Twice as Many Tickets Issued on Staten Island

According to recent traffic data released by the NYPD, speeding tickets have more than doubled inwork zone ticket Staten Island over the last two years. Police officers issued 5,771 speeding tickets in 2015 as compared to 2,732 in 2013 and 5,131 in 2014. Tickets for failure to yield to pedestrians have also risen. So far this year, 716 citations were issued as compared to 494 in 2014 and 147 in 2013. Interestingly, tickets for cell phone violations have decreased substantially over the same time frame. There have been only 2,672 cell phone tickets this year, but there were 3,432 in 2014 and 5,017 in 2013.

The sharp increase is likely due to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative, which was implemented to reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths. As part of Vision Zero, there have been multiple crackdowns targeting speeding and other moving violations in Staten Island. In addition, speed cameras were installed in school zones and drivers were issued a $50 ticket for going more than 10 mph over the posted speed limit. In the first six months after the cameras were installed, 20 school zones issued more than 106,000 speeding tickets totaling over $5 million in fines.

As part of Vision Zero, the citywide speed limit was reduced from 30 mph to 25 mph. Staten Island also participated in the associated educational campaign, in which NYPD placed electronic signs at various intersections and moved them around the borough to different spots where speeding was a problem.

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