New York City’s New Lower Speed Limit Will Mean More Enforcement, Some Leniency

Effective November 7, New York City is lowering the default speed limit on local streets from 30mph to 25mph.

Bill de Blasio
Mayor de Blasio who stated under the new NYC speed limit, police officers will have discretion about ticketing low-level speeders. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

This new law is seen as the largest and most influential policy change enacted by Mayor Bill de Blasio in his “Vision Zero” initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities within the 5 boroughs. The law’s potential impact on pedestrian safety and, as cynics point out, on the city’s traffic ticket revenue could be huge.

However, according to the NYPD’s Transit Bureau Chief Thomas Chan, the focus really is on traffic safety with emphasis put on more serious offenders.

As Chan stated, “Our officers will be monitoring the speed and they’ll be issuing summonses for speeding but again that doesn’t mean that we cannot issue you a summons at 26 miles an hour. We’re going to be ticketing all… violators out there. Our preference is that the person speeding at a higher level, we will certainly go after those individuals.”

Mayor de Blasio echoed Chan’s message, noting, “The speed limit is the speed limit. If you go above the speed limit, you are liable for a penalty. Again, the officer can use discretion, but if someone is going 26 miles per hour and veering back and forth in the road, the officer has every right to give that person a ticket.”

Vision Zero has meant increased traffic enforcement throughout the City and that will certainly continue as we head into the pedestrian- and tourist-heavy holiday season. With no plea bargains in New York City traffic court (the “Traffic Violations Bureau”), any increased enforcement will surely mean more dollars in city coffers.

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