Do Woman Get Ticketed Less Often or Are they Just Better at Getting Out of Speeding Tickets?

A motor officer writes a traffic ticket for a ...

Everyone knows the feeling of when running late for work or the experience of trying to make it to a party or gathering only to see an officer around the corner scanning your car with his radar gun.  You attempt to slow your car down, but it is too late you get pulled over.  You try to make excuses to try to appease the officer and attempt to get yourself out of a potential ticket.

A traffic ticket in New York can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines and penalties and potentially more money in increased insurance premiums.  This is especially true if you have more than one or two tickets in your driving history.  So it makes sense that fighting your ticket can save you hundreds of dollars and is the best way to go in keeping your license clear.   But did you know that you can start the fight right when the officer pulls you over?

A recent study by the PEMCO car insurance surveyed over 1000 people in the states of Washington and Oregon people were asked how often they had been pulled over by police.  66 percent of them admitted that they had been stopped more than two times and 25 percent of them stated that they had been pulled over at least four times.   This study had shown that men are getting more traffic tickets then women.

You may be thinking that there is a clear gender bias at play here but there are other factors to consider.  First some research points to the fact that women are more inclined to talk to the police officer and communicate exactly why they were driving in a particular way whereas men usually remain quiet and are upset with themselves for getting caught.  Either way there is no harm in a friendly explanation as it may go a long way in getting you out of your traffic ticket.  The only problem can be that once you are pulled over on the side of the road any information that you provide the officer can be used against you in court so you must be very careful as to what information you offer the police officer.

Some people just get lucky and end up with a sympathetic officer. If you weren’t that lucky and ended up getting a ticket, contact a skilled traffic ticket lawyer for assistance!