Top Ten Speed Trap Cities in the USA

Whether you were given your New York speeding ticket while zipping down The New York Thruway or your local town’s Main Street, you might have been the target of a speed trap.


Speed Trap

We are all familiar with the old fashioned speed trap: the New York State Trooper parks his car out of the view of oncoming cars – in a ditch in the middle of the highway, behind a large sign, under an overpass, or in the middle of a thicket of bushes.  He whips out his a radar gun, aims and shoots when a car speeds by.  The gun gives an accurate reading of how fast the car was driving.  If the car was speeding, then another trooper will pull over the driver and issue a New York speeding ticket.

Today’s version of a speed straps can include speeding cameras (in some states) and laser guns instead of radar., a community platform that alerts drivers to traps, hazards and traffic issues, recently reported on which ten cities have the most speed traps. The list was drawn from reports of its base of nearly 15 million users.


The Top Ten Speed Trap Cities (not listed in any specific order)

  1.  Colorado Springs, Colorado – A significant number of unmarked police cars are employed to catch unsuspecting motorists.
  2.  Orlando, Florida – The home of Disney World was one of the early users of cameras to catch unsuspecting speeding tourists.
  3.  St. Louis, Missouri- The gateway to the west is home to 89 traffic cameras.  The small towns surrounding St. Louis are also known be heavy users of speed traps.
  4.  Washington D.C. – In addition to being the nation’s capital, it is home to 349 speeding cameras.  Washington D.C. has a reputation as a city that issues a lot of speeding tickets.
  5.  Los Angeles, California – Lots of cars means lots of traffics in Los Angeles because drivers customarily drive very fast when it is not commuting times.
  6.  Chicago, Illinois –The windy city possesses the second-most red light and speed cameras in the United States – 418 in the metro area alone.
  7.  New York City– With such a high volume of traffic, the New York Police Department vigilantly enforces its speed laws by issuing lots of NY speeding tickets.
  8.  Las Vegas, Nevada – It is reported that the Las Vegas Police Department likes to prey on tourists.
  9.  Houston, Texas– Texas highways have a reputation with changing speed limits dramatically and raising them again.  Troopers use the change to catch speeders.
  10.  Austin, Texas- Police in Austin have a reputation for issuing speeding tickets to drivers exceeding the speed limit by as little as one to three miles per hour.

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