Operation Work Brake Nabbed 1,400 Speeders

Not too long ago, we gave you the heads up about “Operation Work Brake.”

It was a campaign designed to combat speeding in work zones on the New York State Thruway.

Now that it ended, the official total of work-zone speeding tickets issued during July 9 through July 13 amounted to 1,400.

Although the authorities doled out NY traffic tickets for other offenses as well, it is unclear how many were given for those offenses.

Moreover, Sergeant Thomas Ferritto made an official statement about the program.

He said, “It is crucial that all motorists understand the importance of remaining alert and driving safely through work zones—not just for the men and women working on the roads, but for the safety of all motorists … We can’t say it enough. Slow down through work zones.”

Thomas J. Madison, Executive Director of the Thruway Authority, also stressed the importance of safe driving.

He explained, “As we are in the prime highway construction season, improving our roads and bridges, we remind drivers that with the construction comes an important warning: please slow down through work zones.”

It is crucial for NY drivers to remember that programs like this crop up all the time.

Sometimes they are designed to target those of us who speed while other times they hone in on those of us who talk on our cell phones while driving.

Either way, it is extremely important to be on the lookout for police officers whenever you are on the road and to monitor the speed you are traveling at.
work zone ticket

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