High Speeding Tickets In New York

There are some records that you might want to avoid, like getting clocked driving over 120 mph on the highway.  Recently a Washington state driver was caught riding his motorcycle at 130 mph through central Oregon.  The man was enjoying the thrill of riding his new motorcycle on the open roads in Oregon before a police officer clocked him on his radar doing 130 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. 

After being pulled over the man was honest and told the officer that he was checking to see how fast his bike can really go and if he got what he paid for.  Well it turns out that the motorcyclist might have gotten more than he paid for as the automatic fine for anyone driving over 100 miles per hour in Oregon is a whopping $1,103 fine.  In addition the bike enthusiast could also have his license suspended.

In New York traffic tickets work pretty much the same way.  The faster you go the higher the fines and penalties.  If you are traveling a mere ten miles or less over the speed limit then you are facing 3 points against your license and less than a $300 fine.  Compare that with driving 40 miles over the speed limit and you can be looking at a $600 fine, $85 surcharge and an additional $675 with the DMV Driver’s Responsibility Assessment.  Not to mention having your license suspended or possibly revoked and the judge possibly imposing up to a 15 day jail sentence.

Our firm once represented two motorcyclists in Orangetown Town Court charged with going 150mph in a 50mph zone on the Palisades Interstate Parkway (11 points) as well as 12 additional points for other various tickets:

high speeding ticket in orangetown NY

The biggest cost factor doesn’t actually stop with the fines assessed from the court and the DMV.  Insurance premiums for high speeding tickets are pretty much guaranteed. The only way guaranteed way to get a reduction is by taking a defensive driving course that will reduce your rates a mere 10%.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Issued A New York Speeding Ticket?

No matter how much you were going over the speed limit, it’s a good idea to talk with a skilled traffic defense attorney and see what options you have available.  In many cases an attorney can negotiate a better outcome and maybe even get the ticket dismissed.  Either way fighting your ticket before pleading guilty can save you hundreds of dollars in fines, surcharges and insurance premiums.

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    1. John – this 11 point ticket will carry fines, court fees, and assessment fees totaling $1,368. Additionally, this ticket will result in substantial increases to your insurance rates. Finally and most importantly, this ticket will cause your license to become suspended. Suspensions transfer between the states – and as such – your CT drivers license will be suspended because of this ticket. I strongly suggest you contact us at 888-434-0406 to discuss how best to handle this ticket.

  1. Traveling 79 in a 50 mph speed zone. Speeding in Clarkstown but pulled over in Orangetown. Ticket written for a 55 in a 50 mph. Orangetown court. Pleaded not guilty awaiting date in the mail. Incident happened May 6th 8:25 AM. NY state trooper C. Jackson

    1. Kyle – It appears that you have received a roadside reduction by the Police officer. 79 in a 50 mph zone is a 6 point ticket in New York but if the officer wrote the ticket for only 55 in a 50 mph zone that means you are facing 3 points. Courts will rarely reduce a charge like this if you have already received a reduction at the traffic stop.