Speeding in a Work Zone

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Speeding in a work zone is a charge that will cost you more than your average ticket.  Getting caught driving above the speed limit in a work zone will result in a variety of different penalties that you might potentially suffer. You will most likely also face a drastic increase in your auto insurance premium.
Speeding in a construction zone falls under Article 30 section 1180 (f) of New York State Traffic Law.  Remember the penalties of a VTL 1180 (f) are not your average fines that you might receive for speeding in a regular area.   You might have noticed on certain road signs in New York State that speeding in the work zones will result in the fines being doubled.

Why Do Work Zone Violations Carry Stiffer Penalties? 

Workers on the side of the road that help fix roads, bridges and barriers are left in a very dangerous position on the side of the road.  Strictly obeying the speed limit within the work area (which is generally slower than other areas on the highway) can help keep workers safe.

According to the laws of New York State a “work zone” is any location on a roadway being utilized for roadwork in which workers, work vehicles, equipment, supplies or other barriers are located.  It is also important to note that the absence of construction work does not mean that the area is no longer considered a work zone.  We often hear from drivers who are ticketed in a work zone in middle of the night when there are no workers present but that makes no difference in the eyes of the law.

Statistics have demonstrated that increased speeds in work zones have lead to significant deaths among construction workers and the drivers themselves.  Slower speeds help facilitate a safer flow of traffic that could prevent the potential mishaps that result from lane changes and reductions in this environment.  

What Are the Fines and Penalties for a Work Zone Speeding Ticket?

Driving 1 to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit will result in 3 points. 11 to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit posted in a work zone will result in 4 points.  The minimum fines will double that of a normal speeding violation.  Receiving a second work zone related speed ticket within 18 months of the first will result in you having your license suspended.  Driving 21 miles or more over the posted limit will result in a 6 point ticket and also require you to pay the NYS Driver Responsibility Assessment as well, only adding to the amount of fines that you will be required to pay.

Contacting an experienced attorney can prove beneficial to you and potentially help you avoid steep fines or penalties that result from work zone related speeding tickets.  If you received a New York Traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone, contact the attorneys at Rosenblum Law: 888-434-0406.

80 thoughts on “Speeding in a Work Zone”

  1. Hello I got a ticket for doing 73 over 40 the officer put that it was a work zone but he stopped me before the work zone singe. it is my first speeding ticket ever so what should I do

    1. Eli – This 8 point violation you are currently charged with carries fines of $693, along with an assessment fee of $450. Furthermore, this ticket will likely result in a substantial increase in your insurance rates. How you go about contesting this violation will largely depend on the jurisdiction that is handling your case. There are two court systems in NY, that are significantly different.

  2. Hi, I received a speeding ticket today while on 84 West in Harrison NY. The ticket reports I was clocked at 78 in a work zone. I am from CT. Traveling in the right lane being passed on the left by another car. Tropper got the wrong person. The other car was from NY plates along with all the other cars in line. What might I be looking at for fines and what does it take to fight the ticket?

    1. Richard – what was the posted speed limit that was listed on your ticket. Work zone violations are costly and do have a significant impact on insurance rates. We suggest you contest this ticket to mitigate / avoid the consequences.

  3. I was pulled over speeding doing 76 in a 55 work zone in Hilton New York on the park way. What might I be looking at in fine and points, do I plead not guilty?

    1. You are facing a fine of $693, assessment fees of $300, and a significant increase in your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you contest this violation.

  4. I got a ticket for 76 mph in a work zone,he gave me the ticket and dropped it to 74 so that I was in the 10 points over speed limit,there were no speed limit signs to say reduce speed that I can remember,what am I facing?

    1. Christen, 10 mph over the limit is a 3 point ticket – that will carry a maximum fine of $393 for the work zone violation. In order to provide further details, please advise me as to what court is handling this offense, the violation code, and the exact rate of speed.

  5. I received a ticket today for doing 69mph in a 55mph work zone on E86 in western NY. What might I be looking at in fines? This is also my very first speeding ticket ever.

    1. Chris, with this ticket you are facing 4pts and a fine of $393.00. If you would like to contest your ticket please give us a call. 888-434-0406

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