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Jefferson County is located in the northern tier of New York State where the St. Lawrence River exits Lake Ontario. The county has a population of 111,755 spread across 1,269 square miles of land (another 589 square miles of water are also considered part of the county). It is the fourth-largest county in New York by total area. Jefferson County is one of several NY counties that border Ontario, Canada and is a major border crossing point. That means police actively watch for suspicious activity and traffic violations by drivers from both the U.S. and Canada.

Fort Drum, a training center for reserve forces and the New York Army National Guard, is located in Jefferson County. The fort trains about 80,000 troops each year. 

New York Speeding Ticket Costs

Jefferson County speeding tickets can be very costly. Most fines run between $150 to $600, although higher fines are possible. In addition, drivers are required to pay a NYS surcharge of $88 (in Watertown) or $93 (anywhere else in the county). One can also be charged a DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee if the speeding ticket results in 6 or more points being assessed on the license. A DRA costs $300 plus $75 for each point over 6. Drivers can also expect their auto insurance rates to go up by several hundred dollars per year after paying a speeding ticket. 

Speeding Ticket Data from Jefferson County, NY

The number of speeding tickets issued by police in Jefferson County fluctuates from year to year. In 2018, drivers received 10,240 speeding tickets. This slightly below the 10-year peak of 11,107 seen in 2015. However, the proportion of traffic tickets that go to speeders has been rising steadily each year, from 29.4% in 2009 to 37.2% in 2018. Canadian drivers visiting Jefferson County received 18.8% of speeding tickets issued last year. New Yorkers made up 42.5% of drivers ticketed for speeding and the remainder went to drivers from other U.S. states. 

Traffic courts in Jefferson County can be tough on drivers. Only 2.5% of drivers were able to beat their speeding ticket in 2018. Plea bargains—meaning negotiating the ticket down to a lesser charge—is possible but difficult. In fact, more than half of drivers (53.7%) are convicted of the ticket they are issued. Drivers need to hire a traffic ticket attorney in Jefferson County to maximize their chances of beating a ticket or getting it reduced to a lesser offense. 


Suffolk County Graph Speeding Ticket

Number of Speeding Tickets Given in Jefferson County, NY

Year# of Speeding Tickets
2009 10,355
2010 9,544
2011 8,236
2012 7,064
2013 7,468
2014 11,040
2015 11,107
2016 9,522
2017 9,043
2018 10,240

Jefferson County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

Drivers heading north toward Canada through Jefferson County take I-81, which ends at the Thousand Island Bridge border crossing. The auxiliary highway I-781 extends from I-81 and stretches east toward Fort Drum, acting as the primary corridor in and out of the base. It stretches just east of Fort Drum to connect to U.S. Route 11, which moves north-south through Jefferson County, connecting it to Oswego County (south) and St. Lawrence County (north). 

In addition to being a through-point into Canada, Jefferson County also attracts visitors to its 15 state parks, most of which offer scenic views of Lake Ontario or the Thousand Islands. There are also nine state forests, which offer 16,000 acres of outdoor recreation activities.

State Troopers nab the majority of speeders in Jefferson County. The abundance of visitors and thru-traffic, be they heading to/from Canada or other parts the U.S., means police are mindful of those who may be making the roads unsafe. 

Hiring a Jefferson County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

It is a bad idea just to accept the fines, points, and insurance increase that can come with a speeding ticket in Jefferson County. Drivers can and should fight the charge and possibly win a dismissal or negotiate a reduction in fines and points. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can evaluate the facts of the case and develop a defense with the best chance of reducing the fines and points. For most speeding ticket matters, a person who hires an attorney is not required to come to court in person—a huge benefit for drivers from Canada or even just distant parts of New York State. 

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