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  • Got a speeding ticket for driving 88 on 65 - Doubt it I was going that fast but, for a reason I didn't noticed I was driving that fast! I live in Mass. Should I plead not guilty and how much, roughly, the fine be and points on my license?

    • In order to advise you further, we need more specific information about your case. You may contact us for a free consultation.

  • I got a speeding ticket on Sunday at Shadaken with 71 in 55 MPH zone. My ticket didn't show up on the system yet. I don't have how much and points. I would like to know if I should fight for this ticket? . I was on cruise control. there were a bunch of cars in front of me and it was down hill. I felt like the cops got the wrong guy he just got the last car.

    • Paul - you are facing a 4 point ticket which will entail maximum fines of $393, along with an increase in your insurance rates. You may fight this ticket and attempt to mitigate / eliminate these consequences. Please note, however, that while there might have been cars going faster then you, it does not disprove the assertion that you might have been speeding.

  • Hi Adam, I got a ticket going 70 in a 55 mph Suffolk county long island. The policeman told me to mail in the ticket within 48 hours; what am I looking at? should I plead guilty or is this worth to fight? I have a NJ resident drive license. Thank You.

    • Ian - you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries fines of $393.00. Two (2) points will be assessed against your NJ driving record. Additonally, your insurance rates will increase due to this ticket.

  • Hi Adam I got a speeding ticket doing 91 in a 65 the cop said he caught me on his radar but when I seen him he was pointing his finger at me what am I looking at

    • Christopher - you are facing a 6 point ticket that has fines of $393 and assessment charges of $300. You are also facing a steep increase to your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you fight this ticket.