Speeding Tickets in NY With NJ license

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With New Jersey being in such close proximity to New York then you are not alone if you were handed a traffic ticket while commuting to work or spending a weekend in the City. With so much traveling between the states, many motorists receive various traffic tickets without fully understanding how it affects their license New Jersey license.

Do Points Transfer From NY to NJ?

Yes, motor vehicle points do transfer from NY to NJ. A New Jersey driver that is convicted of a moving violation in New York will be given 2 points by New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). This point transfer is regardless of how many points New York assigns to the violation and assumes that New Jersey has a similar or like offense within its laws.

For A NJ Driver, Is It Worth Fighting A New York Ticket?

Palmyra (village), New York

Most New Jersey drivers are under the impression that points do not transfer for a speeding ticket or for other moving violation tickets received in New York. The reason most drivers believe this to be the case is because they don’t think states communicate regarding traffic violations. Unfortunately for those drivers this could not be further from the truth. Forty-five states across America have made an agreement between each other to communicate traffic violations between each other under the Driver’s License Compact. The purpose of the Driver’s License Compact is to promote driver’s to have one license at a time and to ensure that the state that issues the driver’s license to have a complete record of the motorists past and future driving history.

This means that the home state that gave you your license will have a clear picture of what traffic ticket convictions you have on your record from other states. Your home state then will impose points and communicate this to your insurance company. The insurance company can use this information when deciding on issuing you a policy or raising your current rates.

NY Speeding Ticket Fines vs. NJ Speeding Ticket Fines

Violations committed in other states not including New York will also lead to a 2 point transfer for the offense to your New Jersey State license. States that are not included in the Driver’s License Compact include Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin. If you receive a ticket in one of these states then the information will not be communicated to New Jersey and the points will stay off your record.

Should I Consult With An Attorney About My New York State Traffic Ticket?

Cities and states across the nation are struggling due to a down economy. Unfortunately, what this means is that police officers are now pulling people over for moving violations at an increased rate to not only keep roads safe but also generate revenue. Officers are less likely now to let you off with a simple warning and are ready to hand out speeding tickets for driving even a few miles over the speed limit.
Before you think about pleading guilty and paying the fine for a New York State traffic violation you should contact an attorney to discuss your matter. Points can have a significant impact on your insurance rates so it is always worth making sure you keep a clean driving record, even when the offense happens out of state.

Call or email The Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation about your traffic ticket in New York.

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  1. I was given a “disobeyed traffic controle device” ticket today. Violation was in west Chester county and I’m from New Jersey. How does this affect my driving record?

    1. Hello Patrick,
      To answer your question, two points will transfer to your NJ driving record, along with the violation. Insurance companies vary with their treatment of this violation.
      Thank you for your question.

  2. Hi , I got a speeding ticket in upstate New York with 93 mph and I have a NJ driver license , however I paid the ticket and now I received a responsibility driver statement with $300 fine and 6 points sent to my old address in New York .
    I believe I will have 2 points in my new jersey license and my question is :
    Can I take both New York and also New Jersey driving defensive courses to reduce the 6 points in NY and the 2 points in NJ ? Thank you

    1. Hello Issam,
      I would suggest contacting us so we may better explain how defensive driving courses can assist you.
      Thank you for your question.

  3. I’m a NJ driver with no points, allegedly speeding at 75mph on 50mph on Staten Island Expressway near Verrazano bridge on ramp. Ticket states “speeding in posted zone” – What fine does this carry ? $203 & 6 points or something else ? Is it worth contesting?

    1. Hello Nazim,
      This 6 point ticket carries fines of $203, along with a $300 driver responsibility assessment fee. Furthermore, NJ will assess 2 points for this violation, and your insurance rates will likely increase. I therefore suggest contesting this ticket.

    1. With a few exceptions, NJ will assess 2 points for moving violations committed in another state. In order to advise on the number of points in NY, please advise us of the specific violation you are being charged with.

  4. Was over the speed limit in NYC by 21 mph (71 in a 50). NY says its 6 points, but do i only get 2 points accessed in NJ on my licence? (I have a NJ)

    1. You will receive 6 points against your NY Driving record. NJ assesses 2 points for (almost) all violations committed out of state – this being one of them.

  5. I have a ticket from November 2016 that I could have sworn I paid but now I received a mail saying that I will be suspended over it but the thing is it’s 5 points which I really cannot afford to get on my license. How do I check what tickets I paid off. How do I also know what to do because I have an NJ license with 10 points on it? I was driving in a hov lane for the first time and went 12 mph over the speed limit. It was my first time driving in nyc. Please help.

    1. I would suggest contacting the NY DMV – driver improvement section. You may additionally obtain a copy of your NY Driving record to view what tickets you have been convicted of.

  6. I m holding New Jersey license and got 2 speeding violation ticket at the same time in nyc
    state as the COP said that I crossed two town with the same speed of 88 and 86. if anybody
    can tell me what will be the fine and the points and can advice me what I should do.

  7. Hello

    I was caught speeding on the ny thruway, going 98 in a 65. I have an nj license and was driving in a rental car at the time.

    The cops told me that the fines would probably be very steep given the speed, and from what I recall well I know I was speeding, my speedometer said 90.

    The town as far from my home as I was upstate, is it worth it to fight the ticket? And what would the cost look like and either case?

    1. Erin – This 8 point ticket carries maximum fines of $693, a $450 assessment fee, and a significant insurance impact. New Jersey will assess 2 points against your record for this violation.

  8. I got a speeding ticket upstate NY for going 91 on a 65. that’s 26ph over. Does that add 2 points to my NJ license. Should I just pay it or ?

    1. Dante – NJ will assess 2 points for any moving violation comitted in another state. Additionally, your insurance rates would likely increase due to this ticket.

  9. I got pulled over for “unsafe lane change” despite using my signals and having enough room to change. I was going the speed limit and even waited a second before changing. I’m pretty sure the police officer was just upset because I changed into his lane and was driving in front of him. Should I plead not guilty?

    1. Becca – In order to provide further guidance, please advise us as to which court has jurisdiction over your ticket. There are two court systems in NY, both with substantially differing procedures.

  10. So I was working in NYC and was trying to find my boss and got caught on my phone. I have way to many points on my NJ license to get those 5 points. My question is should I fight it? And will those points go on my NJ license? It’s my first cell phone ticket in NYC

    1. Mark – NJ will only assess points for the 3rd cell phone violation. Thus, whether points will transfer from NY to NJ will depend on your current record. Irrespective of whether points transfer, however, we generally recommend contesting tickets such as yours.

  11. I got pulled over in the Bronx for going thru a ‘Full Stop Sign’
    It was a three way intersection and I did stop to allow a car to proceed on my left , the NYPD pulled me over about two blocks away , I tell the officer I stopped and he says ” you kind of ” the roadway is on a angle and its obvious they didn’t have a clear view of where I was positioned this happened in august 2018 , whats a stop sign ticket cost for me driving for forty years with a clean new york state CDL class B

    1. Garry – Stop sign violations generally cost approximately $243.00. Furthermore, these 3 point tickets will likely increase your insruance rates. While there is no plea bargaining in this jurisdiction, it is possible to obtain a dismissal by conducting a trial and cross-examining the officer.

  12. While living in NJ in 2008, I received a speeding ticket in queens NY. I lived in NJ for the NEXT 10 YEARS. I just this week moved up to Rochester NY, and when trying to transfer my license the DMV employee told me I had to pay $300 for the ticket in Queens, and I had 6 points. My recent abstract I have says I have 4 points.

    does a speeding ticket in queens from 10 years ago really keep me from transferring my license over?

  13. I was recently given a speeding ticket in NY for driving 92 on a 55 mph zone. I have an NJ License. As you’ve mentioned above, will 2 points be added on my record? How much fine could I end up paying? Should I contest this?

    1. Shank – The fine for this violation is $693, along with $450 in assassment fees. Furthermore, your insurance rates will likely increase due to this ticket.

  14. On 7/22/18 i got pulled over in ny state i am a nj resident. The state trooper gave me a ticket for back seat passenger 4-7 no/ improper restraint will this carry points to my nj license?

    1. New Jersey assesses 2 points for any moving violation committed in another state. Where in NY did you get ticketed?

  15. Got pulled over for doing 50 in a 35, NY cop gave ticket for “failure to obey traffic device”. This is about 2+ hours from my home. What is the benefit of pleading not guilty and going to court? I cannot even find what the fee is for this and if points are involved? I have never had any ticket before. Please advise!

    1. Kellie – this 2 point ticket has a maximum fine of $243.00. Please provide me with additional information so I may properly provide advice to you on this matter – including the court that will be handling this ticket.

  16. Hello, I’m a NJ driver and recieved a speeding ticket and the officer stated that he estimated I was doing 35. Should I fight this? The officer also stopped 3other drivers for the same reason. Thank you.

    1. Ana, in order to provide you with information, please provide us with additional information regarding your traffic violation – including which court has jurisdiction over your case.

  17. i was driving my unlicensed sister and brother in law to queens. got pulled over for going 81 in a 50 in the left lane of a 3 or 4 lane stretch of what i thought was 440 but my ticket says I287 staten island expressway east. there was traffic in the right lanes but i was alone in the left lane. i know i was going as fast as i was clocked. not contesting that, but what i didnt know is how low the actual speed limit was. i know it is my responsibility as a driver to know the limit of the road i am driving on. from what i have seen this could cost me anywhere from $715 to $1135 plus 2 points transferring to NJ where i am licensed. is there any way the court would lower the fines? i cant even pay my rent right now, let alone this massive fine. my court date is set for 11/09/18.

    1. Nicole – the only way to avoid the fines in this jurisdiction is to contest your ticket at trial and obtain a not guilty verdict. This is done by illustrating that the officer was unable to meet their burden of proof – clear and convincing evidence. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact us at 888-883-5529.

  18. Hello! I’m a NJ driver. I have 5 points on my NJ driving record already. I just got a ticket in NY (FLD TO STOP SCHOOL BUS) I google it and read about the $300 fee + Ticket fee… are the points for that offense going to my NJ record plus the 2 points that NJ will add(5+2=7 plus 5 that I have=12) or just the 2 points will go to My record? Can I fight it? Thanks

    1. NJ will assess 2 points for any moving violation you receive out of state. NY will add 5 points to your NY driving history. These amounts will not be added together – but are rather independently assessed by each state. While you may contest this, the procedural rules vary among the court systems in NY.

  19. I just received a failure to stop at a stop sign ticket in Staten Island with a NJ license. Do the course allowing you to plea to lesser charge, no points such as in NJ? Is there any way to get this dismissed when I did in fact stop?

  20. Hi , just got pulled over on the 684 the officer stated that while coming down the hill he clocked me at 85 mph in a 65 mph zone but the ticket says 74 mph, if I plea not guilty and go to court and the cop doesn’t appear is the ticket dismissed ? And if it is does get dismissed is the insurance compant ever made aware of the ticket in the first place ? Or is it only after the verdic ?

    1. Only convictions may harm your insurance – not mere allegations. Court’s may dismiss a ticket if an officer fails to appear. However, the court may elect instead to adjourn the case. The procedures will likely depend on the location of the incident.

  21. i got a reckless driving ticket in buffalo ny with a nj license and got 3 points on my license according to the town court. do i now have 5 points or am i reading this wrong? how should i handle this situation so i can get all these points off my license

    1. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor offense in NY, and I thus strongly suggest that you contact us to discuss how best to contest this violation.

  22. I received a ticket in NY for going 89 in a 65. The ticket reads 89 in a 55 in some areas of the ticket and 65 in others so I am assuming they made a mistake. I have a NJ license. Although this is a 6+ point violation, will I only receive 2 as mentioned above? How should I handle this?

    1. I suggest contesting this 6 point violation, as while only 2 points will be assessed against your NJ record, this violation will substantially increase insurance rates. Furthermore, this violation carries a fine of $393, along with a $300 assessment fee.

  23. Hi, thank you for taking the time to hear my situation. I am a NJ driver but got two tickets in NY for the same offense (looking at phone). How many points will stick for that individual ticket? I had one dismissed however and one is still on my record. I took an I Drive Safely course for New York, but wondering if it would be beneficial if I took it in NJ too??

    1. Jack – NJ does not assess points for the first two cell phone violations. Taking a defensive driving course would not ‘erase’ points, but would provide a savings to your insurance rates. I suggest obtaining your abstract, and reviewing any changes to your insurance rates, before deciding further.

  24. Hello….I was issued a ticket for going 71 in a 50 on the Belt Parkway. I truly do NOT believe I was going that speed and I find it odd that many other NJ drivers on this thread conveniently were ticket for 71 in a 50 as well. The ticket was issued in 2015 so I am unsure if the police officer will even appear. if I am to fight my ticket this month on my court date, what other fees will I have to pay?

    1. Jenny – you should handle your case assuming the officer will appear for trial. Tickets for these rates of speed are common as you point out – as 21 mph is the precise speed required for a 6 point violation. If you are convicted of this ticket, you will be required to pay the fine & court fee – totaling $203, along with the driver responsibility assessment fee – which is an additional $300 dollars.

  25. Hi, I’m a NJ driver who works in Westchester county, NY. While driving on I-287, was distracted and rear-ended another vehicle. (My fault-radio) Driver in front complained of sore shoulder, so personal injury determined I received a following too closely ticket. I understand NJ will assess me 2 points for this though NY is more, but what are the total damages here?

    1. Aside from the points (4) and the fines, a guilty plea / verdict here could potentially be used against you in future lawsuits. I therefore strongly suggest contesting this violation.

  26. My husband and I got a pulled over this summer on what I believe was the Cross Island Parkway allegedly going 71 in a 50. Albeit he was trying to get around a few tractor trailers in the middle lane so we could get over to exit. I really do not believe he was going that fast (as I was monitoring his speed as an overbearing wife) but we were accelerating to get around the line of trucks in order to get to the exit lane. He has a NJ license and I had him plead not guilty as it seemed extreme for the situation. We received a court appearance and it is in Rochester NY. ROCHESTER?!?!?! I literally just rescheduled the date for the spring as I can not get to Rochester tomorrow morning without leaving my house at 4 am. I wrongly assumed this court appearance would be somewhere in Long Island or near the city. I find this ticket to be un reasonable and Rochester to be unreasonable and the ticket itself doesn’t even have his correct name on it.
    This entire situation is very frustrating. Is this worth fighting?

    1. Christina, this 4 pt violation carries a fine up to $393, along with a significant impact to your insurance rates. Pleading not guilty allows your husband to contest this violation in court. Court’s have jurisdiction based on the geographical location of the incident. Furthermore, whether the ticket will be dismissed because his name is incorrect on the ticket will depend on whether this is seen as a clerical error, or a more substantial error with identifying the proper defendant. If you have any further questions, please contact us at 888-883-5529.

  27. Hi,

    I recently received a ticket for making a right on red in Brooklyn. It is legal to make a right on red in New Jersey if not posted otherwise. It was force of habit here which I explained to the officer, but received the ticket nonetheless. How will this impact my NJ license, if at all? Thanks!

    1. NJ will transfer assess two points for any out of state conviction. Due to the likely insurance implications, I recommend contesting this violation in court. Since you have received a ticket within the 5 boros, there is no plea bargaining. Thus, the only avenue of relief is through a dismissal at trial. Please note – unawareness of the law is not a defense. However, there are other methods to contest this violation. .If you would like further details please feel free to give us a call at 1888-883-5529.

  28. I got a class B nj drivers license. I received two tickets in ny in my work truck.one was for (no cmv on parkway-nyc) which meant I got (disobeyed traffic device) which carrys 2 points..l have a clean and safe nj drivers license. Would it be safe just to pay the fines and make sure I stay safe for the next year.main reason for this decision was because I don’t really have the money to pay extra for lawyers and the time to take off work..

    1. Gary – hiring an attorney would allow you to contest this ticket without personally appearing in court. Aside from the points transfering to NJ, the most expensive impact of this violation will likely be the increases of your insurance rates.

  29. Hi
    I get a speed ticket on Staten Island 71 on 50 speed limit. I have a New Jersey driver license . What is the fine and how many points. Should I fight for it?

    1. Mo – you are facing a 6 point ticket, $203 fine, $300 assessment fee, increases in insurance rates, and the assessment of 2 points against your NJ license. NJ assesses 2 points for any moving violation comitted in another state. While I do suggest contesting this violation, please be advised that this is a trial court – generally seen as one of the more challenging courts in NY.

  30. Hi.
    I just got pulled over in the Union , Town of 0463. I was going 17 over 65. So 82mph. Should I fight or pay the ticket? I have a NJ license.

    1. Rahul – if convicted of this 4 point speeding ticket, NJ will assess 2 points against your NJ driving record. Additionally, you will be required to pay a fine to the court of $393, and will likely have a substantial increase in your insurance rate.

  31. Hi, I am a NJ licensed driver. I got pulled over the NY Thruway going 80 in a 65. What are the penalties associated with this and how many points will transfer back to my NJ license?

    1. Jason – You are currently facing a 4 point ticket – that will carry fines of $393. NJ assesses 2 points for any moving violation committed in another state.

  32. Hi I got pulled over for speeding in Yonkers West, doing 62 in a 30. What are the penalties associated with that and what is the best way to work with this. I have no prior points and clean record.

    1. You are facing 8 points, a fine of $693, assessment fees of $450, and a significant increase in your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this violation.

  33. Hi.

    I just got pulled over in the Bronx, by the throgs neck bridge. I was going 25 over 50. So 75mph. Should I fight or pay the ticket? I have a NJ license.

    1. Carlos – I suggest contesting this 6 point ticket as there are substantial fines and insurance implications. Furthermore, 2 points will transfer to your NJ license if you are found guilty of this offense.

  34. I received my first traffic ticket ever. I made a right turn from a middle lane on 34th street onto 9th Avenue, in manhattan. I though I could make the turn. Turns out, cannot. Question: I don’t know how many points this is. I would like to go to court and remove this ticket by paying an extra fine. What are my option? Thanks

    1. Tom – you are facing a 2 point ticket for this improper turn ticket. Your case is under the jurisdiction of the traffic violations bureau – a legal system that does not allow for plea bargaining. As such, the only option to obtain a dismissal of these points is through a trial.

  35. Good evening,
    I have a NJ license and got a ticket for speeding in NY.
    Was on country roads, posted limit was 30 and the cop said I was going 47.
    He wrote on the ticket I was going 40 in a 30 speed zone but in the bottom in comments he wrote I was really going 47.
    How does this work regarding points? And how much would it cost?
    I’m not sure if I just send it in saying I’m guilty or I try to go to court. It is over an hour away from where I live and would be the end of this week.
    Is there such a thing of pushing off the date? Wld that be helpful or any reason to do that?
    If I go to court Is there anything I cld say that cld make it worse for myself?
    Wld this be ok to day? it was very late at night and no one was on the roads (1:20am)
    I was concentrating and the thick fog, winding roads, and dear didn’t hav music on or speaking to anyone on the phone was going down hill even with breaking I picked up speed and I believe the police officer said he was at the bottom of the hill.

    1. RB – you are currently facing a 3 point ticket that will result in $243 in fines, along with an impact on your insurance rates. NJ assesses 2 points for any moving violation committed in another state. We generally caution our clients against testifying on their own behalf for the very reason you have stated. If you would like to discuss potential strategy in contesting these tickets, you may reach us at 888-434-0406.

  36. Hello,
    I got pulled over by police officer for speeding on Staten Island highway 276 . Posted speed limit is 50mph and my speedometer was showing 60mp/h. There was another vehicle driving much faster. Before all this happened the police officer was on the shoulder taking care of some traffic violation done by other driver. Suddenly he left the shoulder and accelerated and I though he is going the get the vehicle that was passing me with much faster speed and I was wrong, officer slowed down and got behind me and pulled me over, He stated that I was speeding 75 mph on 50 mph zone. I told him it is impossible and he said “ok” and returned to his vehicle with my documents. After approx. 20 minutes he came back to my vehicle and handed me the ticked that stated me driving 75 mph! I started asking him a question but he completely ignored me and walked away to his vehicle and drove away. I never experienced such a ignorance from the cop. Is there any way I can prove that he got a wrong guy speeding 75 mph. I already have 2 points on my driver license from June last year and I really don’t want my insurance to go up because of some officer wrong judged me and stated that I was speeding 75mph where I actually I was doing 60mph. Is there any way they cloud drop my points to zero and what would be the fine.
    Thank you.

    1. Tom – as there is no negotiation in this court system, there will either be a guilty or not-guilty verdict. The burden of proof is on the officer to illustrate that you were, in fact, the individual that was speeding. Any mention of other cars speeding in the area will not help your case.

  37. Hello, just read your informative article after I got a speeding ticket the morning. I was given a ticket in Binghamton, NY on RT 81 for going 85 in a 55. I am a NJ licensed driver. As best as I can tell from your article, I I opt to plead guilty, I will have to pay the NY fine of an undetrermined amount and may receive 2 points on my NJ license. My thought is just to pay the fine after all 2 points is not bad. I have no other points on my license and haven’t had any moving violations in over 30 years. It would probably cost more in time and inconvenience to fight the ticket?????

    1. Tom,

      With this ticket you are facing 6 points in New York, a separate 2 points in New Jersey, up to $393 court fee, a $300 DMV surcharge fee and approx 25% increase in your insurance rates. Based on the severity of the penalties that would be imposed, I highly recommend you fight this ticket.

  38. I recently was pulled over for doing 89 in a 65 but the ticket was issued for 74, only 9 over. the fine is 85 with 2 points. I can take defensive driving and wipe out those points. is it worth fighting?

    1. JD – where did you receive this ticket? New York does not have 2 point speeding tickets so I need to clarify what you are specifically being charged with.

  39. Hello,
    I received a ticket for 86 in a 65 zone. Interstate on I90 near Victor Town, Ontario County NY. I am NJ driver. The police told me 84 MPH but ticket received is 86. Difficult to argue on this point. 86 is 6 points in NYC but 84 may be lower. Should I plea not guilty? How hard to fight this ticket to lower my points? I have never gotten any tickets in any states in US with almost 6 years driving in both California and NJ.
    How can you help me to fight this ticket? What is the estimate charge from you and process?

    1. Dennis – As you correctly state, you were unfortunately given a ticket in the higher bracket – namely for 6 points. This ticket, including assessment fees, will cost approximately $693. NJ will assess 2 points for this violation. Additionally, your insurance rates will likely be impacted. I can assist you contest this violation, and would be happy to discuss any additional questions you may have. You may contact me at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  40. I blew off a ticket in Brooklyn and my NY driving privlage was suspended. Am I legal to still drive in NJ. I am a NJ resident with a NJ driving license with no prior points…

    1. Patrick – The suspension from NY will transfer to NJ – thus preventing you from driving in NJ. You must resolve any underlying issues with NY asap to protect your driving privileges.

  41. Hello!
    NJ driver here, I received a ticket for doing 89 in a 65 zone, interstate off of Marathon. I’m aware that this leads to 6 points in NYS, but how many transfer over, and what is the monetary fine? Also, I am looking to plea not guilty, but I need to drive another 4/5 hours to make it back up there and would like to know if there is a way to have the appearance a little closer to home?

    1. Tom – This violation will result in 6 points on your NY record, as well as 2 points onto your NJ record. There is also a $393 fine associated with this violation, along with a $300 driver responsibility assessment fee. Feel free to reach out to us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  42. Hi
    I am a NJ driver who got a ticket for using a handheld device. NY assesses 5 points for that but NJ doesn’t consider it a moving violation and has no points. Will anything happen to my NJ license?

    1. Michael – Assuming you do not have any prior cell phone violations in NJ, NJ should not assess points against your license. However, insurance companies often raise rates due to cell phone tickets committed in other states.

  43. Hello,
    I am a NJ licensed driver who has never been pulled over before – I have been driving for 5 years. I received a speeding ticket in Lake George for going 80 on a 65. (My speedometer read 75 at most but I guess at this point that is besides the point.) What will be my consequences – and do you recommend pleading not guilty and taking this to trial? I live about 6 hours from Lake George. Thank you.

    1. Veronica – you are facing a 4 point ticket in NY – 2 of which will transfer to NJ. The penalty for this violation is $393, along with a subsantial increase in insurance rates. We can fight this ticket on your behalf, without the need for your personal appearance in court.

  44. Just got a ticket in NYC for “unposted speed limit exceeded” 37 in a 25. I was pretty much going with the flow, no signs stating the spped limit…How on earth is this legal? How should I proceed?

    1. Hugo – the ‘unposted limit’ in NY was recently changed to 25 mph – as part of Vision Zero. Unfortunately, going ‘with the flow of traffic’ is no a defense to speeding. Since speeding is a strict liability offense, the only way to fight your ticket is by illustrating that you were not, in fact, speeding. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case in further detail.

  45. Hello I am a NJ licensed driver. I just received a ticket in New York. I got pulled over on the Clearview Expressway in Queens for SPEEDING. I was doing 73mph in a 50 mph zone. My question is should I fight it or not? If I decide to plea guilty what’s the total fines I would have to pay and what’s the total points I would accumulate?

    1. Ricky – you are facing a 6 point ticket in NY that carries a fine of $203, a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300, and substantial increases in your insurance rates. Additionally, NJ will assess 2 points against your license.

      1. Thank you very much for your feedback. Should I fight this ticket or will it be pointless? The $300 driver assessment fee is that due all at once when I pay my fine or how is that paid? And last question since you said it’s a 6 point ticket. Does 4 points stay in NY and the other 2 points transfer to NJ?

        1. I recommend you fight this ticket. The $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment can be paid in full at one time, or in 3 installment payments of $100. The 4 points will stay on your driving history in NY and an additional 2 points will be put on your NJ driving record.

          1. I had a similar situation. Actually, exactly 23 mph over the 45mph limit. 6 points in NYS, $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment, $203 fine. What is the point of fighting the ticket? What can be gained? And what is the consequence to not paying the $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment?

          2. The reason why tickets are fought is to a) reduce the fines, b) reduce the points, and c) reduce insurance impacts – which is based on the violation, and not the points. Failing to pay a driver responsibility assessment fee will result in license suspension in NY, that transfers to the other states.

  46. Hi,

    I received a ticket for failing to move over for a NYS police vehicle on I-87. I know in NYS it carries 2-3 points but will those points count against my license in NJ as well?


    1. This violation would be communicated to New Jersey and can cause an increase in your insurance rates. I recommend you fight this ticket to reduce/avoid the points and penalties.

  47. Hi Adam,

    I am a NJ driver with 2 points (2 months earlier) on my license and I got another speeding ticket on Sep 11, 2016 for 78 on 65 mph in Rockland county, NY. How many points will be carried on to my NJ license and How much fine will I have to pay. Am I also looking at the accumulated 6 point fine. Are there any chances of minimizing the points and the fine.

    1. You are looking at a 4 point ticket in NY – with fines of $393. NJ assesses 2 points for any moving violation committed in another state. Additionally you will have to pay a $300 driver responsibility assessment fee as it appears you are facing 6 points on your license. Contesting this ticket will allow you to minimize the fines & penalties.

  48. I have a Nj probationary license and i got a speeding ticket on Riverside drive for driving 31 mph and I was under the impression the speed limit was 30 but the cop wrote on the ticket that i was going at 40 how many points will come on my license? what should i do?

  49. I am a new jersey licensed driver who recieved a ticket for 75mph in a 50mph zone. I see it is a 6 point ticket in NY, will only 2 points transfer over to NJ? Will my insurance company see it as a 6 point ticket? Is there an “unsafe driving” no point plea i can make so that my insurance does not see the violation?

    1. David – 2 points transfer over to NJ, although your insurance company will see the violation itself, as they do not look at the actual points in determining whether to increase insurance rates. Whether or not you can enter a plea agreement will depend on which court is handling your case.

  50. I am a NJ license driver. I was driving north bound in Riverside Drive in NYC and got pulled over driving 46 mph in 25 mph zone. I had no idea the speed limit was 25 mph since I do not drive in the city very often. It looks like only 6 points will transferred to my NJ license even though it is a 6 point penalty in NYC. My question is – is there a way to fight it so that my insurance will not go up so much? I have never gotten a speeding ticket before, only a stop sign violation ticket about 5 years ago (already cleared from my license).

    1. Suzy – 2 points will transfer to your NJ license. In order to fight this ticket, you must plead not guilty and contest this matter at trial.

  51. I received a speeding ticket on 05/13/2015, and the court date is 09/21/2016.
    I got this at NB Riverside Drive in Manhattan, while doing 48mph in 30mph zone.
    I am going to extend the court date due to my personal reason, and I am wondering if I could fight for this ticket, how many points I will be able to save.

    1. Hae – this 4 point ticket carries a fine of $203. There is no plea bargaining in this court system – thus – your case must be resolved via trial.

  52. Hi, I am NJ driver and got speeding ticket on I-90 of Brutus, Cayuga county of NY. I have received 1180D for 93MPH speeding on 65MPH Zone. I have 5.5 years of no ticket driving history. In ticket it mentioned that officer charged based on direct observation and speed verified by RADAR. Need your advice on this case and how much fine i am looking at?

    1. Arindam – this 6 point ticket carries fines of $393, assessment fees of $300, and a significant impact on insurance rates. 2 points will transfer to your NJ license due to this violation.

  53. Hi,
    I’m a NJ probationary License driver got a NY speeding ticket for driving @83 in a 55 MPH Zone near Hancock state route 17. This is my first ticket.

    Section Charged- 1180B , Speed Over 55 Zone.
    Please advise me how many points will be carried over to NJ and the fine amount.

    1. Rajesh – Due to the serious implications of this speeding ticket, I strongly suggest you contact us to discuss your case in further detail. You may reach us at 888-434-0406.

  54. I am an NJ driver and was issued a ticket in NY for going 82 in a 65 zone. The was passing on the left lane when the cop pulled me over. This is my first offense. What are my options for fighting this ticket? What option should I select on the ticket to send back to the back to the court – Plead Guilty or Plead not Guilty?

    1. Priya – where did this violation occur? There are two court systems in NY, each having very different procedures for handling tickets.

  55. I am a NJ driver and received a ticket for doing 70 in a 50 on a small part of the Belt Partway in Rockaway near JFK ariporit. This was back in 2014 and I originally pleaded Not guilty, but my court appearance was pushed back to October on 2016. I am thinking of changing my plea and just pay the fine to get rid of the ticket. What is your advice?

  56. Hi Adam,

    I recently received a ticket for “disobeyed traffic controlled device” section 1110a on i87 in NYS near Saratoga. I hold a Jersey license and the officer said this carries no points that will carry over to NJ.

    Can you tell me if this is accurate and what the fine will be?

    1. Thomas – this is not accurate. New Jersey assesses 2 points for any ‘moving violation’ committed in another state. Since an 1110(a) violation is considered a moving violation – points will be assessed against your NJ license. The penalty for this offense is $243.00, and we have seen this violation increase the insurance rates of some of our previous clients.

  57. Hi Adam. Im a nj driver and got a speeding ticket in upstate New York in Schroon. It was 22mph over. I know in NYS that’s 6 points on my license. Do I still have to pay the surcharge for three years if I’m only getting 2 points on my NJ drivers license? I’m thinking of hiring a lawyer but I was caught on the radar. I want no points on my license.

      1. I am NJ resident and got a ticket of 97mph in 65mph zone in NY Albany.
        Officer given me a weird paper that doesn’t state points or fine or anything. i just have to mail some portion with guilty or not guilty. If i say Non guilty then i have to drive around 6 hours.
        If i say guilty then what should i expect?
        I am Ok with 2 points in NJ as my driving history is clean.

        1. Faisal – this 8 point ticket carries fines of $693, along with an assessment charge of $450. While you are correct – only 2 points will transfer over to NJ – the impact on insurance will be substantial. Insurance rate increases are based on the violation, not the number of points.

  58. I have a nj license and already have 9 points. I got a ticket driving to UAlbany. Can i beat it to get a no point offense and pay a fine? Money isnt an issue, i will pay it, i just dont want/need any points. Can you help me?

  59. Hi Adam,
    I was given a NY Traffic ticket while exiting Cross Bronx Expressway unto Castle hill Exit 5B in the Bronx and i have a NJ license and reside in NJ.
    The ticket description states : Disobey Stop sign.
    This claim is false because in order to join local street upon exiting, i need to stop to check for other passing vehicles so as not to get into or cause an accident and also i had my children in the car.
    I was actually stopped by the cop at a red light while waiting for it to change and i was so surprise because i was driving carefully so i asked the cop what i was being stopped for and he mentioned “disobeying stop sign”. I asked that he should check the pictures or Video of this because i was sure i stopped. The cop stated there are no pictures or video.

    Should i fight this traffic claim? Does it put points on my NJ Licence and how many? Do i get points from NY as well. I have a clean driving history in my over 20 years of driving.

    Thank you.

    1. Emay – if convicted, you will receive 2 points against your NJ license, along with a potential insurance impact. If you contest this ticket, you will provide yourself the opportunity of avoiding these consequences.

  60. Hi Adam,

    I just received 2 tickets In NY, I have a NJ license. One ticket was for speeding, the officer did not indicate how fast but i assume 15-20 mph over the limit and the other was to fail to signal changing lanes. The officer said I will get the ticket at my address in nj, i asked him how many points and he stated that there are no points because i am from nj and i was issued the ticket in ny. Is this true? Will i still have some type of points transfered or is it just the fine i will have to pay?, im not even sure how much the fine is? That being said should i plead guilty or not?

    Thank You,

    1. Samantha – the information the officer provided you was incorrect. New Jersey assesses 2 points for any moving violation committed in another state. Thus, you will be assessed 4 points against your NJ license for these offenses.

  61. Adam,

    I received 2 tickets. I was heading up 9th Ave bt 4th and 5th in Brooklyn. I made a left turn and my car was already half in the crosswalk. The crosswalk was clear except for 1 person on each side. They were letting me go so I proceeded. The cop pulled me over for not yielding to pedestrians. I already pleaded not guilty. Is it worth fighting? The 2nd ticket I was in Staten Island and cop said I was doing 76 in a 50mph. I want to plead not guilty as well but how many points will transfer over to my NJ license? What should I do?

    1. Hi Chris,
      The first ticket you received carries 3 points and a fine of approximately $250. The second ticket carries a maximum fine of $300 plus a court surcharge of $93. In addition to that, a driver responsibility assessment fee will be imposed. This fee of $300 is imposed whenever an individual has 6 points on their record. Any additional point carries a fine of $75. 2 points transfer over to NJ per offense. In addition, your insurance rates are likely to go up significantly as a result of these violations.

  62. I just got a speeding ticket for going 113mph on a 55mph northern state parkway highway I’m from New Jersey and got the ticket in Long Island New York not sure what to do. Any help please this is my first speeding ticket

    1. Rahim – you are facing a substantial ticket that will result in fines in excess of $650, assessment fess of $675, a significant impact to your insurance rates, and license suspension. I strongly suggest you contact us for a free consultation to discuss in further detail.

  63. I just got 5 tickets. (3) for 376-1A: OPER. W/O LIGHTS, (1) for 375-2A4: NO/INADEQUATE PLATE LAMPS and (1) for 1110-A: FLD.TO OBEY TRAF.CON.DEV.
    This officer obviously liked me! My question is do any of these offenses carry points and if so, will they be transferred to my NJ license? Is it worth it to plead not guilty and try my luck in court?
    Please help!

  64. My husband has NJ license and received ticket from NY in the mail for going 36 in 25 school zone. No points associated with it since it was caught up on camera not by police officer. He already has one speeding violation in NY where he got 2 points and another not stopping on red light that was caught up on camera too and no points. Should he plead not guilty? How will his insurance rate be affected?
    Thank you.

  65. hello i have an NJ drivers license. I just received a cell phone ticket while driving. Its states that i am probably getting 5 points from NY State. However only 3 points transfer? thats what I’m not sure about. Do all the points transfer or partial?

    1. Hi Erik, this a 5 point ticket that is fully transferred to your NJ license. This is a maximum court fine of $150. Your insurance rates will increase for 3 to 5 years. We suggest pleading not guilty. If you would like more information about having your ticket lowered to minimum penalties, please contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  66. I just got a ticket for dis obeying a sign when all I was trying to make my life easier turning from 42nd street into Lexington Ave in NY. I plan on fighting, but if it comes to be guilty than, will a 5 hours course will remove the 2 points or will it stay on my record regardless?

  67. I received a speeding ticket on the Taconic state parkway, in pleasant valley, NY Dutchess County. I was stopped by state police. I was caught by radar doing 84mph on a 55mph road. The ticket states the matter is scheduled to be handled on appearance date 04/26/16. I live in Suffolk county, NY. I want to plea not guilty and attempt to fight it. Can the fees be reduced or eliminated and can I avoid the points to my license if I hire you?

    1. Hello Roberson, doing 29mph over the limit is a 6 point ticket. This holds a maximum court fine of $393 and a driver’s assessment fine of $300. We do suggest pleading not guilty. To find out more information about we can have this ticket reduced for you, please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  68. Hi. I just got a ticket for improper turn. Was in left lane and made a right turn. How much could that be and should I fight? Any points? I was following other cars doing the same turn. I have a clean nj license.

  69. I am an NJ driver and was issued a ticket in NY for going 82 in a 65 zone. I’ve read about some of the penalties I could be facing. What are my options for fighting this ticket?

  70. Nj license son got a NY speeding ticket heading up to Albany area dinner with a few old friends and a dwi blew a 8.0 and another speeding ticket in the same weekend

    1. Hi Jesse, we suggest hiring counsel as you are looking at some jail time, having your license revoked or suspended, a lot fines and points. Please contact our office at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation to find out how our firm would be able to help you have your penalties reduced to minimum.

  71. Hi , I am already driver assisment program for 3 years in Nov 2015 to 2018 . I got 3 ticket last year in Nov & Dec 2015 . one is speeding 74 in a 50 mph. Next one failed to pedistirian yield & failed to stop school bus sign . So, what is my licence sisuition, & what I do now . Pls tell me .

  72. I am a NJ driver and waa driving in NY and got a speeding ticket for going 36 in a 25. How many points will be going on my license?

  73. I am a NJ driver and I got a speeding ticket for 76 in a 55 zone in Hancock, NY. Im pretty sure my spedometer read that I only was going 70-72, at most. How many points and how much am I looking at paying? Thanks.

    1. Hello Jessica, you are currently facing a 6 point ticket. You are also looking at a maximum court fine of $393 and a driver’s assessment fine of $300. Your insurance rates will increase by 20 to 25 percent in the next 3 to 5 years. We suggest pleading not guilty. If you would like more information about how to have your ticket reduced to minimum penalties, please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

    1. Hi Jacob, you are looking at 22mph over the limit. This is a 6 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $393 and a driver’s assessment fine of $300. The points do carry over to your license. Your insurance rates will increase substantially for the next 3 to 5 years. We suggest you plead not guilty to this ticket. If you would like more information about having your ticket disputed, please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  74. got 3 separate tickets lately for making a left turn out of right straight lane only (16st & 6 ave)
    at that time I was driving rented 20ft- bed truck and had to go from other/right lane to make that left turn safe
    they(cops) see me, make a U-turn and obvious happens
    got slapped with :
    1128A- an safe lane chang *
    1163a – imp turn *
    ???? – faild yield ped* (cant read offense number due to poor hand writing skills)
    *all mentioned above are original writing
    as he handed me tickets and license back he mentioned “if I were You I would go to court”
    What the hell that supposed to mean ?
    does it make sense to fight it or I pay these anyway + will get poionts + court fees ??

    1. Luke – the officer is suggesting you fight these 3 tickets. I would not plead guilty, as there are significant consequences for these violations. You may contact us to discuss these in detail.

  75. I have NJ DL, and got ticket in tully,NY. I was caught by state police at I-81 highway. I was going on 83 MPH on a 65 MPH limit. while asking, I said, i was going approx 70MPH or may be little more as i was checking my GPS. I want to know how many point and fine will for that ticket.
    Is it worth to fight a ticket or what will be good advice ?

    As i am far from that place so cant go there in person to fight ticket.

    1. You are being charged with a 4 point ticket that has a fine of $300 and $85-93 surcharge. I suggest you fight this ticket. You should definitely consult with our firm to better understand your options. We can fight this ticket to help keep your record clean and avoid the points. The best part is you won’t have to come to court. Give us a call at 888-434-0406

  76. I got a ticket for 57mph in a 40 zone. What is possible violation and is it worth fighting it. This was on a clean nj license in NY on highway 155 near Albany.

  77. I have a NJ DL, and just got a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign in NYC. I believe I stopped with enough time at the stop sign. The summons says: “Disobey Stop Sign”. The officer said it would be (and I quote him) “Points in NY, not in NJ”. I don’t believe that. The fine is about $200 if I’m not mistaken. The points is what I’m worried about. Is it worth even taking the time off (which I don’t have as I just started a new job 3 days ago), paying an attorney, going to court, all for a $200 fine? The attorney fees alone will be way more than that wouldn’t it? I strongly believe you can’t beat an attorney’s knowledge, but Is this something I can plead down with the prosecutor?

    1. A guilty plea or conviction for this offense means you could be facing 3 points on your license, a $150 fine, surcharge fees and potential jail time. Please note that in the five boroughs of NYC there is no plea bargaining and to fight the tickets you must do so at a trial. An experienced traffic attorney can work to reduce or dismiss your ticket and you will not have to go to court. Please note – 2 points transfer to your NJ license for this offense.

  78. Good afternoon,

    I received a speeding ticket for 82 in a 50 zone on route 440 in Richmond County, NY. I am a NJ licensed driver. I was wondering if I am able to meet with a prosecutor and fight the ticket on my court date to get it lowered in points along with paying fees? Also, is it recommended that I hire an attourney?

    Thank you.

    1. Marc – While it is possible to meet with a prosecutor yourself, it is highly recommended you consult with counsel to assure you obtain the best possible outcome. This is particularly important in your case, as you face upwards of $1,100 in penalties, along with a significant impact on your insurance rates.

  79. I just received a speeding ticket for 72 in a 50 zone on the Belt Parkway near Kennedy Airport. I am a NJ licensed driver. Is there a benefit to fighting this ticket?

  80. i got speeding ticket in NY while i m NJ license holder .the speeding ticket was 93 over 65 .
    how many point that ticket will be? total
    and if I’m going to court and fight how may these point will be reduced to .

    1. 2 points transfer to NJ for any out of state moving violation. We need more information to advise you further – particularly which court has jurisdiction over your case.

  81. Heres my issue…
    I have a PA license and NY state I have too many tickets so not allowed to drive in NY but can keep my license in PA cause the point dont transfer.
    Now i’ve been using my moms address (PA) for my license and stay with my dad mostly in NJ where he is renting. He just got a new apartment with only street parking in a NJ town that you have to be a resident to park on the street. Now im scared if i have to change my license from PA to NJ that they wont give me a license because of my NY record…PLEASE HELP!?

  82. I live in NJ. I went to Flushing today. I turned right to Prince St from Northern blvd. I got a a ticket for “disobey traffic control traffic”. There was one guy about to cross Prince st. So the officer also gave me another ticket for “fail to yield to pedestrian”. According to what I found online, I’ll get 5 points. Is that correct? How will it affect my insurance? Is this something you can help?

    1. Jian – you are correct – you are facing 5 points against your NY license. This will likely affect your insurance rates, and it is something we would be able to help you fight.

  83. I got a ticket in NY, live in NJ. I have to pay 203 and 2 points will transfer to my License in NJ. He wrote that I was doing 69 in a 45. Can you help me clear this up? What are your fees and will they cost more than what the ticket is worth …

  84. I recently received a total of 9 points on my NYS license (5 pts on cell phone and 4 pts on speed). Would moving to NJ and exchaning my NYS license to a NJ license help in this situation? I also took a defensive driving course to reduce my points but upon paying $7 and printing out my NY Abstract of Driving Record, it still shows the 5 and 4 points on the page with a section showing “Accident Prevention Course Completed…. Up to 4 Points can be Reduced from total points from 8/19/2013 to 2/19/2015. What does this mean?
    Thank you.

    1. If your license gets suspended in NY, that could cause your NJ driving privileges to be revoked. Additionally, insurance rates are not impacted by points, rather than the violation itself – which transfers between the states.

  85. I know that my Nj license doesn’t get suspended in Nj since the points are transfered as 2 points. However, does my NJ license get suspended particularly in NY if I exceed 11 points with tickets received within NY state?
    (this is 4 points speeding ticket, 2 points improper turn, 5 points cell phone all received in NYC)

  86. Hi,
    I received a Speeding ticket stating 70 on 55 mph (though he also mentioned that the observed speed is 75) in Yatch county NY while i was heading to Niagara from NJ(I am holding NJ divers license) . Can you please help me with how much point will i be getting and how it will impact my insurance if i plead guilty. Is there any way i can reduce my points?

    1. This is a 4 point ticket, which includes fines of $393. 2 points will transfer over to your NJ license. Additionally, your insurance rates will be significantly affected. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss how you can best mitigate / avoid these consequences.

  87. Hello.

    I received a ticket and was punished with 3 points on a NY license in April 2014. I moved to NJ and got a NJ license in December 2014. In April 2015, I received a ticket in NY going 8 miles over the speed limit (73 in a 65).

    Based on the information above if I plead guilty to this 2015 ticket at worst only 2 points will transfer to my NJ license? Plus the fine. And this means I will result in a total of 4 points on my NJ license?

    Thank you!

  88. i live in jersey I never had any moving violation I got a ticket for speed not reasonable and prudent (violation 1180a) he didn’t clock me but he said he was doing 65mph and I was still pulling and I know for a fact i wasn’t going that fast. Happened in states island on narrows road.

    I also got another ticket another day for disobeying sign/hov 2+ and crossing double solid lines but a car cut me off and I had to move and the cop didn’t see the whole thing. What are the consequences of these and is it work fighting?

  89. I have a nj dl, I got a cell phone ticket while crossing the trib oro bridge , this guy really made the whole thing up. I had my cell phone in my pocket.
    I postponed the hearing 3 times for different causes. if I paid the ticket those points will go to my nj dl? I have a new hearing may 12. I will be overseas by that date what can I do? Tks

    1. NJ will likely not record those points against your license (assuming you have no prior cell phone violations in the state). This will likely have a negative impact on your insurance rates.

  90. Hey Mr rosenblum i got pulled over today on my bike for going 60 in a 35. The cop was following other riders tht were speeding and the cop went for them first and i was flowing with traffic at the moment while he passed me i dont think his radar was on he said “i had to do 90” to catch up. I was going in amd out of cars with the other bikers but tht was omly for a minute. Once the cop realized he wouldnt get them he went for me and cornered me and made me stop short i have video of me riding and all of this occuring as well. I cant afford to get these points i would really appreaciate your help , please get back to me thank you.

  91. Adam, my son, an NJ licensed driver, recently received his first ever ticket on I-87 in NY for speeding (64 mph in a 55 mph). The ticket does not say how much the fine would be for a guilty plea. Could you tell me how much he can expect to pay under a guilty plea? Also, I’m with Liberty Mutual Ins. Any sense of how much they might raise my rates if we don’t fight the ticket and try to get the points eliminated? Do NY courts even eliminate points for [otherwise] good drivers, as they sometimes do in NJ?

    1. Dave while we need to know which court is handling your son’s case, the fine would range from $148 – $243 for this 3 point ticket. 2 points would transfer to his NJ license. Insurance rates typically increase by 20-25%. The court would not simply ‘eliminate’ the points because he is a good driver. If you would like to discuss your son’s case in further detail, you may contact us for a free consultation.

  92. I was just given a speeding ticket getting onto the lower level of the Verrazano bridge I was going 55 in a 35 mph zone I am from NJ. What type of fines a points will I be assessed and what do you recommend I do?

    1. You are facing a 4 point ticket, which will result in fines of $203, along with an impact on your insurance rates. 2 points will transfer over to your NJ license. You should fight this ticket to avoid these consequences.

  93. I received a speeding ticket in ny for doing 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. Im from nj . What are the fees and how many points should i receive?

  94. Hi, I got a ticket for going 83 in a 65 in ny and have a nj license. I was wondering how many points id get on my license, amount I’d be fined and whether it’s worth it to fight or not.

    1. Kevin – You are facing a fine ranging from $203 – $393, depending on what court is handling your case. 2 points would transfer to your NJ license. Additionally, your insurance rates will be affected by this violation. It is therefore suggested that you consider fighting this ticket.

  95. I received a speeding ticket in staten island ny for doing 71 in 50 zone. Additionally the cop gave me a separate ticket for failing to show updated insurance card. I indeed showed him the updated card when he returned to my car(it was behind the old card)! I have a nj license. What would the charges total to and do you think you could fight these charges? What are your fees?

    1. You are facing a 6 point ticket, 2 of which would transfer to your NJ license. Although there is no plea bargaining in that particular court system, it is possible to fight this ticket at a trial.

  96. I was ticketed for doing 75 in a 55 by a state trooper in Dickinson (Binghamton). I understand if i plead guilty, I will get two points on my (clean) NJ license. DA’s office offers Plea agreement for ‘1110a Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device’, but I can’t find out how much either ticket would cost. Is it entirely up to the judge? I feel like I may end up paying twice as much just to avoid 2 points. Any advice?

  97. I have been driving for almost 5year, 0 points, 0 violations, never been to court and always follow the rules to avoid the hassle of being pulled over. In November I got my first speeding ticket in Brooklyn (highway) due to the fact I was changing lanes 72 in a 50 zone and went a bit above according to left lane traffic moving at that speed, I didn’t realize it was 50 thought it was 55. I am a NJ driver and just found this site. What is the best option to do?


    1. You are currently facing a 6 point ticket in NY, which will entail a total of $203 in fine, and $300 driver responsibility assessment. Additionally, you will face insurance increases. 2 points will transfer to your NJ license. In order to avoid the consequences of this violation, you should consider fighting your ticket.

  98. II have 2 summons that I am to answer at the traffic violations Bureau ny ny 10004 on 12/23/20214. at 10.30 in the morning .please call me to disscuss my options.
    Ticket # AAT7386466, AAT7386470 , I have New Jersey
    732 485 7403

  99. I am a NJ resident that was pulled over in NY Super Bowl Sunday. Due to a variety of issues, my tickets were not taken care of right away. That day, I was greeted by a female officer with the question, “are you a moron?” I had given no attitude to the officer, as witnessed by the 3 other people in the car. That day I received not only 1, but 4 tickets- Speeding (supposedly 87 in a 65), following too closely, failure to signal, and not having my lights on in inclement weather. It was a sunny day, with a rain shower that had just started. I told her my lights were on, and pointed to my dash where the symbol was lit up. She responded with “uh, it must be your tail lights then.”
    As someone who has been going through the process for law enforcement hiring, I was shocked by her lack of professionalism. I had never been pulled over and had a clean record (other then an accident years ago). I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT for my town and work very closely with many of the cops, including in surrounding towns. I am currently going for dispatch, with a job set upon graduation. I have to take care of these tickets ASAP, as I am currently a perspective recruit for a police dept as well. Is it worth going to court or should I save the time and just pay the fines?

  100. I’m an NJ Resident (NJ license), stopped on eastbound Rt 86 in Avoca, NY – ticketed for going 81 in a 65

    My sedan was directly behind a Jeep SUV which was directly behind an 18-wheeler. As we rounded a corner an officer was waiting in the grass hidden behind a hill on the left side (between the east and west lanes). I’m not sure why he chose to pull me over instead of the other two vehicles. When he asked if I knew how fast I was going I said “I thought I was going 70 or maybe 75, keeping up with traffic”. The ticket he gave me says that I said “I thought I was doing about 75”, which is not what I said. I know to say nothing from now on, but at the time I thought it better to answer him since he asked, and I wasn’t trying to lie.

    I’m familiar with the points and fines I’ll incur if I plead guilty, but am I out of luck for a “Not Guilty” plea since the officer printed a potentially incriminating (mis)quote on the ticket?

    1. Eric – You are not out of luck because of your statement. There are many ways to minimize or eliminate the harsh penalties which result from speeding tickets. Your statement should not deter you from fighting your ticket.

  101. Hi, I received a speeding ticket in NY for doing 58 in a 35 but I have a NJ state license. The ticket is 6 points but how would the points transfer? If I plead guilty, will I get only 2 points since my license is in NJ? or will I end up having 2 in NJ and 4 in NY?

  102. Hi I received a speeding ticket in in NY in November of 2013 for doing about 75 in a 50. On my Nj license. I just went to court a week ago and I plead guilty. I know I’m a dummy for pleading guilty. So they gave me 6 points and I have to pay a $175 fee and the assessment fee later on. I read below that you said that only 2 points get transfered over to my nj license. My question is… I will only have 2 points on it then? Not the 6? And I heard that I can take the safe driving course in order to lower my points. Is that true? And if so would I have to take the class in NY where I got the ticket or in NJ where I have my license? One more question the only way my insurance will know about the points is if they run my license?

    1. As per New Jersey Statute, 39:5D–4, 2 points are added to your NJ Drivers license for violations committed out of state. The insurance company will be able to see the violation when the conviction is entered onto your record. Finally, while safe driving courses can help, it is not too late to withdraw your guilty plea and fight your ticket.

  103. Hi, I got a ticket for going 88 in a 65 in ny and have a nj license. I was wondering how many points id get on my license, amount I’d be fined and whether it’s worth it to fight or not.

    1. Miles,

      You received a ticket that is 6 points in NY and which carries a $300 fine, a $93 court administrative fee, and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. Since NY and NJ are involved in a reciprocal reporting agreement, if you are convicted of this offense NY will transfer the violation to NJ and NJ will assess 2 points against your license for the out of state moving violation. Even though the amount of points against your NJ license would be less than if you had a NY driver’s license, it is the transfer of the speed violation that can increase your insurance rates. Further, you still need to pay NY’s Driver Responsibility Assessment even though you do not have a NY license. We can fight your ticket and help you avoid the expensive consequences that result from pleading guilty.

  104. Hello,

    This passed weekend I received a ticket for doing 60 in a 30. I was lost leaving from Westchester Medical in Valhalla and heading to Jersey City, NJ. I missed my exit, took a different exit, and thought I was still on a highway. I do not recall seeing any Speed Limit signs, but then again I was nervous since I was lost. Should I plead guilty or not guilty? This is my first time getting a ticket so Im not sure how to handle this. Thank you.

    1. Korin,

      Never plead guilty to a traffic ticket. This is a 6 point offense that could cost you thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses for the fine and insurance hike alone while staining your driving record.

  105. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket 71 on a 55 mph zone. I have a NJ driver’s license and we recently moved to Upstate NY. I haven’t got my NY DL yet. I was on the phone when the Officer pulled me over. He said he is not going to wave the Cell phone violation. What is my best option now? I want to plead not guilty and see if it can be cut down to just penalty with no points. Please let me know.


    1. Srikanth,

      This is a 4 point ticket in NY and 2 points transfer to NJ. The max. fine is $393 and you face a potential insurance hike of 21% (according to InsuranceQuotes.com). We can help you avoid the points, fines, and insurance hike.

  106. I have received a speeding ticket in Westchester county, NY for a speeding at 80MPH In 55 zone. I have received a similar ticket exactly one year ago and I plead guilt that time. Paid the fine $300 plus and driver’s assessment. I was given 6 points but only 2 points transferred to my license. So, this time If I am convicted NY still consider my old points? Is there any license suspension chances? Can NY suspend my NJ license?

    Please advice

    1. Siva,

      Never plead guilty to a traffic ticket; it will come back to bite you. Although only 2 points transferred to NJ for your old ticket, 6 points still stayed in NY. That means if you plead guilty to this ticket, NY will take away your ability to drive in NY. NY cannot suspend your NJ license, but it will prevent you from driving in NY. Remember, this violation still counts as a 6 pointer in NY, so when you travel there, this will appear like 12 points (at 11 you are suspended). More importantly, your Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) will be astronomical. Since you would have accumulated 12 NY points in 1 year it is $300 for 6 points plus 75 per point above 6. In your case your DRA will cost $750 (above the $393 max. fine). Do not plead guilty. You face a suspension in NY, total fines of over $1,000, and an insurance hike of 28%.

  107. My 19 year old daughter got a speeding ticket on her way home to Nj from Lake Champlain in Ny. It was 81 mph in a 65 zone. Trying at all cost to avoid the points whats our best option?

    1. Rich,

      Going 16 over is a 4 point ticket in NY that carries a $398 fine and can cause your auto insurance to skyrocket by 28% (possibly more since she is such a young driver). Your best option is to higher an attorney to help you fight to get a reduction or a dismissal.

  108. Hi,

    Recently I got ticket in NY (Richmond County). I was given speeding tickets, 74 on 50 MPH. I already knew the speed limit and was being careful but surely driving faster (say 62 or So) but not 74 for sure. When pulled , officer informed me that I was driving fast but did not know if he is going to give me ticket for 74. I find myself hepless now. My driving license is from NJ, I am not sure how to deal with it. My driving history is clean. I felt he just randomly put the number 74.

    Section Sub Section: 1180D
    Description of Violation: 1180D SPPED IN ZONE
    Place of Occurence : N/W WSE @ BLOOMINGDATE RD
    C/T/V Name: NEW YORK
    County : RICHMOND

    Please advise.


    1. Ritesh,

      Thank you for calling us for a free consultation. I hope we addressed everything that you wrote in this comment. If you have any other questions that we did not address, feel free to call us back or comment again. Thanks!

  109. Im a NJ driver, on June 1 , i left my car double parked in Brooklyn and was about to run in the grocery store , when undercover police saw it and wrote me a ticket . Actually what i received was a complaint document with a court date on 8/22 /14 ( kings criminal court in NY ) and charged with 16-122 c violation. what should i expect ? should i plead guilty without going to court ? if so , how do i do it ? how would i know the amount to pay for the fine ?

    1. Joe,

      I’m sorry, we only handle moving violations. You will need to consult with an attorney who handles non-moving violations (like the one you received). Thank you for reaching out though!

  110. I am a NJ resident and was travelling to Niagara on 6/28 with a friend. I was stopped by an officer for speeding at 101 MPH in a 65 MPH Zone. I have an otherwise clean record with no points on my license. I started driving in the US about 15 months ago.
    The officer asked me do I have any idea at what speed I was driving, and I said I actually had no Idea. He said 101 MPH and I said I am sorry, I was talking with my friend sitting near me and did not notice the speed.
    He gave me a ticket citing section 1180D, describing: “Operating motor vehicle at 101 MPH in a 65 MPH Zone”
    The ticket also states the observation was made directly and speed verified by Radar and that I substantiated saying “I am sorry, I was talking”.
    I have been asked to either plead guilty or not guilty before 7/22. I have no clue what do do. Can you represent me in Court and how much is the usual fee? Will pleading Not Guilty and contesting in court help in reducing points or taking them away altogether? How this violation could impact my driving history and will my insurance go up?
    Please help. Thanks so much

    1. Arun,

      You need to be careful. Telling anything to an officer that could incriminate you will be used against you. By saying “I am sorry” that was an admission of guilt in the eyes of the officer. You should have stopped after saying “No, officer, I don’t know why you pulled me over” and let him do the talking. For going 36 miles over the limit, you are being charged with a high speed violation. It is an 8 point ticket and 2 points will transfer back to NJ. However, you will pay fines on an 8 point violation and your insurance will go up for travelling 36 over. You face two fines on this: one for $693 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $450. Your fine alone will be well over $1,000. Your insurance can go up by as much as 30% and stay at that rate fir 3-4 years. A lot is at stake. It is highly advised that you hire a NY traffic ticket lawyer to handle this.

  111. I am an New Jersey Licence holder. I received a speeding Traffic printed sheet on the Main St, Mount Morris, Village of – 2626 (Livingston County, NY) at 2:47 AM on 06/06/2014.

    I was travelling from Somerset,NJ and heading to Niagara Falls with my family. Since it was a long drive journey of 8+ hours due to the travel sickness, my sister was repeatedly vomiting 7 – 8 times. It was around 6th time she was throwing-up just before the police officer stopped me for speeding. I was in an mental tension/pressure to reach my destination before her health could get worse.

    The down slope road in the Main St was influencing my vehicle to gain speed and my mental pressure at 2:47 AM due to my sister’s sickness resulted me in unnoticed varying posted speed.

    The police officer informed me that she has not issued me a Ticket. But she gave me lengthy printed sheet and the description of violation was printed as “Disobeyed Traffic Control Device” she asked me to sign in the Plead/Not Plead section and send it across to the court.

    I have an very clean driving history for the past 3+ years. I am not sure If I plead for guilty, How this violation could impact my driving history, will this carry any points? will my insurance shoot up? how much will be the fine??


    1. Tam,

      For this type of ticket, if you plead guilty or are convicted you will receive 2 points and a maximum of $150 in fines, plus a $93 surcharge fee. What the officer did here was give you a break, what we call a “roadside reduction,” meaning she could have charged you with a greater offense but decided to reduce it on the spot. Your insurance might go up but not as much as it would had she given you a speeding ticket. As for your driving history, if you are found guilty it will reflect that you found guilty of this infraction; New Jersey takes up to 2 points from out of state violations and thus the 2 points will transfer to your NJ license.

  112. I am a NJ resident I was issued a speeding ticket, 77mph in a 50mph zone in Staten Island NY. What would be my best course of action? Will this result in 6pts. On my license? The last speeding ticket I received was in NJ about 7-8 years ago. Is there any possibility of getting the ticket downgraded with the prosecutor before it goes to the judge? Is zero point downgrade a possibility? What fee do you charge to represent me in court?

    1. Steve,

      If you do not fight the ticket, you would be assessed 6 points on your license in New York State, 2 of which would transfer to New Jersey. You would also have to pay up to $300 in fines, a $93 surcharge fee, and another $300 for what is called the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee ($100 a year for three years). Unfortunately, in New York City there is no plea bargaining, so you cannot get the ticket downgraded with the prosecutor — you’d have to go to trial. If you are found not guilty, then the ticket is effectively thrown out and you will have no points, fines, etc. If found guilty, however, you would face the above.

    1. Mr. Patel,

      It is hard to say without knowing a lot more information about the circumstances of what happened, including where the offense occurred, your driving record, and the specific details of the stop. Generally speaking, there is always a chance of winning or at least getting the ticket reduced to something minor — otherwise we’d be out of business!

  113. I live in NJ and going to canada last week I passed 2 police officers cars parked behind a car on the shoulder . I passed the cars within speed limit but one of the police officers took of and stopped me . He said I did not move to the middle lane when I saw police cars parked on the shoulder . I told him I did not know . He gave me a ticket that says fld/ yld rt -of-way to emergency vehicle which was not what happened. Should I fight the ticket?

    1. Jihane,

      Yes, you should fight the ticket. In New York, this is called the “move over” law. In essence, the law says that, if you see an emergency vehicle in the shoulder lane with its lights on, you must reduce speed and move away from the lane closest to the shoulder, if traffic conditions permit. The maximum fine for a move over law violation is $275 plus a $93 surcharge fee and you’ll be assessed 3 points on your driving record, which could increase your insurance premium. Remember, under the law you are always innocent until proven guilty.

  114. I got a speeding ticket tonight. I got a 73 in a 50mph. I have nj licenses. Do I have a chance to plead not guilty? I dont want to pay all yhose fines and also i dont want any points.

  115. I received a improper turn ticket in NYC, I plead not guilty because I don’t want no more points on my NJ DL.
    Will I be able to pay extra fines in court to avoid the points?

  116. I’m relocating to NJ but I have 10 points on my NY driver’s license, would the point on my NY driver’ license get transfer over to my NJ driver’s license as well?

  117. I recieved a ticket in NY for using cellphone while driving, how many points do transfer to NJ? how many points do I need to have licence suspended? when do points disappear from my records? after how many years of driving with no further offenses?

  118. I received a 80 in a 65 on sunday 7/28 in the town of barker ( broome county). I have a NJ license. The only only violation I have was a failure to stop at a stop sign that was issued 1 year ago.

  119. I received a speeding ticket on Sun 7/7 on I-390 (City: Nichols) – for a 80 on a 65 mph zone. I have a NJ drivers license.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Your ticket carries 4 points and a $300 fine with an $85 surcharge. We can help you fight the ticket and avoid the points and fines. For more information on speeding tickets in New York visit here. or call us at 1-888-434-0406.

  120. I just received a ticket on Friday for doing 76 in a 55mph zone. I thought I was in a 65mph zone. The officer asked why I thought he was pulling me over and I said i was going too fast and did not realize the speed. What am I going to face and is there anything I can do for this ticket?

    1. Kristen,
      You are being charged with a 6 point violation that carries a $385 fine and surcharge with an additional $300 that must be paid to the DMV (Driver Responsibility Assessment). We can help you fight this ticket and get the points and fines reduced and save you money. Please call us at 1-888-434-0406 for a free consultation. For more information on speeding tickets visit here.

    1. Hello Chris,
      You are being charged with a 4 point ticket that carries a $300 fine and an $85 surcharge. Points do transfer from NY to NJ. We can fight your ticket and help you avoid having the points transfer against your NJ license. Please give us a call at 1-888-434-0406. Look forward to helping you!