Crawford NY Cracks Down on Speeding

The Crawford Police Department is cracking down on speeding using a three-pronged enforcement initiative. With education, extra visibility in the community, and stronger enforcement of traffic violations on the roads, the town expects to see a decrease in the number of injuries and fatalities from car accidents.

The department has been particularly concerned with incidents on Route 302. The area has seen more than a dozen deaths over the past decade, with speed as the primary reason for a majority of the fatalities. Tragically, many of the crash victims on Route 302 have been children, as seven schools are located along that road.

According to Police Chief Dominick Blasko, “We really need to slow people down…People are making bad decisions, and that’s why we’re here, to remind people to make good decisions.”

The entire Crawford Police Department has been encouraged to strictly enforce traffic laws. In addition, a new police officer was hired for the specific purpose of monitoring traffic. So far the three-step initiative seems to be working. The Crawford police department has given out a total of 2,671 traffic tickets this year, almost half of which were for speeding. This is more than twice the amount of tickets issued in any of the previous four years.

The Crawford town board is supportive of this enforcement initiative and is standing by the police department’s efforts. However, some residents are unhappy about the high rate of people being pulled over and have complained that the increased number of traffic tickets is just to benefit the town’s budget. While the exact numbers have not been calculated yet, the town board does expect to see an overall increase in revenue by next year. In spite of this, the police department is maintaining its stance that the goal of the enforcement initiative is safety, not financial gain.

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