New York State Investing in New Radar Devices

radar gunGovernor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that New York State will invest over $300,000 to outfit 235 police departments with radar equipment. The funding will be used to maintain the equipment already in place in smaller upstate departments and to provide new replacement devices as needed on a case-by-case basis.

The state Division of Criminal Justice Services Highway Safety Technology Unit identified the need for new radar devices when doing their annual maintenance and repair performance on radar equipment across the state. The technicians found that many of the units were too expensive to be worth repairing and some of the older devices were also too large for newer-model police cruisers.

The Governor’s office pointed out that the last time New York paid for new radar units was in 1999, making this the first time in almost 20 years that the state has provided funding for new speed enforcement equipment. A typical unit costs $1,500 to replace and budgetary restrictions have made it difficult to replace broken and outdated devices. However, critics of the new radar equipment say this investment is simply a way to generate more revenue through speeding tickets.

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