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If you were ticketed for speeding in New York you are now facing hundreds of dollars worth of fines and surcharges, not to mention potential DMV penalties. Below is a list of all the possible speeding charges ordered by their respective Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) Sections. You can identify the VTL section you’re facing by looking at your speeding ticket under the part that says “section sub section”. You can also take a look at your supporting deposition (if one was issued to you). If you are a Canadian resident who has received a speeding ticket in New York read our Speeding ticket FAQ for Quebec or Ontario drivers.

List of New York Speeding Ticket Points

In order to determine how many points are associated with your ticket, note how many miles over the speed limit the officer said you were going. Then, use this table to determine your points and fines. Next, call our office immediately for a free consult at: 888-434-0406. If you already have points on your license, have a CDL license or a Junior License, the penalties can be even more severe.

New York Speeding Ticket Point Table

  • 1-10 miles an hour over the speed limit = 3 points.
  • 11-20 miles per hour over the speed limit = 4 points.
  • 21-30 miles per hour over the speed limit = 6 points*.
  • 31-40 miles per hour over the speed limit = 8 points*
  • 41 mph + over the speed limit = 11 points*.
  • 11 points means that your license will be suspended.
*If you receive 6 or more points you may be subject to an additional fine known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA).

The DRA is a separate fine charged to you when you reach 6 points against your license in New York. At 6 points you will be fined $100 each year for 3 years. Each point that you get over 6 points is an additional $25 a year for 3 years.

How Much Will My Speeding Ticket Cost?

In addition to the DRA (where applicable), every speeding ticket carries a potential court fine and mandatory New York State surcharge. Use the table below to determine the fine associated with your ticket. Note that these fines are for first offenses. If this is your second offense or greater, the fines could be higher.

CLICK HERE – New York Speeding Ticket Costs & Fines Associated

Note that in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) the points are the same but the fine schedule is different. In addition, negotiating a settlement or reduction (known as a “plea bargain”) is not permitted. The TVB handles traffic tickets in the following areas:

  • NEW YORK CITY – All 5 Boroughs (click here for locations)
  • CITY OF ROCHESTER (click here for location)

Should I Fight My Speeding Ticket or Plead Guilty and Pay the Fine? In most cases, it is NOT a good idea to plead guilty to the charge. Instead you can
plead not guilty and fight your ticket! Police officers and prosecutors want you to plead guilty to speeding charges because it makes their job very easy.
Pleading guilty means you give up your rights to a trial and you automatically have to pay fines, take points on your license and pay higher insurance rates.

download_nowPleading guilty means you throw in the towel and give up your right to fight and potentially avoid the damaging consequences of a speeding ticket when in reality you are innocent until proven guilty. In many cases, an attorney can get you a dismissal (all charges are dropped and without fines or penalties) or a reduction in fines and points. Here are some reasons why you should fight your speeding ticket:

  • Excessive Fines & Surcharges
  • Points on your license
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Possible License Suspension & Revocation
  • Possible State Fines – New York Driver Responsibility Assessment
  • Loss of your job (if a valid driver’s license or CDL is required)


The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney: There are many advantages of hiring an attorney. Our mission at The Rosenblum Law Firm is to get your ticket dismissed or minimize the damage that a speeding ticket in New York can cause you. We work toward that goal in every case we handle. Hiring an attorney to handle your case significantly increases your chances of getting a better outcome in your matter. We can offer you:

  • A specific strategy for your case and tailor it to the court where your speeding ticket is being handled.
  • A low flat rate to take care of your case; you will not pay more than the price you are quoted.
  • We offer representation by a licensed professional to give you advice, defend you, negotiate on your behalf (if applicable) and/or take your case to trial.
  • In most cases, you do not have to spend your day in court. You don’t have to waste time and money driving to court and waiting around for hours for your case to be heard.
  • Hiring us is fast and simple. Call us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation. We’ll process your payment, you upload your tickets and sign our Waiver of Representation Form online, and we’ll do the rest.

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  1. I got a speeding ticket while driving from Virginia to Buffalo New York. I was driving on interstate highway I86. Ticket is for driving 84 miles in 65 miles zone. I would like to know if I decide to fight the fine, how much you will charge and what would be probability of success.

    Please find below details on the Ticket
    Section Subsection :- 1180D, Tr Inf (Traffic Infraction)
    Description of Violation:- Speed in Zone,
    City:- Campbell,
    County:- Steuben
    Campbell Town Court,
    8529 Main St. Campbell, NY 14821

    Recorded Statements
    Do you know why I stopped you?
    Response:- Yes for Speeding
    Do you know how fast you were going?
    Response:- About 85
    Do you know what the speed limit is?
    Response:- 65

    • Shripad – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries a fine of $393. Additionally, this violation will likely increase you insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this matter.

  2. My friend got a speeding ticket 97 in a 55 im only 18 my first ticket the officer told me to bring my father i guess cause the car is insured under my parents name. Do i have to bring them

    • Please contact me at 888-883-5529 to clarify your question. Did you receive the ticket, or did a friend of yours. Irrespective of whom received the ticket, this violation is an 11 point ticket, that carries substantial implications – including fines, insurance increases, and license suspension.

  3. Got pulled over on I87 for 84 in a 65 but there are some circumstances that suggest the trooper’s claim is dubious. Based on his actions and statements I’m confident he wasn’t sure who he clocked and decided to go after the guy with out of state tags. I have no prior offenses. Haven’t been pulled over in more than 15 years. I have out of state tags, but I do live in NYC. Would like to discuss options.

  4. So i have court today at 630pm i pleaed not guilty in hopes to get it reduced the ticket claims i was going 82 in 65 but when the state trooper pulled me over he showed me the radar and it showed 81 was driving in Grand Island, Ny just wanted to see what fines i would be facing so i know how much to bring. it is also my only speeding tickt on record. other was over 7 years ago in Elmia Ny and was reduced after the schooling and a fine of $180.

  5. Hi there:

    I got a speeding ticket while driving from Ontario Canada to New York.

    The ticket is for driving at 95 miles in 65 miles zone.

    I would like to know if I decide to fight the fine, how much you will charge and what would be probability of success.


    • Parvez – we need additional information, namely which court has jurisdiction over your case, before providing you with our fees for handling your case.

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