Out-Of-State Speeding Tickets

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This article is intended for individuals who live in another state besides New York and have received a speeding or traffic ticket in New York State.

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Out-of-State Drivers Who Receive New York Speeding Tickets

Getting a New York speeding ticket can be quite a hassle, especially when you are an out-of-state driver. Unfortunately, most out-of-state drivers never contest their NY speeding tickets. They think that it is too much of a hassle to drive back and argue. They usually justify their inaction by thinking that points will not transfer back to their home state. However, in many cases this is simply untrue.

NY Infractions Can Result in Points

Despite what most people think, many states will assess points against your driving record for an out-of-state traffic violation.

For example, drivers from Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia (just to name a few) will receive the full amount of points for out-of-state traffic violations as if they were committed right at home.

Similarly, New Jersey drivers will receive 2 points for every out-of-state traffic violation they receive (that is 2 per ticket). Likewise, California drivers will have 1 point assessed for minor violations and 2 points for major violations.

Additionally, many states will suspend your license if you are convicted of an out-of-state traffic offense that would have resulted in a suspension were it committed at home.

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Why it Pays to Fight an Out-of-State Speeding Ticket

In most cases, if you hire an attorney to fight your out-of-state speeding ticket, you will not need to appear in court. In other words, if you receive a New York speeding ticket and are licensed to drive in another state, you will not have to drive back to New York if you hire an attorney to fight your ticket. Additionally, simply pleading guilty could be extremely dangerous. Most out-of-state drivers think they are only paying a fine, but they fail to realize that their insurance rates could go up dramatically.

Most states have entered into the Driver’s License Compact, so driving data is freely transferred from state to state. This means the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) will likely know about your out-of-state speeding ticket and your car insurance carrier will have access to this information too.

Furthermore, accruing 11 points or more in the State of New York—even as an out-of-state driver—will cause you to lose your ability to drive in New York (i.e. your right to drive in New York will be suspended). Remember, this accumulation of 11 points is based on the New York violations you commit under New York’s point system (not your state’s point system).

Imagine: While on a family vacation a police officer catches you flying down the Thruway at 41 miles over the posted speed limit (an 11 point offense). Getting convicted of this one offense will prevent you from driving in New York for quite a while.

Moreover, if you are convicted or plead guilty to a driving offense that would be 6 points in New York (e.g. driving 21-30 mph over the limit), you will be forced to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) to the State of New York. The DRA is $100 per year for 3 years and an additional $25 per year will be charged for each additional point over 6 you receive. This means 1 extra point will cost you $75 more (since the assessment lasts for 3 years).

At the end of the day, it pays to fight an out-of-state speeding ticket. After all, these hidden costs—which you may not even find out about until it is too late—far exceed the cost of hiring an experienced NY traffic ticket attorney to handle your case.

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a New York speeding ticket and you are an out-of-state driver, contact Adam H. Rosenblum of Rosenblum Law. Mr. Rosenblum has years of experience fighting traffic tickets, negotiating with prosecutors, and getting the results you are looking for. Call him today at 888-815-3649.

519 thoughts on “Out-Of-State Speeding Tickets”

  1. Hi Adam,
    Last week I got a ticket on NY ST 219 near town of Carrollton, heading towards buffalo. The cop said I was doing 72 on 55. However I really don’t think I was that fast. I was focussed on the curve and downhill slope when he pulled me over. He was waiting on the shoulder ahead of me so that was a distraction too, me trying to slow down or move over. There was another car immediately in front of me..so I doubt the cop got a clear reading from his rear radar which he said he used.

    I now have to plead guilty or not guilty. How would you advise? I am wondering if paying up is cheaper or should I avail of legal representation? I am a VA resident and hence out of state for NY. It will be inconvenient for me to drive up there again.

    1. Mukal – you are facing a 4 point ticket that has penalties of $393, along with a substantial insurance impact. This is true even though you are an out-of-state driver. We can help you fight your ticket without the need of a personal appearance.

  2. Was pulled over going 91 in a 65 would love to fight against it im currently in the military and was heading on I-81n not 100% sure on what to do some help would be great. Additionally wouldn’t be able to meet at court and I’m a pa driver

    1. Hunter – we can fight this 6 point ticket on your behalf without your personal appearance. You may reach us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation to discuss the particular facts of your case.

  3. Hi i got 97mph on 65mph zone on interstate i87 highway..1180D
    Im nj resident/driver. How much fine should i expect?

    1. You are facing an 8 point ticket that carries a fine of $693, along with an assessment fee of $450. 2 points wil transfer to your NJ driving record. Additionally, there would likely be a substantial impact to your insurance rates.

  4. Hi, I got a speeding ticket for 87mph at 65mph limit in NY. I have never had any tickets previously. Also, I have Connecticut license. How much equivalent demerit points I would get that would affect my insurance?

    1. Madhesh – while we can not advise on CT law, please be advised that the violation will transfer for insurance purposes. I need further information regarding the facts surrounding your ticket to advise further.

  5. I was driving in New York in a rental box truck, when I realized my mistake and tried to get off the parkway I was stopped by an officer. He issued me 3 tickets, failing to follow driving control, driving in the parkway, and for swerving. What should I do I am a PA driver?

    1. Eric – in order to provide additional information, I need more details about the facts of your case. Additionally, please provide me with the name of the court, as procedures differ based on the location of the incident.

  6. Hi,

    I was ticketed today on interstate 87 in New York. I am a resident of Massachusetts and have MA Drivers License. The officer said I was going 102 mph in a 65 mph zone. The ticket claims he got me on Radar. First, I don’t think I was going 102 mph, maybe 90 tops. I also have one of the best radar detectors on the market and it did not go off nor did I even see the officer on the road. I have no idea where he came from. My question is, I know this is a huge fine and major points on my Insurance. I would not have the time to travel to NY to contest this ticket, but wondering what the average fine would be and interested in possibly getting representation to contest this for me. Thank you

    1. Gary – you are facing an 8 point ticket, that carries fines of $693, assessment fees of $450, and substantial impacts on your insurance rates. I strongly suggest you contest this ticket to avoid / mitigate these consequences. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  7. We are from Wayne County North Carolina and received a speeding ticket in the town of Homer for 83 in a 65. We drove 12 hrs to visit my wife’s dying grandmother which was 12 hrs there, 36 hr out of the car, and then back in the car for 13 hrs. She was so exhausted she flat out just wasn’t paying attention. Do they have prayer for judgements there like in NC?

    1. Stephanie – I would like to confirm some details of your traffic ticket with you before providing further information. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  8. Hi. I got a speeding ticket for clocking 81mph in a 55mph zone in hancock town,sthwy 17 wb ,Newyork
    BUT I am Newjersey license holder. Will it add 2 cpoints on my license and a fine? I do n0t want those points on my license what should I do? should i plead guily and give my explaination on the ticket?

    1. Syed – You are correct – this 6 point ticket in NY will transfer as 2 points to your NJ license. If you are interested in avoiding this, you must contest the ticket. Pleading guilty with an explanation will not lead to the dismissal of a ticket – as speeding violations are ‘strict liability’ offenses – meaning that an ‘explanation’ will not warrant dismissal.

  9. I got a speeding ticket on I-390 going 80mph in a 65 zone. This is the first time I have been pulled over for speeding in about 3 years. The officer said no points would be issued. Can I take his word on that? Do you think this ticket is worth fighting?

    1. Generally speaking this is a 4 point ticket with maximum fines of approximately $400. We would require the name of the court to provide further details. You may contact us for a free consultation at 1-888-883-5679.

  10. Hi,
    I’m an Ontario Canada received a ticket in Mount Morris, village of 2626 on July 8th 1:07am.
    Description of violation section 1110A it says: disobeyed traffic control device

    In deposition page:
    Additional information!: Ro observed the above defendant operating the above vehicle at a rate of speed 45 mph where the posted speed limit is 30mph.

    He added the comments that he stated that I said I was going 40-45 which I really did say that plus he said that my maximum fine would be $150 and didn’t say anything about my points.

    I would like to know how to proceed with this and if they plea over the phone or not.


    1. Hi Tarun,

      the 1110A violation carries 2 points and has a maximum fine of $150 and a court surcharge of $93. However, since you carry and ON license, the points will not transfer over.

  11. Hi! I live in GA. I was in NY for school.in Utica. I was wondering how much will a ticket cost me, 87 on a 65mph limit.

    I told the officer that I was overtaking a truck, then a smaller white truck behind tailed me too close for comfort so I sped up to immediately move to the right lane. In the process, we both passed by an officers’ car who was on the middle island. He only caught me and not the truck behind me. I was driving a rental car which was a new black shiny chevy impala, if I am not mistaken. I slowed down immediately when I got to the right lane but the officer followed me then flashed his light after the truck that tailed me had passed by. I was just out of church at that time and was in no way in a hurry because I was enjoying the view.

    Please help.

    1. Carl – 87/65 – 22 mph over the speed limit, is a 6 point ticket. This violation carries substantial financial penalties ($693), along with insurance increases. I suggest you contest this ticket to mitigate these consequences.

  12. Said to be going 87 in a 50. I did not know 100% what speed I was going as I was more focused on merging right as the carpool lane was closing. I had a driver up my butt in my lane so I had to pick speed up a little to get in front of the ones in the right lane. I’m from Iowa so I cannot make it back for a court date. Officer said something about getting something notorized. When sending payment in. He studdered a bit so I didn’t understand all the way. Also was told I have 15 days.

    1. Jake – you have been ticketed with a 6 point ticket that carries fines, points, and insurance implications. You must advise the court of your plea within 15 days. Hiring a local attorney will allow you to handle your case so you do not need to appear in court.

  13. I was driving home from NY this weekend back to Chicago where I live (currently hold a MA license). I got pulled over for going 83 in a 65 on route 88. The officer was traveling against traffic in the opposite direction of the divided highway and was not sitting in the median taking radar. I have never been pulled over and wondering if I should fight this ticket? I don’t think I was going over 80. The ticket lists it was in the town of Amity

    1. Ryan – I suggest you fight this ticket as it carries fines, points, and insurance impacts. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 to discuss further.

  14. I recently got a speeding ticket in Staten Island NY on the west shore expwy but have a NJ license. He clocked me at 72 in a 50. I have previous speeding tickets from past but only in NJ. Can someone assist me on what to do or what will end up happening? I am kind of scared…

    1. Susan – you are facing a 6 point ticket that has a fine of $203, and an assessment fee of $300. 2 points will be added to your NJ license, and this will likely impamct insurance. Since this court does not have plea bargaining, this ticket must be contested via a trial.

  15. I am holding a Mississippi driver’s license. I was pulled over on I-90 just out of Buffalo, NY. My family were visiting Niagara Falls the day before. The officer said I was going 81mph on the 65mph zone. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

  16. Got speeding ticket in Tonawanda for 60 in 45 work zone. Have a GA drivers license and will not be able to come back for court date. Any suggestions?

  17. I have CT DL and got my first speeding ticket for going at 80 momentarily when speed limit was 65 in NY STHY-17 (BLOOMING GROOVE TOWN COURT). I have clean driving history. What should I do ?What would be the fine ?

  18. I received a speeding ticket in Erie county. 70 in a 55. I live in NC and have a fairly good driving record. What are my options?

    1. Anthony – you may either plead guilty – which will entail a $393 fine and increases in insurance rates, plead not guilty and handle the matter, or plead not guilty and utilize the services of an attorney to handle the matter for you.

  19. I just got a ticket in a work zone in NY. He claimed to clock me at 61 in a 45 I have an Ohio drivers license what’s my fines looking at

  20. I’m PA resident, got ticket 94 over 65 on close to Cortland, NY. Policeman said used radar but I did not drive that fast. Could you help me?

    1. Vadim – we would be happy to assist you fight this 6 point ticket. You are currently facing a fine of $393, an assessment fee of $300, and a substantial impact on your insurance rates.

  21. 2 days back I got speeding ticket in Corning, NY 14830, 86 on 65 (cop recorded at 81 but said visual recording at 86). No history and can you suggest? what would be my fine?

  22. I was clocked at going 77 in a 55 today in Southeast NY. I am a CT resident and this is my first speeding ticket. Will points be transferred to my license? Also, is there anyway to know how much my fine could be reduced to in court if i fight it?

    1. Ashley – while we are not allowed to provide legal advise on the laws of CT, the violation will transfer for insurance purposes. Whether plea bargaining is available will depend on which court is hearing your case.

  23. I was driving to Niagara Falls with the family on vacation and was caught doing 81 in a 65 mph zone by NYSP outside of Lancaster.
    I’m a resident of IL with a clean driving record. This has been my first moving violation for like 30 years.
    What can I expect in fines for this violation and is it possible to fight this even though I’m out-of-state?
    And how many of those points would transfer to my IL record?

    1. Art – the fine for this offense is $393. While we can not advise you on IL traffic law, it is possible to fight this offense without physically appearing by hiring local counsel.

  24. I am a NY drivers license holder. I recieved a cell phone ticket in paramus NJ. i went to court today…paid about $240 and wasnt given a lesser offense…i know that the 1st offense in NJ doesnt carry points but i know in NY it carrys 5 points…will i recieve 5 points on my NY license?

  25. I’m a CT licensed driver and just got a NY speeding ticket stating I was driving 87mph on a 65mph zone. 1180D was the violation section with a description of violation as speed in zone. The road was clear and I was just driving on the left lane. I didn’t really pay attention to my speedometer. Next thing I knew there were lights behind me from a state trooper I believe but no siren so I moved over to the middle thinking he was going to pass, but he followed me over and turned off his light, so I moved over again to the right, and again he followed, clearly at this point, he was trying to pull me over. After he approached and asked for license and registration, he stated I saw his light and knew I was getting pulled over, that he didn’t want to chase me. The whole time, I was slowing down. His statement was not true as I have had state troopers turn on their lights to pass me. On the ticket, his “addition information” states “V/E 90 RADAR 87 LEFT LANE PASSING OTHER VEHICLES” which might be true, that tends to happen on the far left lane anyway, I was not dodging in and out of lanes to avoid cars. What should I do? How long do I have to send in a plead notice before they deem it “failure to respond”?

  26. PA driver going 77 in a 55. 1180B at I 290 west bound going to Niagara Falls. Town of Amherst in Erie county. I had been complaining to my friend in the car about how I hadn’t seen speed limit signs yet and was driving with traffic thinking the speed limit was 65 on such a major highway. I think this will be 6 points, but will that transfer to my PA license? How much will the fine be if I plead guilty and will it affect my insurance?

    1. Rebecca – we can not advise on PA traffic law – however, the violation will transfer, thus impacting your insurance rates. The fine for this violation is $393, along with a $300 assessment fee.

  27. Hello,

    I ama PA driver. I got a ticket for speeding 72 in a 50. Right now, the cost is $203 for the ticket, plus the DRAF of $300. How many points will I get on my license. In PA, it is 4, but do I get 6 since I was in NY? What is the best way of handling this?

  28. My son was driving on I90 in Canojahrie county and was pulled over for speeding. Ticketed for 86mph in 65. It is 3 1/2 hours to drive there to fight the ticket which I have encouraged him to do knowing that Massachusetts will hold this against his record. He has a clean driving record. Do they ever allow pleas over the phone. A police officer friend in different county told us to try but my son had no luck.

  29. I got a speeding ticket in Cheektowaga on Sun, 78 in a 55, first offense, out of state.
    Are you able to reduce the fine or dismiss and what would your services cost?

    1. Amanda – you are looking at a 6 point ticket that has substantial fines and penalties. We will be able to assist you in reducing this violation. The type of reduction will depend on numerous factors, including your prior driving history.

  30. Hello,

    I have an OHio Licence and I got a 75 in a 55 on in williamville NY. The trooper said something about calling the court and asking about a plea option. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jordan, you are looking at a 4 point ticket. This holds a maximum court fine of $393. This will cause your insurance rates to rise. We suggest pleading not guilty. If you would like more information about having the ticket reduced to minimum penalties, you can contact us for a free consultation. We can be reached at 888-434-0406.

  31. I am going to fight a speeding ticket I got in Staten Island was going east on sie coming up to bridge seen sign saying 50 but the officer was at the split by the bridge under a sign that said 40 got me for 71 in 40 what’s my chances?i have a pa Cdl

    1. Hello Chad, the office clocked you for doing 31 over the limit. This is an 8 point ticket which transfers over to your license. This means your license will be suspended. You would also face a maximum court fine of $693 and a driver’s assessment fine of $450. We suggest pleading not guilty. Please contact our office for a free consultation to find out more about your options. We can be reached at 888-434-0406.

  32. I just received a speeding ticket in Manhattan for going 54 in a 30, on the FDR. Last year, I received a ticket in Brooklyn for accidentally being in carpool lane, which I paid. I have an Illinois license and can’t find any significant info about how this new ticket will affect things. I don’t even know if the carpool ticket caused points in NY or IL or both. Will I have points in Illinois? Will I owe in NY beyond the ticket price? As for insurance, I was borrowing the same car both times so I’m not the insured party. Will it affect their rates? Or simply affect my insurance rates in the future

    1. Hi Jaimie, this ticket is a 2 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $243. This will not affect the insurance of the person you borrowed the car from. The points on your license will affect your future insurance rates.

  33. I am from PA and I got speeding ticket in NY, my ticket says I was driving 80 mph at 55 mph speed limit. 80mph was based on officer visual observation. Should I fight this ticket or just plead guilty.

  34. Hello i received a ticket yesterday on Route 328 for driving 70 mph in a 55 mph. I am a PA resident and this was in the new York state boundaries. Are there going to be any points involved in this and is there anyway that i could somehow get the penalties lowered or dismissed?

    1. Chelsea – while no points will transfer to PA, your insurance rates will likely be impacted. To provide further detail, I need to confirm which court is handling your case. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  35. I got a speeding ticket driving through Saratoga in Moreau. I got written up for driving 80 in a 65mph zone. My friend who helps contest traffic tickets in California told me that the points shouldn’t transfer over because there is a different point system being used in the state of New York and that the ticket fine should be in the range of under $200 from the last time he had checked. He is however travelling at the moment and hasn’t had the time to dig into this more thoroughly. I’ve seen on here that the points seem to transfer and that the fine is likely to be $393. Is there a reference site I can see to verify this information?

    1. Dean – we are not allowed to advise you on CA law. Even if points do not transfer, however, the violation will – thus impacting your insurance rates. The maximum penalty allowed for this violation is $393.

  36. I received a speeding ticket of 57 in a 45 the other day. I’m set up for a court date in the town of ellery. Can you tell me what I’m looking at for fines, court cost, etc? I do not have any other speeding violations on my record.

  37. I was driving in Mount Morris, Livingston County, NY and had a 30mph speed. I got a ticket stating that I was going 51mph. I have a VA driving license. I sent back the ticket and I plead guilty.
    How many days to get back the decision ?
    How much it is going to cost me ? Points ?

  38. Yesterday my boyfriend and I were travelling to Amherst to visit his parents. I got a speeding ticket for going 16 over and got my pulled over by an Amherst cop as I was pulling off the I 90 to our exit, we literally had less than 5 minutes before getting to their house. I have a PA license and don’t have any tickets on my record. His parents told me to pled not guilty and I would have to show up in court. Immediately I was thinking how inconvenient that is, but I will just have to deal with it (just a side note, I think the NY laws for this are very harsh but that is beside the point). Is it worth for me to go through the hassle to fight it? Would I be able to change my court date if it’s a date I cant make it? I work two jobs back home and I would have to take time off from making money to pay for the ticket, to go.

    1. Madeline – while points do not transfer to PA, the violation will – which will likely result in an insurance increase. It is therefore suggested that you fight this ticket.

  39. I’m a NJ driver who was on Rte 9 going 61 because i thought it was 55, but it ended up being a 45 zone. Should I fight it? How much of a fine am I looking at?

    1. Margaret – you are looking at a 4 point ticket with a fine of $393. 2 points will transfer to your NJ license. I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid these consequences.

  40. I’ve submitted my speeding ticket (49 @ 30) with a guilty plea a week ago, not realizing that NY has different process. The police officer told me to submit it as “guilty” to show up at court. Now I realize that it should have been “not guilty”. Can I still change my plea?

    1. Hello Ezra, please contact our office to find out how to have your plea changed and bring your tickets to minimum charges. We can be reached for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  41. I’m a CT driver who received two tickets at once in Thompson NY. One was for going 78 in a 55 and the other was for shifting lanes without a signal.
    The officer who pulled me over was driving far behind me with all his lights off (this was at night). I didn’t even see him until he turned his lights on. Besides him I was the only person on the road at the time. Should I fight this? I fear I’ll lose my license since I paid for a 4 point ticket 6 months ago.
    I also read online that there is a course you could take to help with this. Is that an option?

    1. Hi Andrew, you were clocked for doing 23mph over the limit. This is a 6 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $393 and a driver’s assessment fine of $300. The move over lane is a maximum fine of $150 and 2 additional points. This will cause your license to be suspended if you already have 4 points. We suggest pleading not guilty. Please contact our office to find out how to have your penalties reduced. We can be reached for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  42. My NY license is suspended for a speeding ticket in Niagara Falls 2005. I now live in Charlotte, NC. I contacted the court and they said to simply write a letter pleading guilty. The ticket was for driving 31 miles over speed limit. They said they’d send the fine amount in the mail. Would I be better off hiring an attorney to fight this, it’s been 11 years.

  43. Hi Adam,

    I am driving back to Maryland and I was on Route 88, I wan just trying to over take a vehicle and I got speeding ticket for driving 86 mph on a 65 mph way. 21 miles more. I got this ticket yesterday and they asked me to plead guilty or not guilty by mail. What could be the points and fine and how far you think you can be of help?

  44. Was traveling on 90W and got pulled over for going 79 in a 65 in Fredonia NY. I live in Ohio and have a spotless driving record. Was trying to pass a semi when I got clocked. What am I looking at in terms of a fine and my Ohio license? Is it worth fighting. Don’t know if it makes a difference, but I was keeping up with traffic.

    1. Cindy – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries a fine of $393. While we can not advise you on OH law, the violation will transfer, thus impacting your insurance. Going with the flow of traffic, while a common argument we hear, will not assist you in your speeding ticket.

  45. Mr. Rosenblum,
    I’m a Virginia license holder and received a speeding ticket for going 85 mph on 55 mph zone on the Taconic parkway. I was flowing with other traffic until I hit a speed trap just over the crest on a down hil curve.

    I found my misplaced ticked and missed a deadline to answer the court on 9/15/15.
    I don’t know what to do now. What are my options?
    Thank you,

    1. Because of the significant consequences associate with this ticket – 6 points, $393 in fines, $300 assessment charge, increased insurance rates – I strongly suggest you consider fighting this ticket.

  46. Hello,

    About two weeks ago, I was driving to LI for my business. As I was coming off of the Throgs Neck Bridge, I was going with the flow of traffic and did not see any posted speed limit signs so I assumed (wrongly) that it was a 65 MPH zone. I was more concerned with the numerous pot holes on the highway and avoiding them. Low and behold, I see a NYC police highway patrol coming at me and was pulled over for doing 72 in a 50 MPH zone. Being a son of a NJ police officer with the PBA Shield and gold PBA card, I don’t speed often and was surprised that this officer issues me a summons. Being out of state, what am I looking at? I don’t currently have car insurance as I’m under my girlfriend’s policy (the car is in her name). Normally with parking and other tickets in NJ, I’d plead Not Guilty and talk to the prosecutor to erase or lower the fine.

    1. You are being charged with going 22 miles over the speed limit. This is a 6 point ticket, carrying a$300 fine plus an $85 mandatory surcharge and an increase in insurance rates. At 6 points the DMV charges you an additional fine called the DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment at $100 a year for 3 years. Points will transfer to your license in NJ. Give us a call for a free consult.

  47. Hi i got a speeding ticket the 7/26/15 by queens midtown tunnel going 67mph in a 30mph in one of the ramps , i have a NJ driver license ,my firts time driving there ,i was lost coming from the JFK airport,first time with a speeding ticket .we called a few people and they told me to plead guilty and paid the fines because i will recive only 2 points on my record and , i did call dmv and i plead guilty to the ticket and now i have to appear in court , what can i do ,thank you for you advise

  48. HI
    I got speeding ticket in NY (Florida town court) and I hold MA driving license. I was charged for speeding 90mph in 65mph. While I believe I am on 70mph, I accepted the fact that I speeded 5miles higher and paid the fine of about $270 in florida town court. Now I received additional $300 and a 6 point letter.

    – I particularly, don’t think 6 points on my driving…kindly advise

  49. On 08/28/2015, I was driving on the Taconic State Parkway. I got a ticket for going 74 in a 45 zone (posted work zone, one lane close). I did not notice my speed after driving up a slope followed by a going down slope. There was no one working at the work zone at that time. I am holding a MA licence with clean driving record. Thank you for your advise.

    1. Sam – You are facing a 6 point ticket, with fines of $693 (doubled due to a work zone violation). Additionally, you will be required to pay a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300 over the course of 3 years. Furthermore, this ticket will have a substantial impact on your insurance rates. The fact that no workers were present at the time of your infraction does not have any relevance to your case.

  50. I got a speeding ticket in NJ while on vacation in 2002. I have lost the ticket. I am licensed in FL and I just renewed my FL license last year.
    If 44 states share info about violations, why was I able to renew my FL DL?
    Was the ticket tossed out by the trooper? What could have happened?

  51. I was on a fishing trip in the Adirondacks with some friends, I have a ct license and was driving my friends car on a road that had a 55mph speed, I got a ticket stating that I was going 79mph. I thought I had sent in the ticket by June 16 but as it turns out I never did and I just sent it in today. I plead not guilty. Is it even possible for me to fight the ticket at this point? And if so and I still loose how much is it going to cost me? I have a clean record and the speeding was completely accidental (which I know doesn’t matter) but I can’t afford a huge fine right now and don’t want any points on my license.

    1. You are facing a 6 point ticket, which will include a total financial penalty of $693. Additionally, this will significantly increase your insurance rates. It is still possible to fight this ticket and eliminate or lessen the points and fines, especially if you have a good driving record.

  52. On 8/2/15 I was in Hamilton Country, had my cruise on and was cresting a hill with it shifting up and speeding up just as I came over the top. Was in the process on braking and turning off cruise when I met a cop. Was pulled over and ticketed for going 75 in a 55 zone. Don’t know what I should do from here. Plead Guilty? The car was going that speed but it is not what my cruise was set on. Advice?

    1. Paul – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries fines of $393, along with an impact on your insurance. What your cruise control was set on has no impact on your traffic violation – the only relevant factor being the rate of speed at which you were traveling.

  53. I was driving on 84 South the other weekend and got a ticket in NY for speeding 107mph in a 65mph zone. I have a PA license. How will this affect my PA license? Will I lose my license? Please advise. I have a court date next Wednesday on 8/19/2015.

  54. I got a traffic ticket couple days ago at 37th street 6th Ave corner in Manhattan. Officer told me that Disobeyed Traffic Control Device. Right turn only was a sign was on the pavement (at that time I didn’t see it.) I was on the right lane and passed the car in front of me which was trying make a right turn. I went ahead and passed that car going to the half of the middle lane and went straight. Officer pulled me over and a gave me a ticket told me that since I don’t have a NY license I wouldn’t get any points. Is this a moving violation and how will this effect my NJ license. Should I fight over for this ticket
    Thank You in advance,

  55. Received a section 1180D in Steuben count, NY going to Niagara Falls got a ticket going 90 MPH in 65 MPH zone. I am from NJ with clean record for past 7 or 8 years. Please advise how many point is this? How many points will transfer to NJ? What will you charge if i hire you and do not make an appearance in court? Please advise. Is it worth pleading not guilty?

    1. Yazi – this is a 6 point ticket in NY, with fines of $693 (including the DRA assessment charge). 2 points will transfer to your NJ license. Additionally, this will have a significant impact on your insurance rates. If you retain our services, you would not be required to appear in court.

  56. Hello I am a New Jersey license holder with a clean license. I was driving today 8/8/15 going down I 87 going in NY down the passing lane. There was a car riding me as I was going 80 mph, so I speed up to go onto the middle lane and get out of the way. Come to figure out it was a undercover cop :(. He said he clocked me at 87 mph on a 65mph. Im aware it’s 6 points in NY and 2 point carry over into NJ. For being my first offense what kind of fines am I looking at if I plead guilty and in terms of my insurance company (State Farm) would they count it as 2 points of 6 points? If I decide to plead not guilty was the best a prosecutor could do for me? I’ve read online that there is no plea bargain for NJ motorist.. Is that true ? Also you mentioned there is a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300. Is that always applicable even if your a first time offender and out of state ? My last question is my ticket says I must mail my not guilty plea within 48hrs and the court with notify me with an appearance day. But then on another side of the ticket that shows the date the matter is to be handled in court says to return by mail before or in person on the day assigned on the ticket, which says 8/25/15 @ 12:30pm .. So does this mean I can just wait to give my response on the day that is stated on the ticket or must I answer guilty or not guilty first and then the court will assigned me another court date ? Please help and thank you ! … p.s. If you are able to give me a quote if I was to hire you I would really appreciate it

    1. Diana – 1) Insurance companies look at the violation, not the points. Thus, they will see that you have received a speeding ticket, not a 2 or 6 point ticket, 2) Whether you can plea bargain depends on which court is handling your case, not which state you are licensed in, 3) the driver responsibility assessment charge applies when you receive 6+ points on your license. There is no exception for first time offenders or out of state drivers, 4) the date you must reply by is the date on the front of the ticket. You may contact us if you have additional questions.

  57. I am a PA resident and received a traffic violation for speeding today. The violation was for 78 in a 55. How should I handle this violation? I need to keep a NY drive license to get to my current job. Should I plea guilty to this offense? Can I fight this?

  58. My wife and me were travelling back from Niagra and got pulled over on I81. The officer wrote my wife a ticket of driving 92 in 65 zone. We are from Connecticut and my wife never had a ticket before. However, my wife is a young driver (21 years old) and she got her license 3 years ago. I have no idea what should we do now since we are not able to show up at the Court. Can you please give me your suggestion in detail? Points, fines …. Is there anyways to fight for it to decrease the penalty?

    1. Your wife is facing a 6 point ticket, with a maximum fine of $300, court fees of $93, and a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300. Additionally, this ticket will significantly increase your insurance rates. Fighting this ticket will enable you to mitigate / avoid these consequences.

      1. Hello, I received a similar violation of 92 in a 65 on I-81. I am a full time college student in New York, with a PA license. What ways are there to avoid the maximum fines and points? I have a completely clean driving record and have been driving for about 2 years. Can I do driving school, or any alternative?

  59. I received speeding ticket in Genesee county ,NY while travelling to Niagara yesterday. 84 MPH on 65 MPH zone. I am holding MO license. Need suggestion , do I need to contest or simply plead guilty and pay the fine. Appreciate your suggestion in detail.

    1. Chandra – you are facing a 4 point ticket which will include fines of $393. We are not licensed in MO, and thus can not advise you on whether points will transfer. The violation, however, will transfer – and thus your insurance rates will be impacted. It is therefore suggested that you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

  60. I am a Connecticut driver who got a speeding ticket in Cobbleskill, NY. Officer wrote ticket forv45 in 30 (said she wrote it for less said I was going 53). I was accelerating to get car up hill from a dead stop on my way to see Mom after losing my Dad a few weeks back. Don’t want points on license or insurance and don’t have anytime off left due to my Dads hospital stay and funeral. What can I do?

    1. Brenda – you should fight this ticket to mitigate / avoid the points, fines, and impact on your insurance. If you hire an attorney, you will not need to make a personal appearance.

  61. I’m a VT resident and got ticketed this afternoon on I 90 in Stafford for doing 86 in a 65 zone.
    As a VT resident will the 6 points from this ticket transfer to my license and will I have to pay the DRA charges even though I’m not from NY?
    I’m 26 and have been driving for 8 years and this is the first time I’ve ever even been pulled over. I have a spotless driving record.
    If I choose to fight and have you represent me, would I need to be present at the court date?
    Do you have a standard fee for this type of representation?

    1. Stan – we are not able to advise you on the laws of VT. However, this violation will transfer for insurance purposes. The DRA applies irrespective of where you live. If you hire our firm, you will not need to be present at the hearing. We will be happy to provide you with fee information – you may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  62. So, pulled over for doing 50mph in a 30mph Zone on Rt 11 in Potsdam, not sure how I missed it as I was paying attention to the speed zones the rest of the trip. Ugh, but this is where it gets crazy, told my license is suspended in NY since 1998?? I did receive a pay for a ticket about 5 years back and there was never any mention of this old violation? Back then we lived in PA and had moved, I never got the ticket in the mail?? Why is this the first time I am hearing about it?? I definitely would have paid it if I had seen it?? Really frustrated and confused as to how this is possible? I now have a VT license with no points? What is the deal?

    1. Jill – I suggest you contact us to discuss this issue further. I have been getting a lot of calls as of late regarding situations similar to yours. You may reach me at 888-434-0406.

  63. I am a Texas driver who received a speeding ticket for going 83 mph in 55 zone in the county of Broome, NY. What is the cost to fight the ticket?

  64. Hello,
    I got a Rotterdam NY Speeding ticket for 54 over 30 with VA license. I have relocated to NY State 2 days before the ticket and now I am not sure what I should do. I am like a monkey in the new town and did not pay attention to the speed limit. the road is just of the interstate and I would like to see is there a way for me to avoid points/fine? I can go for the classes if NY has this instead of points/fine. I have not has any speeding ticket for more than 2 years now. Please let me know what should I do.

  65. I got a ticket in addison ny im from pa could you tell me what the fine and points would be for a 46 in 35 mph zone would be.

  66. Earlier today (6/I2), I received a speeding ticket (first in lifetime) under vtl section 1180D in Utica/schuyler town court; I was clocked in at 83 in a 65 as I was attempting to pass a semi truck. I was in town for a funeral and am now heading back to my home in Ohio. I’m curious of the possible min/max fines including court costs as well as whether the points will transfer to Ohio? Also, during which hours/days are open to call for consultation and is there an email I can write to during non business hours, as I’m not sure when I’ll return home? Thank you for your time.

    1. JJ – the cost for this ticket will be $393. While we are unable to advise you on the laws of Utah with respect to the points, the violation will transfer for insurance purposes. We are open 9am – 9pm, Mon – Friday, and Sunday from 11am – 6pm. You may e-mail our associate at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

  67. I received a speeding ticket yesterday (June 08th) traveling on I-84, county of Dutchess, city of East Fishkill. The officer ticketed me for 82 in a 65. While I know was speeding, I was NOT going 82; my speedometer was 77/78 mph. I am an out-of-state driver (PA). Realizing PA does not record minor out of state violations on the driving record, yet my insurance could still be impacted in a negative way, do you have any estimates on the total cost of the ticket? And, would it be more cost effective to plead not guilty/retain your services or pay the ticket? Thanks for your help.

    1. A 4 point ticket will cost approximately $393. Insurance rates typically increase by 20-25% for 3-5 years on average. Generally speaking, these increases are significantly more than the cost of our services.

  68. Last month I got pulled over on the Taconic. I thought it was a 65, but unfortunately it was a 55. The officer claimed I was going 81mph, although my speedometer indicated 76. I plead guilty on the ticket (because I was) but specified that I was only going 76mph. I’m a MA driver, and the fine I received was $295. I sucked it up and just sent the payment in a couple days ago, despite how much it hurt. Last night, I received the Driver’s Responsibility Assessment fee and was infuriated. I had no idea this was an aspect of NYS traffic violations. The officer never gave any such indication that I could be liable for this obcene fee. It’s blasphemous to me that I could receive a $600 ticket as a first time traffic violator .

    Today I tried calling the NYS DMV customer service looking to drop the additional $300 fine. The rep told me the number I called only covered specific counties and my case wasn’t in any of them. He proceeded to give me a new number to contact and hung up, but this number was just a recording that explained the Driver’s Responsibility Assessment and of no help to me.

    I’m beyond annoyed by this whole situation. Is there anything I can do in my current position that will allow me to drop the $300 DRA fine??

  69. I received a speeding ticket (74mph in a 55mph zone) while doing business in bergen, NY. Being from Pennsylvania, Im used to seeing speed limit signs on every road. In the town of Bergen, The only speed limit signs are in the small town and not on the main drags. Since I witnessed others driving at a higher rate of speed, I decided to as well. When I was pulled over I informed the officer that I was from out of state and that I was indeed going 74, but failed to notice any speed limit signs. The officer informed me that areas with no speed limit markings carry a 55mph speed limit. Im torn of if I should fight the ticket or just pay the fine when i comes in the mail. I feel that its unjust to fine people for speeding when there are not visible markings to notify of speed limits.

    1. Brice – You are facing a 4 point ticket which carries fines of $393, and a likely impact on your insurance rates. Therefore, I suggest you fight this ticket to mitigate / avoid these consequences.

  70. I have an Indiana drivers license and got a speeding ticket in NY. Do the points transfer over? Will it affect my driving history and insurance rates?

    1. We are not licensed in that state, and thus can not advise you about the points. However, the violation will transfer and thus your insurance rates will likely be impacted.

  71. Hello,

    Was visiting Lake George area with the kids and got pulled over on a Saturday for going 72 in a 50 mph Work Zone. Happened on i-87 around the Town of Chesterfield. Obviously no work was being performed on the Saturday, but the cop was sitting right at the start of the work zone. I live in NJ. Can you advise if I should fight this? I think you mentioned on your website that only 2 points of the potential 6 get reported to NJ? How much would the fine be?

    1. The fine for this is $693, along with a DRA charge of $300 over 3 years. 2 points will transfer to your NJ license. Additionally, your insurance rates will likely be significantly impacted.

  72. Im GA license holder. I got cell phone ticket in NY. And i appealed not guilty. And lost. I found GA is not member of the point system. So can i be free from this points and just pay the penalty?

  73. My wife got a speeding ticket for going 61 in a 45 in NY while she was driving my car. we have WI drivers licences. What are the potential costs and potential consequences for this? I’ve also heard something about the NY DMV sending tickets to peoples home state’s DMV and that they never find out about it, don’t pay it, and end up getting their drivers licences suspended, is this true?

    1. The costs of this 4 point ticket depend on which court is handling the case. In order to avoid any future problems regarding the status of your license, I suggest you address the underlying ticket.

  74. Hello, on 5/6/15 I got a ticket from a trooper in Crown Point NY. The offense was failure to obey sign or something like that. I misplaced the ticket and the NY DMV website doesn’t seem to be designed to get a replacement if you are out of state (I live in NJ). I sent a request via their website but it could take a week for a reply. I also left a message on the crown point clerks machine but am not sure how often they check it. Any advice on what I should do. I don’t have anything on my license. Thank you

  75. I am 28 yr old, got my first NY speeding ticket. I was on the interstate traveling back to CT from NY. I was ticketed for 86 in a 65. No idea the consequences of this. what would be fine amount for this? i am sure i was travelling only on 82 or 83 but not 86.

  76. I recently got a speeding ticket, 86 in a 65 on the NYS Thruway going southbound in ulster county, i have found you only after i have sent the ticket in, I plead not guilty but I am expecting a letter with the court date attached, will you still be able to represent me?

  77. My 23 year old son got his first ever ticket, speeding. He was on the interstate traveling back to VT from FLA. he was ticketed doing 80 in a 65. No idea the consequences of this

    1. This is a 4 point ticket – with fines ranging from $203 – $393 – depending on the court. Additionally, this will significantly impact insurance rates. If you are interested, you may contact us for a free consultation.

  78. I rec’d speeding ticket 82 in 65 on I-90 Wheatland NY (Munroe County). I was going with traffic in right travel lane behind same trailer for over 30 miles, being passed by several vehicles/trailers in high speed/passing lane. I didn’t realize I was going that fast because I was just going with traffic and was being passed by many vehicles, until the trailer in front of me slowed down and I saw the officer that pulled me over. My ticket states he had radar and tracked me at 82, which shocks me because he was on the inside of the highway and as I stated I was in the travel lane still being passed by other cars. Since he claims to have radar of my speed, should I just plead guilty?

    1. You are facing a 4 point ticket which will entail $393 in fines, along with an impact on your insurance rate. I therefore suggest you plead not-guilty to mitigate these consequences.

    1. You are facing an 8 point ticket, which will result in $600 in fines, $93 in court fees, $450 in driver responsibility assessment charges, and a significant impact on your insurance rates. You should fight your ticket to mitigate/eliminate these consequences

  79. Hi, I received a ticket for talking on my cell phone near Catskill, but I have a Virginia License. Is it just a fine to pay or are there any suspensions that would come along with this (first offense)?


  80. My boyfriend got 2 tickets sometime last year he pleaded guilty but then lost his job and couldnt pay the tickets New York sent him letters to pay the tickets but he didnt pay we live in CT and he was driving without a license they recently suspended his driving privledge and he got a ticket for driving without a seatbelt and a suspended license stubborn much i know… but now he has court in CT will they arrest him or will they give him a certain class or payment arrangements. How will this work out? Please we need info. Thank you

  81. Hi,
    Thanks for all the advice you are giving us. I got my first ever speeding ticket on 3/5/15 for going at 75mph in a 65mph zone on I86 in Corning NY. I have never gotten any kind of ticket before and have a Pennsylvania driving license. I am to plead guilty or not guilty by the 30th of March 2015. How many points will this add to my license? The officer told me I could take a drivers’ training course or something of the sort, to get points taken off. Should i take the course or should i fight it? Please advise me on the way forward.

  82. I have received two tickets in the past 6 months; both in New York. In early July I got a ticket for operating a cell phone while driving. I pleaded not guilty to this charge and have a court date for 4/10/15 where I was planning to appear in court in order to fight the ticket and get it dismissed. This ticket is from Wallkill Township. Going in with a clean record, would have been fine and I would have easily got it dismissed. However, I got another ticket today for 65 in a 55, also in New York. I was on HW-20 and given the hills, and the fact that my car does not register to slow down the cruise control, my speed was higher than it should have beenI have not pleaded for this ticket yet but I will need to by 4/8/15. I am a public school teacher and finding the days off will be very difficult to appear in court. I have never had any other traffic violations.

    My questions:
    1. How should I plea for the second ticket?
    2. What is the likelihood that I will get my driving with a cell phone ticket dismissed given that I recently got another ticket?
    3. How do I avoid points and both tickets?
    4. How much would a lawyer cost for this sort of transaction and to handle both tickets under my name.



    1. You should attempt to fight the tickets in order to mitigate the points and fines. The likelihood of success would depend on the particular facts of your case. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 to discuss.

  83. My son was driving from CT (where he lives and is licensed) to WestPoint yesterday morning for a tournament and received a ticket for driving 87 in a 65 on I-84 in East Fishkill (Dutchess County). He is 18 and also received a speeding ticket in CT (his first violation) on 2/12/15 for driving 48 in a 30, which he has plead not guilty to and we are awaiting the decision on that. I am afraid if he is found guilty on both of these violations he will have his license suspended. Is this NY ticket something you can help him with and what do you charge for your services?

  84. I got a speeding ticket for going 51 at 35 mile zone. This was in Keene NY. I never been in this area before so I was just following traffic and gps. When a cop stopped me there was a car right in from of me going at the same speed. I am not sure what me speed was but I was not speeding (i was going at the same speed as the rest of the traffic). I don’t feel I deserve a ticket, but i dont really want to go to court in Keene NY, since this is 5h drive for me. I have CT driving license. What are my options?

    1. Alex – you can fight this ticket to help avoid the points (4), and fines ($393). Hiring an attorney will allow you to fight the ticket without personally appearing in court.

  85. Hi, I have a California License and was driving in Ny and got a ticket for holding phone to ear while on highway, plus I was going 73 in a 55 zone. Do I get points for this? Does it transfer to my California License? What are the fines? How will it effect future insurence?
    Can I fight this n court to reduce fines and future consequences? What would you charge for your fee to fight it for me? I did tell the officer it was an emergency if that helps. Do I need to worry about passng 11 points in NY even though My licence is from California and is there a way to reduce those points?
    Thank you

    1. Eli – please contact us for a free consultation, as we need to know which court is handling your case. Generally speaking – a) cell phone violations are 5 points, b) 73/55 is a 4 point ticket, and fines range from $203 – $393; c) insurance is greatly impacted by cell phone and speeding violations; d) You can fight this,although the strategy for that depends on the court; e) your privileges to drive in NY can be revoked, even if your license originates from a different state.

  86. Hi I am a ct resident just got pulled over for speeding in i 287.. the officer said I was 97 mph in 55 mph which I am sure I was 63 in 55 he gave me a ticket to see a court so if I was a 97 mph in 55 speed limit I should got arrested and I ask a officer can you prove it that i was that speed?? He said no. What do you think should I fight this.?? I would like to know what is the charge is going to be and my driver license points m i going to lose any.this is my first ticket after 17 years being driver.thank you.

  87. I am a NJ resident and recently received a ticket for being on my cell phone in NYC. Is there anyway to avoid the points on my license? This is my first ever ticket

    1. Catherine – I strongly suggest you consider fighting this ticket. A cell phone ticket in New York is 5 points, $138 in fines, and a significant insurance increase. Please be advised, however, that a trial is required in this particular court system.

  88. I was visiting NYC from VA and received a ticket in NYC on a no left turn at night on 42nd street. I wasn’t even able to see the sign an next thing I’m getting pulled over. The officer gave me ticket of disobeying traffic device and said there was no point. Is this true for VA out of state drivers?


  89. Im a pensylvania resident I was in NYC the other day in my work truck which is a tow truck I was coming down watts street too the holland tunnel and an officer flagged me down saying trucks were not aloud on that road but my gps that is truck approved never said not too take that way he wrote me a ticket for failure too obey traffic device. My question is. Do I just pay it ? I live 12 hours away and am not too sure of the consequences of this ticket any help would be great

    1. The ticket you have received is a 2 point ticket, with a total fine of approximately $243. Hiring legal representation would allow you to fight this ticket without a personal appearance.

  90. Should have posted this here. I’m a Pa driver caught going 88 in a 65 in Worcester NY on I-88. First violation ever. Officer handed me the ticket and said that there would be 0 points and to send the ticket into the Worcester Town Court. Should I just pay the fines and be done with it since he said this to me?

  91. Hi,

    I have an NJ probationary license and was caught speeding 83 in a 65 MPH zone, on 12/31/2014; BATH, TOWN OF – 5152, STEUBEN county; I86 W/B; Loc. Code 5152; NY state.

    This is my first moving violation.

    I am expected to send a guilty plea by 1/28/2015 or appear in BATH TOWN COURT court on that day.I am traveling out of the country on 1/16/2015 and will return only in Feb 2015.

    Please let me know what fines and points I am looking at, and what the chance is that you will be able to get this converted to a non-moving violation.


    1. Kiran – you are facing a 4 point ticket, total fines of $393, and an impact on your insurance. Because of the nature of your license, I suggest you call for a free consultation.

  92. I have a NJ license and recently received a speeding ticket in upstate NY for going 70 in a 55 zone. I lost the ticket, I do not have insurance, and am out of the country and will not be returning in time to resolve this. What are the consequences for my ticket and how do I get the information from my lost ticket? Is it worth trying to get the ticket reduced?

    1. I suggest you contact the court to get the information from your ticket. 2 points will be transferred to your NJ license. This violation will also increase your insurance rates, and as such, I suggest you consider fighting this ticket.

  93. I got caught doing 70 in a 55 zone in upstate NY. I lost the ticket and am not in the country.
    1) What would the consequences be? The fine and points. Is it worth hiring someone for $500 to bring it down to a parking ticket?
    2) How do I deal with the ticket or get the information needed? Everything is on internet nowadays but this isn’t?

  94. I was returning to PA from NY earlier in December when I received a speed in zone violation (1180D) doing 59 in a 40 mph zone. I waited almost too long to send the ticket in, and noticed that it contains the phrase “Return by mail before or in person on” 1/5/15 at 7:00pm. Does that mean I cannot submit the ticket in person before 7pm on the 5th? It’s too late now to send it by mail. It looks like I’ll have to appear there, so what can I do now? Is it too late to make the best of this?

  95. Hello, Happy New year.

    just happened to find this website
    i have a question regarding a ticked i got while i was using my phone as a gps sitting on its winshield mounting in jamaica avenue queens. the cop approached me on foot while at the traffic light telling me i wasnt suppose to use my cellphone as a gps and gave me a ticket which i pleaded not guilty and postponed the date for next week( this happened about 5 months ago), now with that being said i recently moved to connecticut and exchanged my old nys license for the ct state
    my hearing date in on the 8th of january. what are my choices now since i cant reschedule another hearing and i only have option of plead guily and pay which is ridiculous that they rob people that way. i also noticed on the website that there are 5 points for that and since i have a CT DL will this points transfer to my New DL? oh and how much is this ticket for?
    thank you very much for the information you can provide.

    1. Henry – the ticket is $138.00. We are not licensed in CT and can not advise you about their laws. However, the traffic violation will transfer, and thus your insurance rates will be affected.

  96. I was traveling in NY state from nj and was pulled over for speeding. The officer said I was doing 60 in a 45 and then wrote me a ticket for 62 in A 40 so it put me in the above 21mph category. I thought the speed limit was 55 because most of the highway was 55 so I didn’t realize the speed limit went down. What would be the cost to hire you to fight the ticket and what happens if you can’t get the ticket reduced?

  97. Happy Holidays! Not speeding ticket related. I have an unpaid moving violation in the state of New York (running a red light) and am a MD license driver. This happened over 5 years ago and forgot to take care of this. How can I go about getting this fixed – and what are my consequences?

  98. Merry Christmas. I was stopped tonight doing 71 in 55. I hold a SC license. i was wondering what the fine would be and more importantly what will be the impact on my insurance. I’ve had ticket this past 2/2014 for failure to obey traffic device in NY and speeding >2 yrs ago (again in NY). I Love NY…. Not! Latest ticket happening near Bath, NY.

    1. Paul – Happy holidays to you too. You are unfortunately facing a 4 point ticket, which carries with it a $393.00 fine. Insurance rates typically increase 22% – 28% for a violation such as yours. I therefore suggest you consider fighting this ticket to minimize the consequences.

  99. A friend of mine sent me to this site, but my question is not about speeding tickets. I received a ticket for “failure to keep right” from the Westchester County. I am unfamiliar with the area (I live in Boston, MA) and was visiting for the weekend. My GPS gives me a 2 mile warning, and it was telling me to take a left in 2 miles. As it was dark out by that time, I decided to get in the left lane well before the turn I was supposed to take. I believe I was going about 50mph (during the stop, the officer stated, “You can go 50, but you should stay to the right.”) and when I was pulled over, I was still 0.85 miles from the left turn the GPS was telling me to take. Is it worth it to try to fight this ticket?

  100. I just got a speeding ticket in Brooklyn ny 52 in 30 so 22 milles oves the speed limit im out state license from Maryland i wanna get out of all these points how can i do

    1. In order to fight this ticket, you must enter a plea of “not guilty.” Your case will be held in the Traffic Violations Bureau. There is no plea bargaining in this court system, so this matter must be brought to trial.

  101. I’m CT license holder and was pulled out in Queens for driving 79(!!!) in 35 limit zone. I never drove like a maniac, and nobody of my colleagues can see the sign “35”. I got the driver records from State DMV – and it cleaned. How can I prove, that I never drove and never will with such a crazy speed.
    Officer put the ticket in the system more than month later;
    I couldn’t make a picture of the place, because his handwriting is terrible;
    What can I do, to fight this bogus ticket?


  103. I received a ticket in New York going 80 in a 65. I have had my license for two years in a few days. This was my first offense and first time ever getting pulled over. I was on my way from Maine to California for my husband’s work. He’s an active member of the United States coast guard. The ticket does not say anywhere the cost. Seeing as its my first ticket ever I am not sure what to do.

  104. I have PA license and received two citations for going 75 mph in 55 mph and passing without signalling properly. From other comments it looks like points do not transfer to PA, correct? Can you tell me the maximum fine?

    1. Your fines will depend upon where this happened. While points might not transfer to PA, the violation will. This will have the impact of increasing your insurance rates by a significant amount.

  105. I live in new york city and never received a ticket before,but yesterday i got pulled over in upstate ny, I was going 56 in 30mph zone, once I passed the 30 mph zone I didn’t have time to slow down before a cop pulled me over. Are they going to suspend my licenses for going that fast? Even if it’s my first ticket ?should I fight it or pleat guilty?

    1. You are currently facing a 6 point ticket. Your license will not be suspended unless you accumulate 11 points. Pleading guilty will add fines, and points, and will also increase your insurance rates. We recommend contacting our firm for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 so we may discuss your options.

  106. I made a right turn (after a full stop, of course!) on a highway exit intersection at midnight, where apparently I missed a “No Turn on Red” sign. Obviously I was unfamiliar with the intersection; there was a police car next to me at the red light. So I got the ticket. (The police actually followed me for a while before stopping me — I assume he wanted to see what other grave violations I would commit.) The ticket and information from Suffolk County does not state the fine or other consequences. I tend to fight all moving violations on matter of principle. After reading these entries I will certainly plead not guilty. I will photograph the sign that I missed under the same conditions that I got the ticket, and make some arguments. What are the consequences of being declared guilty of “no red turn on red” in a Suffolk County court. What reputation do they have? I realize that you may not be based in that County.


    1. Louis,

      The consequences of the ticket depend on which precise section of NY’s Vehicle and Traffic Law that the officer alleges you violated. If it 1111(e) (failure to obey a traffic signal) then it is a 3 point offense with a max fine of $150 and a court fee of $85. If it was 1110(a) (failure to obey a traffic control device) then it is a two point violation with a max. fine of $150 and a court fee of $85. Either way, it is best to fight your traffic ticket rather than to plead guilty to it because the negative consequences of a conviction do not end with the fine and court fee. We can fight your ticket in Suffolk County and you can call our office for a free consultation at 888-434-0406 to discuss how this ticket will affect you personally, as well as to discuss your options and how we can help you.

  107. I am from Texas and was pulled over on I84 for making a U turn where a sign showed No U Turn. The ticket shows violation as Improper U Turn. When the officer asked for my license and registration he said I pulled you over for making a U turn where you weren’t suppose to. On the ticket it had a supporting deposition page that showed I stated “I missed the exit for I684”. But he didn’t issue me the ticket. When he went back to his car, he waited for another officer to come. My wife and I waited over 30 minutes while they talked and he went back and forth from his car to the other officer. Finally the other officer came to my window and she said that all I needed to do was to complete the ticket, sign it and mail it in. There was no monetary fine on the ticket. The interesting thing is it looks like the ticket is from the woman officer, not the man officer that stopped me. My question is should I plead not guilty and send the ticket in? I never said anything to the woman officer.

    1. Troy,

      The improper U-turn ticket that you received in NY is a 2 point violation with a $150 max fine and an $85 court fee. Since NY and TX are in the Driver’s License Compact agreement, if you plead guilty to this ticket, NY will report the information of your conviction to Texas, and Texas can then assess the full amount of points against your TX driver’s license. Once the information has transferred, the violation can then negatively impact your auto insurance, and this impact can last a long time. We can fight your ticket for you helping you to preserve your driving record, save money, and the trip to court. For more information on how a NY traffic ticket can affect your TX driver’s license click here.

    1. Rk,

      Our price depends on your situation and the court that we would need to appear in on your behalf. We can You can call us toll free at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation to discuss your matter, your options, and how we can help.

  108. I got the ticket for 84 mph in 65 mph zone with Massachusetts driving license. What are the implications e.g. fines, points, insurance etc.

    1. You are currently facing a 4 point ticket. Fines range from $200.00 – $393.00, depending on the location of your traffic violation. Your insurance rates will likely increase based upon this violation.

  109. I got a ticket in nyc, when a try to pay they ask for a nine digit client ID number, but my drive licence is from Oregon and have only seven digit, and i can’t make a payment. how can I do to pay online?

    1. Ednardo,

      Paying your ticket means that you are pleading guilty to the offense and accepting the points and conviction on your driving record. A traffic violation conviction can have a detrimental effect on you driving record as well as your insurance costs. Additionally, since NY and Oregon share a reporting agreement, NY will transfer the violation information to Oregon, and Oregon may assess points against your license. Before you decide to plead guilty you should give us a call to discuss your options. We can fight your ticket to preserve your driving record and save you time and money in the long run. If you still wish to plead guilty and the online payment site is not allowing you to make a payment, then you can simply mail your payment in. If you choose to pay by mail, verify that your payment was received by checking your bank account to ensure that they cashed your check.

  110. I got my first speeding ticket on Route 219 (Carrollton), never had one before in my 6 years of driving history. I was told that I was driving 71mph in a 55mph and I want to know if I will get any demerit points for first traffic violation. I am a Virginia License holder and ticket I received from New York State. What is my best option?

    1. Bibin,

      Virginia and New York signed on to the Driver’s License Compact. This means points WILL transfer for this offense. Driving 16 over in NY is a 4 point offense that carries with it a max. fine of $393 and the possibility of a skyrocketing auto insurance premium (potentially 28% according to InsuranceQuotes.com).

  111. Hi got a out of state speeding ticket in NY state for going 21over the speed limit. I have a PA license and registration. According to your answer in one of the comments points do not get transferred to PA, is that correct?.

    1. Harkirat,

      Yes, but all of the negative consequences of points DO apply to you. While your point accumulation toward a suspension will not be affected in PA, you face two fines (one for $393 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300). Also, NY and PA signed the Drivers License Compact. This means the violation will go on your record and your insurance can skyrocket.

  112. Hello,
    I got a Westchester Speeding ticket for 46 over 30 with CT license. The problem is that I am just going to replace my CT license to NY license. Should I change license first or deal with the ticket first? If I change the license, will NY track down to my new license?

  113. Hi. Thanks for the great online info. We just moved to Orange County NY and my 17 year old son received a speeding ticket for 30 over (1180D – speed in zone). He still has an Illinois State DL. We are not sure what to do…

    1. Paul,

      You’re welcome! Make sure that he pleads not guilty. If he pleads guilty he will be facing two separate fines. One of $393 (max) and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. Also, your insurance could skyrocket.

    1. Jerry,

      Going 23 over the limit in NY is a 6 point violation and carries with it two separate fines. Although the points will not transfer to PA, the violation will. This means PA will record the violation on your driving record and your insurance can go up by 28% (according to InsuranceQuotes.com). Your fines are $393 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300.

  114. Hello,

    I received a speeding ticket in CT, however I have a NYS license. Will this affect my license? Will points be added to my NYS license? I called a few NYS DMVs and a majority of them had said as long as I just pay the fine there will be no way that the points would be added to my license. The only thing that would happen is my insurance could increase. Is this true?

    1. Aaliyah,

      Great question! For a NY licensed driver, points will not transfer from an out of state ticket. However, you will have to pay the fine and your auto insurance could go up. For more information, check out this page.

  115. Hi. Thanks for providing a good resource online.

    I’m from PA and received two speeding tickets within a month of each other. I know for a fact that one of them falls within the purview of the TVB, and I’m not sure about the second. The first (TVB) was for 75 in a 50. The second was something similar, either 75 in 50 or 70 in a 55.

    I’ve read extensively into this online; on the PA DMV site I found a PDF outlining the state’s participation in the DLC. Apparently PA does not accept minor offenses committed out-of-state; as I understand it, neither of these potentially 6-point tickets would be reflected on my driving record. Can you confirm that is correct?

    The real question I have is how these will affect my insurance. If what I found is true (no points on my PA record), will insurance companies still see these tickets and raise my rates?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Brian,

      Sure thing; it’s the least we can do. Absolutely: insurance companies look to the violation, not the amount of points. If they looked at points, they would have 50 different systems and no unification. The violation is what they go by. InsuranceQuotes.com is a great resource to help you here. According to their most recent study, your rates can go up by 28% for this speeding offense and potential more for multiple tickets. Even if points don’t transfer, it is well worth fighting to make sure you do not have this steep hike.

  116. I got a NYC speeding ticket for 30 over. I am a NJ licensed driver. How much would it cost to fight this, & what are the chances it can be reduced, or dismissed?


    1. Paul,

      NYC traffic ticket cases are heard in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). In that court, there is no plea bargaining. The case will go to trial and you will either be convicted or exonerated. The TVB is a very difficult court to win a case in, and it is a very good idea to hire an attorney to help you win your case.

  117. Hi,yesterday i was driving from Canada to maryland and was pulled by this NY police that profile me.I was doing 38 on 30 but he said i was doing 53 on 30.I resident in Maryland and he ask me what the speed limit was,i get confused as i just make a turn so i was not sure if he was talking about the street he stop me or the street befor.This was is Warsaw NY.I dont have time to go back to cut.If the ticket will not be transfer (points) i will just pay it and move on ,i dont see how i will drive 5 hours to attend a court date.Please best advice.

    1. Moses,

      Don’t worry. If you hire us to fight your ticket, you will not have to come to court. We take care of everything for you! Although MD will not transfer the 6 points, you will incur two separate fines even as a MD driver: 1 fine for $398 and another called the Driver Responsibility Assessment for 300 (plus $75 for every point over 6). Then, your insurance will likely go up by 28% (according to InsuranceQuotes.com). “Just paying it” could result in thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses for you.

  118. I hold a driving license from WA state and got a speeding ticket in NY state on 219-South for 77mph in a 55 mph zone, and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of the actual fine on ticket. How can I check how many points have been added to me and will this data shared with WA state DMV? Also, what shall be my course of action now?

    1. Ram,

      Great question! We blogged about this a little while ago. Points do transfer from NY to WA and the NY fines that you face in NY are very steep. For going 22 MPH over the posted speed limit, you could be slapped with 6 points and two separate fines. One fine of $395 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. Including the likely insurance increase of 28% over 3-4 years, you could be forced to cough up over well over $1,000 even though you are an out-of-state driver.

  119. I come from California. I’ve got a speeding ticket on I-90 (Cayuga county) going 91 mph in a 65 mph zone. The officer ask me to respond the ticket by mail before August. From the comments, it seems i would receive a big fines and get the point transfer back to CA. What should i do now? If i choose to hire you, how much chance i could get rid of the point and the fine?

    1. Zhenyu,

      You are correct. You face serious consequences for going 26 MPH over the speed limit. Pleading guilty could result in paying over $1.000 in fines, surcharges, assessments, and auto insurance increases (not to mention points). There is a good chance that we can help you.

  120. I got a speeding ticket for 84 mph in a 65 mph zone, and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of the actual fine on here. My car and license are registered in MA. What should be my course of action, and will this ticket result in a license revocation ?

    1. Kumar,

      Great questions. MA and NY have reciprocity with one another, so a conviction for speeding in NY will show up on your driving record and points will follow you home. Going 19 over will not result in a suspension–on its own. If you have other traffic tickets pending or a bad record, however, it could. The fine for this ticket is $393 (surcharge included). However, the hidden insurance cost is what will really get you if you don’t fight this. You could face a huge auto insurance hike even though you are licensed in MA and not NY.

  121. I got a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 55 mph zone in NY. Had my license for ten days and have an indiana drivers license. Officer said that since I’m not a NY resident the points won’t affect me. Is this true? What would my fines be if I plead guilty?

    1. Kortney,

      In New York, a ticket for going 70 in a 55 zone would result in 4 points on your license and up to $393 in fines and associated fees. I do believe the officer is mistaken, however, regarding the point transfer. My research indicates that Indiana is a signatory to the Driver License Compact, which means New York will share this information with Indiana and your state will treat the violation as if it occurred there.

  122. I visited NY State all the way from Korea, and got a speed ticket on I-86 (near Campbell) going 84 mph on 65 mph zone. I have no clue what to do with the ticket.

    A. What do out-of-country residents do? I would come back to the US, but I don’t need to drive in NY State…
    B. Plea guilty/not guilty sounds extremely serious to me, the system is quite different from that of Korea. (We are just directly fined – flat rate.) But I gather guilty would be more costly than the other. Should I, as a non-US resident, plea not guilty and hire an attorney?

    Some background, if I may:
    1. Never been pulled over, it took me around a minute to realize I had to.
    2. Did not realize I was stepping on it, Korea works on the metric system and “miles” always gets me confused.
    3. We were excited to be driving up to see the Niagara Falls for the first time…
    4. Problem is, mail/ticket is due next week; I broke my leg and could not get out of the house to send this off……


  123. Hi,

    I was caught speeding at 90 mph on 65 mph in NY..The officer handed me paper work that requires me to contact the court to find out the potential fine and points.

    My question to you is:

    Would the traffic violation show on ON license?
    What kind of fine i may get.

    I was thinking about hiring a lawyer. Should I

    Thank you.


    1. Usman,

      The fine for going 25 mph over the limit in New York is a maximum of $300, plus a $93 court surcharge fee, plus a $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment fee to the DMV (paid as $100 a year for three years), for a total of $693. This would also result in 6 points in New York and, yes, Ontario will receive this information and assess demerit points on your license according to Ontario law. If you want to avoid paying these large fines and fees, and not have demerit points on your license, it makes sense to hire a lawyer.

  124. I am from Georgia and got a speeding ticket in NY, driving 83 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. The ticket shows me to appear in court. Since I live in GA I wont be able to come NY, kindly suggest how to handle

  125. I am a NJ licensed driver who received a ‘handheld electronic device’ summons in NYC. I am almost due with my baby and would iike to just pay it to avoid coming back into city to court during this time. I have a strong case since I was not on my phone for 3 minutes (right before I pulled out of parking spot) before the police officer stopped me and he saw me touching phone to adjust volume. Should I go to court?
    What are the fees associated to having you represent? Ticket cost is $138.
    Thank you!

    1. Dee,

      If you hire an attorney, you will most likely not have to go to court. This ticket carries a 5 point penalty and, as you noted, a $138 fine. However, that is not the only price you will pay if you plead guilty. Insurance companies frown upon drivers ticketed for using cell phones while driving; they consider such drivers “distracted drivers” and, therefore, your insurance rates are likely to increase significantly over the next three to four years. If you believe you have a strong case (and if, after consultation, your attorney does too), then you have a good shot at coming away with 0 points and 0 fines — it’s worth the fight!

  126. My son from ohio working in New york fot a ticket for using his phone while driving, paid ticket shows 5 pts for New york but thjis does not apply on his ohio license. He also got pulled over speeding, the police officer move it to a moving violation for two pts and that did showed up on his Ohio driving record. He got the assement paper from New York to pay $125 for half assement or $375 for full assement do we really need to pay this since it only shows two points on his ohio driving license or can we get out of this?

    1. John,

      Yes, your son really does need to pay the assessment. If he doesn’t, New York will send notification of his failure to pay to Ohio, which will likely suspend his license. If he gets caught driving with a suspended license, this is a crime which may lead to jail time.

  127. I am from California and got a speeding ticket, driving 80 MPH in a 65 MPH zone on the I-390 (Steuben County). Should I …

    A) Contest the ticket (fyi, highly unlikely I would ever fly back East to appear in court)
    B) Plead guilty and pay fines
    C) Play ignorant and don’t do anything and never return to NY state?

    1. The good news is that if you hire us we can plead and get the ticket reduced on your behalf. All you’d have to do is hire us and send us the ticket. I think ignoring it is a bad idea for 2 reasons (1) once NY suspends you they will notify CA and you will likely be suspended in CA or not be allowed to renew your CA license; (2) you may forget about it after many years and may somehow end up back in NY and get caught and arrested for driving while suspended.

  128. I have an AZ license and car licensed in AZ and received 2 tickets together – tinted glass and failure to yield to pedestrian while driving in NYC. The tinted glass level was valid in AZ but not in NY and pedestrian was far when I took left turn but cop didn’t agree. I pleaded not guilty but have received the date for court appearance in NYC on October 8. Unfortunately I am relocating to TX in July and wanted to know the best option for me.

  129. My son got a ticket for speeding 70 in a 55 in Newfield, NY. His drivers license is CT. We had no idea NY was so tough with speeding, and we are both very anxious about this. Can you tell me what the fines will be including the DRA you mention in other responses? What would your lawyer fees be to defend him if he should plead not guilty? Neither he nor I have the money for lawyer fees. We are still trying to pay for college. Also, how many points would he get against him? thanks for you help.

  130. Got 3 tickets for HOV 1128a, 1128d, 1110a violations on LIE ,NASSAU county and one insurance document expiration ticket. I think I can contest insurance ticket , but not sure about pov tickets . What will be the fine? Should I pay it?

  131. I received a speeding ticket in Clarkstown on I 87 for 77mph in a 55mph zone. I am from Massachusetts and was wondering if it would be worth fighting.

  132. I’m a Virginia resident with a Va driver’s license. I got a speeding ticket (19 over the limit) on Staten Island. Since your money-back guarantee is not valid in NYC, should I assume that I’m better off paying the fine and taking the points?


  133. Hi Adam,

    I am a Maryland resident with a MD drivers license and just got a ticket in Binghamton for going 84 mph in a 55. What sort of fines/points am I looking at as an out of state driver?

  134. I got a ticket for “speed in zone” going 79 in a 50 in the Bronx. This was a set-up, as there were about two or three other cops pulling people over in the same spot. I’m not sure how much the fine is because it is a bit vague??? If I plead guilty, I am expected to give them my credit card number without knowing how much the fine is. From what I can tell, it could be $368 plus a Driver Responsibility Assessment. How much will it cost me to hire a lawyer and fight this? Or is it cheaper just to pay the fine???


  135. I’m from Massachusetts, and I got a ticket in upstate New York while driving at a speed under the posted limit of 65. I contested my ticket and received a court date in the mail that I couldn’t make. I called the court and requested a new date, which they said would be provided to me via the mail. I never received anything, so I’m a bit concerned as to what the status of my license is in the state of New York. As an out-of-state driver, how can I be sure that I’m legal to drive in New York?

  136. I got pulled over in Staten Island, NY (I have NJ license) for speeding 13 miles over the 30 mph speed limit with 5 points. From reading the web, 2 points will record into NJ DMV for this speeding ticket. I would like to know if I can fight this case so no points carry over to my NJ license.

  137. I will be calling you in the morning regarding my ticket.
    It seems that the New York State Police were just pulling people over & issuing speeding tickets left & right the week of November 4th 2013.
    I live in Massachusetts,I was back & forth to N.Y. approxamitely 15 times all summer, NEVER did I get issued a ticket. On Nov. 4th I was on 90 going West- I commented to my Daughter that I never saw so many Troopers in all my trips combined as I had seen in the past 3 hours. So, I put cruise control on 72. Next thing I know there are red & white lights behind me, so I proceeded to pull my motor vehicle over to right shoulder. The Trooper appeared at my passengers side & asked for license & registration. While looking for the correctly dated reg he said “Do you know why I pulled you over”, I told him no.
    He told me he got me on Radar doing 89 mph in a 65mph zone. I had told him that could not be right because I had cruise on..I even said “LOOK, it is still on sir on my dashboard”. He said I had just put it on when I stopped for him. He was kinda nosey, wanted to know what I was doing, with whom, why, blah, blah . I was respectful but finally asked for the ticket he was holding so I could leave.
    I always get pulled over Upstate (about 30 miles from Cooperstown) because I have a new Dodge Challenger & I think the local boys wanna know who I am, Which is fine. I was pulled over by a State Trooper at 2:30 am one morning after leaving the hospital were my Mother was dying. He said there had been alot of burglaries and he was just seeing who was the only one out at that hour. I was not speeding but he did say it took him a bit to turn around and catch up, and said try to slow it down a little because of deer & had not yet taken my license or reg — My reply was ” Sir, it is a Challenger” as I handed him my info. He laughed,& said ” your right, have a good night” and walked away. I had to tell that story cause that ONLY happens in the movies!
    But as far as this nonsense of 89 in a 65, I’m guessing that I ought to call your offices because they seemed to be busy that night issuing tickets to innocent people.

  138. I live in VA and received a speeding ticket while I am not usually one to speed there had been a death in the family and I hadn’t been paying attention. I was actually with the flow of traffic.
    I elected to pay the fine. I believe it was $250. I have now received a letter saying my NY state driving privileges are now suspended for not having paid some $300 assessment. I didn’t receive anything prior to this saying I had anything more to pay. I am a hospice RN and my job consists of driving to people’s homes. I cannot afford for insurance to go up because of the points. I haven’t had a ticket in almost 10 yrs.
    What is my best course of action at this point?

  139. I carry PA drivers licence and I got the speeding ticket for (driving 25 mph over the speed limit) on 2nov. While i was overtaking the other car on 30 mph speed limit, had to increase the speed to 55 to overtake and after that cop caught me within seconds. It was hard to reduce the speed so quickly, i tried to explain but he issued me a ticket. Please suggest what should be the next step.

  140. Hello,

    I got a ticket today (my very first time being pulled over…) while traveling through NY on I81 South Bound. I am being charged with doing 99 in a 65 zone and I know I was doing at least that. I am young (19), dumb, and have not had my provisional license for over a year yet. I am financing a 1995 Honda Civic 5-speed Manual Transmission (no mods) so full coverage insurance is required. I live in Maryland and my insurance is already +200 a month, which is a HUGE pain with car payments and rent. All of my time and money has been put towards going to Carthage, NY in order to see my girlfriend as much as possible since I live and Maryland and she had to move up there a couple months ago. I was the only one on the road and I was trying to catch up with the group of cars in front of me, so I know he didn’t catch someone else on his radar. As I got closer to the group I put the car in neutral and coasted to meet with them. I was in the middle of the group and going 80 to stay with the flow when I looked in my rear view and saw the police cruiser riding my tail. As soon as I put my blinker on to see if he just wanted to pass me, he turned his lights on. The ticket says I need to mail it to Preble Town Court within 48 hours if I plea not-guilty. There’s no way I can afford to pay as much as this ticket would turn out to cost, there’s no way I can afford to have my license suspended, and there’s no way I could show up to court. If I would have done research on how much tickets cost BEFORE I decided to speed, I would not have sped. Not that much. But what’s done is done. I’m not one to usually speed, I just wanted to get the 7 hour trip over with. I really need some help.

  141. Hello, thank you for the article. On Nov 1 at 2.15 AM, I got pulled over for speeding near the town of Carrollton on US 291 N. The road was very dark and I missed the post for the reduced speed limit. The officer issued me a 1110A ticket for “Failure to obey traffic control device”. I understand this violation carries 2 points. I hold a VA driver’s license. Will these points be transferred to VA? Is it possible to contest this?

  142. Hello, Over the summer we received a speeding ticket in the Dickinson District of NY on our way to Canada (driving 23 miles over the limit). We didn’t realize the very short response period for non-guilt plea and just sent everything in with a guilty plea, as we couldn’t do anything on-line. We recently received the fee for the fine ($300.00), but I also received fine of $300 for “driver responibility assessment”! I am a resident of New Jersey and have no idea what this is, or how this ticket is considered 6 points!! Is there anything that can be done at this point?

  143. Hello,

    My wife today got a ticket while she was heading back home from Rochester, NY to VA. She was pulled over driving 92 on a 65 road. She had a bad bladder and did let the cop even know that she was looking for an exit so that she could find a restroom. She was at 92 as it was down hill and she just got out of speed range. We are planning to fight the case. But it would be great if you could give a better idea of how to deal with this?

    Thank you

  144. I received a “stop sign” ticket in Queens, NY. I have a NJ driver’s license and even though I tried to plead guilty and pay it online and just move on, the 15 days in which I had to answer the ticket have passed! I never intended not to pay this ticket but it was impossible to get it done online. Will NJ suspend my driver’s license? What are my options now? Thank you in advance for your time and help.

  145. I received a sidewings/sidewindow/non/transprant ticket on june 1 2013 on the I-87 in albany
    i just noticed that i had to plea not guility in 48 hours Is it to late from me to send it in I live brooklyn
    how can i go about this it doesnt even say how much i have to be

  146. I received a speeding ticket on July 4, 2013 on US219 going 17 MPH over 45MPH speed limit.

    I am on vacation and just noticed that I need to plea not guilty in 48 hours. Is it too late?

    I live in Maryland and will be handle things on Wednesday.

    1. If you hire us to represent you, we can take care of everything including the plea of not guilty. You are looking at 4 points and $385 in fines. Please contact us at 888-434-0406 to discuss.

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