Speeding Tickets in Dutchess County, NY

Map of New York Counties Highlighting Dutchess

Dutchess County, situated near the Connecticut border and neighboring Massachusetts, lies midway between Albany and New York City. It is home to vast expanses of farmland yet maintains its rank as the 15th most populous county in the state. Although its tranquil rural roads span for miles, law enforcement agencies remain vigilant as it consistently ranks among the top 10 New York counties with the most number of speeding tickets issued.

A speeding ticket issued in Dutchess County or anywhere else in New York State can result in serious penalties including points, fines, and auto insurance increases. A driver who gets a speeding ticket in Dutchess County should not automatically pay it. Instead, contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney to contest the underlying charges. 

New York Counties Issuing the Most Speeding Tickets, 2021

CountyNumber of Speeding Tickets

New York State Speeding Ticket Costs

Depending on one’s speed, NY speeding ticket fines can cost around $150 to $600. But this is not the final cost. New York State adds a mandatory surcharge of $88 (if issued in a city) or $93 (if issued in a town/village) on each ticket. Moreover, if the ticket brings the total number of points on a driver’s license to 6 or more, he/she will also have to pay a DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. A DRA is an annual fee that costs $300 (paid as $100 per year for three years). Each point over 6 adds another $75 ($25 per year). Worse, a single speeding ticket can cause a significant increase in auto insurance rates, which usually last for three years or more.

Speeding Ticket Data from Dutchess County, NY

In 2021, Dutchess County experienced a substantial number of speeding tickets being issued by the police, with 23,838 tickets accounting for almost 40% of all traffic tickets issued there that year. It is one of the New York counties with the highest number of speeding tickets issued in 2021.

Additionally, around 15% of the drivers who received speeding tickets in the county were also cited for other offenses. The most prevalent violations were related to license issues, including driving without a valid license, which accounted for 183 tickets. The next most common offense was driving with defective motor equipment, with 117 tickets issued, followed by crossing lines or unsafe lane change, which resulted in 90 tickets being issued.

Number of Speeding Tickets Issued in Dutchess County (NY), 2012 – 2021

YearNumber of Speeding Tickets

Over the summer months, there is typically a surge in the number of speeding tickets issued in Dutchess County. In one June alone, the police wrote 2,654 speeding tickets, accounting for 11.2% of all speeding tickets handed out that year. With the help of an experienced attorney, you’ll have a better chance of having a speeding ticket reduced to a lesser charge, incurring lower fines, and ultimately lowering the points on your driving record.

Dutchess County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

With a population of 293,718, Dutchess is a far cry from the density of other NY counties, such as Brooklyn, Suffolk or Westchester. The only interstate highway in Dutchess County is I-84, which cuts through the southern quadrant in an east-west route. Also moving east-west through the county are U.S. 44, N.Y. 55, and N.Y. 199. Drivers can travel north or south through Dutchess via U.S. 9, the Taconic State Parkway, and N.Y. 22.

Dutchess County is home to several higher education institutions, including Marist College and Vassar College, both located in the city of Poughkeepsie. In addition, the main campus of the Culinary Institute of America can be found in the town of Hyde Park. Police in Dutchess County keep a close watch on the major throughways for locals, college students, and those just passing through. The county’s close proximity to both Massachusetts and Connecticut means there’s a slightly higher than normal amount of tickets going to out-of-state drivers (18%). 

Hiring a Dutchess County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

No driver should ever “give up” and accept the consequences of a speeding ticket in Dutchess County. It is far better to let an experienced traffic ticket attorney assess the charges and build a defense to mitigate the fines and points. In fact, drivers who hire legal representation may not have to show up to court themselves (including those from out-of-state). If you or someone you love has been ticketed for speeding in Dutchess County, contact Rosenblum Law today. We can offer you a free consultation about your case and have our attorneys fight on your behalf. Our attorneys have represented clients in Dutchess County for both traffic and criminal matters, including those from Amenia, Beekman, Clinton, Dover, East Fishkill, Fishkill, Hyde Park, La Grange, Milan, North East, Pawling, Pine Plains, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsie, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Stanford, Union Vale, Wappinger and Washington. Call 888-434-0406 or email Rosenblum Law today for a free consultation about your case.

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