New York Speeding Ticket Fines

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If you were ticketed for speeding in New York you are now facing hundreds of dollars worth of fines and surcharges, not to mention potential DMV penalties. Below is a list of all the possible speeding charges ordered by their respective Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) Sections.

You can identify the VTL section you’re facing by looking at your speeding ticket under the part that says “section sub section”. You can also take a look at your supporting deposition (if one was issued to you).  If you are a Canadian resident who has received a speeding ticket in New York read our Speeding ticket FAQ for Quebec or Ontario drivers.

List of New York Speeding Ticket Points

In order to determine how many points are associated with your ticket, note how many miles over the speed limit the officer said you were going. Then, use this table to determine your points and fines. Next, call our office immediately for a free consult at: 1-888-883-5529. If you already have points on your license, have a CDL license or a Junior License, the penalties can be even more severe.

New York Speeding Ticket Point Table

  • 1-10 miles an hour over the speed limit =  3 points.
  • 11-20 miles per hour over the speed limit = 4 points.
  • 21-30 miles per hour over the speed limit =  6 points*.
  • 31-40 miles per hour over the speed limit = 8 points*
  • 41 mph + over the speed limit = 11 points*.
  • 11 points means that your license will be suspended.
*If you receive 6 or more points you may be subject to an additional fine known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA).

The DRA is a separate fine charged to you when you reach 6 points against your license in New York.  At 6 points you will be fined $100 each year for 3 years.  Each point that you get over 6 points is an additional $25 a year for 3 years.

How Much Will My Speeding Ticket Cost?

In addition to the DRA (where applicable), every speeding ticket carries a potential court fine and mandatory New York State surcharge. Use the table below to determine the fine associated with your ticket. Note that these fines are for first offenses. If this is your second offense or greater, the fines could be higher.

CLICK HERE - New York Speeding Ticket Costs & Fines Associated
New York VTL Section Max Fine Court Surcharge
1180 (a) Speed not reasonable and prudent $150 $88-$93
1180 (b) Speed Over State Limit
             < 10 mph over limit $150 $88-$93
             11-30 mph over limit $300 $88-$93
             > 31 mph over limit $600 $88-$93
1180 (c) Speeding in school zone (between 6:00pm and 7:00am and non school days) $88-$93
             < 10 mph over limit $150 $88-$93
             11-30 mph over limit $300 $88-$93
             > 31 mph over limit $600 $88-$93
1180 (c ) Speeding in school zone on School Days  
           < 10 mph over limit $300 $88-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $600 $88-$93
           > 31 mph over limit $1,200 $88-$93
1180- (d)-1 Speeding in zone
           < 10 mph over limit $150 $88-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $88-$93
           > 31 mph over limit $600 $88-$93
1180 (d)- Speeding on a Restricted highway
           < 10 mph over limit $150 $88-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $88-$93
          > 31 mph over limit $600 $88-$93
1180 (c ) Failure to Reduce Speed for vehicles with special hazards $150 $88-$93
1180 (f)  Speeding in a Work Zone
            <10 mph over limit $150 $88-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $88-$93
           > 31 mph over limit $600 $88-$93
1182(1) Unauthorized speed contest (racing) $525 $88-$93


Note that in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) the points are the same but the fine schedule is different. In addition, negotiating a settlement or reduction (known as a “plea bargain”) is not permitted.

The TVB handles traffic tickets in the following areas:

  • NEW YORK CITY – All 5 Boroughs (click here for locations)
  • CITY OF ROCHESTER (click here for location)

Should I Fight My Speeding Ticket or Plead Guilty and Pay the Fine?

In most cases, it is NOT a good idea to plead guilty to the charge. Instead you can plead not guilty and fight your ticket!  Police officers and prosecutors want you to plead guilty to speeding charges because it makes their job very easy.  Pleading guilty means you give up your rights to a trial and you automatically have to pay fines, take points on your license and pay higher insurance rates.

Download the How to Fight a New York Speeding Ticket EbookPleading guilty means you throw in the towel and give up your right to fight and potentially avoid the damaging consequences of a speeding ticket when in reality you are innocent until proven guilty.  In many cases, an attorney can get you a dismissal (all charges are dropped and without fines or penalties) or a reduction in fines and points.  Here are some reasons why you should fight your speeding ticket:

  • Excessive Fines & Surcharges
  • Points on your license
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Possible License Suspension & Revocation
  • Possible State Fines –  New York Driver Responsibility Assessment
  • Loss of your job (if a valid driver’s license or CDL is required)

The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney:

There are many advantages of hiring an attorney.  Our mission at The Rosenblum Law Firm is to get your ticket dismissed or minimize the damage that a speeding ticket in New York can cause you.  We work toward that goal in every case we handle.  Hiring an attorney to handle your case significantly increases your chances of getting a better outcome in your matter.  We can offer you:

  • A specific strategy for your case and tailor it to the court where your speeding ticket is being handled.
  • A low flat rate to take care of your case; you will not pay more than the price you are quoted.
  • We offer experienced representation by a licensed professional to give you advice, defend you, negotiate on your behalf (if applicable) and/or take your case to trial.
  • In most cases, you do not have to spend your day in court. You don’t have to waste time and money driving to court and waiting around for hours for your case to be heard.

Hiring us is fast and simple. Call us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation. We’ll process your payment, you upload your tickets and sign our Waiver of Representation Form online, and we’ll do the rest.


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1,838 thoughts on “New York Speeding Ticket Fines

  1. John Gomez

    I need help figuring out consequences for a speeding ticket I received in ny. I live outside of NY and I am not sure how to proceed

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      John – we can not provide advice without further information – such as the rate of speed, an location of the offense. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

  2. Mark H

    I just received a New York state red light camera ticket by mail on a vehicle I own. I live in New Jersey and have a New Jersey license. If I just pay the fine, will any points transfer?

  3. Robert Brooks

    HI, I’m 19 almost 20 I just got my first ticket for speeding I have a clean record and only have been pulled over one other time to be informed of a light out and the officer just gave me a warning then. I was driving my mom’s truck with her as the passenger. The trooper that pulled me over, clocked me at going 80mph in a 65mph on Interstate 86 East. My court appearance is on August 11th at North Harmony Town Court. I know its 4 points on my license and a max $300 fine. What would my best option be to deal with this ticket?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      I suggest you contest this ticket to avoid the points, fines, and insurance impact. By using an attorney, you will be able to contest this ticket without personally appearing at the court hearing.

  4. Luis Izurieta

    hi i got a ticket today the code for the ticket is “1180d speeding in zone”
    i was caught off guard by lights behind me and the radar showed me at 46 mph in a 30mph zone and i was going fast only cause i thought he wanted me out of his way so i pulled over to let him pass and he stops behind me too and gets out and i get a ticket

    whats the best thing for me to do?
    i want to fight it

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Luis – you are facing a 4 point ticket with approximately $400 in fines, along with a steep increase in insurance rates. I suggest you fight this ticket to mitigate the consequences.

  5. danjr

    Got a ticket doing 70 in a 55 on 587. Officer said if I come to court he will reduce to a non moving violation. What is the cost/point difference in these charges.
    Kingston Court

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Danjr – 15 mph over the limit is a 4 point ticket. The fine ranges based on the location of the incident. Generally speaking, the maximum penalty for this violation is $393, along with a significant impact to your insurance rates. Non-moving violation fines vary widely, but generally have less of an impact on insurance.

  6. Avigdor Abramovich

    Hi Adam,
    I got a ticket for driving 86mph at a 65mph zone, going north on I87 at Lake George.
    I was with my family in the car so even if I was going faster than 65mph I am almost sure I wasn’t going 86mph.
    I wasn’t looking at my speed when the officer pulled me over but he told me I was going 82mph then I slowed down and then I accelerated again, which was probably when I was passing a car.
    I am not sure about my speed, which makes it hard for me to decide if I should fight it or not.
    Do you think I should fight this ticket? do I have a case here?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Speeding is a strict liability offense – meaning there are no legal defenses. However, the officer must prove that you were in fact speeding. Since this is a 6 point ticket that has significant fines and penalties, I suggest you contest this matter.

  7. Nick Brady

    Hi, I’m 17 and got a ticket for doing 60 in a 35. What are the chances I can get it dismissed or reduced below 3 points so my liscense is not suspended? Thanks.

  8. Sri

    I had plea guilty for my speeding ticket via MAIL. Court received my ticket on June 29th and I have sent the return mailing envelope as well. But I see court didn’t MAIL me the ticket details.

    My deadline for Ticket in the court is July 11th. Is it something I need to worried. Usually how long does Court takes to respond back.

    Please advise

  9. Ash

    I am NJ resident and I got speeding ticket on I-86 E.B.. Per ticket I was driving 84 MPH in 65 MPH speed limit area. Speed was clocked via Radar. Municipal court area is Randolph.
    How much will be my overall fine and how points will transfer to NJ

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Ash – 2 points transfer from NY to New Jersey for any moving violationi. Your overal fine will be $393. If you would like to discuss the strategy to fight this ticket, you may contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

  10. Jasmine

    hey, i got a ticket for 88 or a 55 and a broken tail light. i was speeding but i wasn’t doing 88. I was doing like 65 to 70. The car i was driving was my friend’s car. The car back wheel shocks were messed up and it had a accident at the side that make the car fender rubbing and touching the tire if i speed that fast. i have pictures too to show that

  11. Mahesh

    Hi, I got a ticket for speeding 59 MPH @ 40 MPH Zone, on 07/02/2016 11:22 PM, at W/B Route 5 @ First Street, Hamburg Town of – 1565, Erie County. Under NYS V & T Law Section, 1180D. I have a clean record.

    Can you suggest, what do I need to do ?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Mahesh – this 4 point ticket has a maximum fine of $300, along with a court fee of $93. This ticket will likely impact your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest the ticket to avoid these consequences.

  12. Manas

    Hi Adam,
    I got a 1180D for driving at 85( as per the cop, i may be off by a few miles, but not 85 for sure) in a 65 zone on I-90. The deposition details “Stationary Front radar at mpm 157, visual estimate 85mph. Radar digital display confirms 85 mph in a clearly posted 65 mph zone”. I live in and hold a Rhode Island license, but the ticket is to be handled at Rotterdam city in Schenectady County. I know it’s 4 points on my record and a max of $393 fine. I have following questions.
    1. Will it increase my insurance?
    2. Plead guilty or not-guilty.
    3. If i plead not-guilty what are the chances of reducing the ticket to a substantially lower amount and to 0 points.
    4. Does your firm provide representation at the Rotterdam town, so that i don’t have to travel and waste time?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Manas – 1) This violation will likely increase your insurance rates, 2) I suggest you plead not guilty; 3) We can not speak for what your chances are here – as we need more information about your ticket and driving history; 4) We regularly appear in this court.

  13. Christian Al

    Hello, I have just received my lisence probably 2 months ago. About two days ago, I was caught speeding doing 40 on a 30 speed zone. I was driving 38 in what I thought was a 35 speed zone since I was unfamiliar with the area but I guess I was wrong. Now I have a summons. What charges am I probably facing if I plead guilty?

  14. Dahliarose

    Hi, I was coming from Williamsport Pa. And I was puller over by a North Danesville police officer. I slowed down before I passed him. He said I was going 81 in a 65 speed zone. But before he pulled me over he stated he followed me over two miles after I slowed down. How much would my ticket be if I plead guilty? Also I have a Florida’s license.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      This ticket is 4 points and has a fine of $300 plus a $93 administrative fee. If you plead guilty to this ticket, it will appear on your record in Florida and can negatively impact your insurance rates over the next 3-4 years.

  15. Les Harvey

    I received a speeding ticket near Covington NY on our way to Montreal. I have a clean NJ drivers license and the NY State trooper was parked in the trees off the highway at the bottom of a steep decline. He told me that I was doing 84 in a 65 and I disagree. Looks like it will be a 4 point ticket and God only knows how much it will cost. ! He listed 85 in 65 on the ticket too after saying 84, not that it matters.

    I thought it was unfair for the officer to ticket the speed so high with such a steep decline, not to mention the fact that I have 3 family members on the NJ police force. (which I did not mention).
    I was driving with cruise control for the entire 5 hour drive and there was a fully loaded logging truck pulling onto the empty highway, so I pulled into the left lane to give him clearance and must have tapped my brakes before doing so, which would have stopped the cruise control.
    Very frustrating and frankly upset with the NY state trooper for the severity and lack of any leniency, especially with our 7 year old being polite in the back seat and my wife and I being polite as well.
    Anyway, Please advise and since it is so far for me to appear in court it may be something that I would really like to have you handle.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Les – this 4 point ticket has a penalty of $393. We will be happy to assist you contest this violation in order to mitigate the fines, as well as the impact on your insurance rates.

  16. Amos Santiago

    Hey I the officer clocked me at 49 in a 25 mph zone , this is my first ticket ever , I haven’t even been pulled over before. How much would my fines be ?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Amos – You are looking at a 6 point ticket, which carries a $300 court fee, $93 administrative surcharge fee, and a $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment fee. This ticket can also cause a hike in your insurance rates by as much as 20-25%.

  17. Anna Gaines

    I got a speeding ticket close to Syracuse for going 90 in a 65. I have a Pennsylvania state license so I got an out-of-state ticket and it did not indicate the fine I would be facing. Any idea what to expect?

  18. Aloysius polec

    Hi I was clock at 84mph in a 65 zone in chestertown what will this do to my license I just got my license back little over 2 years ago

  19. Mike

    I received a ticket on I-290 outside of Buffalo for going 71 in a 55. Is it advisable to plead not guilty? What are the fines for this Offense? I live in Connecticut and this would be a long drive to fight the ticket.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are facing a 4 point ticket that carries a fine of $393. Additionally, there are significant insurance implications associated with this violation. I therefore suggest you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

  20. Mike

    I just got fine for speeding said I was doing 65 in 45 but found out my speedatwr was off. First time getting a ticket wondering what I’ll get

  21. scarlet

    Hello, I was going 105 in a 65 (yikes i know, I really don’t think i was going past 90, but thats what he said).
    This was in seneca, NY. The court is junius court. I don’t have money for a lawyer. I am okay with losing my licence but I would still like to fight it to get the lowest possible charges. What do you advise?

    I also got an obstruction of view ticket and a not using my blinker ticket (i definately did use my blinker though)

  22. Robert Hopkins

    Adam, what do you think? Caught doing 80 in a 65 on State Rte 17 in Wurtsboro. I had just switched with my friend who was tired of driving and was getting used to driving his brand new Jag XJ when I got caught in the speed trap. Mamakating Town Court /Sullivan County. Worthy of your services?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Robert – this 4 point ticket carries fines of $393, along with a substantial impact on insurance. I suggest fighting this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

  23. Aaron Gurish

    I’m a PA resident and while visiting NY on June 11th, I received a speeding ticket on I-86 (Cattaraugus County) for doing 90 in a 65. As far as I am aware, I have no points in PA, and I definitely have no points in NY. As this is my first speeding ticket in NY, what kinds of fines am I looking at, and which would be cheaper, paying the fine, or enlisting your services? I have never had a speeding ticket in NY previously. My last speeding ticket in PA was back in 2014.

  24. Chris G


    This morning I was given a ticket at 7:27am on the Southern State Parkway in Nassau county. I was going with the flow of traffic, but the ticket states the charge was based on Officer’s direct observation and verified by his radar. He clocked me at 76/55 (1 mph enough to bump me into another NY ticket class). I live in Utah and was visiting.
    Can you tell me:
    1) the likely ticket costs associated with it?
    2) if and how the points will transfer to Utah?
    3) should I contest?
    4) my license plate on the rental car was a Mississippi plate. In your experience, our officers likely to pull over an out of state car as they are less likely to contest?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Chris: 1) The ticket will cost $393 + $300 assessment fees. 2) We are not licensed in UT, and thus can not advise you on how many points, if any, transfer. 3) I suggest you contest this matter to mitigate the fines and insurance impact. 4) While that is very possible, it is also not illegal.

  25. Daniel

    Hi. I received a speeding ticket for going 74 in a 50 in Staten Island. On the ticket it says it’s 1180d and it says 74 in a 50, but when I pleaded Not Guilty online it says the ticket was for 31+ over the speed limit and carries 11 points. Shouldn’t it be 11-30 and have less points? Who made this error? Can I use this to get the ticket dismissed? Thank you.

  26. Oscar Anthony Tyson

    I received a speeding ticket for going 74 in a 65. I was travelling in NY state just passed the PA line into New York. It was Chatauqua county Town of Portland. He told me I was looking at No fine, and 1 point. Is this right? I don’t want even 1 point as my license has been clean for some years now. please advise…

  27. Susan Shanahan

    I posted a question yesterday. It was in moderation, but it seems to be gone? Cortland County, Marathon got speeding ticket for 75 in a 65 on I-81, deposition states “PASSING LANE, ACTUAL 93/65”. Not sure how this type of situation will be handled in terms of points/fees, as ticket itself says defendant speed: 75 in 65 mph zone. I have a clean record.

  28. Citlalli

    I received a ticket while driving from NYC to Montreal. I am Mexican, I live in Mexico, the car was rental, I was passing a huge line of cars and the officer said I went at 91 MPH in a 65 limit. What are my options? I won’t need to rent a car again but I want to know if I will be in trouble whenever I enter the US again. I come very often. Thanks!

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Where did you receive this ticket? We are unable to provide any guidance, as there are different consequences and procedures based on which court is handling the case.

  29. Morgan

    I got a speeding ticket for going 89 in a 65 on interstate 87 in NY, section 1180D. I am 17 and have had my license for 4 months, is there anyway to have no points added? Or reduced points added? Do I need a lawyer? What should I plead?

  30. Steve Espinoza

    I was clocked at 60mph in 25mph school zone I am 17 and this is my first ticket in Westchester NY. Not sure what to do

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are facing an 8 point ticket that will result in a significant amount of penalities, assessment fees, insurance impacts, and potential suspensions. I strongly suggest you contact us for a free consultation to discuss this in further detail.