How to Plead Not Guilty to a New York Speeding Ticket

Receiving a traffic ticket can be quite frustrating. However, no matter how annoyed you get, do not plead guilty to it simply to “make it go away.” It is highly recommended to plead not guilty and fight the ticket.

The following information has been designed for those of you who are unfamiliar with New York speeding tickets and shows you how to plead not guilty to your NY traffic ticket.

Four Parts of Your Speeding Ticket

Your New York speeding ticket will be comprised of four main sections. The first section contains the driver’s information. This usually includes your name, address, gender, license plate number, date of birth, registration expiration date, the state you hold a license in, the make and model of your car, and other information that identifies you as the operator of the vehicle.


Top of New York Speeding Ticket

The second section describes what you are being charged with. It will likely include the time you were pulled over, the date of the alleged offense, the vehicle and traffic law (VTL) that you are being accused of violating, a short description the violation, where it occurred, and the signature of the police officer who issued you the ticket.

Middle of NY Speeding Ticket

The third section of your NY speeding ticket, which is at the bottom of the first page, tells you what court will be hearing your traffic ticket case. Additional, it includes the name of the court, its address, and a check-box indicating whether you are required to appear in person or simply return the ticket via mail.

3rd Part of NY Speeding Ticket

Lastly, the fourth part of your ticket appears on the back. This gives you the option to plead by mail. Section A should be filled out if you want to plead guilty (not recommended) and Section B should be filled out if you want to plead not guilty.

In order to plead not guilty to your traffic ticket (which is highly advised), simply sign your name at the bottom of Section B and check the box requesting a supporting deposition (if you were not issued one with your ticket).

Afterward, scan it or make a copy of the NY speeding ticket for your records and mail it in to the court.

Back of NY Speeding Ticket

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Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a New York speeding ticket, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm. Our team of NY traffic ticket lawyers will do all they can to help you get the results you are looking for. Call us today at 888-434-0406.

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  1. Hello, I got caught by an officer on the Cross Country Parkway at 71 mph instead of 55 mph. The officer explained that he will write only „disobeyed a traffic signal“ on the ticket because I was honest and friendly to him. He recommended to plead for not guilty. However, in the attached deposition he mentioned my actual speed of 71.

    I want to plead for not guilty.

    Do I have to send the deposition to court or can I scrap it? Will the court have access to the deposition?

    What would by defending strategy for „disobeying a traffic signal“? Saying nothing, telling the real truth (speeding) or stating not to know anything?

    1. Hello Alexander, It appears that you were given a ‘roadside reduction,’ meaning that while the officer could have issued you the 6 point offense (as listed on the supporting deposition), he instead issued you what is likely an 1110(a) violation – disobey traffic control device. Whether you choose to further contest this ticket will depend on numerous factors – one of which being the state you are licensed to drive in.
      Thank you for your question.

  2. I just got my first speeding ticket in almost 25 years! I was rushing to get to work and went right passed the cop. My question is this. My car was a gift from my dad. Part of the gift was that he put it on his insurance. I’m planning on pleading not guilty, and asking that they reduce the charge so the insurance rate doesn’t go up. I understand Id probably pay a fine, but my feeling is, I’d rather pay more for my mistake to avoid having to have my dad have to pay it. Problem is the cop asked me how fast I was going, and I was honest. I said “probably almost 80,” and he said he clocked me at 80. My statement is on the deposition. Is that going to be considered a confession? Will they not take my record into account?

    1. Hello Jennifer – in order to provide you with specific information regarding this ticket, I would need the name of the court that has jurisdiction over your case. There are two court systems in NY – both having differing procedures.
      Thank you for your question.

  3. Hello I am a CT driver and got a ticket in Putnam/SouthEast NY on I-684 going 89 in a 65. I want to plead not guilty because I believe I was not going 89, I was going the same speed as other cars around me, which was around 75-78. There was a car going faster than me, he was infront of me, but the trooper pulled me over. He showed me his laser speedometer and it said 89. Could I still plead not guilty even though he took a picture of his laser speedometer? He told me to plead not guilty…. I just want to make sure it’ll work. Thank you!

    1. Kay – While we would suggest contesting this violation, any argument based on the ‘flow of traffic’ will not assist you. Simply because other vehicles were travelling at or about the same speed does not negate the fact that you were speeding. Please note, traveling even 1 mph over the limit is still considered a 3 point ticket.

    1. Tina – although you have a clean driving record, this ticket will likely result in a substantial increase in your rates. Additionally, this 6 point ticket carries a maximum fine of $393, along with a $300 assessment fee. I would therefore suggest contesting this speeding ticket by pleading not-guilty.

  4. I was pulled over and told i was doing 79 in a 55 zone. The officer wrote on the ticket that i did 70. Will the court know it was actually 79 or not? should i still plead not guilty.

  5. Hello Rosenblum,

    I am a resident of Connecticut and after 10 days of getting a job in Pleasantville NY, I got a speeding ticket going 52 on a 30mph, in Pound Ridge, NY for the first time in my driving experience. I have an SUV and I was going a steep downhill it usually feels like 30mph when going 50mph so I learned. I was not familiar with the area at the time and I never say the P.O. either so I am doubtful of how it really happened and where i got radar gunned. I noticed speed zone do change very often going through the area. I pleaded not guilty as I would like to know more proof than just a speed radar. What can I seek here? I don’t want to ruin my driving records because my family and job depends on it. I have done everything possible to not let this happen again. Court will be “The Court of Pound Ridge, County of West in New York” if that helps. Thanks in advance.

    1. Billy – you are facing a 6 point speeding ticket that has fines of $393, assessment fees of $300, and significant insurance implications. We therefore suggest pleading not-guilty and contesting this violation.

  6. I plead not guilty to going 84 in a 55. My question/concern is what I should say when I plead not guilty? My speed is noted on the ticket, so how do I justify or contest it?

    1. Brittany – it is the officer’s burden to prove that you were in fact speeding. In order to provide more information, please advise us of which court has jurisdiction over your ticket.

  7. Hello.

    I got a ticket yesterday night on Orangeburg RD, which was “Passed Red signal”.
    My offense is first time. I thought I went through in yellow light, the yellow signal was shorter than expected.

    My question are
    1. If my offense is first time, do I have rights to request only fine instead of penalty points?
    2. Should I mail to the court “Plea of Not Guilty” if I want to pay only fine and not get penalty points?
    2. If the court time will be 6PM, how much percentage will it be postpone? I’m so busy that I can’t be unoccupied for several times.

    1. Tae – 1. While first offenders generally obtain more favorable results, there is no guarantee as to any particular outcome. 2. Pleading not-guilty will result in the scheduling of a trial by the court. 3. Scheduling questions should be referred to the court. Please note, hiring an attorney will allow you to contest your ticket without personally appearing at court.

  8. Hi, I received a speeding ticket in OTSEGO County NY (Interstate 88) …. doing 105 mph in a 65 zone, but the cop reduced it to 83mph . His supporting Disposition is Laser (Tru-Speed) and Direct Observation. I acknowledged to the cop that I was speeding in excess of 15 mph. I live in Johnstown NY and I want to mail the ticket, but I’m thinking of ‘guilty plea’ since I have no defense. On the other hand, if I decide to take an attorney ….is it more economical as compared to paying the fine? Please let me know the best option as I’m looking at the cost

    1. Luntany – we generally suggest contesting tickets such as yours as it provides a savings in the long run – such as by reducing the implications to your insurance rates and protecting your driving privileges.

  9. I got a ticket on the I-91 for going 85 in a 65 this is my first offense and really don’t want to see 4 points on my clean license, I also live in Long Island but got the ticket upstate New York on my way home from a family trip. I was not driving my car so I also don’t know how that impacts my insurance etc. I don’t know what to do.

    1. I suggest contesting this 4 point speeding violation in order to avoid the points, fines, and insurance implications – which will likely apply in your case.

  10. I received a speeding ticket on the NYS Thruway going 18mph over the speed limit. I live in NJ. Should I just plead guilty, mail it in and pay the fine, or should I fight it. I have a clean record.

    1. I would fight this ticket as, aside from adding 2 points to your driving license in NJ, this ticket will likely cause a significant increase in your insurance rates.

  11. Hi i just got a ticket last night at 12am for going 50 but ik i was going about 40mph on a 30mph speed zone it happen in NY what can i do and how much the ticket would be

    1. In order to provide further assistance, please provide us with the name of the court that will be handling this ticket.

  12. Hell0: In June 2018,I received a speeding ticket 82/65 in the town of Rockland, NY. the town of Rockland Justice Court Clerk informed me that if I plead Not Guilty, I would get a Reduction Letter with a fine equal to a parking ticket. However, I received a Notice with a Conference date in Oct. This now has me very concerned – the only reason I pleaded Not Guilty is to receive a Reduction Letter.

    I am seriously considering changing my plea to Guilty, paying the fine and taking a points reduction course – and getting this over with.

    1. You will likely be able to negotiate with the prosecutor on the conference date. If you are concerned as to the ultimate outcome of your case, you may consider hiring an attorney to address this matter on your behalf.

  13. My son received a speeding ticket in Hamburg , NY. It was a 57 in a 45 zone. He is 17 years old. He also had another speeding ticket a year ago, but got reduced to a parking ticket because the officer wrote the ticket wrong. My worry is he is 17 for 3 more months and tjis current ticked may get his license suspended.? Am i correct on that??

    1. That is correct. Receiving a speeding violation while on a probationary license will result in a 60 day suspension.

  14. I received a ticket for 89 in a 65 on I-84. The court is town of fish kill. I had noticed I was going too fast but don’t think it was 89 and immediately slowed down. When I drove past the cop I was driving around 60 and thought to myself its a good thing I slowed down! However it was too late because he already had me with his laser… The officer advised me to plead not guilty and stated that “it will be a lot better for you”. I have no previous violations and a clear record. What are the odds of actually having this ticket reduced or dismissed in court?

    1. Danielle – I suggest contesting this 6 point speeding ticket, as the fines, penalties, and insurance implications will be severe. While you will generally be able to get a reduction of your ticket, the offer will likely depend on other factors including your previous driving history.

  15. I got a speeding ticket in NY for driving at 83 mph on a 65 mph highway. I am an ON license holder. I do not want to get demerit point on my record here. If I plea not guilty, what should I expect? Also getting a parking ticket in NY will affect my driving record in ON because usually parking tickets are no demerit points?

    1. If found guilty of this offense, Ontario will asses 3 demerit points against your license. I would therefore advise you to contest this violation in order to mitigate the consequences.