Bensonhurst Top Speeding County in Brooklyn

English: Location of Brooklyn on New York City.

Every so often we get a call from a driver getting a speeding ticket in Brooklyn, NY.  The interesting part is that many times it’s not their first time being issued a ticket in Brooklyn.   Many times these drivers are irate because they feel like they were not speeding and they know that their case is going to be heard by the Traffic Violations Bureau. 

With new technology emerging, such as traffic cameras that can capture a driver’s speed and issue tickets, it seems that Brooklyn is only going to be issuing more traffic tickets every day.  Bensonhurst, Brooklyn issued the 3rd most speeding tickets in all of Brooklyn and recently published some statistics on the number of traffic tickets they have issued.

This past year, about 15,000 speeding tickets were issued in Brooklyn, and over 43,000 cell phone tickets and over 37,000 tickets were issued for illegally tinted windows.  So if you are driving through Brooklyn remember to always be on your best driving behavior and watch out for the following violations:

  • No Seat Belt
  • Cell Phone
  • Disobeying a Traffic Sign
  • Tinted Windows
  • Brake Lights
  • Speeding
  • Uninsured Vehicle
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving While Suspended

What Is The Traffic Violations Bureau?

One of the main reasons that Brooklyn has so many convictions for the above mentioned offenses is because of the Traffic Violations Bureau.  The Traffic Violations Bureau is an administrative court that is an arm of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you ever had a case at the Traffic Violations Bureau you will quickly realize that this is unlike any other traffic court in New York.  The Traffic Violations Bureau is a court that allows only one option to fight your traffic ticket and that is by taking it to trial.

Other traffic courts, usually a village or town court allows for drivers to enter into “plea bargain” or settlement negotiations.  Plea negotiations or plea bargaining refers to the process of making a deal with the prosecutor to plead guilty to a lower offense.  The reason why most courts allow for this type of negotiations is because it makes traffic violation cases move along much faster than if each case had to go through a trial process.  The TVB, on the other hand, does not permit plea bargaining.

Although going through trial is not the most efficient method in dealing with a traffic ticket, the Traffic Violations Bureau hears thousands of cases everyday with the majority of drivers being found guilty of the charge.  On the other hand, trial is your only shot at avoiding the points and fines so it usually pays to hire an experienced attorney to fight your case in the TVB to give you any chance you can get.