Speeding Tickets in Tioga County, NY

Map of New York Counties Highlighting Tioga

Located west of Binghamton and directly north of the Pennsylvania border is Tioga County, NY. The Susquehanna River flows through Tioga into Pennsylvania. The name Tioga derives from a Native American word meaning “at the forks.” A speeding ticket in Tioga County can come with many hidden costs and other consequences. Anyone ticketed for speeding should fight the charges by hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can beat the ticket or negotiate it down to a lesser offense. 

New York State Speeding Ticket Costs

A driver charged with speeding in Tioga County faces a fine of $150 and $600 in most cases. In addition, he/she will also be required to pay a surcharge of $88 or $93. If the conviction results in a total of 6 or more points on the person’s license, he/she must also pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. The DRA costs $300 for the first 6 points and an additional $75 for each point thereafter. This is separate from the fine and surcharge. The biggest cost often comes in the form of a substantial increase in auto insurance rates, often as much as several hundred dollars per year for three or more years.

Speeding Ticket Data from Tioga County, NY

Drivers received 3,820 speeding tickets in Tioga County in 2018. Most speeding tickets—81%–were written by State Troopers in the county last year. More than 40% of speeding tickets were issued on the weekends in Tioga County in 2018; 22% on Sunday and 19% on Saturday. Less than 60% of speeding tickets went to New Yorkers, with the rest going to drivers from other states (such as neighboring Pennsylvania). 

A driver should always challenge a speeding ticket in Tioga County. However, less than 8% of drivers are able to beat speeding tickets in New York State. Hiring a skilled traffic ticket attorney vastly improves one’s chances of either beating the ticket or getting it reduced to a lesser-point or no-point offense. 

Tioga County Graph Speeding Ticket

Number of Speeding Tickets Given in Clinton County, NY

Year# of Speeding Tickets
2009 3,596
2010 3,577
2011 3,320
2012 3,145
2013 3,353
2014 3,341
2015 2,854
2016 4,260
2017 3,726
2018 3,820

Tioga County Geography and How It Relates to Traffic Tickets

Tioga County is one of several NY counties served by the Southern Tier Expressway (I-86/U.S. Route 17). NY Route 38 goes north-south off of NY Route 96, which itself runs east-west through the Tioga. The proximity to SUNY Binghamton means Tioga sees a sizable number of younger drivers on its roads. In addition, its location on the Pennsylvania border means police are also mindful of out-of-state drivers and their driving habits. 

Hiring a Tioga County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Drivers ticketed for speeding in Tioga County should hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney. An attorney offers the best possible chance of beating a ticket or getting it reduced to a lesser offense. In most speeding cases, the attorney can appear in lieu of the driver, ensuring that he/she does not have to take time off from work to attend a hearing—a particular benefit for out-of-state drivers or New Yorkers from neighboring counties. Contact Rosenblum Law for help with your speeding ticket matter in Tioga County. We can offer you a free consultation about your case and have our attorneys fight on your behalf. Our attorneys have represented clients in Tioga County for both traffic and criminal matters, including those in Barton, Berkshire, Candor, Newark Valley, Nichols, Owego, Richford, Spencer, and Tioga. Call 888-434-0406 or email Rosenblum Law today for a free consultation about your case.

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