Speed Cameras Could Be Coming to NY Schools

Recently, New York State lawmakers passed a bill allowing the city to install speed cameras in front of NYC schoolsBoth the Senate and the State Assembly passed the bill and plan to install cameras at 20 city locations near schools that have documented speeding issues.

New "Point to Point" speed cameras o...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly supports the proposal and he noted that a driver’s speed is the greatest contributing factor in traffic-related deaths in all of NYC.

Mr. Bloomberg noted, “If a driver strikes a child at 40 miles per hour, there is a 70 percent chance the child will be killed. At 30 miles per hour, there is an 80 percent chance the child survives.”

The Mayor also explained that the legislation will “ensure that we continue to protect some of our most vulnerable New Yorkers.”

According to the bill, a $50 fine would be authorized for dangerous speeding and insurance companies would not be notified of the violation. The cameras would not photograph drivers, and would only capture license plate numbers.

City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan revealed that the Department of Transportation released a map earlier in the year with 100 locations where 75 percent of vehicles were documented speeding in a school zone in New York City.

With approval from both the State Senate and State Assembly, the bill now goes to Governor Andrew Cuomo. If he signs it, the bill will become law.

Interestingly, the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association came out against speed cameras in the city. According to the PBA, speed cameras are “no substitute for live policing” and speeding tickets lack the force and effect of a ticket actually issued by an officer. It appears that they are concerned that the implementation of speed cameras will lead to layoffs in the NYPD or a hiring freeze.

Remember, if you receive a NY speeding ticket either from an actual officer or from a camera, be sure to contact an experienced NY traffic ticket lawyer to explore your options and to find out what you are facing.

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