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If you are a Canadian driver and received a speeding ticket in New York or some other traffic violation it is always a good idea to take care of the ticket sooner rather than later.  This doesn’t mean that you should plead guilty and pay the fines just to get it over with, because you can accumulate demerit points against your Canadian driver’s license for tickets you receive in New York.  For more information and a free phone consultation contact the attorney’s at Rosenblum Law about your New York speeding ticket at 888-434-0406.

Canadians With NY Speeding Tickets, Do You Have To Worry About Points Transferring?

New York and Canada both have point systems where if you are convicted of certain traffic violations you can accumulate points against your license.   It’s always best to have no points on your license to avoid the threat of possible suspension and additional fines as well as increased insurance rates.  In Canada these points are known as demerit points and can stay on your record for two years from the date of the offense.

In general the more serious the traffic offense the more points will be added to your license.  For example, a speeding ticket for driving 80mph in a 65mph zone in New York would translate to 2 demerit points and a speeding ticket for driving 90mph in a 55mph zone in New York would translate to 10 demerit points.  If you accumulate enough points you can lose your driving privileges.

Both residents of Quebec and Ontario can incur demerit points for speeding violations in the State of New York.  Under a special agreement, Ontario and Quebéc share information with New York State about traffic violations and transfer points and demerits between countries.  The Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) issue demerit points for a Canadian driver who is convicted of NY traffic violation. .

What Happens If I Left A New York State Speeding Ticket Unpaid?

Ignoring any New York traffic ticket is not a good idea and can lead to a suspension of your driving privileges in New York, Quebec and Ontario.  New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 226(3) states that if a person fails to appear at a hearing or answer a traffic ticket, his or her driving privileges can be suspended.  If New York suspends a Canadian’s privilege to drive in NY, the suspension may be extended to Ontario and Quebec. 

Who Should I Contact If I Have Received A Speeding Ticket In New York? 

Your first call should be to Rosenblum Law for a free consultation about your NY speeding ticket.  Let us handle your traffic ticket before it becomes a bigger problem.  We are aggressive when it comes to making sure you get the best possible result in your case.  

The best part is that you will have a licensed professional handling your case and getting you the best result and you won’t have to show up in court.  We have skilled negotiators that are ready to negotiate a more favorable outcome on your New York speeding ticket and reduce the charges which will lower the fines and mean less demerit points to your Canadian license.  Call 888-434-0406 today to speak to an attorney.


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