Officer Arrests Woman Who Lied About Her “Dying” Father to Avoid Speeding Ticket

Some people will do anything to get out of their traffic tickets. You might have heard about women flirting with male police officers to avoid speeding tickets, but a 28-year old recently stooped to an all-time low.

A New Hampshire woman—who cried her way out of a speeding ticket by claiming to be rushing to her father’s deathbed—was arrested two days later when confronted with his obituary, which was dated 5 years ago!

NH State Police car
A New Hampshire State Police cruiser.

The woman was arrested right at her doorstep by the very same trooper who she originally fooled. The trooper told reporters, “I’m pretty used to people trying to bend the truth to get out of speeding citations, but this woman preyed on my emotions as a human being.”

He continued, “She told me her father had stage four cancer, that he was breathing only six breaths a minute, and that she was trying to make it to the hospital before he passed … There was a good act that went along with it.”

After discovering the truth in an online obituary dated 5 years before the incident, he promptly confronted her at her home and charged her with speeding 82 mph in a 65 mph zone as well as driving with a suspended registration, a misdemeanor in NH.

The officer, who (for good reason) was extremely perturbed, also said, “For someone to lie about their deceased father just to get out of a speeding ticket was pretty upsetting to me as a person.”

After confronting her at her door, the woman immediately became defensive and claimed it was her uncle’s obituary and not her father’s. However, after being arrested and brought down to the police station, she finally admitted to the truth and came clean.

It is absolutely astounding what a person will say to an officer in order to try and avoid a speeding ticket.

Instead of lying to an officer (which is arguably much worse), quietly accept the ticket the officer hands you and hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to fight it for you. It will save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

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