“Speed Week” Ticket Blitz Begins Today (8/13/12)


Believe it or not, the New York State Police are preparing for yet another major ticket blitz.

With the popular NASCAR race coming up on Sunday at Watkins Glen International Raceway, New York police have taken the opportunity to beef up their patrols of the area.

 Particular attention will be focused on the Staten Island Expressway and neighboring areas.

Troopers plan to issue tons of NY speeding tickets as well as citations for other traffic offenses like reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and driving without insurance.

According to Major Kevin Molinari, the Commander of State Police Troop C, every available trooper will be on patrol during the week to catch speeders and distracted drivers.

Some worry that this campaign is simply an attempt to generate revenue for the state by nabbing unsuspecting motorists who truly are not posing any danger while on the road.

Likewise, others are concerned that out-of-state drivers who are planning on attending the prestigious race will get ensnared in the speed blitz.

On the other hand, a small minority of drivers actually like seeing police officers out on the roads in full force.

According to these drivers, it makes them feel better knowing that the police are doing what they can to ensure road safety.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether Speed Week was designed to raise revenue or promote safety (or both), one thing is for sure: New York State police plan to issue plenty of speeding tickets during the upcoming week.

Remember, Speed Week begins Monday and runs through Sunday, the day of the big NASCAR race.

Therefore, be prepared to drive even more carefully than usual. However, if you run into trouble, you know who to call.

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