Study Shows New Yorkers Rank Low on List of Worst Drivers


New Yorkers have garnered a reputation for being among the worst drivers and there’s no doubt that driving in the New York/New Jersey area can be a stressful experience. However, a recent study by revealed that New Yorkers rank relatively low on the list of worst drivers by state. For details on how all the states measure up, see the full report.

To give each state its ranking, Car Insurance Comparison looked at statistics for speeding, careless driving, and distracted driving. According to the data, Montana drivers were the worst drivers in the country, while New York tied with Connecticut and Wisconsin for the 28th place. New York ranked worse for drunk driving in 2015 as compared to the last two years, placing 15th, an increase from its ranking in 17th place in 2014 and 28th place in 2013.

Thanks to low injury, fatality, and speeding rates, the safest place to drive in the tristate area is New Jersey, which ranked 7th best. The study also found that while New Jersey ranked well for following traffic laws in general, it did poorly in the drunk driving and careless driving categories, placing 25th and 21st, respectively.

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