How to Plead Not Guilty to a New York Speeding Ticket

Receiving a traffic ticket can be quite frustrating. However, no matter how annoyed you get, do not plead guilty to it simply to “make it go away.” It is highly recommended to plead not guilty and fight the ticket.

The follow information has been designed for those of you who are unfamiliar with New York speeding tickets and shows you how to plead not guilty to your NY traffic ticket.

Four Parts of Your Speeding Ticket

Your New York speeding ticket will be comprised of four main sections. The first section contains the driver’s information. This usually includes your name, address, gender, license plate number, date of birth, registration expiration date, the state you hold a license in, the make and model of your car, and other information that identifies you as the operator of the vehicle.


Top of New York Speeding Ticket

The second section describes what you are being charged with. It will likely include the time you were pulled over, the date of the alleged offense, the vehicle and traffic law (VTL) that you are being accused of violating, a short description the violation, where it occurred, and the signature of the police officer who issued you the ticket.

Middle of NY Speeding Ticket

The third section of your NY speeding ticket, which is at the bottom of the first page, tells you what court will be hearing your traffic ticket case. Additional, it includes the name of the court, its address, and a check-box indicating whether you are required to appear in person or simply return the ticket via mail.

3rd Part of NY Speeding Ticket

Lastly, the fourth part of your ticket appears on the back. This gives you the option to plead by mail. Section A should be filled out if you want to plead guilty (not recommended) and Section B should be filled out if you want to plead not guilty.

In order to plead not guilty to your traffic ticket (which is highly advised), simply sign your name at the bottom of Section B and check the box requesting a supporting deposition (if you were not issued one with your ticket).

Afterward, scan it or make a copy of the NY speeding ticket for your records and mail it in to the court.

Back of NY Speeding Ticket

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a New York speeding ticket, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm. Our team of NY traffic ticket lawyers will do all they can to help you get the results you are looking for. Call us today at 888-434-0406.

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  1. I received a speeding ticket (1st offense) doing 74 on a 50. I had two vehicles under my name however the state trooper gave me the ticket under the vehicle I no longer have because I donated it last month and surrendered the plates. I have documentation supporting this.

    1. Xenia – while you raise an interesting argument, the issue is going to be whether the officer is able to properly prove that you were in fact the individual that they witnessed speeding.

  2. Hi,

    I got a speeding ticket 45/30 near Whitney Point, NY. I got in a gray zone area, the speed limit was 40 mph and suddenly it changed to 30 mph, and it was at night so I did not see the speed limit back then. I pleaded not guilty and I received a pre-trial notification with the prosecutor. What should I do?

    1. I suggest contesting this 4 point speeding violation. Unfortunately, uncertainty as to the speed is not a defense to a speeding charge. However, there may be an opportunity to obtain a plea reduction in your case.

  3. If I plead not guilty to a speeding ticket, and I have an unpaid Camera Light Ticket, will this hurt my case for the speeding ticket? Will it be brought up? Is it not relevant?

    1. This would depend on the status of the unpaid ticket. If this is merely an active unpaid ticket, it would not likely be an issue.

  4. I got a ticket in Lewis, Essex County, NY on I-87 S for doing 88 in a 65. I m from montreal canada and i want to pleade not guily but it will be tough to do the moving for courts.

    According to the supporting deposition:
    “Charged based on Officer’s: DIRECT OBSERVATION
    Speed Verified By RADAR Model STALKER DUAL”
    There’s no way for me to prove I wasn’t going that fast, and obviously the officer’s word is worth more than mine. I even ask him if i can see the proof of radar and he said he lost it when other car pass by. i don t recognize doing this , and would like some tips, advices or if i can have a video-conference court…what will be the incidences for me here in CaNada or if i m passing the border again

    1. Eric – you are currently facing a 6 point speeding ticket that has fines of $393, along with assessment fees of $300. Furthermore, this violation will transfer to Canada, and will substantially increase your insurance rates.

  5. I got a speeding ticket for doing 43 on a 30 limit in Tonawanda WNY. First ticket I ever got, I am pleading not guilty and I have a clean record of 1 year as well. Will the judge pardon me? Could you please offer tips on how do I explain myself?

    Thank you!

    1. Nick – there are no ‘pardon’s’ for traffic violations. There is often an opportunity to discuss plea negotiations with the prosecutor. The only way to obtain a complete dismissal of your case is by taking your case to trial.

  6. I just got caught speeding 83mph on a 55mph zone in Roscoe NY..didn’t realized til I saw a police following me..This my first time and I don’t know what to do. If I should contest it or not.

    1. Jade, I suggest contesting this 6 point violation, as it carries with it a fine of $300, court fees of $93, and assessment fees of $300. Furthermore, this ticket has significant implications for insurance. Pleading not-guilty and fighting this ticket will allow you to avoid / mitigate these consequences

  7. I received a ticket riding my bicycle on ocean pkwy, Brooklyn riding on the opposite side of the bike path for 1110A Disobeyed traffic device. Also there’s no information regarding on my vehicle type on my ticket. How should plea with this?

    1. Jimmy – there is generally a fine for these violations, but no points. You likely can check online for a payment amount.

  8. I got a ticket in Lewis, Essex County, NY on I-87 S for doing 100 in a 65.

    According to the supporting deposition:
    “Charged based on Officer’s: DIRECT OBSERVATION
    Speed Verified By RADAR Model STALKER DUAL”

    There’s no way for me to prove I wasn’t going that fast, and obviously the officer’s word is worth more than mine. I was wondering (1) if it’s worth pleading not guilty with no evidence and (2) if there are any penalties associated with contesting the ticket and losing.

    1. Nick. There is generally no ‘penalty’ for pleading not guilty to a ticket and subsequently losing. As this is an 8 point ticket that carries substantial fines and insurance implications, I suggest contesting this violation. Please note – the burden of proof in a traffic ticket matter is on the officer. Thus, it is the responsibility of the officer to prove that you were speeding. It is not your task to prove that you were not.

  9. I am from out of state, Connecticut, and I got a ticket for going 85 in a 65 on 1-91. This is my first offense and I was caught because the cop sped up probably around 90mph in front of me and waited like 15 minutes later until I caught up with her. I was just wondering how I respond to this by mail since I cannot drive 3 hours away for my court date.

    1. Rita – hiring an attorney will allow you to contest this 4 point ticket without personally appearing. You may plead not guilty via mail – at which point – a court date will be scheduled.

  10. I got ticket driving 45 on a 30, this is my first offense. I just recently got my license. I dont know what to do plead guilty or not guilty. I thought i was going a lot slower than 45 but i know i was above the limit. Should?

    1. John – I do not suggest pleading guilty to this ticket as it carries fines of $393, 4 points, and increases to your insurance rates. If you would like to contest this ticket, we can assist you by pleading not-guilty on your behalf and appearing in court for you.

  11. Going 50 over the limit first time what am I looking at?am from Jersey and we have a 0 point option what does NY have?

    1. Jesus – You are currently looking at license suspension that will transfer to NY. The options available in NY will depend on where you have received this ticket.

  12. I was going 82 in a 50 zone on Palisades Pkway south. Concealed officer pulled me over and wrote me a ticket. This is my first offense and my record is clean. He attached a supporting disposition as well. The courthouse is a 2 hour drive from my residence. Any ideas on what to do?

    1. Tristan – I suggest contesting this ticket as this entails points, fines, and a likely increase in your insurance rates. Hiring an attorney will allow you to fight your ticket without physically appearing in court.

  13. I was pegged doing 75 in a 55 in The Town of Romulus. I was doing 67 at the most. I want to plead not guilty but this is pretty far from where I live so I don’t want to have to make a long trip to the court, what should I do?

  14. Speeding ticket in NYC – 1st Ave tunnel at 48th St. “clocked” at 48 in a 25. While I cannot prove it, I know that I was not going that fast. Potential 6 point violation is problematic. Any real chance at pleading to a lesser offense to reduce or eliminate points?

  15. So, I was on the 878 by jfk and a patrol officer with his radar gave me a signal to either slow down or pull over, I wasn’t sure at the time because there were other cars going the same speed, just in the farthest lane from the patrol officer.
    So I pulled over and he caught me doing 61 in a 40.
    He asked why and to be honest I was going with the speed of traffic. He also issued another ticket for disposing ect… Yes I disposed of a cigarette because I thought it was disrespectful to smoke in front of the officer. He claimed at first that I threw it on his boot, but later on said that I should have something to put the cigarette out in the car. There were no littering sign whatsoever.
    I need advise on how to go about this please…

    1. Alexander, you are facing a 6 point speeding ticket. This violation will result in a fine of $203, assessment fees of $300, and increases to your insurance rates. Travelling with the ‘flow of traffic,’ is not a defense to speeding, and we would advise against using this argument in court. Littering is prohibited, irrespective of whether there were signs present. I suggest fighting these tickets to avoid the above-mentioned penalties. Please note – this is a trial court, that does not allow for plea bargaining of any kind.

  16. I was ticketed for 59 in a 40 – thought the speed had already changed to 55 (officer noted my response at the bottom questioning the speed in the area I was in), and the officer clocked me literally maybe 500 ft before the official change and I was pulled over after it had already changed… but again, I thought it had changed earlier. Have never had a speeding ticket, and would NEVER intentionally go that fast over the limit, and not sure how to proceed… obviously I want to plead not guilty, but do I write a letter also? I can’t attend a court date as I live in western NY and the court would be in Cranberry Lake, NY; difficult to get over that way often.

    1. There are a few points to note here: a) You are facing a 4 point speeding ticket that carries fines of $393, b) speeding tickets have a substantial impact on insurance rates, c) Driving 59/55 is still considered speeding, and is a 3 point ticket, d) Hiring an attorney will allow you to contest your ticket without personally appearing in court. Sending a letter with your not-guilty plea will not benefit you – and we would advise against it.

    1. Derek – I suggest contesting this 4 point speeding ticket. Aside from the fines ranging from $203 – $393, this ticket will likely increase your insurance rates

  17. speeding ticket in I88 east bound. 75 mph in 65 mph
    it my first time
    what should I do? whats would be the difference if plead not guilty in my case?
    thanks in advance

    1. Sayed – you are facing a 3 point ticket that carries maximum fines of $150, along with a $93 court fee. Aside from the points and this fine, pleading guilty would likely increase your insurance rates. Contesting this ticket would provide you an opportunity of obtaining a dismissal and avoiding these consequences.

  18. First time violation in ny.. speeding at 95 on 65 speed limit on I 390. Also police officer caught my 18 year old sitting on my wife’s lap.. this is also included in the ticket.. please advise..

    1. Raj – you are facing a 6 point speeding ticket for the 95/65. I am not certain what the officer charged you for the other offense, as there are a few potential charges that may fit here. I suggest contesting this ticket, as – aside from the financial penalties – the high rate of speed will substantially increase insurance rates.

  19. Hello I was stopped & ticketed for going 63 in a 45 mph zone. The officer got it on his radar. I told the officer I wasn’t aware the speed limit reduced from 65 to 55 to 45. This is in the town of Le Ray in Jefferson County NY. What should I do?

    1. Anna – I suggest you plead not guilty to these charges, as this 4 point ticket carries a fine of $300, court fees of $93, and a significant impact on your insurance rates. It should be noted that knowledge of the speed limit is not a defense to speeding.

  20. I got a ticket for speeding on 82 in 65 zone in i wanna plea not gilt Guilty Will I be able to ask the clerk if the officers showed up ?

    1. Joe – Please clarify your question. If you plead not guilty, a trial will be set where your appearance will be required. You will then learn whether the officers have appeared to testify.

  21. Hi, i was stopped at Rye Brook for going 48 on a 30 mph speed limit. It’s on Westchester Ave . This is my first ticket and the officer told me to plead ‘not guilty ‘. Why did he say that? Im a little confused.

    1. Officers will often advise individuals to ‘plead not guilty’ to prevent any potential arguments at the scene of the traffic stop. This is unfortunately not likely an indication of their future appearance / testimony at court.

  22. 72 in a 50 on clearview northbound. Conveniently clocked at 22mph over speed limit on a road where 90pct of drivers driver over 50mph. 6 pts on license 203 fine 100 per year driver responsibility fee. 503 total . What are my options?

    1. You may either plead guilty, or contest this ticket at trial. Whether many other drivers tend to speed on this road will not be relevant, and I suggest avoiding this line of argument.

  23. Hi I went to court and i didn’t accept the deal because there was a point and fines I said I’m not guilty and they will send me a notice by mail with an appointment and the officer will be there what if the judge was with the officer what could happen to me do I still can go back to accept the deal or it will b to late it’s a speeding ticket about 6 points

    1. Shaymaa – I can not help you without knowing more information, including the court, the exact offense charged, and what offer you were given.

  24. Pulled over on I-90 going 82 in a 65 (charge based on Officer’s “Direct Observation” and verified by “Radar”). State trooper didn’t pull me over until at least half a mile later because the flow of traffic was going at the same speed and he probably couldn’t pull onto the highway. This was in Glen, NY – issue is I live in Boston, MA.

    Also when the ticket says to return by mail before 8/31 – does it have to reach by that date or be postmarked by that date.

    1. Sam – your plea must be postmarked by the return date. Generally speaking, hiring an attorney will allow you to contest this ticket without personally appearing in court. You must reply by the return date, not within ’48 hours’ as listed on the ticket.

  25. I was charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident for backing into a telephone pole and not calling the police at the scene. My son had called from the hospital and needed me and I also was not aware that the police needed to be at the scene. I was going to go to the station later that day to report it but someone called the police and “reported me” so they gave me a ticket when I got there. I plan on pleading not guilty. Advice????

    1. Pete – I suggest you contest this violation as this ticket carries significant fines and insurance implications. In order to assist further, please advise us as to which court has jurisdiction over your case.

  26. I got a speeding ticket in Bedford, NY on the I-684. The ticket was 81 in a 65, caught on the radar. How should I go forth with this? I have nothing on my license, this is my first ticket.

    1. Carina – by pleading not guilty and contesting this ticket, you can mitigate the impact of this 4 point ticket. The fines, should you be found guilty, are $393, along with a significant impact on your insurance rates.

  27. If I plead not guilty for my ticket by mail, I don’t have to go to court on the date it has on the ticket? They will send me a new date to go on court?
    Thank u

  28. Recieved a ticket for going 77 in a 55 zone but since I had a clean record the cop made the official court paper say I was going 60 in a 55 zone. What would I be facing if I plead guilty and at most what would pleading not guilty achieve?

    1. Priya – it is likely that the officer marked this as a ‘roadside reduction,’ meaning a plea offer was essentially already provided at the traffic stop. Court’s often do not reduce tickets further when a roadside reduction is involved. This, however, is heavily dependent on the judge, and how the officer listed your violation. You may contact us at 888-434-0406 if you would like further clarification.

  29. I was radared at 80 in a 65 in Windsor, Brooke County. I was heading down from the top of a hill, the officer who got me submitted a supporting deposition with it. Should I please not guilty? In addition, to plead required me to mail back the ticket within 48 hours. However, my ticket was issued on a Friday at 1 ish, while I was still driving to my destination a few hours away. Are those 48 accounting for the weekend or does it just include business days?

    1. Neen – you must enter a plea by the return date – this is the date on the bottom left hand side of the ticket. I suggest pleading not-guilty to avoid / mitigate the fines, penalties, and insurance implications of this ticket.

    1. In order to provide further details as to the procedure behind contesting a ticket, please provide us with the name of the court.

  30. I recently got pulled over for going 51 in a 35 heading into a college final, I have a clean record and have completed a Defensive Drivers’ Course. Should I plead not guilty? and if i do what should be the grounds of my innocence?

    1. Noam – as speeding is a strict liability offense, there is no actual ‘defense’ that can be utilized. You can, however, contest this ticket by attempting

  31. Going 102mph in a posted 50mph zone. Slowed down safely and abruptly before passing the highway patrol officer and even motioned I was pulling over immediately within seconds before they had even turned their lights on. My question is, should I plead not guilty or guilty?

    1. I strongly suggest you plead not guilty and contest this ticket, as this will lead to license suspension, substantial fines, and a significant increase in your insurance rates.

  32. I was doing 85 in a 55 The cop told me if it was any other cop they would of towed my car but he was nice enough to let me go he also told me he advises me to plea not guilty what should I do . The ticket was out of Columbia county

    1. Kathleen – you are currently facing a 6 point violation that carries substantial fines, penalties, and insurance implications. I suggest contesting this ticket to avoid / mitigate these consequences.

  33. I got a ticket for going 84/55 zone in New York (forget exactly where but coming back into NJ from Yorktown, NY, I was past the water) by radar. I’ve had a small speeding ticket a year ago but am usually very very careful about my speed. I was unfamiliar with the area and it was pitch black. My court is Clarkstown. What should I do? I know I’m looking at 6 points but I don’t want them on my record.

    1. Angie – you should plead not guilty and contest this ticket. If you would like to discuss specific legal strategy, you may reach us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  34. I got a speeding ticket in Lewis, NY; 87 in 65 miles/hr zone. I know I was around 80 when I saw the police and didnt realize. If the cops have me on radar – 1) how can i plead not guilty? 2) if I plead “not guilty” will i have to be physically present in Lewis Court – as I am 5 hours away from it in NJ.

    1. In order to plead not guilty, you must follow the instructions listed on the ticket. Hiring an attorney will allow you to contest your ticket without a physical appearance.

  35. I got pulled over on Grand Central and was told that i was doing 75 on a 50, my record is clean, never have i got into trouble or got any moving violations tickets before. I would like to become a Police Officer sometime in the future and i know this will pop up. I got my court date on feb 2018 so i was wondering if you guys will be able to help me either get thr ticket dismissed or lower thr penalties

    1. Edwin – We can help you fight this ticket. You are currently facing 6 points, a $203 court fee, $300 NY Driver Assessment fee and an insurance increase. Give us a call for a consultation.

  36. I was pulled over for doing 72 in a 50 mph zone westbound on I278 a few miles west of of the Verrazano bridge. The very first thing the officer said to me was that he had me on radar doing 72 in a 50 mph zone. I apologized to the officer and did not question to see the radar, so as to not upset him. I was very polite to the officer and let him issue me my ticket.

    Here is the caveat, I live in Colorado and wish to plead not guilty in an attempt to reduce the fine and possible fine. I have spoken to the TVB in that jurisdiction and am still waiting for them to enter my ticket into the system. I do know my fine will be $203. I am not worried about the fine, I am worried about the points possibly being reported here in Colorado (granted I have not had a moving violation of any sort in approximately 20 years). I was informed by customer service at TVB to plead “not guilty” with an affidavit by mail and that the points may or may not be reported to Colorado.

    Is this something I can contest on my own, or should I seek some sort of legal assistance? Would legal assistance cost me more than what the ticket would cost?

    1. Scott- Due to the difficult nature of the TVB court system that is handling your ticket, I would recommend obtaining legal counsel to help fight this ticket. Contact us at 888-434-0406 to discuss representation and pricing.

  37. Hello,
    I recently go pulled over for doing 71 on 40 and had a cracked windshield this is my second and third ticket in 4 months and I have a juniors license. Would pleading not guilty help?

    1. John- I strongly recommend you plead not guilty to avoid losing your driving privileges. This ticket carries 8 points, a $693 court fee, a $450 NY DMV surcharge fee and a significant insurance hike.

  38. i got pulled over in whitestone NY doing 71mph at a 55 mph. I’m from New jersey. I should plead not guilty.

    1. Michael- This ticket carries 4 points and a $393 fine. 2 points would also be placed on your New Jersey record if you were to plead guilty and the violation can cause a major insurance increase. We can help you fight this ticket to reduce/minimize the penalties on your record.

  39. Hi ,

    I got a speeding ticket in Catskills, NY for doing 69mph in 55mph zone. The cop caught that on the radar. Should i plead guilty or fight?

    Thank you,


    1. I suggest you contest this 4 point ticket in order to avoid the points, fines, and insurance implications.

  40. I received a speeding ticket on Rt 212 in Saugerties, NY driving 55 in a 40mph zone. I have a clean license. If I plead guilty, would I get points on my license? And, do you know what the ticket fee would cost? I really don’t want to go to court over this ticket if I plead not guilty, but if I did plead not guilty, could the ticket be dropped to a lesser fine?

    1. Holly – if you plead guilty, you would receive 4 points, along with a $393 penalty. Pleading not guilty will provide you with an opportunity to contest your ticket and obtain a reduced penalty.

  41. I was pulled over this morning for going 88 in a 65 on I-87 in Malta, NY. I’ve never been pulled over before, and the trooper stated that he got me by radar. I know I was going over 65, but I’m positive I wasn’t going 88 mph. Not sure how to go about this.

    1. Djune – you are currently facing a 6 point speeding ticket that carries with it – fines of $393, assessment fees of $300, and a substantial increase in your insurance rates.

      1. Same thing just happened to me. The trooper said i was doing 89 in 65 on I-87. I was NOT doing 89 in a 65, I might of been doing around 78/80.

        Any thoughts???


        1. Tom – where did this violation occur? There are two court systems in NY – one of which is a trial only court, and the other provides an opportunity to plea bargain.

  42. I recently got pulled over because I was going 65 mph at a 50 mph zone. It’s my first ticket ever, I want to plead not guilty, but I want to know what to expect after that. Is there anyway I can figure this out without having to go to court..? What are my options at this point ?

    1. Haley – there are two court systems in NY, both with very different procedures. Which court has jurisdiction over your case will depend on the location of the traffic stop. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  43. I am a junior operator from Massachusetts who received a speeding ticket on a highway in New York, to which penalties am I subject and what is the recommended course of action? Thanks

    1. While we can not advise on the specifics of MA law, in NY, probationary drivers are generally suspended if convicted of a serious moving violation.

  44. Hi. I received a speeding ticket on the taconic parkway going 72 in a 55. I haven’t received any tickets in the last 5-8 years. If I plead guilty what are the penalties. How is it possible to plead not guilty. Speed caught by radar. Thank you.

    1. Renalda – pleading guilty will result in a fine of approximately $203, along with 4 points against your license, and substantial increases to your insurance rates. It is the officer’s burden to prove that you were, in fact, speeding. Pleading not guilty will allow you to contest your case at trial. Please note – there is no plea bargaining in this court system.

  45. I was given a ticket earlier today for allegedly going 82 on a 65 mph posted zone ( NY). This is my first time being pulled over. What happens if i plea for guilty? does it effect on my licence and how much would be ticketing cost? I have CT licence. Thank you

    1. Venkat – You are currently facing a 4 point speeding ticket that carries fines of approximately $393, along with a substantial increase in your insurance rates. Although you are licensed in CT, the violation will transfer to your home state. I therefore suggest you contest this ticket to mitigate / avoid these consequences.

  46. I was given a ticket earlier today for allegedly going 65 on a 45 mph posted zone (Korean war veterans parkway in Staten Island, NY). I was going with traffic but happened to be in the back so I got pulled over. This is my first time being pulled over. How can I dispute this and plead not guilty? Thank you

    1. You must submit a not-guilty plea – which can be done online. You will then receive a trial date, where you will be presented with the opportunity to cross examine the police officer. There is no plea bargaining in this jurisdiction. Please note, your driving history is not relevant in this court system. Additionally, going ‘with the flow of traffic’ is similarly not a defense for speeding violations.

  47. The ticket says “mail this not guilty plea within 48 hours”, and it’s been about a week since I received my ticket. I waited because I didn’t know what to do with it being my first time offense. Will I be penalized for not having sent it in sooner even though it said I had more than a month and a half to mail it in?

  48. Hello i was driving on my indian licence on a rental car and pulled over by cop for driving at 91 mph on a 65 mph road at Cortland, NY.

    I am not sure,if my insurance premiums get affected or not since i do not have yet obtained my NY state driving licence. (I’m applying for it this month.)
    Cop started following me at 2:53 Am and stopped me at 3:00 AM as per the ticket. How much penalty i would be required to pay? Is it better to not plead guilty? Is it going to impact my insurance premiums after i buy my car? Please do note that i was driving on indian valid licence and have not yet obtained my US driving license yet.

    1. Sandy – this violation will impact insurance rates even though you had received this ticket before you obtained a NY license.

  49. I recently got pulled over in Scotia doing 32 in a 15 school zone. I still have a junior license so I know I can’t plead guilty, but how can I fight it?

    1. Joe – as you are facing a license suspension if convicted, you should plead not guilty. While it may be possible to obtain a reduction to a non-speeding violation, there is no way to guarantee such a result. If you would like further information, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  50. I was given a failure to exercise due care for not moving over for a stopped police officer in florida, new york, which is 5 hours away from where I live. i was slowed to 15 mph and could not get over due to heavy traffic in the left lane, but it is very far away. is it worth contesting? How much is the penalty for me (clean record)

    1. Please provide further information about your driving history, as this may play a role in the decision to contest this ticket.

  51. Last night around 11:30PM I got pulled over when I was speeding 81mph in a 55 speed zone according to the officer (Southern State). This is my first ticket and I’m only 18. The officer wrote my last name wrong if that makes a difference. Should I pled guilty or not?! I’m lost here and kinda nervous.

    1. Enit – While a misspelling of your last name will not result in the dismissal of the charges against you, there are other ways to contest a ticket. You may contact us at 888-434-0406 to discuss further.

  52. Wasn’t pulled over but off duty called in a description of my car. Passed him in a passing lane, apparently he was upset. A city cop came up to my car in a Walmart parking lot after the fact and grabbed my information even mailing address. I asked him why he wanted info and said that (insert particular off duty plus on duty buddy cop) wanted it. City cop just took info and left. In New York.

    What should I worry about?

    1. Greg – until and unless you are formally charged, there is likely nothing you can do. You may be charged with a ‘failure to move over’ violation – a 2 or 3 point violation (depending on how charged).

  53. This is Milton. I got a speeding ticket. I was going 92mph on a 55 mph road.. I think it is wiser to plead not guilty. What do you recommend?

    1. Milton – I strongly suggest you plead not guilty as you are facing an 8 point ticket that carries $693 in penalties, and $450 in assessment fees.

  54. Hello, i was recently given a ticket for allegedly going 71 on a 55 pmh zone. I was going with traffic but happened to be in the back so i got pulled over. Its my first time being pulled over. How should i procced? Thank you

  55. I just got pulled over for doing 46 in a 30 in Geneseo but the officer bumped it down to 39. I’ve never been pulled over before nor have I ever been to court. I don’t recall seeing a speed limit sign either…

    1. Jesse – You are facing a 3 point ticket that carries a fine of $243, and a likely impact on your insurance rates. I suggest contesting this ticket to avoid these consequences.

  56. I recently got pull over for speeding ticket. I was driving 45mph at 30mph zone. The road was clear. Should I plea guilty or not guilty.

    1. We generally advise our clients to plead not guilty to traffic violations. However, without more information (such as location, and your license state), we would be unable to assist you further.

  57. I have had my license for less than one year, but have a clean driving record. I was given a ticket for going 91 in a 65 in Saratoga County. (I know, I’m an idiot) I am planning on contacting a lawyer and pleading not guilty, but I was wondering how bad my circumstances could be. Thank you!

    1. Anne – You are facing a 6 point ticket that carries a $393 fine, $300 assessment fees, and significant insurance implications. There are numerous ways to contest this ticket and reduce / eliminate some of these consequences.

  58. Hi I got pulled over coming back from working at the hospital two nights ago for going 92 in a 50 on the cross island parkway southward by a nypd highway patrol,I’m sure I wasn’t going that speed cause I was going with the flow of the traffic and before the cop pulled me over there were sports cars driving past me. What is the best course of action for this ticket.

    1. Salman – as you are facing an 11 point ticket that will lead to license suspension, I strongly suggest you contact us to discuss your options. You may reach us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  59. I recently received a ticket about 3 hours away. I am a student so going to that court location more than once will not be easy. “Defendant traveling at a “high rate of speed” called in by an off duty member. defendant doing 88 MPH in a clearly posted 65 MPH ZONE. attempting to pass all other cars. Did pull into rest area when he saw me” I’m not sure if I should try to fight this..

    1. Robbie – in order to provide assistance, please provide us with the name of the court that has jurisdiction over your case. Generally speaking, you are facing a 6 point ticket that carries a fine of $393, $300 assessment fees, and significant insurance implications.

  60. Hi, I got a disobeyed traffic control device ticket, I was doing 60mph in a 45mph. When I was pulled over I told the cop i was speeding, I’m my ticket it says he’s going to use that against me in court, should i plea guilty or not? I’m not concerned with the points only my insurance going up because I’m still in my parents

    1. Hunter, pleading guilty will amount to a total of 4 points on your license, as well as a fine of $300 and court fees of $93.00. As stated, this will additionally impact your insurance rates. Prior to entering your plea I strongly suggest you contact at 888-434-0406 for further assistance.

  61. Stopped for speeding in Westchester County. Have a junior license but technically should have a senior license although the Auto School for Driver’s Ed has not sent me a certificate of completion which allows me to get a senior license. They have sent everyone else their certificate, and put me off when I call. Will my license get suspended if I plead not guilty? Or that is only if you plead guilty to the offense?

  62. I was stopped for speeding in Bronx County. I was in a 65 mph zone that apparently went down to a 50 mph zone (according to the officer). He said I was going 77 mph in a 50 mph zone. I have a Massachusetts drivers license. I believe I would be better to plead not guilty to this as the points and insurance concerns are significant. Do you think it is the right thing to do?

    1. Wilfredo, as you know this ticket does carry a total of 6 points as well as a fine of $115, a court fee of $88, and a Driver Assessment Fee of $300. I do recommend you plead not guilty and contact our firm for further assistance at 888-434-0406.

  63. Hi,
    I got a speeding ticket of 81/55 on inter state in Putnam county, I was on left lane going with the traffic and the guy before me suddenly hit the break hard (probably saw the police car), so I had to switch to the right lane and just passed him. I’ve never got a speeding ticket before, so I decided to plea not guilty and try to at least fight to reduce the points. The officer actually got my plate number wrong, does that help me in anyway?

    1. Yuanli – Generally speaking, this type of error will be seen as ‘clerical’ in nature and will itself not likely result in the dismissal of your ticket. However, there are other methods available to contest this ticket.

  64. I just got a ticket for 81 in a 50 on the belt parkway, the cop didn’t say how he got me he only said I did 31 over. Should I try and fight it?

    1. Mike – I strongly suggest you contest this 8 point violation as it carries substantial fines and insurance implications. There is no plea bargaining in this court system, and as such, a trial must be conducted to address your outstanding violation. If you would like to discuss in further detail, you may reach me at 888-434-0406.

  65. I got a speeding ticket just now for driving on 50 at the limit of 35. I told that I was somewhere close to 40 but the cop said it was 50. I have to go to Niskayuna town court. Do you think it will be converted to parking ticket if I plead not guilty ? Thank you!

    1. Prax – the type of offer received depends on numerous factors – one of which is your prior driving history. Other factors include the strenght of the officers case, and any other aggravating factors associated with this traffic stop.

  66. I just got a ticket for going 71 in a 55 zone in Long Lake, I’ve never gotten a ticket before and I live two hours from there. The officer said that it would most likely go down to a non-moving violation since I’ve never been in trouble before and I’m a relatively new driver, I have to send it in by mail since I’m quite a while away but what procedures should I take, I’m a bit lost here.

    1. Elizabeth – you should receive a court date shortly – where you will be given the opportunity to contest your ticket. If you choose to hire an attorney, your appearance will not be necessary at court.

  67. I was just recently pulled over for the first time in Tonawanda, NY on the 290, I’ve had my license for almost 2 years now. I recieved three tickets; one ticket for going 80 in a 55 and 2 other tickets for not using my turning signal when changing lanes twice. I’m going to plead not guilty but how do my circumstances look?

    1. Nate – you are looking at serious consequences with this ticket – as these violations total 12 points. In addition to license suspension, you are facing substantial fines, and a steep increase to your insurance. I strongly suggest you contest these tickets.

  68. Could I plea not guilty for going the wrong way in a traffic circle? Will I look like an idiot if I do so by mail? What will happen after I mail in my not guilty plea?

    1. Nick,

      You do have the option to plead not guilty to contest the ticket. You can enter in a plea of Not Guilty in person or through the mail. If you received your ticket in one of the 5 boroughs, you can enter in your Not Guiltly plea online. Once the Not Guilty plea is entered, the court will set out a court date to appear and fight your case. Contact us for a consultation to further discuss your options.

  69. I got pulled over for going 47 in a 30 in the city of Oswego NY. It was just as the MPG changed from 45 down to 30. I don’t want the points on my license and my insurance to go up. Should I plea not guilt and try to plea bargain with the prosecutor?


    1. Alex,

      This is a 4 point ticket in New York. It carries a fine of $393 if you plead guilty and can cause a significant increase in your insurance premiums. I recommend you fight this ticket to reduce the penalties. Depending on which court is handling your case, you may be able to plea bargain. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your options.

  70. I got a 81 ina 65 speeding ticket. The city of erwin, ny. My first one ever. Is there a way to plead it down?

    1. This court does have the possibility of plea barganing. I would caution you to be clear on the implications of any offense you do plead guilty to, as there may be implications to insurance rates.

  71. Hello
    I received speeding ticket ( was driving 74mph, limit was 50mph ) on a highway in NYC. Is it worth it to fight at least the points ? I have a clean record, 33 years old.
    Thank you

    1. You are facing a 6 point ticket that carries a total penalty of $203, along with a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300. As this court does not have plea bargaining, this matter must be brought to trial in order to contest your ticket. You may contact us to discuss possible strategies for your case.

  72. I was pulled over and told I was going 80 in a 65 on the ny-400. He issued me a ticket and I do not believe I was going this fast for there were a line of cars behind me going the same speed and riding my butt right after I had moved from the slow lane to pass the guy going 60mph. I am going to go to the courthouse and plead not guilty in a month when my date is, because I do not believe I was going as fast as he says I was. Do you think this will result in a parking ticket?

    1. Please confirm what court will be handling your case. If this case is before the traffic violations bureau, then you will be unable to negotiate your ticket, as this is a trial court.

  73. I just got a speeding ticket doing 41 in a 30. On 1/31 I completed the defensive driving course. Can I take another course to reduce the 4 points this new ticket will give, or can I use that course retro actively?
    Or should I plead not guilty and hope for the best?

    1. You may take a defensive driving course once every 36 months. Please note, these courses do not ‘erase’ points from your record. As such, it is generally advisable to contest tickets to mitigate the impacts.

  74. I recently got a speeding ticket and am pleading not guilty. I recently moved to upstate NY from downstate and I haven’t gotten my address changed yet. Is it bad to put a different address where I fill out the not guilty plea than the one that is on my license?

    1. Carly – I would assure that the court has your correct address in order to prevent any legal documents from not reaching you.

  75. Hi, I was pulled over by a cop last week saying that I sped with 48 on a 30. He said that I was fine before the bridge but was speeding on the bridge. The speed limit after the bridge is 45 and before the bridge is 30. He told me to plead not guilty and said that it will be converted to a parking ticket. I pled not guilty and sent the mail to the court. Today I received a letter from the court to come to an arraignment. What do I do?

    1. Tarun – in order to provide more information, I need to know the name of the court which is handling your case. You may reach us at 888-434-0406.

  76. I got 2 tickets for speeding at the same time from the same guy because i apparently passed 2 county lines…wtf?
    I live 6 & 1/2 hours away what should I do??

    1. While I suggest you contest these tickets, I can not provide additional advice without further information from you. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  77. I live in ohio and was going to buffalo for the weekend August 14th i got off in silver creek for gas and passed through Brant Ny a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket for 67 in a 55 i filled out not guilty and sent it in for the hearing in September it is now January 5th and i received a paper from the court they said they are reducing it to a stop park and charging $200 my question is can they wait that long to send the fine and it seems like alot for the speed thank you

    1. John – it appears that you received a parking violation instead of your initial speeding ticket. The associated fine seems favorable, as you will not receive any points for this violation.

  78. Hi, I’m a Massachusetts resident and was given a ticket going 77 on a 55 mph zone. I want to fight it on the grounds that my wife, who is over 7 months pregnant, was not feeling well and needed a bathroom to purge. The court assigned is New Rochelle City Court and the ticket has a check on “Return by Mail or in Person on: 1/30/17 10am. ” and the other check box labeled “Must Appear in Person on:” is NOT checked. Does that mean I have to mail in the not guilty form and a new date will be assigned? I ask because 1/30 is a date I cannot make due to work commitments. Any thoughts? Thank you

    1. Juan – You must respond to the ticket before that date. Once you respond you will receive a date to appear in person on.

  79. Hi, I got caught going 83 in a 65 this weekend in upstate new York on I-90, I don’t believe I was going that fast. Due to the fact that I live in western MA, I don’t have any plans on coming to court in upstate new York. What will happen if I plead not guilty to the citation, but then not show up in court (assuming I will get a court date). Will I just get a ticket, or will I be fined for pleading not guilty and not showing up for the court date.

    1. Dustin – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries fine of $393, along with an significant impact in your insurance rates. If you do not show up to your court date, your license will be suspended in NY. This license suspension will transfer to your home state.

  80. My daughter, who is 21, was driving back from a concert and got pulled over for going 10 over the speed limit. She had a 16 yr old girlfriend as a passenger. The officer did not introduce himself by name or ask do you know why I pulled you over? Instead he said, what was the reason for your speeding? My daughter said I’m headed back from a Switchfoot concert and I’m very tired and was readjusting my cruise control. She had just passed a truck. She did not admit that she was speeding. After grabbing her registration, etc he asked her to step out of the car. Since when do you ask someone to step out of the car for a speeding ticket? Let alone, a young girl at 2am in the morning with no traffic?? Plus that left the 16 yr old in the car by herself!

    Once inside the patrol car, he asked my daughter, “Have you been drinking or smoking marijuana?” She adamantly stated, “No sir, I have not!” He continued and said, “Was there any alcohol or marijuana involved at the concert? I bet there was alot of that going on around you.” She again stated, “No sir not at all! I was at a Christian concert. I was next to a church group.” (And she was telling the truth! Switchfoot is a Christian band. Besides the fact that she’s never smoked marijuana and hardly drinks). The officer continued and said, “So I won’t find any drugs in your car? There has been alot of illegal drug trafficking along the interstate and I’ve stopped quite a few cars on this highway.” He also asked if they had stopped anywhere after the concert? She said they had stopped so she could get some coffee. There was a little bit of polite conversation after that and he gave her a speeding ticket.

    But I’m VERY upset because of the way he treated her; like she had been drinking or smoking since she had stated earlier in her car that she was coming back from a concert. And I believe he asked her to step out of the car to see if she could walk straight. He was being very accusatory and probing, even after she told him no, that she hadn’t been drinking or smoking. Also, why did he need to know if they had stopped anywhere after the concert? It was like he still didn’t believe her and she had stopped for drugs or something? Plus the fact, she doesn’t have a witness to what he was saying to her because her girlfriend was left in the car! Do we have cause for dismissal, or a case for him stepping over the line in this situation?

    Thanks for your help!

  81. Hi Adam,
    I got a ticket for over speeding in New York. It says that I was driving at 72 mph speed in 55 mph speed zone. It was caught on the radar and when cop asked me the speed I was driving, I said 65 mph. I live 250 miles away from New York and want to plead guilty. What are the consequences for this and what do you suggest ? Thank you!

    1. Ahmed – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries fine and an impact on your insurance rates. The specific fine amounts will depend on the court that is handling your case.

  82. Hello,

    I got my first speeding ticket for going 82 in a 65 and I have no clue what I should do. I am a 20 y/o male who has never gotten any kind of speeding ticket or anything of the sort before.

    I am gathering from this post and comments below that I should plead not guilty. What exactly happens if I do plead guilty on this ticket?

    I am unfamiliar with NYS laws around this and do not know how this would effect my insurance and possible points on my license.

    Just looking for some information please. Thanks.

  83. Hey i recently received a ticket for going 72 in the 50 on the belt parkway. i was in the middle lane with heavy traffic. I’m thinking of fighting the ticket because i was following a car going faster than i was also i was in the middle lane there were cars right next to me going the same speed. on top of that i knew i was over 55 but not over 70. any advice on how i would proceed

    1. Bernard – the speed of the surrounding cars is not relevant in your trial. While I understand the rationale behind the ‘going with the flow of traffic,’ it is not a defense to this speeding ticket.

  84. I was going “72” in the middle lane on the belt. i received ticket even though there were cars all around me. i was only keeping up with traffic. would it be wise to plead not guilty? and do they charge you for pleading not guilty? thankyou

  85. Hi,
    I recently received a speeding ticket for going 79 in a 50 on the expressway. Should I plea not guilty? Should I get a lawyer if I do?

  86. I received a speeding ticket for going 86 in a 65 mph speed zone in a town that is 5 hours away from my home. I want to plead not guilty however does that mean I will have to show up in court or can it be handled all by mail?

  87. Hello-
    I got a speeding ticket 72 on a 55 in Westchester Co. I plan on fighting it and possibly hiring a lawyer as I don’t want to have any points on my license. Is this the right decision?

    1. Mary – fighting a speeding ticket will allow you to mitigate or avoid points, penalties, and impacts on your insurance rates. Therefore, it is a good idea to fight this ticket.

  88. Hi,
    I recently received a ticket in New York for going 67 in a 45. The officer gave me a second one for speed not reasonable and prudent in a neighborhood I pulled into after I saw him slowing down and turning around to come get me. I pled not guilty by mail. What kind of results will I get? Do I have to hire a lawyer or something?

    1. Hello Ben, if you are found guilty you are looking at a 6 point ticket for speeding and an additional 3 points for speed not reasonable and prudent. In fines you are looking at a maximum court fine of $636 plus a driver’s assessment fine of $475. You could also face 15 days of incarceration. Pleading not guilty was a good decision. If you would like to find out how we would be able to assist with having your penalties reduced, please contact us for your free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  89. Hi
    I am Canadian from Montreal .cops catch me in 95 miles in 65 but he was in between north and south bound with no radar . Also told me my son in back seat is not buckled up properly . My car don’t have miles cluster also I scape from some cars road rage and dengerous driving .can I plead not guilty

    1. Hi Ali, the information you provided is not enough to have your ticket dismissed. However, you should plead not guilty because you are looking at a 6 point ticket. This carries a maximum court fine of $393 and a driver’s assessment fine of $300. You insurance rates will increase for 3 to 5 years. If you have any further questions or would like to find out about having your ticket reduced please contact us. We can be reached for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  90. Hi Adam,

    I just doing 45 in a zone of 25 and I want to fight for my ticket. My wife is pregnant and she had an emergency and the officer did not even let me talk to explain my hurry, I have proof of the hospital and more if it is needed. Do you think I might have the chance ?


    Dangelo Diaz Gomez

  91. I received my first speeding ticket in 30 years. Doing 70 in a 40. I have pled not guilty but have no real excuse to give at hearing. Do i just say I am looking for leniency on the fine and points?

  92. Last Sunday (on Easter) me and my girlfriend decided to go for a day trip in the finger lakes region as it was beautiful out. We drove her mom’s car for the occasion as it is modern and good on gas, and while we were driving along a lake with beautiful landscape (a straight line for many miles with great visibility and absolutely no other cars around) I got caught by a state trooper hiding with a radar. 73 on a 55, I never even saw him hiding I only saw him when he rushed behind me to pull me over. I was very surprised I was going that fast, but again I got distracted by the surroundings and I got fooled by the newer very quiet car so I mean it is possible I was going at that speed. However, I have had my license for more than three years and never got a ticket before and I believe a fine and four points on my license is very harsh for someone who has been a careful driver all along with his own car. So my plan is to plead not guilty to try to get the ticket reduced, especially the 4 points that would increase my insurance rate (I already pay a lot in insurance due to the fact that I only have a history of a little over 2 years and I have no family in the US so I had to get my own which is a lot when you’re a 22 year old boy). Could I send the letter by mail and plead not guilty as described above? Will I have to show ups to court if I do so?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  93. Hi Adam I recently received a speeding ticket because I was by the cop assumed I was 45 mph in a zone of 35 and when I ask him for an evidence like he’s radar because I new I was between 35 -40 he said he knew it because he just saw speeding saw I went to the court and plead not guilty what and they now are going to do another session with the attorney of police station what should I expect from this

  94. Hi Adam,

    As most of the comments here I got pulled over in Utica NY, being on a family trip. I live in Mass and the officer gave me the option to send by mail. I was going 82 on 65 zone. I want to plea “not guilty” to avoid the points on my license but I have never been thru this process and I live far away. I know I was driving 82, and I don’t really know if it makes sense to plea “not guilty” even when I know it’s truth.

    The most scary thing it’s that the ticket reads like this:

    “A plea of guilty to this charge is equivalent to a conviction after trial. If you are convicted not only will you be liable to a penalty, but in addition your license to drive motorcycle, and your certificate of registration, if any, are subject to suspension and revocation as prescribed by law.”

    What should I do?

    Thanks in Advance,

  95. I was recently given a ticket in Clifton Park, NY. The officer had just ticketed someone else and was on the side of I-87, or rather, on the tail end of the on-ramp. I think he was finishing up with the previous ticket and had just gotten back to his car.

    He said I was going 80 in a 65 zone. I find that highly unlikely as I was using cruise control. I was over the limit, but not 80 — more like 74. He was all business and I didn’t argue, but now I’m really annoyed. What am I looking at in fines and points if I plead guilty? What are your fees?

  96. Hello

    I just got a ticket supposedly doing 56 on a 40. I have a clean record. Can’t remember the last time I got a ticket. It was in Somers, westchester. He said he got me on radar and it says so on the ticket as “verified by radar”. Now, can I still plead not guilty with hopes of getting it reduced? 1180D ticket. Whatever that means

    Thank you,

  97. Hi Adam,

    So, I was caught going 80mph in a 65 on my way home to Binghamton from my college on Long Island. I was only 15 minutes from home, when I passed four cops. I thought I was driving with the flow of traffic, but I was the only one they pulled over. I would like to plea not guilty, but I will be back to school in a week. Is there any way they could take me to court somewhere else in New York (ie: Long Island), or does it have to be in Binghamton because that’s where I was pulled over? I am a busy grad student, and I won’t have time to make the four hour drive… I am also going to be out of the country this summer if it takes them that long to get back to me. How can I appeal something they captured on radar? I have a clean record, and I would really like to keep it that way! Thank you!


  98. I got a 48 in a 30 the officer said if you have a clean driving record you should plead not guilty.. I’ve only received tickets for no inspection once driving years ago and parking tickets in New York but have had other tickets out of state. What should I do?

  99. Hello Adam,

    So recently, I’ve received two speeding tickets in the span of almost a week. One on Tuesday, going 70 on 50, which was NOT THE CASE. There was traffic so there’s no way I could go 70. All i did was signal to go on the left side and sped up to about 55. And the highway goes from a 55 to a 50 and he saya I sped up just to the 50 mark. The second ticket I got was for going 75 on a 55. Although there’s not much I can say about this one because it was open road but I’m sure I didn’t go 75, maybe 65. This week is midterm week and I’m an architecture student.. So its been a stressful week trying to get to my locations.. But I already had a 3 points on my license for pleading guilty on going a right on red in the city not knowing I couldn’t because I come from Westchester. I should have pleaded not guilty but didn’t in fear. Im planning to do the reduction point online class as soon as tomorrow. Because with both tickets and the points I would have 11points. Like I said I’m planning on fighting both tickets. What should I do? Thank you

    1. Hello Ruben, you are currently looking at 2 tickets with 4 points on each ticket and a maximum of $393 in court fines per ticket. If you already have 3 points on your license this will cause you license to be suspended. Our suggestion is pleading not guilty. If you would like to find out more information about making sure your license does not get suspended, please contact us. We can be reached for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  100. Hi there,

    Received a ticket for crossing over the border of the HOV (which I did) but because of traffic and the person in front of me stopping short. I understand I was wrong, but when the officer tried to pull me over it was gridlock traffic and I could not get out of the HOV Lane. When I finally did, he yelled at me for not getting out sooner but I literally could not without risking my life or others. Very dangerous situation. Made me cross 4 lanes very heavy traffic. He gave me three tickets, all for the same thing just worded differently. I plead not guilty but it has been a month and I have not heard back about a new court date to contest them. What happens now?

    1. Hello, you must wait until the court decides to provide you with a court date. If found guilty you could be facing maximum points on your license, a large sum of fines and even having your license suspended. Please contact our office to find out how to have these tickets disputed. We can be reached for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  101. Hi,
    My 21 year old daughter received a speeding ticket on Marine Parkway in Brooklyn. The officer stated that she was going over 10 miles the speed limit. The ticket is not legible to confirm that is what he wrote and has yet to be entered on the DMV website. This is her first moving violation ticket. She is current with the defense driving course Does she plead guilty and pay the fine? Thanks for all your advice. Concerned Mom

    1. Hi Susan, your son is currently looking a 3 point ticket. He would be facing a maximum fine of $148. This is based on 10 points over the speeding. We suggest pleading not guilty. If you would like to find more information about having the ticket reduced please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  102. I receive a speeding ticket in Cortland, near Buffalo. I was taking the trip to pick up my son. I live in Nassau county on long Island. The ticket stated radar clocked me at 88 in a 65. I want to avoid court since it’s so far away but I also want to plead not guilty. I didn’t think I was going that fast. I was also driving a rental car that I was not used to. I was also in the passing lane. It probably didn’t help that I mentioned I was on little sleep as we left the night before at one am and I received the ticket about noon. Any advice or suggestions?

    1. Nancy – you are facing a 6 point ticket that carries a maximum fine of $393, along with an assessment charge of $300. Hiring an attorney will allow you to fight your ticket without personally appearing in court. If you would like to discuss this further, you may reach me directly at 888-434-0406.

  103. Hi, I just recieved my first speeding ticket, the cop says I was goin 82 in a 65, i honestly wouldn’t know I wasn’t paying attention. He asked where I was headed and where I was coming from, and I answered. Then he asked what I was doing in the town I came from, asked about the relationship I had with this person, and asked for the persons name. Then he asked if had cigarettes in the car, I said yes and he asked if they were in cartons. I don’t understand why he asked me so many questions. Did he have to right to ask all those? And do I plead not guilty even if I was speeding? I have never had a speeding ticket before. So any help would be appreciated!

  104. Hello Adam,

    I was issued a “cellphone” ticket the other day. I was changing a song on my iPhone in traffic (cars couldn’t have been moving faster than 15-20 miles an hour). This is my second cell phone ticket in a year. I pleaded guilty to the first, but this one I feel that I was wrongly ticketed. Any advice for dealing with this ticket. I don’t quite understand the point system in NY, being that these two tickets happened in an 18 month period.

    Thanks, Jesse

      1. Hello Adam,

        I received a speeding ticket this morning driving through Central Park in NYC. He said he clocked me at 49 in a 25mph zone. I understand that this is a 6 point ticket, and to make matters much worse, I plead guilty to a cell phone ticket this time last year (6 points). I’m concerned I will lose my license. I am eligible to take the point reduction class. I also don’t see the specific court to go to, it lists many at the bottom with none circled.

        Thank you,

        1. Dan – Due to the serious consequences that can result from this ticket, I strongly suggest you contact us to discuss this case in further detail. While the cell phone violation is a 5 – not 6 point ticket, you are still at risk for a license suspension if found guilty on the speeding ticket.

  105. I am 25, this is my first ticket, I was driving home at around 2 am along a major avenue in which the speed limit was 35, I am sure i was going the speed limit, at one given point I did go around a guy who was going much below the speed limit since it was late and I needed to get home for many reasons. Once I passed the guy I slowed back down (I personally do not believe at any point that I was going faster than 35), I then made a turn and continued to drive along the road, got pulled over, and he claimed I was going 56 and when I asked to see if he clocked me he ignored my question. What can I do?

    1. Andy – I strongly suggest you fight this ticket as the consequences are severe. Without knowing which court is handling your case, I can not advise you further, as there are different procedures throughout NY State.

  106. Hi,
    L’shana Tova!!-Lets hope its a good one for all!!!! I need some help here.
    I received a speeding ticket in Queens in July. It is for 6 points and 21 miles over the limits (42 in a 25 zone). I live out of state and was visiting my dad (who is a survivor) in the hospital. I was driving a rental car. The ticket is completely illegible with incorrect name and address. The tickets has not shown up on the DMV website because all the information is incorrect. I signed “not guilty” and returned it hoping to fight it. I contacted the DMV and the woman said that it was returned to them because of an inadequate mailing address. She took my correct address and told me she would mail me paperwork to fill out so I did not have to return to NY for a court date. HA!! Yesterday, in the mail, I received a court date paper that has my wrong name and address on it. I again tried to find it on line to just pay it and end this mess and I cannot find anything. I have entered the information as they have recorded it and nothing. I have entered the correct information and nothing again. I am unsure as to how to proceed. My dad is very ill again and I am sure I will be coming back in to NY at some time but am afraid of letting this go and possibly having my license revoked or worse yet being arrested. I have a clean record. I didn’t know that NYC had recently lowered the speed limit on most city streets and there were no speed limit signs within the entire trip from my sisters house to the hospital. I was going with the flow of traffic and never meant to speed. There were speed limit signs a few miles after the ticketed spot and they stated 25 MPH and then a few blocks later stated 35MPH. Help how do I proceed with this mess. I am not even sure if they have my license number listed correctly because every aspect of the ticket was illegible. I don’t even know how much to pay. Please advice.
    Thank you in advance for your help,

  107. I was given a ticket for failure to yield to pedestrian. I was driving at less than 5 miles. it was making a right turn where the pedestrian had walk sign. I was halfway on the crossing when pedestrians starting walking. some waited for me to pass by as I was halfway making the turn. So I drove at less than 5 miles to pullover in that corner. Can I fight and win this.

  108. I am 49 yo and rec’d my first ticket (by radar) going 45 in a 30 (I thought the road I was on was a 40). Should I plead not guilty even though I obviously was guilty (even if it was a mistake thinking it was a 40)? The deposition by the female officer states that I said, “When asked why if the defendant knew why they had been stopped the defendant stated, “I was going too fast and I didn’t realize how fast.” That is incorrect, what I said was “I was going too fast? I didn’t realize I was going fast.” I actually had asked a question but she didn’t write it that way. So should I just please guilty because obviously I’m not going to win if it was radar too. Never had a ticket in my life. My family says I drive like an old lady. : (

  109. One more question. Is it right that in NYS once one acquired 11 points the license is revoked? If that happens for how long does it stay like this?. I mean when do each occurrence of points expire after it is applied?

    And if someone does go over the limit are there avenues for fighting this? Not that intend to be there, just curious as I’m a newbie and the system seem harsh and excessively penal.
    Or all states do it similarly and this is just what you get in the US (In Europe points expire each year)

  110. I got a ticket upstate NY w radar reading 86 on a 65 highway. I don’t have time to go to that upstate court 5 hrs away.

    What happens if I plead not guilty in the ticket answer?


  111. I got my first ever violation- a speeding ticket on I 95 in a zone with speed limit of 50. The officer said I was going at 73 where I was really following the traffic.
    I did not say anything during the pull over. So what do I do now? If I plead non guilty, what will I say in court in my defense and also how big is the fine for this ticket?

    Thank you

    1. The fine for this ticket is $393, along with a DRA assessment of $300 over 3 years. We would need more information to advise you on your possible defenses. Please keep in mind, however, that ‘going with the flow of traffic’ will not aid in your defense.

  112. I got a ticket for over speeding in new york.
    it says that i was driving at 85 mph speed in 50 mph speed zone.
    I want to fight against this ticket.
    I don’t want to loose any points on my license.
    Contact ASAP

  113. I was pulled over 2 days ago in Staten island going 56 in a 25 zone. This is also my first ticket and im not too sure if i should plead guilty or not. any advice? Also I’ve only had my license for about a year

    1. Eric – I would not plead guilty to this ticket, as 8 point tickets carry significant fines ($693), driver responsibility assessment charges ($450), and insurance impacts. You should strongly consider fighting this ticket to avoid these consequences.

  114. I am an International student came from Kansas holding Kansas Driving license. I was given a cellphone ticket. Do I need to plead guilty or no guilty, Please help me.

  115. I was given a cellphone ticket 1225c2a in nyc in June 2015. It is my first case though I have 1 points prior.
    How much would the ticket be total and points?
    What is the process of going to the traffic court? Would I likely have a plea when meeting the clerk?

    1. This is a 5 point ticket with fines of approximately $138. NYC does not have a plea bargaining system. If you would like to contest this ticket, you must bring this matter to trial.

  116. I received a ticket at the end of April on the northern state gong 78 in a 55. The ticket says my date to appear in person is 6/30, but also says if you want to plead not guilty, that you need to do so within 48 hours. I missed the 48 hour window. Does this mean I have to show up to court on the date the ticket says now or can I still mail it in not guilty before the 30th?

  117. I was ticketed for speeding down a hill (69 in a 55). I cannot get anyone to answer the phone at the court office to reschedule. I cannot make a 9 a.m. court appointment on a friday. If I plead not guilty via mail will I still have to show up on the original date on my ticket? Or will they send me a notice in the mail of a new appearance date?

  118. Hi there,

    I was driving from Ohio to Ithaca to stay with a friend for the summer, and I got pulled over around Stow, NY. The officer stated I was going 81 in a 65, but I was keeping up with the flow of traffic around me. I have never gotten a speeding ticket before. Should I plea guilty and pay the fine or should I fight it? I worry fighting it will only cost me more money in the long run. Also, if I do not have the money to pay the fine, can I pay in installments to the court?

    Thank you.

    1. This 4 point ticket will include a fine of $393.00. Additionally, this offense will likely increase your insurance rates by 20-25% over the course of 3+ years. I therefore suggest you consider fighting this ticket. If you would like information on payment plans accepted by the court, you would need to reach out to them directly.

  119. Hello, I got the ticket for speeding 50 in 35 zone when I just got out of the Thruway in Catskill. This is my first ticket and I don’t know what to do. Should I send it by mail with signing Not Guilty? What is the fine and is there any chance to have it reduced? Thank you in advance for any advice!

    1. Magdalena – The fine for this ticket is approximately $300, along with a $93 court fee. Additionally, your insurance rates will likely be impacted. It is therefore suggested you fight this ticket.

  120. Was issued a ticket for allegedly doing 81 in a 55 on the northern state. The cop said to go plead not guilty in Nassau. The ticket says I can return by mail or in person by a certain date, yet also says if you want to plead not guilty, that you need to do so within 48 hours. Does that only apply to entering a not guilty plea by mail or in general? This matter is scheduled to be heard at Cooper Street in Hempstead, debating whether to retain counsel as it looks like it could potentially result in 6 points and given the insurance increase and $100 payment to the state each year, would be worth it if I could get it knocked to an equipment violation and pay the fine and avoid the premium increase/state fine. Thanks for any advice

    1. Ed – This 6 point ticket carries a fine of $393, a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300 over 3 years, and a substantial impact on your insurance. It is therefore highly recommended you retain counsel to mitigate / avoid these consequences. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case in further detail.

  121. I was driving to Connecticut through the I-684. I was caught speeding 98mph at a 65mph zone. The court handling this case is located in Bedford Hills, NY. What would you recommend me to do in this case? Can my license be suspended? Thanks, Luis

    1. Luis – this is an 8 point ticket, which, if found guilty, has the following consequences: a) $600 court fine, $93 court fee; b) $450 driver responsibility assessment; c) significant increase in your insurance rates. I suggest you plead not-guilty and fight your ticket. License suspensions occur at 11 points.

  122. Hi,

    I was pulled over in Freeport for speeding in a school zone. (44 in a 20) I believed the school zone had ended but what can you do. What should I do?

    1. Melanie – You should fight this ticket as fines can be in excess of $690, along with $300 driver responsibility assessment fee. This offense will also impact your insurance rates significantly.

  123. Hi,

    I recently sent you something about going the 73 in the 55 on the way to my father’s funeral.

    Deerfield Town Court is handling it

    I sent a plea of not guilty but now I am unsure of what to do or how to go about it.

  124. Hello,

    Tonight I was driving on my way to work. I was approaching an intersection and the light had turned yellow, I took the turn before it changed to red. I drove two blocks then turn the corner and drove another block and then I was pulled over by an officer telling me I had ran a red light. I want to fight this ticket because I know the light was yellow when I turned but also if you observed this why did it take the officer so long to pull me over? Can you help me with what I should do

  125. I was pulled over for a 40 in a 30 and It was not a 30 yet the officer said i was doing 45 but would only make the ticket say 40mph like he was doing me a favor! my question is the officer sign the ticket were it reads Radar Officer’s Signature. will this void the ticket? thank you in advance

  126. Hello,

    I am just getting around to entering a plea for a speeding ticket I received. I was pulled over for doing a 73 in a 55 (in which I wasn’t), but what can you do. December 4th was the date of the incident and I was on my way to my father’s funeral. I told the officer that I apologize and I was on my way to my father’s funeral crying in the process. He did not seem to care and still gave me the ticket. What should I do?

    1. Kassidy – I am truly sorry for your loss. This is a 4 point ticket, with fines ranging from $203 – $393, depending upon where this incident occurred. Please let us know which court is handling this matter so we can advise you further.

  127. What is a first appearance? I was told by the Trooper, who was very nice to me, that I was supposed to plead within 48 hours. The bottom of the ticket says that the matter will be handled on the date at the bottom which is not 48 hours. I asked the Trooper what the first appearance was, he told me that it was meant for a “Pre-trial Conference” and that I would not be allowed to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty at it as no testimony could be given at that time. I plead Not Guilty, even though I do know that I was speeding and just wanted to ease the penalty. I was never given a Pre-trial Conference, but rather a trial date. At the trial there was no trooper there. The judge read me a letter that he said was from a town attorney and that the there was an offer to reduce the charge. Just then the Trooper came in and I asked if he was reducing the ticket and he said no. The judge said that the offer came from the the Pre-trial Conference. I told the Trooper that I never attended a Pre-trial Conference and I asked him if this was legal. He said that it was not.

  128. Just got a speeding ticket for doing 86 in a 65 zone. ticket says visual confirmed by radar. I was on the way to the hospital where my mother who has dementia was being rushed to after falling. I have never had a ticket before and the trooper didn’t seem to care about anything other than writing tickets. What should I do ?

    1. Doug,

      In short, you should fight your ticket and we can help you do that. The officer gave you a 6 point ticket. This ticket not only has an expensive fine of $393, but the NY DMV will also impose an additional $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment against you. If you have points on your license already, or receive additional points in the future, this DMV surcharge will be even more expensive. Additionally, once you are convicted of this violation, your insurance rates are subject to a significant increase, and this increase could last for several years. If you want to avoid all of these negative and expensive consequences, you should fight your ticket. We can help you reduce these costs, preserve your driving record, and prevent you from facing an insurance increase. Plus, we can save you the trip to court.

  129. I recently got a ticket for not wearing seat belt and luckily he misspelld my last name with 1 t instead of 2. Water – Watter .
    Cud that render it void?

  130. My son, age 16 received a speeding ticket going 20 mph over on main street. First offense. He is pleading not guilty. What may happen?

    1. Vicki,

      Great question. For going 20 over in NY, he could have 4 points put on his license and faces a $393 fine. Also, his auto insurance premium will go up by 28% according to (and it could be even higher since he’s a new driver).

  131. I got a 1180D ticket. Please help me understand how I can fight a ticket. I am a visitor and do not reside in US. Also please let me know your fee.

    1. Karthik,

      1180d is a speeding ticket in NY. The best way to fight it is to hire an attorney to take care of it for you. Lastly, we do not discuss our fee in Comments, but I would be happy to tell it to you over the phone.

  132. I was issued a speeding ticket on Friday 13th by a state trooper. It was my first ticket I have ever had and the the sign marked 55 was within sight of me so I was speeding up she pulled me over and gave me a ticket for going 53 in a 40. She was very rude and yelling at me the whole time. When done said well here’s your first ticket.. I have no money for a lawyer what do I do? Also no money for court…

    1. Danielle,

      Unfortunately, the rudeness of an officer or trooper has no bearing on your case. If convicted of speeding 13 MPH over the limit, 4 points could be placed on your record, you face a $300 fine, a $93 court imposed surcharge, and your auto insurance premium will skyrocket and stay that high for 3-4 years. This is definitely a ticket worth fighting. Do not plead guilty. Pleading guilty will result in you being compelled to pay way more long-term than in the short-term for paying for an attorney.