Speeding Tickets in Yates County, NY

Map of New York Counties Highlighting Yates

Yates County is a largely agricultural region that also includes a large Mennonite population. The county produces dairy, farm crops, wine, and apples. Yates County encapsulates three of New York State’s Finger Lakes—Seneca Lake on the eastern boundary, Canandaigua Lake on the west, and Keuka Lake in the middle of the county. The scenic lakes and wine industry make Yates County a popular tourist destination.

Drivers who have been issued a speeding ticket in Chautauqua County should not pay it! Instead, call an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help avoid the costs, points, and other consequences the come with a conviction.

New York Speeding Ticket Costs

Speeding tickets issued in Yates County can be very costly. Fines often run between $150 to $600, in some cases even higher. Each ticket also comes with a mandatory NYS surcharge of $88 to $93. There’s also a possible DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. The DRA is a separate fine charged to drivers who reach 6 points on their license in 18 months. A DRA costs $300, and each point over 6 adds another $75. In addition, paying a speeding ticket nearly ensures that it will raise one’s auto insurance rates by several hundred dollars per year. 

Speeding Tickets Data from Yates County, NY

Yates County is one of three NYS counties where police issue less than 1,000 speeding tickets per year for most years. In 2018, drivers received just 822 speeding tickets. Almost 55% of speeding tickets in Yates County were issued on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last year. Tuesdays were the lightest days, with police issuing less than 10% of tickets that day. More than 1-in-10 drivers ticketed for speeding were cited for other offenses during the same traffic stop, most notably driving while suspended (16%), followed by licensing violations such as driving on an expired license (14%), and drunk driving (12%). 

Yates County Graph Speeding Ticket

Number of Speeding Tickets Given in Yates County, NY

Year# of Speeding Tickets
2009 690
2010 782
2011 750
2012 862
2013 719
2014 795
2015 974
2016 954
2017 851
2018 822

Fighting a speeding ticket in Yates County is no easy matter. Only 6% of drivers were able to get their ticket dismissed in the county last year and just 25% were able to get it reduced to a lesser offense. Those who hire a skilled traffic ticket attorney are far more likely to beat those odds and get favorable results. 

Yates County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

Although an attractive tourist destination, Yates County is far outside most of New York State’s major thruways. Interstate highways such as I-90 and I-390 are many miles beyond the county’s borders, as its U.S. Route 20. The largest roadway in the county is NY Route 14, which runs north-south along Seneca Lake; all other roads are local. This lack of thru-traffic is part of why Yates County has the third-least vehicle-mile traffic in the state (567,000 miles). This makes it easier for police to watch the roads and catch those who speed or commit other traffic violations in the county. 

Hiring a Yates County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The costs of a speeding ticket add up fast. The combination of fines, surcharges, and insurance increases can bring the final cost to $1,000 or more. Drivers who are charged with a speeding ticket or other traffic violation would be well advised to fight the charge. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can analyze the traffic violation matter and provide a solid defense, keeping the fines and points to a minimum. In almost all cases, a person who hires an attorney will not be required to come to court.

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