident of South Carolina with SC license.

    It would be difficult for me to make a court appearance. Would like to pay fine and close this out.

    Am wondering what the fine would be and if points would be assessed to my South Carolina license.

    Also, what are the implications for driving in New York State going forward assuming I plead guilty and paid fine?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello Nicholas,
      The fine for this 6 point ticket is approximately $693, along with a $300 assessment fee. Additionally, this offense will likely have a substantial impact onto your insurance rates.

  6. Hello,
    I got a ticket in Hancock Ny. I was doing 64 in a 45 work Zone. They offered me a plea of 50 in a 45 in a work zone and 3points. I don’t know if I should take the plea or fight the ticket. Please advise what the ticket carries and if it’s a decent deal..

    1. Hello Sheer and thank you for your question. I suggest contacting us to discuss further, as the plea offer that is presented to you will cost approximately $393 in penalties, and may have a significant impact to your insurance rates.

  7. I received a speeding ticket last night -Speed in zone -VTL Section 1180D in Dover New York
    61 miles per hour in a 40 mile zone. I did not realize that I was speeding. It was very dark out and it was 11:00 pm at night. Is it worth it to plead not guilty?

    1. Elizabeth – you are currently facing a 6 point speeding ticket for travelling 21 mph over the speed limit. If you plead guilty to this ticket, you will be assessed fines of $300, court fees of $93, and a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300. Additionally, pleading guilty to this ticket will result in a significant increase to your insurance rates. I therefore suggest contesting this ticket by pleading not-guilty.

  8. I am a Quebec driver and I got a ticket for speeding 74 in a 55mph Work zone I-87 north hudson. How much is the fine? What are my chances to get it reduced or dismissed?

    1. Carl – you are currently facing a 4 point speeding ticket that will have fines of approximately $693. Additionally, you will be assessed demerit points against your QC license. We therefore suggest contesting this violation to reduce the consequences of this ticket.

  9. I got a ticket for supposedly doing 70 in a 45 work zone as the cop says but it signs said it was 55 and when he flew up on me i was doing 60 and a cars were in front of me. What should i do ?

    1. Bill – in order to provide further information, please provide us with the name of the court. Court procedures differ markedly based on which court has jurisdiction over your case.

  10. I received a uniform traffic ticket in town of North Hudson for speeding in a work zone. On line 6 it stated defendants speed as 65 in a 50 mph based on “direct observation “ verified by radar(stalker dual) I had sped up to pass pick up to reach exit 30 on I-87 N/B. I am from CT, should I plead not guilty? It’s my first ever speeding ticket

    1. I suggest contesting this 4 point speeding ticket, as it carries fine of $393 along with a potentially significant increase in your insurance rates. Please note – as speeding is a ‘strict liability’ offense, the reason for speeding is not relevant in your defense.

  11. Hello I got a ticket for doing 73 over 40 the officer put that it was a work zone but he stopped me before the work zone singe. it is my first speeding ticket ever so what should I do

    1. Eli – This 8 point violation you are currently charged with carries fines of $693, along with an assessment fee of $450. Furthermore, this ticket will likely result in a substantial increase in your insurance rates. How you go about contesting this violation will largely depend on the jurisdiction that is handling your case. There are two court systems in NY, that are significantly different.

  12. Hi, I received a speeding ticket today while on 84 West in Harrison NY. The ticket reports I was clocked at 78 in a work zone. I am from CT. Traveling in the right lane being passed on the left by another car. Tropper got the wrong person. The other car was from NY plates along with all the other cars in line. What might I be looking at for fines and what does it take to fight the ticket?

    1. Richard – what was the posted speed limit that was listed on your ticket. Work zone violations are costly and do have a significant impact on insurance rates. We suggest you contest this ticket to mitigate / avoid the consequences.

  13. I was pulled over speeding doing 76 in a 55 work zone in Hilton New York on the park way. What might I be looking at in fine and points, do I plead not guilty?

    1. You are facing a fine of $693, assessment fees of $300, and a significant increase in your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this violation.

  14. I got a ticket for 76 mph in a work zone,he gave me the ticket and dropped it to 74 so that I was in the 10 points over speed limit,there were no speed limit signs to say reduce speed that I can remember,what am I facing?

    1. Christen, 10 mph over the limit is a 3 point ticket – that will carry a maximum fine of $393 for the work zone violation. In order to provide further details, please advise me as to what court is handling this offense, the violation code, and the exact rate of speed.

  15. I received a ticket today for doing 69mph in a 55mph work zone on E86 in western NY. What might I be looking at in fines? This is also my very first speeding ticket ever.

    1. Chris, with this ticket you are facing 4pts and a fine of $393.00. If you would like to contest your ticket please give us a call. 888-434-0406

  16. Hi I got a ticket for doing 71 in a 45mph work zone in binghamton ny. What would the fine be? Should I try and plead not guilty?

    1. Ryan – the fine for this violation is $693, along with 6 points and significant increases in your insurance rates. For these reasons, I would certainly contest this ticket.

  17. Hi i got a ticket exactly today and he said he clocked me at 74 mph on a 40 mph work zone but the only problem is i was not speeding and another car passed right next to me speeding im a taxi driver and i had a witness at that time what should i do ?

    1. Jeffrey – While I need to know what court is handling this case to give more specific information, generally speaking, you are facing an 8 point ticket that has a fine of approximately $600, fees of nearly $93, and assessment fees of $450. This will additionally have a substantial impact on insurance. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  18. Hi . I got a speeding ticket on the 87 highway 87 mph in a 55 mph zone and it’s a work zone . Can you tell me what is the consequence? I should fight the ticket ?

    1. Gab – This is an 8 point ticket which carries a fine of $1293 (because fines are doubled in a work zone), and a Driver Responsibility Assessment surcharge fee of $450. This ticket can also drastically insurance your insurance costs. Therefore, I strongly suggest you plead Not Guilty and fight this ticket.

  19. Is it possible for a ticket that I got for doing a 52 on a 35 work zone can get reduced down to a parking violation in court? Or is there no way to avoid points on my license

  20. Hi, I got a speeding ticket for 70 mph in a 55 mph work zone in Plattsburgh. However, I’m Canadian from Montreal. What are gonna be the consequences, fees and points? Thanks

    1. Lynda – this speeding ticket carries 4 points against your NY driving record. The violation additionally transfers to QC, adding approximately 3-4 demerit points to your record. The maximum penalty you will face is $393 – assuming you have no prior offenses on your record. Additionally, this violation will likely impact insurance rates.

  21. I got my very first ticket doing 68 in a 55 MPH work zone on I-81. I’m not sure how I should handle it. I live 200 miles away from the area I got my ticket and can’t take off time to go to the court date. Should I plead guilty or not guilty? What would the fine/points be like?

    1. Meagan – this 4 point ticket will have a fine of $600, a court fee of $93, and a substantial impact on insurance rates. Hiring an attorney will allow you to fight your ticket without personally appearing in court.

  22. So if I am understanding this correctly, speeding in a work zone will double the fine, but not the points? For example, my speeding ticket was 45 in a 35 m/h work zone in which case my fine would be $393 with 3 points. Is this correct?

    1. Correct – A ticket for speeding 45 in a 35 zone is a 3 point violation. This typically carries a $150 court fee and a $93 standard administrative surcharge fee. If ticketed in a work zone, the court fee becomes doubled. Therefore, you total fine would be $300 plus the $93 admin fee. You will also likely see an increase in your insurance rates by approximately 15-20% if you were to plead guilty to this ticket.

  23. Hi so I got a speeding ticket for doing 73 in a 45 mph work zone in albany on 787. What would be the penalties and would anything change when I plead not guilty ?

    1. You are facing a penalty of $693, along with a $300 assessment fee. Pleading guilty would trigger the court to list this matter for a trial – where you would have an opportunity to contest the charges against you.

  24. Hi do I got a speeding ticket for doing 73 in a 45 mph work zone. What would be the penalties and would anything change when I plead not guilty ?

    1. Alisha – This ticket carries 6 points, a $693 court fee and a state surcharge fee of $300. This violation can also cause a significant increase in your insurance rates. By fighting the ticket, you can protect your record and have the fines and penalties reduced.

  25. I’m an English driver over in NY for the summer/fall, I got a ticket for going 79 in a 55 work zone, I was sure it was 65 and I’d sped up to overtake a driver who was swerving in and out of the lane, just after I saw the police car the work zone became obvious. I was on my way from Stamford CT to Ottawa, this incident happened in Jefferson County and the court is Adams Town. Would really appreciate some advice.

  26. Adam I have a question I got a speeding ticket for doing 100 in a 55 in a work zone on route 17 in Sullivan county. But I have a New Jersey drivers license. That will only result in 2 points on my drivers license since it’s an out of state violation for me. Is it worth fighting the ticket or just paying it and taking the 2 points? How does that affect my insurance since it was an out of state violation that will only give me 2 points? This is my very first speeding ticket ever.

    1. Mark – the speeding ticket you have received, aside from the significant financial penalties, will result in a license suspension in NY. This suspension will transfer over to NJ – and will thus result in a suspended license. Additionally, insurance rates will increase substantially for an offense such as this. I strongly suggest you fight this ticket to mitigate these consequences.

  27. Hello,
    I have been given a issued a ticket (violation of VTL Section 1180F). Apparently I was going 64 in a 45 ” Speeding in a posted work zone” Date September 1, 2015 at 10:24 am C/T/V of Niagara Falls, City of – 3202
    Highway 1-Interstate I-190 South direction.
    Charge based on Officer’s “Direct Observation”
    Speed verified by “Laser” model “LTI – Ultralyte”
    Addition information: V1 S/B Near Niagara Falls Blvd 64/45 P1 Stat Laser in Uturn

    I was not aware of the “work zone” and I had my wife and 2 children in the vehicle, we all were wondering why we were being stopped. We had just crossed over to the USA on our way to New York City for my daughters Volleyball Tournament.
    I also did not see any work zone signs until after we received the ticket. I was going with the flow of vehicles in front and beside me where going the same speed but i was the only one that got pulled over. I am a Canadian citizen and unfamiliar with how to make a decision on whether to fight this ticket or not. I have never received any traffic violations in the USA and I have over 30 years of driving experience.

    Please advise how I should proceed.



    1. David – You are facing a 4 point ticket, that carries a fine of $693, and has a significant impact on your insurance rates. This violation will transfer to your Canadian license. Because of this, I strongly suggest you fight this ticket.

  28. Quebec driver, got the ticket in NY state, small town near the border, 74 MPH in a work zone of 55 MPH, any idea about the fines and demerit points? Should i plea of not Guilty to fight? Will they be transferred to Quebec? Thanks,

    1. For going 74 in a 55 mph work zone, you are facing a maximum fine of $693 and 4 points on your license. You will receive 4 demerit points for this violation. You may contact us to discuss how we might be able to have these consequences reduced or eliminated.

  29. Good morning,
    I have been given a traffic ticket (violation of VTL Section 1180F). Apparently i was going 61 on a 45 speed limit work zone. This happened at 7:51pm and there was no workers present. The road only had cones and it didn’t look like a construction site. I also did not see any speed signs. I was going with the flow… cars and trucks in front and beside me where going the same speed but i was the only one that got pulled over. I am a canadian resident and unfamiliar with the zone. It was my first time in buffalo, i was dropping a family member at the airport. Please advice how i should proceed.

  30. Hello, I was assessed a speeding ticket for doing 64 in a 45 speed limit work zone in the Buffalo, NY area. It seemed that I was pulled over in the transitionary area where the work zone began, and I truly felt like I was going with the flow of traffic. No workers were present as this occurred around 6:30pm. I am a Canadian resident.

    Please advise.

  31. I have a question please. If I got caught speeding in a work zone 68 in a 45 (+23) regularly a 65 speed limit during the Memorial Day weekend where all road work in NY state was suspended.

    Is it still a violation? I got a ticket, but I am wondering if the road work was on hold by a governor order why is it a violation?

    I am mailing the court to ask for a reduction, do I mention that road work was on hold or would this be provocative?

    Thank you!

  32. I got pulled over at the very beginning of a construction went from 70-55 going 72. The ticket says workers were present (they were not) but the “construction box” on the ticket is blank indicating it is not a construction zone. The state trooper also asked me for my phone number which he wrote on his hand. Any help?

  33. Hi…I received a speeding tix on the Staten Island Expressway. Cop wrote i was doing 84 in a 40 workzone. I have a NJ license and am unfamiliar with this area. There was a car ahead of me with the same color as my vehicle. I believe the HW cop confused the vehicles. I ended up driving along side the officer doing 55mph. he slowed behind me, tailgated me for less than a minute then put his lights on to pull me over… now i have a tix in excess of 31mph which i have to appear in court. is there anyway to have this reduced? how should i handle?

    1. It appears that your ticket falls under the jurisdiction of the Traffic Violations Bureau. In order to fight your ticket, a personal appearance is required. You may wish to consider hiring legal representation to appear on your behalf.

  34. I received a speeding ticket for going 63 in a 45 in a work zone. I have never been pulled over in my life. I’m extremely stressed about this because I am a college student and I can not afford a high ticket. I already plead not guilty. But I was curious of the chances of my ticket being lowered and what you think it might be lowered to.

    1. You are facing a 4 point ticket. Fines in work zones are doubled. You may contact us for a free consult, as we require more details to give you a more accurate assessment of your case. Please call 888-434-0406.

  35. Hi I received a work zone speeding ticket when no workers were present, the sheets says 69 mph in a 45 mph. When I realized I was speeding I did immediately adjust my speed, however, I was not wick enough to do so and my speedometer only reads km per hour. I don’t know what the related fine is as this is my first offence. I am not sure how to proceed, please advise me.
    Thank you,

    1. Diana,

      The ticket is a 6 point ticket, and the fines/surcharges associated with it are even higher than normal because it is a work zone ticket and the fines are doubled. If you plead guilty you will be facing a $600 fine, a $93 court administrative fee, and a driver responsibility assessment of $300. The negative implications of a guilty plea unfortunately do not stop at the high fines/surcharges. A high speeding ticket like this, especially one that is in a work zone, will increase your insurance dramatically. The best thing that you can do to minimize these costs and surcharges is to fight your ticket. We can help you fight the ticket to minimize your points and overall expenses, and also help you to preserve your otherwise good driving record.

  36. Received a 36 mph over the speed limit about a year ago. Going to court finally tomorrow morning. Going to push back the hearing to see if I need to facilitate an attorney. Staten Island expressway day before construction started only one orange sign posted at the time which I missed at the beginning of the highway and one to verify the end of the zone at the end of the highway. No barriers or construction vehicles/workers present at time only 1 sign at the beginning and end of highway.

    1. Jason,

      Be on guard. The Staten Island TVB is one of the worst courts in the state! Do your homework here. The judge may choose to suspend your license entirely. Aside from that, this an 8 point ticket that carries with it 2 separate fines (one for $693 [double if it was in a work zone] and a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment of $450.) Representing yourself will likely result in more frustration than success.

  37. Hi,

    Received a ticket for speeding in a work zone 11-20 earlier this year on a Sunday morning. TVB Court date in late August. Location was approaching exit 9 on MLK highway (440N) on Staten Island (first day after purchasing a new car). Officer was waiting outside of his vehicle on the exit ramp signalling for me to pull over. Speed limit posted on the highway where the officer “got” me was 25mph, ticket shows I was doing 45. BUT the officer wrote the intersection/location of the ticket incorrectly. The cross street (actually an underpass perpendicular to the highway 1/2 mile back) was NOT where i was pulled over, and the speed limit at that specific point on the highway is posted at 45, exactly the speed I was marked doing. I have several pictures taken after the event that clearly show the intersection street names and the “45 mph” speed sign in the same photo. This is a first offense and I am 22 with little financial means to manage increased insurance rates and high fines.

    Please advise.

  38. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket for 21 mph over on the Staten Isl Express way. I didn’t see any signs that it was a work zone nor was there any roadwork going on in the immediate area where I was ticketed. I didn’t realize the implications this would have.

    Can someone please reach out to me for counsel.


    1. Jeff,

      Usually there will be some cones and a work truck even if there is no official work-zone sign. Remember, the fines for speeding in a work zone are doubled. For this ticket, a 6 point ticket, you face two fines. One fine of $786 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. Just in fines alone you face over $1,000 in out of pocket expenses–not to mention the huge hit that your auto insurance will take and the stain on your driving record. Fight this ticket.

  39. Need some info. I have a friend who got a speeding ticket in a work zone. 73 in a 40 in Staten Island. It indicates that would be a 8 points DOUBLED. If that’s the case it looks like that’s 16 points and license suspended. Job would be lost. Is there a way for you to get this knocked down and what’s the likely hood of that happening? He can not have a suspended license or any insurance hikes due to its a company car.

    1. You are correct that this is a significant offense. There are no plea bargains in the 5 boros of NYC, which includes Staten Island but I would still advise fighting the ticket at trial.

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