Out-Of-State Traffic Ticket With NY License

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I Have A New York License and I Got a Speeding Ticket in Another State, What Should I Do?

If you have a New York driver’s license and received a speeding ticket in another state, there are several important things for you to know. First and foremost, you cannot simply forget about the ticket and assume it will not affect you. It will. The following information was designed to help you better understand the ramifications of an out-of-state traffic ticket.

Driver’s License Compact

New York, as well as most states, signed the Driver’s License Compact. This is an agreement between all signed members that driver information will freely be accessible by all member states.

This means the state you received a speeding ticket in will almost certainly share that information with New York. Therefore, if you got a speeding ticket in New Jersey, Maryland, or even Florida, you better believe that the DMV will know about it.

Handling Out-of-State Speeding Tickets

According to the New York State DMV, “The NYSDMV does not record out-of-state violations committed by NYS drivers in other jurisdictions. The exceptions are alcohol-related violations, drug-related violations, and moving violations committed in Quebec or Ontario.” In other words, if you received a ticket in another state, points will not be placed on your New York license. However, that driver will still have to pay the relevant fines and state surcharges (if applicable), and his insurance rates can increase if his insurance company were to find out. Finally, the state in which he was convicted could suspend or revoke his right to drive in that state despite the fact that they have no jurisdiction over his NY license.

Additionally, unlike in New York, many states require you to personally appear in court if you receive a traffic ticket in their state. This might merely be an inconvenience if you received the ticket in a neighboring state. However, if you received it on a family trip to California, this could be unbelievably costly.

What if I Hire an Attorney?

If you hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to fight your ticket, you will usually not have to appear in court. Even in a state that requires your presence (e.g. New Jersey), your lawyer may be able file an Affidavit of Hardship on your behalf. This requests that the court to allow your attorney to proceed on your behalf without you being there due to the difficulty involved in traveling to court.  What constitutes a hardship is generally within the full discretion of the court. We are aware of courts in New Jersey, for instance, that won’t excuse a defendant from appearing due to distance unless he lives a minimum of 120 miles or a 2 hour drive from court.

Who Should You Contact?

If you received an out-of-state traffic ticket, contact Rosenblum Law today. You could be facing more than you think. Our team of NY traffic ticket lawyers will do all they can to protect your legal rights, fight to keep you on the road, and will diligently work to get you the results you want. Call us today at 888-434-0406.

241 thoughts on “Out-Of-State Traffic Ticket With NY License”

  1. Hi I have NY license and I received a speeding ticket 74 on 65 I paid already the fine but the officer at the time tole me to accept options 4 on the tickets pay the fine which I did and do some kind of a driving school so I’ll have no points but I can not seem to understand how to do this school cause I’m back in NY

    1. David, thank you for contacting us. Please note, in paying the fine for your speeding ticket of 74mph in a 65mph zone, you have pleaded guilty to 3 points on your license. This will likely have negative implications towards your insurance rates for the foreseeable future and may inflict the Driver’s Responsibility Assessment Fee should you have any additional points on your license. Further, Defensive Driving Courses/Schools do not erase points in New York. Instead, they simply increase the threshold required for license suspension. Depending on the Court that held jurisdiction over your matter, an attorney may still vacate your guilty plea.

  2. Hi,

    I have a clean NY Drivers license and I received a careless driving violation in NJ which is only a $85 fine. Since NYS DMV won’t record the out of state violation even though it’s reported by NJ via the Driver’s License Compact, how would my insurance company ever know about it. It would seem to me I’m better off just paying the fine and being done with it. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi William and thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that your insurance company will discover your infraction in NJ when they perform a statewide search for your Driver’s Abstract. Although no points will be transferred onto your NY license from NJ, there will still be a likely substantial increase in your insurance rates for the foreseeable future. We suggest contesting the ticket.

  3. Hey I Have a NYS License driving through Virginia I received a ticket for 75 in a 55..will the points I receive for this ticket show up on my NYS license?

    1. Hello Brian and thank you for your inquiry. Since your offense occurred in Virginia, we cannot accurately advise you on the matter as we are not licensed there. We suggest contacting a Virginia attorney to provide you with more information on the fines and implications.

  4. Hi,

    I was pulled over doing 86 in a 65 in NY state, which I had recently moved. At the time I still had my NJ state license, which had expired two weeks before receiving the tickets.

    I have plead not guilty and plan to use my previously clean driving record to my advantage to fight the charges. However, my question is, will my NYS abstract of lifetime driving record show that my record had be clean in NJ as well?? My concern is that the reporting will only be on the (1 month) that I’ve had a NYS license.

    1. Hello Jess and thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that your lifetime abstract will contain all the information that the DMV is required to keep, hence it will also reflect your NJ driving history. The offense of speeding 21 miles over the posted speed limit carries a maximum 6 point penalty and, depending on where you were charged, a maximum fine of $300 with $93 court fees. Additionally, you will be held responsible to pay the NY imposed Driver’s Responsibility Assessment Fee of $300 for accumulating 6 or more points on your license. While your abstract may be useful, it will not demonstrate that the officer failed to meet their burden of proof on the day of the alleged offense. We suggest contesting this ticket with an attorney in order to attempt to mitigate the likely substantial increase to your insurance and avoid the DRA Fee/points.

  5. I got speeding ticket in New Jersey i was going 44mph over speed limit my car was on 96 and speed limit was 55 i have new york license so whats the solution for it do i get point or suspension or i just go to court and get fine with not guilty

    1. Hello Sam and thank you for contacting us. The offense for driving 44 miles over a 55 MPH speed limit incurs a maximum 5 point penalty with a maximum fine of $260 in NJ. Since you have a NY Driver’s License, 0 points will transfer onto your license. However, the 5 point offense will still be reported to your insurance company. AS a result, your insurance rates will likely increase substantially for the next few years and we therefore suggest that you contest the ticket with an attorney to mitigate the impact on your insurance.

      1. hello! i got improper passing ticket at new jersey! i got new york city license! i have to fight ticket or just pay ticket and forget about points?

        1. Hello Firdavs and thank you for your inquiry. Please note, as there are different types of Improper Passing violations, this may either be a 4 or 5 point offense.  Should you decide to plead guilty, no points will transfer onto your NY license. However, your insurance company will see and charge you accordingly for the 4 or 5 point conviction. This will likely increase your insurance for the foreseeable future. We suggest contesting this matter with an attorney in order to mitigate the impact to your insurance. 

  6. I received a camera violation in Ohio for going 85 on a 65 by some Ohio police department. Since they obviously could not verify who the driver was, they sent the ticket to my car’s registered address in NYC. I believe this is merely a civil violation, and because they can’t confirm it was me or my friend…this can’t possibly follow me correct? I don’t plan on ever going back to Ohio either so being a wanted man over there is something I can live with…if that’s my only repercussion. Any insight?

    1. Hello Mo and thank you for your inquiry. We are only licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey, therefore we cannot provide you with legal advice since you received your ticket in Ohio. We recommend that you contact an attorney in Ohio to see if they can answer your questions.

  7. I got a ticket on a NY license while in MA, I subsequently moved to CA and switched my license to a CA one, I understand NY did not give me points for the MA violation, but they may have it on record, will that record transfer to CA and possibly affect my insurance rates here?

  8. I got a ticket for driving on the shoulder in New York (Westchester County). Will the points transfer to my PA license?

    1. Hello Jennifer, thank you for contacting us. While points do not transfer to PA, the violation will – resulting in a potential increase to your insurance rates.

  9. I recently was in FL and have an NYS DL. I received a speeding ticket in Brevard County. Paid the ticket and elected to go to defensive driving school. Now the Clerk of the Court is sending a reminder letter that I need to send my certificate of completion. Will this certificate be eligible in NYS to show my insurance company?

    1. Max, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, that is a question we are unable to answer as it depends on what type of insurance you have. We suggest you give the course provider a call and see if it is eligible for them.

  10. Hi please help. I have a NY license and am in probationary statue. I just got into a traffic accident in Ct for failure to maintain lanes. Will the points transfer to my NY driver license? Will my license be revoked?

    1. Poche, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we are unable to provide legal advice for tickets received outside of NY or NJ. We recommend that you contact a lawyer in Connecticut to provide legal advice in regards to how to respond in this situation, as well as to answer any additional questions you may have.

  11. Hello, I recently got a ticket in New Jersey, in the palisades. It’s 2 tickets, one is Disregard of traffic signs and signals which is 85 dollars and the other is failure to pass left when overtaking. I have a New York Driver’s license and was wondering if the points will transfer over to my NY license and what I should do, thank you.

    1. David, thank you for your inquiry. If you received a ticket in another state, points will not be placed on your New York license. However, you will still have to pay the relevant fines and state surcharges, and your insurance rates can increase if your insurance company were to find out.

  12. I live in NY and received a speeding ticket in the mail from a camera on a Virginia highway for going 16 mph over the limit….The camera was set up in an area where the limit changed quickly.

    I would like to ignore this ticket and need to know your thoughts…..

    1. Mike, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we are unable to provide legal advice for tickets received outside of NY or NJ. I recommend you contact a lawyer in Virginia to provide legal advice in regards to how to respond in this situation.

  13. Hi I was driving 72 mph on a 55 mph limit in Virginia. I have a New York license. Will I get points? Or insurance rate go up? Thanks

    1. David, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we are unable to provide legal advice for tickets received outside of NY or NJ. I recommend you contact a lawyer in Virginia to provide legal advice in regards to how to respond in this situation.

  14. Hi, please help. I got my NY driver license on Jan 18, 2019, so I am still in a probationary period. I just got a speeding ticket in NJ today for $105. Will the point transfer to my NY driver license? What should I do now? Do I need to go to Court or take a Defensive Driving Course to reduce my point?

    1. Hello Shane,
      While points will not transfer from NJ to NY, I would strongly suggest contesting this violation to mitigate other consequences of this ticket.

  15. I received a speeding ticket in PA with a NY license. I was going 46 in a 35 but was cited for doing 40 in a 35. No points will appear on my license, is it worth pleading not guilty or should I just pay the $150 fine?

  16. Hello,
    How close am I to having my driving priveleges in NJ revoked? I live in NY and got a speeding ticket in January, hired a lawyer, it was reduced to careless driving. Today (April) I was in a fender bender in NJ (my fault) and got a ticket for careless driving.
    Should I hire a lwayer to get this changed? Does NJ go by their point system to revoke your driving priveleges there? How many point in NJ for careless driving?
    I need to know before I plead guilty.

    1. Hello J Donato,
      New Jersey will suspend your drivers license at 12 points. Careless driving in NJ is a 2 point ticket.

  17. I was pulled over at Ontario boarder and charged with over 80 a year ago, hoping to have the charges dropped at trial – court in less than one month. My NY license has yet to be suspended. I also was driving someone else’s car. Is it typical to take this long to suspend a license after charged? Canada took my license right away and told me not to drive in NY for 90 days. This was last March.

    1. Hello MD and thank you for your question. To answer your question, we would need some clarification and further details before advising you on this matter.

  18. I have a New York license and received a California speeding ticket for 80 in a 55 while on vacation. Is it worthwhile to contest this ticket? What are the impacts if I just pay the fine?

    1. Hello MC and thank you for your question. As we are not licensed to practice in CA, we cannot advise you on this ticket. We suggest that you contact an attorney in that state.

  19. I have a New York license and i got a speeding ticket in New Jersey for 25–29 over the limit 10 months ago I never did anything about it can I still fight it and if I just pay it will everything go away?

    1. Hello Isreal, you can still fight the ticket despite the time frame although I would need more information to analyze the chances of your ticket. Keep in mind your insurance rates will go up. This ticket will impact you therefore I suggest you fight the ticket.

  20. Hi – I have a NYS license and got a Careless Driving ticket in NJ. I was not driving my car but someone else’s car. I presented to the officer, the insurance card for the car I was driving and the insurance is under that car’s owner’s name and not mine. I know NYS does not record the NJ violation but what about the impact on my own car insurance. I can’t see how my insurance would find out. Any way it would be impacted? Thanks

    1. Hello Mike, I would strongly recommend contacting us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation so we can talk about your ticket.

  21. My husband got a ticket for 85 in as 65 in Colorado while we were on vacation. He has a class A CDL license in NY.
    The ticket was 6 points in Colorado but if paid within 20 days, its reduced to 4 points. We paid the ticket right away.
    How will this affect his NY license?

    1. Hello Shari, while NY will not assess points for this violation, there is a chance that your insurance rates may be impacted.

  22. Moved to Florida from ny in may. My ny drivers license was revoked in 2014. I need A ny attorney to obtain my florida drivers license. Can you help? Thanks

    1. Howard – Please contact us at 888-883-5529. In order to provide assistance, I would need to know the circumstances surrounding the revocation of your NY Drivers license.

  23. I have ny dL and I got a speeding ticket it says “required to appear in court” what about if I just pay it and don’t go to the court!
    Would that cost any problem!
    And would I got any points on the my driver license!

    1. Mahmoud – failing to pay a speeding ticket will result in license suspension which will transfer between the states. Driving on a suspended license in NY can result in your arrest, as well as other serious consequences. I strongly suggest answering this ticket.

  24. I have a NY license and got a speeding ticket in NJ, though when I received the ticked I had just moved for NY to NJ and hadn’t had a chance to change my license to a NJ license. I understand that point dont transfer for NY license’s, but once I change my license would the point then transfer?

  25. I received a speeding ticket for doing 81 in a 65 , no other charge. I have a NY license and was ticketed in Virginia. Should I just pay the ticket? will my insurance find out? what good does it do to contest it or get a lawyer? How do you legally get a speeding ticket reduced? thank you

  26. I got a speeding ticket in pa, 75 in a 55. Thought it was a 70mph zone. But will that ticket follow me home and will the points show up on my ny drivers license?

  27. I am a ny state driver. While
    On vacation in Florida, I received a ticket for driving 9 mph over the speed limit. What are the ramifications for my record in NY?

    1. NY does not assess points for out of state violations. The implications on your insurance, however, is unclear. You may want to consider contacting a FL attorney to determine how best to handle this ticket.

  28. I have received a speeding ticket in Ohio 87 on 65 speed limit when I entered from Pennsylvania to Ohio and there was no sign of speed limit anywhere that was noticed. I have a NY license and would like to find out how to proceed with this ticket.

  29. Hi,

    I have a New Jersey license and received a speeding ticket in Yonkers, NY. I have never received a speeding ticket and do not know how to go about this. The tickets states that I was going 62mph on a 30mph area. Will these points transfer to my NJ license? How would this effect me? Should I just pay the ticket? If a lawyer would help me, how much is the usual rate?

    Alejandra Brito

    1. NJ will assess two (2) points against your license for any out of state moving violation – barring a few exceptions. Aside from the points and costly fines, this ticket would likely result in an significant increase to your insurance rates. I therefore suggest contesting this violation to mitigate / avoid these consequences.

    1. Darryl – NY will not assess points for violations committed in NJ. However, as your insurance company will often learn of the infraction, your rates will likely increase. We therefore generally suggest contesting violations committed in NJ.

    1. Frank – While NY will not assess points for this ticket, there is a chance that your insurance rates will be impacted. We believe that it is generally better to contest a ticket and protect your driving record, rather than taking the risk of the violation impacting you in the future.

  30. Hi i get a ticket on pa with mu driver lisence from ny was for red ligth is a summo said i have to paid 129.90 what i have to do just plead guity and pay or figth or i going to get point on my driver record please tell me what i have to do

    1. You need to call the court to obtain a copy of the ticket. If you do not know where this incident occurred, you may reach out to the NY DMV.

  31. I got an unfair speeding ticket in a PA 70 mph highway. I was driving on the left lane within the flow of all the drivers. I was heading to Niagara falls with my family just before July 4 to celebrate in a beautiful day. I live in NY. I’m pleading not guilty. How can you help?

  32. Hey.I have NJ driving license, I got a speeding ticket 49 mph in 25 mph zone in NYC after the exit from the FDR to west 155 st . What should I do? Should I fight or just pay? And if I pay will it affect my points?and how it affect my insurance?

    1. In order to contest this violation, you must plead not guilty and then bring this case to trial. Unlike many court systems, NYC does not have any mechanism for plea bargaining.

  33. I got pulled over for 89 in a 65 in NJ. I have a NY license and nothing on my record, any idea what the ticket will cost and how it will affect me? Should I go to court or just pay it? It was a state trooper.

    1. Jaelynn – This is a 4 point ticket in NJ. These points will not transfer to your NY record, but the violation will. Therefore your insurance company will be able to see the violation if you plead guilty and can significantly hike up your premium rates for the next few years. I suggest you fight this ticket.

  34. I was pulled over for speeding (95 in a 70 zone, in a car), and the officer took my license and reg. She seemed to be a trainee – another officer seemed to be walking her through the steps. They sat in the car for a while, looking up my record (I assumed). Eventually, she came back, asked me why I was speeding. I said I was late for an interview (I was, and of course for being stupid and speeding, I ended up being even later!) She gave me back my license and reg and said I should expect something in the mail from NY. She didn’t give me a ticket. Do you know what that was about? Will I get a speeding ticket from NY? Thanks! Sorry — I should have noted that I was in PA when this happened.

    1. Rebecca – if you have received the violation in PA, then we are unable to assist you. NY does not assess points for out of state speeding tickets.

  35. I have a NY commercial license and was pulled over in NC for a speeding ticket (100 in a 70, in a car). I called a lawyer in NC and he said he would try to get in changed to a reckless driving charge?? That makes no sense to me?? I was wondering what you think the best course of action would be??

  36. I was pulled over for failure to keep right in nj. I have a ny driving license. Should i contest this ticket?

    1. While points will not transfer to your NY license, the violation might impact your insurance rates. Therefore, you should consider contesting this violation.

  37. I recently have moved to NJ but I still have a NY license but NJ insurance and registration. I received a witness complaint for improperly passing a school bus but the school bus was illegally on the wrong side of the road and could have caused an accident for incoming traffic. Since my license is NY but my insurance and registration is in NJ, am I going to receive points on my license?

  38. I have a NYS commercial drivers license. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in the state of New Jersey in my employers company vehicle. My personal insurance company was not involved. I received a ticket from the New Jersey state police for “careless driving that caused an accident”. I was issued a fine only, the officer told me no court appearance was needed. No injuries involved. My questions are … if I plead guilty ……..
    1)will points show up on my Nys license?
    2) will the violation come up on my driving abstract
    (record) in New York ?
    3) if either do occur how much time needs to go by before it’s removed from my driving record where insurance companies won’t see it anymore.
    4) if I pleade guilty is there anything I can do to reduce the increases of my insurance premiums, for example defensive driving courses etc?

    1. Sam – 1) Most likely no, 2) Yes, violations will transfer, 3) generally 3-5 years – depending on the insurance company, 4) Contesting this ticket may prevent the violation from ever appearing on your record.

  39. I got a ticket for going 72 in a 50 mph zone in New Jersey. I have a New York drivers license. This will have no point impact correct? Also how does insurance find out about this?

    Is it recommended to fight this?

    1. Andy – While the points do not transfer to NY, the violation will. When your insurance company review your driving history, this speeding violation will appear – often causing an increase in rates. I therefore suggest you contest this NJ ticket to protect your driving record.

  40. My son was pulled over in New Jersey for going 42 mph in a 25 mph zone. When I looked up the ticket online it had the spelling of his first name wrong.
    His name is Shaul Elefant and it had Shawl Elefant. Is that grounds to get the ticket excused if he goes to court?

    Thank you

    1. Daniel – this is unfortunately not a valid grounds for the dismissal of a ticket. However, there are alternate ways to contest such a violation. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss in further detail.

  41. Hi,
    I am a NYS licensed driver and I was issued a speeding ticket by a Massachusetts State Trooper for supposedly traveling 81 mph on a 65 mph zone just west of Springfield, Mass. The ticket indicates I have 20 days to respond and the fine is $165. It does not assign any points or at least it does not discuss points on the actual citation. Note it is a civil violation.
    Will this ticket trigger points of any sort on my NYS license?
    Given that Massachusetts is one of the few states that is not part of the Driver’s License Compact, will there be any official communication between Mass and NYS and will any information regarding this citation show up on my NYS driving record?
    I could fight this ticket in court but the cost and time associated with doing so seem enormous compared to simply paying the fine and moving on…

    1. Anthony – points do not transfer to NY. However, we are unable to advise on questions regarding MA law as we are not licensed to practice there.

  42. I was pulled over for doing 80mph in a 70mph in Florida. My license is from NY state. Will this affect my NY state license or give me points? Also,what should I do ? Thanks.

  43. Yesterday night I got a citation on an interstate on my way back home to NY. I was in Rhode Island compounds they said I was doing 107 in a 65 limit speed range. What’s going to happen?

    1. In order to provide further assistance, please provide us with the name of the court, as the procedures vary greatly. Generally speaking, this rate of speed in NY is an 11 point ticket which will result in license suspension.

  44. My husband who possesses a nys drivers license received a reckless by speed 80/55 conviction today in va with a hired attorney. The attorney recommended he get speedometer calibration done and he did and the judge still found him guilty. My question is, how does that affect his nys driving record and should I pursue an appeal like the va attorney recommends. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you, Denise

    1. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor offense (criminal) – thus impacting your record indefinately. This will additionally cause insurance rates to increase drastically. Because of the complext nature of this issue, I suggest you contact us to discuss in further detail.

  45. My 19 year old son received a ticket for doing 99 in a 60 in North Carolina. We live in NYS. He was polite and cooperative, the cop was fine, told my son he was “going a little fast” and with no further communication took his license and gave him the ticket at which time he informed him that his court date was on the ticket. His court date is for December 30 at 8:30am. In NYS you have the option of pleading guilty or not guilty, paying a fine, etc.. This NC ticket demands your presence in court….
    Honestly don’t know what to do….

  46. New York speeding ticket. 75 in a 55, Five Points. Florida driver’s license. I can’t be there to handle this. I want it reduced. 2 tickets in the past year or so that has been reduced to no points. Prior to that, clean record. What do I do?

  47. Hi, I have a NY DL and I was stopped by PA police just off the Outerbridge Crossing, NJ bound. He said that I was going 70 in 45 zone, what should I expect in a court?

    1. Since this matter is being handled by a court in Pennsylvania where you received the ticket, I suggest you contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney in PA to discuss your case. Our attorneys only handle traffic matters in New York and New Jersey.

  48. Hi i received 3 tickets yesterday at same time in NJ
    1)Speeding in excess limit by 25-29
    2)Careless-driving: likely to endanger person or property
    3)Traffic on marked lanes nearest right lane
    but my license is from NY and i stay in NY how is it going to effect me should i pay the fine or fight in court. please suggest

    1. While points do not transfer, violations can be seen by your insurance company – thuse raising your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this ticket.

  49. I received a speeding ticket in CT 80 mph in a 55mph zone will the points affect me in NYS where my license and registration is.

    1. Points will not be imposed in New York for this ticket but the violation will still be visible on your New York record, which can cause your insurance to increase. I suggest you contact an experienced Connecticut traffic ticket attorney to discuss your options further.

  50. HI

    I have a NY License and got a 69 mph in a 55 zone in NJ, I saw in other posts that points wont transfer but insurance will likely find out about it etc… is there a point in fighting this ticket? what can I gain if I fight it?


    1. Steven – fighting your ticket in NJ can prevent the insurance company from learning about this ticket, thus preventing an impact on insurance.

  51. I carry a NY License and got a speeding ticket in New Jersey this afternoon around 3 PM 25 mile zone and the officer stated I am driving 42 the ticket cost me $105.00 will this ticket show on my NY Driver License report. (This is my first time ticket since I got the license. should I pay for it or hired a lawyer to attend at court for me?

    1. Michelle – NJ points do not transfer to NY, although your insurance provider might see the violation and increase rates accordingly.

  52. Hello I have a CT license and I got a ticket last night for 78 in a 50 in NYC would it transfer points over if I just pay the fine and would it affect my insurance?

    1. Keishawn – New York and Connecticut do share information about traffic ticket. If you were to pay the fine, you would be entering in a guilty plea and Connecticut can then impose points on your record. This is a 6 point ticket in New York, which carries a court fee of $393, DRA surcharge fee of $300 and can increase your auto insurance rates.

  53. I received a speeding ticket in the Bronx (which as you probably already know, is part of NYC). Apparently NYC does not permit any negotiations or bargaining for a reduction of points. I have a CT DL and want to know how that ticket will effect my CT DL. Will points be assessed? Thanks for your help!

    1. Catherine – we need more information in order to provide you with any further assistance. You may reach us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  54. Good evening. I received my driver’s license from nys in the beginning of August of this year but I moved to PA. I still have my NYS driver’s license. I unfortunately received a speeding ticket today here in PA. I read on the NYS DMV website that for the first 6 months of my license I am under a probationary period for which speeding can lead to a suspension of my license. If I pay the fine for the ticket will my license in fact be suspended, or, will nys not recognize it because it was out of state?

  55. got a speeding ticket in new jersey have a new york license do the points tranfer? should i just pay the 95 dollr fine or will my insurance go up?

    1. When you receive a speeding ticket in New York, 2 points will transfer to your New Jersey license. Therefore, you could definitely see an increase in your insurance rates.

  56. Hi I have a NJ license and received a ticket in NY, Staten Island Expressway by Hylan Blvd , going 74 in a 50mph zone. Ticket says violation 1180d- speed postal zone. It’s my first violation, should I go to court or pay, back of the ticket says going above 11mph pass the limit is a $115, but only mention points if it’s above 31mph above the limit.

    1. Mera – You should fight this 6 point ticket as it carries fines of $203, assessment fees of $300, 2 points onto your NJ license, and significant insurance implications.

  57. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket in Massachusetts yesterday. Officer dropped it to 75 MPH in a 65 MPH area. Will my NY license get points on it? This was a first-time violation in 7 years of driving. More importantly, will my insurance rates likely go up? Is this worth fighting?


  58. I received a speeding ticket in NJ going 20mph over the speed limit. I paid the $200 fine immediately. Will this affect my insurance? How would the find out?

    1. Isaac – We are only licensed to handle traffic matters in New York and New Jersey. I suggest you contact an experienced traffic attorney in Delaware to help you fight this ticket.

  59. Hi, I got NJ speeding ticket (91 in 65 zone). I am planning on paying this ticket up.
    Is there anything else i need to worry about either in NJ or NY – additional surcharges, points, driving privileges suspension and etc.

    1. Jeff – This ticket carries 6 points in New York, 2 points in New Jersey, a $393 court fee, a $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment fee and a significant auto insurance increase. I suggest you fight this ticket to reduce the harsh fines and penalties that can affect your record for years to come.

  60. Hey, I got a speeding ticket I’m Virginia.. And I live in NY.. I didn’t show up to the court date and I just got a letter stating I pay $750 within 2 weeks, or else my license will be suspended. Is it possible that my NY driver license will be suspended for that ticket in VA???

    1. Since New York and Virginia are both part of the Drivers License Compact Agreement, they share information about traffic tickets. As a result, New York may suspend your driving privileges due to an unpaid fine in another state. I suggest contacting a traffic ticket attorney in the state of Virginia to advise you further.

  61. Hi i received a speeding ticket in California but obviously can’t show up to court i live in nyc how can it effect me

  62. Hi.I have a new york licence just 6 months with no records.Last night While I was driving in the middle lane in New Jersey I 78 11;03 pM.I was driving under speed(lower speed I think around 62) because of fuel was low.Police car showed up and pulled over .Ask me regarding do I drink alcohol or drugs and I said no.They checked my eyes with torch light.I said check my alcohol or drug level if they want .After asking different questions,I think checking my orientation and judgements. They decided not to check my drugs or alcohol level.But they gave me ticket for unsafe lane change.I know that ticket will not affect my points in New York.But I felt it was not fair. Is it worth to fight?

  63. My husband is a ny state licensee. We were pulled out by a state trooper in PA for speeding we were surprised because we are in the middle lane and with in the flow of traffic . The trooper told us that our speed is 80 and state limit is 55 and we will be receiving a speeding ticket in the mail and we will be given 10 dyas to respond. We don’t know what to do? Will my husband got a points in his driving record and our insurance will premium will increase? We wNt to know too how much will be our penalty.
    Thank you.

  64. Hi i have NYS license and got a speeding ticket in delaware running in 52 in 35limit, i wish not to pay it coz i dont really driving out of state, what will happen to me?

  65. Speeding ticket received in Rhode Island with a NYS License. I got my driver license since September 2013 I never get ticket. This speeding ticket is my first ticket. Last weekend I went to see family members in Boston, while I was driving back home to New York a police officer was following me stopping me and said to me that radar was detecting me for speeding. I always drive safely so how can it be radar was revealing me for speed. And also does NYDMV will not add points for a speeding ticket committed in Rhode Island.

  66. Ticket received in PA for speeding with a NYS license, i have a cdl class A driver licence 70 at 50 zone. $128.50 fine. i just want to know if i can get points , i dont worry about make a payment

  67. Ticket received in MA for speeding with a NYS license. I am a professional driver and do not feel that I was going the speed that is on the ticket. The officer checked the box for radar but also estimated. If he uses radar – how can it be estimated. Would this be a valid reason to fight the ticket?

    Concerned about points on my NYS license which I understand is not reciprocal with MA. Am I correct?

  68. I have NYS driving license, got ticket in OH for making 89 at 70 zone, and I was driving the car which is NOT belonging to me, and car is registered in NJ. What will happen with car insurance and my license if I do not pay? I am 72 years old, 1 week ago got renewed license for 8 years.

    S KS

  70. I have a ny license and I had a moving violation ( red light ) in nj . The statue number is 39 : 4 – 81. There s any point for that and that s could affect my insurance ? And then how long the points stay in record driving in nj ? Thank u

  71. I have a clean NYS license. I recieved a ticket for 62 in a 40 in Florida. I understand the points will not transfer to my NY license, but because I just moved down to FL I intend on switching my car and license over. Would it be worth taking the defensive drivers course in fl to prevent my insurance for going up? And if I get my FL license after the ticket is settled, will those points show up?

  72. I got a “39:4-85.1 Wrong way on one-way street” ticket in NJ with $85 fine, I am holding a NY license.
    Does it take points from my NY license? The ticket says nothing about points.
    How it affects my potential insurance?
    It says I do not have to appear in court if I pay the fine.

    1. Lucy – while points will not transfer from NJ to NY for this offense, the violation might impact your insurance rates. We are unable to provide specific information – as each insurance company has different policies.

  73. I’m military member and back in 2009 I got a reckless driving ticket in PA while I had NY drivers license. I was on active duty in KY. While I got the court notice, our unit was getting ready to deploy and was under lockdown. I made the relevant fine payments and did not take the court appearance seriously, only I called the court clerk to inform the same. A decision was made by the court to sentence me to 6 month suspension and the PA DMV sent the notice to my NY drivers license address which never got forwarded to my KY address, by that time I’d flown to Afghanistan.
    After redeploying from Afghan I renewed my NY license in 2011 but I was still not told about the suspension. 4 years go by and in 2015 when it was time to renew this license I get told that now I need to undergo suspension. The court knew that I’m on active duty, should they had not kept the hearing on a pending status as per the SCRA (Service members Civil Relief Act)? Also not receiving the notice was not my fault and over all not being informed by DMV back in 2011 was not my fault as well.
    Do I have any chance to clear this from my record if it exists? I’m almost 4 months through the suspension time.

  74. I have a ny license and never had any violation.i got speeding ticket in Vermont. 45 in30 zone. and I have to pay 151.00 and3 points on my license.is my insurance gonna go up. do I need to get a lawyer and how much is gonna cost me if I do.please advise me I don’t want to have points on my license. Help me.

    Thank you

    1. Grace – NY will not assess points against your license for an offense in VT. However, insurance rates are not dependent on points, but rather the violation itself. As we do not handle tickets in VT, I suggest you contact an attorney licensed in that state for assistance.

  75. Hi! I got the ticket at Delaware for over speed (58mph/35mph). I have the mass license. Does this ticket affect my surcharge point????


  76. Hi got a moving violation at newyork city and im a nj license with cdl. Do they give points to a newjersey licence even a paid it cos i cant afford to lost my due of this

  77. I have a nys license clean driving history, never had a speeding ticket. I got a ticket in Virginia for doing 87 in a 70 they consider that reckless driving. I understand no points will be put on my license but what am I facing? Is it worth getting a lawyer? Thank you

  78. hi, i received a speeding ticket, in marlboro, nj, 71 in a 55, through a “safe corridor” zone, should i just pay the fine, through the mail, or appear in court, and hope for the best

    1. I suggest you consider contesting this ticket to avoid the fines and penalties. Utilizing the services of an experienced attorney will enable you to get the optimal results possible.

  79. Hi, got a speeding ticket in NJ today 59 in a 35 !! I have a NY drivers license will I get points on my license !! Also the ticket penalty says $200 is that the amount I will pay! I have a clean driving record 1st time in 15 years I have gotten a speeding ticket , I know it might affect my insurance, but worried about any points on my NY license!! Any advice

  80. I just got a NYS ticket. I have a Fl license. I was driving 85 on a 65. Is getting an attorney the best option for fighting this ticket? or at least getting it reduced. Most importantly no points? I have a clean driving record. Can you help me with this? I know the inpications of pleading guilty could be the full fine, court fees, state fee, points, increased insurance rate.


    1. Nat – This 4 point ticket will result in fines of approximately $393, along with a significant insurance increase. We will be happy to help. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  81. I recently just got a speeding ticket going 88mph in a 65mph in Massachusetts. I am from Ontario though. It is a 230 dollar ticket. Should I fight this ticket and try to get it dropped or will that require me to go back to Massachusetts to do so. I have never gotten a speeding ticket before. Also, will any points be taken from my license and will my insurance go up?

  82. I’ve FL license and got speeding ticket in NY. I was driving 71mph on 55 mph speed limit. What should I do? Should I fight or just pay? And if I pay will it affect my points??

  83. I have ny license and I got speeding 96 in 65 area and failure to obey traffic signs tickets in new jersey. My question is this is my probationary period and dmv s website says that if I get ticket for speeding my license will be suspended.. But I was in out of state so is my license will be suspended?

  84. I got a speeding ticket in mass for 85 IN a 65 ticket has a 150.00 dollar amount on it should I just pay that or fight it I have a NYS license


  85. I got speeding ticket in NJ
    I have NY driver license
    Please let me know what Can you do for me
    I how much will be the cost.
    As a comment, my license it is clean.
    please let me know asap.

  86. I have a new york license currently suspended for not paying some tickets, i moved to new jersey a couple months ago would it be a problem to transfer it even if its suspended in ny??

  87. Hello,

    I have a NYS driver’s license, but I am temporarily living in MA as a student and working part time here as well. I got a ticket on the Mass Pike for going 81 mph (speed limit is 65 mph on the Mass Pike) around three weeks ago, and I am appealing it. However, today I got another for going 75 mph on the Mass Pike, but I plan on paying that one because I don’t think I have a case.

    How do you think I should proceed in any of the aforementioned matters? Thank you!


  88. I received a NJ speeding ticket on my NY license. Would you be able to represent? I am currently overseas and unable to appear in court. Not sure if this makes a difference but my name on the ticket was spelled incorrectly. Also how will it affect me if I simply pay it without fighting it? 15-19 mph over speed limit and a possible 4 points off my license

    1. A misspelling of your name will not lead to the dismissal of your ticket. We can fight this ticket for you even though you are overseas. You may contact us for a free consultation.

  89. I recieved two tickets while on the northern state pkwy one for speeding in excess of speed limit 20-24 mph and
    Driving without a license .. I have never had a license in the state of nyc but I am looking to start my preparation for my permit then my license will I be affected in my prep while these matters are in place in New Jersey ? thank you

  90. I have a NYC drivers license and recently got a speeding ticket in NJ for doing 94 mph in a 65 mph zone. I have never gotten a speeding ticket before and I have no points on my license. The officer reduced the ticket to careless driving instead of reckless driving. I understand no points will be transferred over but I do not want my insurance to go up, What would you suggest I do?

    1. You can fight to have this ticket dismissed in order to assure that this will not have any impact on your insurance. Please be cautioned, however, about representing yourself in this matter, as at that rate of speed, courts might be unwilling to dismiss the charges in their entirety without a trial.

  91. Hi,

    I have a NYS DL and recently received a NJ speeding ticket for going 60 in a 35 zone. Is there any possibility that I can get this reduced to a lesser charge? I have had only one other prior NJ speeding ticket (no court required, fine was paid) that had occurred over 15 years ago.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  92. i received a speeding ticket in NJ 24 miles over the speed limit and in a safe corridor . Do I get points on my Ny license ? please help my court date is 1.20.2015

  93. I received a failure to obey a highway sign ticket in va. i have a ny license. I live in va cause of the military so i went to court and was found guilty so had to pay the fines. the nysdmv says violations dont transfer. so does that mean the violation doesnt show up on my record? or does that just mean the violation shows but no points?

  94. I received a speeding ticket in NJ, I have a NY drivers license . I am willing to pay the fine but I am wondering if the NYDMV would know about this conviction and suspend/revoke my license? furthermore, the officer wrote that my licence expires on 12/18/2014, however i gave him a licence which expires on 12/18/2022. i recieved the ticket on 12/26/2014. I am aware, if i get a ticket in NJ, the point don’t transfer to NY licence. is it better to pay the fine and get 4 points or should i hire a lawyer. would it effect my insurance and how long does it take for the points to clear.

    1. While the points will not transfer to NY, the violation will transfer, and thus your insurance company will be aware of the violation. In NJ – 3 points are deducted for every year of driving violation free.

  95. My license is suspended in new York state.. I had two speeding tickets in new jersey state over 15 years ago, I currently moved to jersey , will I have a problem getting a new jersey license

  96. I received a speeding ticket in Massachusetts, I have a NY drivers license but I am still in the probation period. I am willing to pay the fine but am wondering if the NYDMV would know about this conviction and suspend/revoke my license? I know points wouldn’t be added on my license but what about suspension/revocation because of speeding conviction while in probation? Thank you.

  97. I recieve a speeding ticket today in nj doing 79 in a 50( palisades parkway)
    The officer wrotte my first name as follow Anthony…….but on my drivers licence its written Antonio.can i fight this and get it dissmissed for that missprint or what else can i do?i have a ny drivers license.thank u

    1. Antonio – Misprints will not be sufficient to warrant a dismissal of a ticket. You can, however, fight the ticket in order to mitigate and/or eliminate the impact upon your insurance rates.

  98. I received a ticket in NJ about 7 years ago for crossing a solid line. I have a NY drivers license. I never paid the ticket or have received anything in the mail. What should I do?

  99. I got a speeding ticket going over the speed limit by 34 mph in queens ny. I live in new jersey and have a new jersey dl. What am I facing the court is tellin me my license will be suspended in the state of new york.. what does that mean for my driving privelages in new jersey?

    1. You will receive 2 points onto your driving record in New Jersey for an out of state speeding ticket. I strongly suggest you attempt to resolve the ticket in New York to prevent suspension.

  100. I had two speeding tickets I never paid in New York over 10 years ago. And I have a mass license but about to start having to drive to New York again. Are those tickets still floating out there?

  101. Hi, I got couple tkts in PA while heading to our trip from NYC. Violation of seat belts and booster seats. Is there anyway to lower the charges and no appeal in person? Please advise. Thank you!

  102. My son got a speeding ticket in the state of Carolina according to him he was 10 minutes before hitting NC. He can’t remember what county it was in. How do we get that information this was back in 2012. We need to get this taken care of, his license has been suspended

  103. In N.Y a person hit my CO. truck while i was parked.I called for a police report.Then the cop said there was a ticket in matthatin N.Y and a warrent for falure to appear 24 years ago.I was never informed and my company did a background check.It did not show up.On the cops computer.it did.So gave me a ticket for a AUI driving while suspened.So the next day I payed those 24 year old ticket.Now can I fight that AUI ticket.I was never rec.anything in 24 years about having a ticket and a warrent in N.Y I never knew.{t was only a $115.00 fine.But all this time I had a PA liscense.Do I have a chance to beat my new ticket?

  104. Hi,
    I received a ticket in NY, Chautauqua county on Sunday going 84mph on a 65. And hour away from where I live in NY (I have a NY license). This is my first offense on my NY license (had a ticket in OH with Ohio license about 16 months ago, I was going about 10 over an my insurance was greatly affected). I live about an hour away from where I got my ticker and would need an attorney to attend court if I decide to “fight” it. I was wondering what my options were and how much would I be looking to pay for an attorney?
    Thank you.

    1. You are currently facing a 4 point ticket, which carries a total fine of $393.00. As you correctly pointed out, tickets – even seemingly minor ones – greatly impact your insurance rates.

      Your options are to plead guilty, plead not guilty and represent yourself, or utilize an attorney. By hiring our firm, we will be able to fight this ticket for you, without the need for you to appear. Should you wish to discuss your matter in more detail, please call us for a free consultation at 1-888-434-0406

  105. Hi,

    I live in Devon,PA.

    I have a New York Speeding ticket.
    Hoping you could help me out here.

    Best Regards,

  106. Hi

    I received a speeding ticket in NJ in the township of Lacy, doing 100mph in a 65mph zone. However the ticket says i was driving an Acura when I was driving an infiniti. Is that grounds for dismissal? Please let me know.


  107. Hi. I got a speeding ticket in New Jersey, and I have a New York license. I paid it. Since the points don’t transfer and I am applying for insurance on a different car do I still have to admit of such violation?

    1. Dorota,

      Unfortunately, that is the problem with pleading guilty to a traffic ticket instead of fighting it. Even if you do not admit to the violation, it is likely that your insurance company (new and old) will find out about the offense anyway. After all, NJ and NY freely exchange driving info and signed the Driver’s License Compact. In the long-run, it is always better to be honest.

  108. Hi,
    I received a speeding ticket for 100 in a 65 mph in Pensulvenia at rute 80 west, and im living in NY. What will i do just pay fine? is there any points in my Lience? if i did hire a lawyer then what will be the total cost?


    1. Ahmed,

      You received a PA traffic ticket, but PA points do not transfer to NY. However, you will likely incur an insurance hike and a steep fine unless you contact a PA traffic ticket attorney to help you. We do not handle PA traffic tickets, only NY and NJ. However, if you ever receive a NY or NJ traffic ticket, please give us a call.

  109. Hi,
    I received a speeding ticket for 80 in a 65 in the state of massachusetts in route to Maine on vacation. I live in New York State about 4 hours from where I got the ticket.

    I’m trying to determine if it is better to just pay it and be done with it, or try and fight it and have it hopefully reduced to a non moving violation.

    My two final questions are if I did hire a lawyer what the total cost for that would be and would I have to show up to the court for the hearing.

    Thank you,
    Thomas Murphy.

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