Speeding & Traffic Tickets in Harrison NY

If you have received a speeding ticket or another traffic infraction in Harrison, New York you are not alone.  With so many major roadways passing through Harrison like Interstates 95, 287, 684 and the Hutchinson Parkway, police are on the lookout to ticket drivers breaking the law.  In Harrison, police are notorious for setting up speed traps in strategic locations to ticket drivers.

A motor officer writes a traffic ticket for a ...
A motor officer writes a traffic ticket for a motorist caught speeding Photo

Each year the Harrison Town Court disposes of thousands of traffic tickets with the vast majority of traffic infractions listed as speeding tickets.

Harrison is a sixteen square mile suburb located in Westchester County, New York. When an officer hands you a traffic ticket, not only does the ticket indicate what you are being charged with (speeding, improper turn, failure to yield, etc.) but it also is a summons requiring you or your attorney to appear in court.  The Harrison Town Court handles all traffic matters including moving violations, parking tickets, DWI’s and speeding tickets.

A traffic ticket is usually the only experience a driver has with the legal system.  Often times drivers are not aware of the full repercussions of a traffic violation and don’t realize that there are very good options in fighting the ticket.   The process of handling a simple traffic matter however can often be confusing if you do not have professional assistance in fighting the ticket.  The law requires that even for traffic violation matters you are innocent of the charge until the prosecutor and police officer prove that you are guilty.  If you are ready to fight the charges, this article has some great information to help you fight your ticket.

Why Should I Plead Not Guilty For My Speeding Ticket In Harrison?

If you wish to plead guilty (never recommended) and pay the fine, the instructions are listed on the back or right side of the traffic ticket.  Remember, a traffic ticket is simply a charge or accusation that a driver may have committed the alleged offense.  Once you plead guilty, your case is over and you are accepting full responsibility of the charges and penalties even if you were improperly accused.  Putting your traffic ticket in perspective, pleading not guilty means that the worst result is that you pay the fines and penalties as charged, therefore fighting the ticket means that your situation can only improve.

Your first step in fighting a speeding ticket is pleading not guilty to the charge. By answering the ticket with a not guilty plea you are letting the court know that you wish to reserve your right to take your case to trial or possibly negotiate a reduction on the charges.    Pleading not guilty is always the best option because it allows you to fight your ticket as opposed to pleading guilty and paying the fine.  If you hire an attorney, the lawyer can take care of all the required legal steps, including entering a not guilty plea on your behalf.  

Should I Hire An Attorney To Fight My Ticket? 

It’s important to remember that having a driver’s license is a privilege and one that you should protect at all costs.  A traffic violation can have serious consequences both financially and on your ability to legally drive.  It’s very important that you always maintain a clean record and stay away from points that can accumulate on to your license.

A licensed traffic defense attorney can help you fight your ticket without you ever having to come to court.  The best part is that the attorney will be able to negotiate a reduction of the charges that you are facing, which can save you hundreds in fines and increases in your insurance rates.  Contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation on how we can help you beat your Harrison Traffic Ticket. Call us at 888-434-0406.

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