Speeding Tickets in Onondaga County, NY

Map of New York Counties Highlighting Onondaga

With a population of 461,809, Onondaga County is just shy of being among the top 10 most populous counties in NY. The county is home to Syracuse, the fifth-largest city in New York State, which has a population of approximately 143,000. Syracuse is a major cultural and transportation hub in New York State and draws a lot of traffic from all over New York and neighboring states. 

New York State Speeding Ticket Costs

A speeding ticket in Onondaga comes with a fine that can range from $150 to $600. If convicted of speeding, a driver must also pay a mandatory state surcharge of $88 or $93. The driver will also have points assessed on his/her license, and if the point total reaches 6 or more, another cost kicks in: The Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. This is a separate fine, paid directly to the DMV. It costs $300 plus an additional $75 for each point over 6. Many drivers can also see their insurance premiums go up following a speeding conviction, which can cost several hundred dollars more per year for around three years or more. 

Speeding Ticket Data from Onondaga County, NY

The number of speeding tickets issued in Onondaga County in 2022 totalled 12,315, which was only 671 short of the previous year. New York State Police were responsible for issuing the majority of these tickets (66.1%), followed by other local law enforcement agencies (27.9%), and the county police (6%). 

In addition to speeding violations, 16.9% of drivers were also cited for companion violations. The most common citations were license violations, with a total of 1,148 tickets issued in 2022. Tickets for aggravated unlicensed operation (544) and motor vehicle inspection (369) were also frequently issued.

Number of Speeding Tickets Issued in Onondaga County (NY), 2013 – 2022

YearNumber of Speeding Tickets

Speeding-related crashes were a common occurrence in Onondaga, with 1,485 incidents recorded by the police. 1,090 of these resulted in property damage, 385 resulted in personal injuries, and 10 resulted in fatalities.

Traffic tickets carry many hidden costs in addition to the fines. Drivers cited for speeding in Onondaga County should contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can fight the fines and other penalties. This will give you the best chance of getting a ticket dismissed or at least reduced to a lesser offense that will have little or no impact on your insurance rate.

Number of Car Crashes in Onondaga County (NY), 2013 – 2022

YearNumber of Incidents

Onondaga County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

Syracuse is the central economic hub of Onondaga County, and several other counties, including Oswego, Cortland, and Madison are considered part of the city’s metro area. Onondaga is home to a number of higher education institutions, such as Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. The county is also striped with major highways for travelers heading in and out of Syracuse as well as through the county to other parts of New York. This includes I-81 (north-south), I-481 (north-south), The New York State Thruway/I-90 (east-west) and I-690 (east-west). Police keep a close watch on the roads for residents, visitors, students, and those just passing through to ensure that traffic laws are obeyed and the roads stay safe. 

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Hiring an Onondaga County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Drivers should take any speeding or other traffic ticket issued in Onondaga County seriously. By hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney, a driver can secure the best chance that the fines and points will be reduced or eliminated. For most matters involving speeding, a driver who hires an attorney does not have to show up to court in person. 

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