Women Vs. Men Speeding Excuses

A traffic stop executed by an officer...

It is not an easy job for a police officer to pull someone to the side of a busy highway and risk his life to issue a traffic ticket.  Any experienced officer will probably be the first to tell you that they have literally heard all the excuses from drivers trying to get out of a traffic ticket.  Each time an officer pulls someone over the chances are pretty good that the driver is giving some sort of explanation to get out of the traffic ticket.  There are so many different scenarios that can play out on any given day during a traffic stop but something that happens almost all the time without fail is a driver giving an “excuse” for bad driving behavior.

So what are the most common and frequently used sayings that a driver says after they are pulled over?  You might be familiar with some of these and for some others you might want to make a mental not so if you are found in the unfortunate position, you can give it a try.

A study conducted by insurance.com surveyed 500 licensed drivers that were over the age of 18 asking what excuses have they given after being pulled over on the side of the road. In general men are less likely to provide an excuse to an officer whereas women are more likely to explain what was going on to the officer and try to rationalize the infraction.

Many of the women surveyed claimed that they were lost or that they were unfamiliar with the roads in the area.  While many other women claim that they did not see the sign in which they are alleged to have violated.  Women are also more likely to claim that an emergency bathroom situation presented itself than men.

Another excuse that women are notorious for making after being pulled over is just playing dumb.  The problem with the excuse of “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” is that police officers know that anyone that claims ignorance of the law does not have an excuse which makes their case that much easier in court.  Some excuses that men are found to use is the old “everyone else was doing the same thing” or that there was an emergency situation in the car such as spilling a hot drink or that the driver was on their way to help someone in trouble.

So What Should I Do If My Excuse Did Not Work And The Officer Gave Me A Ticket Anyway?

So your excuse fell on deaf ears.  Well you still have a very viable option to come away with a better result on your traffic ticket.  Call the Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation about your legal matter and let us help you fight your ticket.