New App Helps You Beat a Speeding Ticket

We all know how frustrating and expensive it can be to receive a speeding ticket inNew York.

Aside from the monetary costs of fines and skyrocketing insurance hikes, we know that the points associated with NY speeding fines can be quite harmful to our driving records.

However, a new application (app) for the iPhone could help make your life a little bit easier.

The app is called TicketDefender, and it tracks your speed, the time of day, and your location via GPS.

App Designer Ralph Krause believes that it will give drivers exactly what they need to prove that they were not speeding and that a police officer’s radar was flawed.

According to Krause, the app relies on GPS cell tower reading in order to monitor your speed every three to five seconds.

One of the most prominent features that Krause is touting is the ability to hit a button called “Press When Ticketed,” which will automatically send an encrypted and watermarked speed readout to the driver’s e-mail address.

Krause told ABC News that he thinks the app can save the average driver tons of money in fines and penalties.

Many people are excited about the debut of the new app because they believe it is the only way to demonstrably prove a driver’s side of the story.

After all, police officers have radar detectors, but what does a driver have? Thanks to TicketDefender, they too can have technological proof.

The app is currently available for the iPhone, but Krause plans to release the app on the Android platform in the near future.

Some critics are extremely skeptical of the app.

Some privacy experts are concerned that consumers are forking over their hard earned cash to a company that will be tracking their every move in exchange for the mere hope that doing so could help them avoid a speeding ticket.

Also, aside from the fact that the app costs money (the sale price is $1.99 and it will jump to $4.99 relatively soon), some do not think that it will be helpful at all.

Furthermore, many think the app can only help if you are completely innocent.  Otherwise, if you were actually speeding, the app could quite possibly add fuel to the fire.

Remember, no app can be a genuine substitute for hiring a NY traffic ticket attorney who can negotiate a favorable plea bargain for you whether you truly were speeding or not.

The app might be worth checking out, but when the rubber hits the road, hire an attorney.


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