Which Towns Collect the Most Traffic Ticket Revenue?

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Much to drivers’ chagrin, traffic tickets are big money for towns and villages throughout New York, with the average police officer issuing about $300,000 worth of speeding tickets each year. A recent report from The Buffalo News looked at which villages and towns collected the most revenue from traffic tickets in 2015.

Out of New York State’s more than 1,200 town and village courts, the Town of Wallkill in Orange County ranked Number 1, with more than $3.6 million in revenue. It may seem surprising given the town’s sparse population of just 28,000 residents, but the reason Wallkill rakes in so much money is simple: I-84 runs right through it.

In fact, nearly all of the villages and towns in the top 20 have major thruways that provide a steady stream of revenue from drivers. For example, Southampton and East Hampton, which take the second and third spot for ticket revenue, are both situated around NY Rte-24 (Montauk Highway). The Town of Harrison, fifth on the list, is striped with stretches of I-95, I-287, and the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Below is a list of the Top 20 revenue-generating village and town courts, as compiled by The Buffalo News:

Town of Wallkill  $3.62 million
Town of Southampton  $3.20 million
Town of East Hampton  $3.10 million
Town of Amherst  $3.05 million
Town of Harrison  $2.82 million
Village of Port Chester   $2.81 million
Village of Hempstead  $2.65 million
Town of Greenburgh   $2.57 million
Town of Colonie   $2.48 million
Village of Freeport  $2.40 million
Village of Lynbrook  $2.24 million
Town of Tonawanda  $2.14 million
Town of Cheektowaga  $2.06 million
Village of Valley Stream  $2.01 million
Town of Clarkstown  $1.85 million
Village of Mineola  $1.78 million
Town of Newburgh  $1.75 million
Town of Poughkeepsie  $1.75 million
Town of Ulster  $1.67 million
Village of Garden City  $1.66 million

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