NYPD Adds 200 Radar Guns to Catch More Speeding Drivers

With 286 people killed in traffic accidents in New York City last year, combating speeding, the main cause of collisions, has become a priority for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. In fact, de Blasio has instituted a broad plan to eradicate all traffic fatalities in New York City by 2024.

In line with “Vision Zero,” the New York City Police Department is now increasing the number of radar guns it owns by 200. The increase will more than quadruple the only 56 radar guns the NYPD previously had in its arsenal.

In addition to the increase in speed detection equipment, training for police officers will also be augmented. Cops throughout the city’s 77 precincts are already being trained to use the new radar guns, and traffic enforcement is to be made part of every officer’s daily work assignment.

For drivers, the introduction of more radar guns and the placement of new speed cameras at intersections throughout the city, as well as increased ticketing for speeding by the NYPD mean that the odds of getting a speeding ticket in New York City are also sure to increase.

Radar Gun Catching Speeders
A police officer using a radar speed detection gun. The NYPD has just ordered 200 of these to help catch speeders in New York State.


(Source: http://nypost.com/2014/02/25/nypd-adding-200-radar-guns-to-combat-speeding/)

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