I Lost My NY Speeding Ticket; What To Do?

lost NY Speeding TicketThe first step to tracking down your traffic ticket is to determine the agency in charge of handling your ticket.  In the State of New York traffic tickets are handled by either the Traffic Violations Bureau or by a court of a local municipality or city. 

Tickets Pending in A City, Town, Village or Justice Court

If you lose your ticket you can track it by contacting the court that is handling the ticket. If you don’t know which court is handling the ticket, it can be tough because there is currently no statewide ticket tracking system that can be accessed by consumers online.  You should either contact a representative at the Department of Motor Vehicles or have them assist you in finding the ticket or contact an attorney to help.

Tickets Pending in the Traffic Violations Bureau

If the Traffic Violations Bureau is handling the ticket it can be tracked down in one of its many offices located across the state of New York or online.

What Options are Available to Handle of My Ticket?

(a)  Pleading Guilty

Some people think that pleading guilty and accepting the fine is a simple method of taking care of the problem and ending it as soon as possible.  However by admitting your guilt you are accepting the charges and allowing them to be on your permanent driving record.  You will also receive points on your license that will surely affect insurance rates.  When you admit guilt you are forfeiting your chance at a trial and getting the charges dismissed altogether.

(b)  Pleading Not Guilty

If you plead guilty your matter will be scheduled for court. In all courts except the TVB the ticket can potentially be negotiated down to something less. In the TVB they do not reduce tickets and therefore you will be scheduled for a hearing or “trial”.  An attorney will help to insure that you have the needed legal skill and experience behind you to help you win your case and have the charges and the ticket reduced or dismissed.

Should I Hire An Attorney?

Wherever traffic tickets are concerned one of the best options you can take is to attempt to fight the charges in court.   A lawyer with experience has the training and expertise necessary to effectively help you successfully negotiate any charges you are facing till the outcomes turns in your favor.  Contact the Rosenblum Law Firm for help with traffic ticket cases.  The attorneys at the Rosenblum Law Firm have the experience necessary to help you receive the best possible outcome in your traffic ticket case.

Speeding Ticket Initiative in Somers, NY

If you happened to be driving down Interstate 684 this past weekend then it is very likely that you were issued a traffic ticket or saw police officers issuing traffic tickets on the side of the road.  In an attempt to prevent car accidents on the Interstate that can cause heavy delays for miles, police officers have issued more than 70 speeding tickets in one day.

Every so often, especially at the end of a month, many police agencies begin cracking down on traffic violations within their jurisdiction.  Many times a speed trap or ticket blitz is issued by the local police department.  For those who were unfortunately issued a traffic ticket on Interstate 684, the police had set up a Speed Enforcement Initiative to lockdown on drivers between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Police officers are generally the first responders to a traffic accident on the road. Police officers and judges that ultimately hear cases take speeding very seriously since there are many cases that they deal with that result in severe injuries and even fatalities.  Cracking down on drivers every so often keeps the public on notice that it is not ok to drive aggressively and at a high rate of speed.

Are There Any Other Speed Traps That I Should Be Aware Of?

Given that so many people travel during the summer it is an opportune time for police officers to be on the lookout for traffic violations.  The general public is generally not aware of initiatives taken by the police to crack down on traffic violations and the police usually jump around to target different strategic areas where violations occur.

Highway safety is a serious concern for both drivers on the road and the police officers that enforce the law.  Every year thousands of accidents happen within the state of NY due to drivers that speed.  If you have been issued a speeding ticket in the state of New York contact an experienced traffic defense attorney to help assist you with your case.

Many times drivers are not aware of how heavy the fines and penalties are with respect to speeding tickets.  An attorney can inform you the fines and penalties that you are facing and possibly help negotiate a more favorable outcome.  Call Rosenblum Law today for a free consultation about your speeding ticket in New York.

Bensonhurst Top Speeding County in Brooklyn

English: Location of Brooklyn on New York City.

Every so often we get a call from a driver getting a speeding ticket in Brooklyn, NY.  The interesting part is that many times it’s not their first time being issued a ticket in Brooklyn.   Many times these drivers are irate because they feel like they were not speeding and they know that their case is going to be heard by the Traffic Violations Bureau. 

With new technology emerging, such as traffic cameras that can capture a driver’s speed and issue tickets, it seems that Brooklyn is only going to be issuing more traffic tickets every day.  Bensonhurst, Brooklyn issued the 3rd most speeding tickets in all of Brooklyn and recently published some statistics on the number of traffic tickets they have issued. Continue reading “Bensonhurst Top Speeding County in Brooklyn”

NY State Police Issue 85 Tickets On The Taconic State Parkway

English: Image is similar, if not identical, t...
The New York State police are at it again, issuing 85 tickets at the end of February in one unfortunate town alone.  If you were driving on the Taconic State Parkway in the Yorktown area then you probably noticed that there was an unusual amount of police vehicles on the road.  Some of those drivers actually spread the word on the local town blog, Facebook and Twitter letting drivers know that a speed trap was in place.

You probably have heard that police officers may push handing out traffic violations because they have quotas to meet each month.  These traffic tickets generate a significant amount of revenue for the State and the local townships through the village and municipal courts.   Although many speculate as to whether quotas are a reality or not, looking back to last week the fact that the State Police issued 85 tickets on the last day of the month in February in Yorktown can be a pretty good indication that the police may have been playing catch up to meet their quota.

Yorktown is located in Westchester County and the Yorktown Town Court is responsible for handling all moving violations, parking violations, traffic tickets and other small claim matters.  The majority of the tickets that were issued were speeding tickets.

It’s important that drivers do their best to obey the rules of the road and be wary when they see several patrol cars on the road, because it is quite possible that a ticket blitz or speed traps may be put into place.  The New York State Police Department can issue specific directives in order to lockdown on certain traffic offenses within a certain area.

During any type of ticket blitz the police are looking for drivers that violate any traffic violation including speeding, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, DWI and similar traffic offenses. This means that the police will allow for more patrol cars on the road to set up strategic speed traps.

Another ticket that many drivers call in about is cell phone tickets.  New York now treats cellphone tickets as a primary offense, which means that they can pull you over for talking on a cellphone in the first instance.  Although the New York State Police will claim that they are merely doing their job in making sure the streets stay safe and help drivers avoid accidents, most of the people ticketed realize that its all about money at the end of the day.

If you or a loved one recently received a NY speeding ticket, contact Rosenblum Law today.

Staten Island Traffic Court Judge Ordered To Take Anger Management Class

After numerous complaints, Administrative Law Judge Brian Levine of Staten Island has been ordered by an arbitrator to take anger management and human relations classes. This being the result of a 2009 incident during an open court session where Judge Levine began a heated tirade that was directed at an MTA worker defending himself on a traffic violation. Judge Levine has earned a reputation among Staten Island motorists and attorneys assigned to defend traffic violations in his court as being one of the nastiest and toughest judges in the state. Continue reading “Staten Island Traffic Court Judge Ordered To Take Anger Management Class”