Frequently Asked Questions About Speeding Tickets in New York

How much do speeding tickets cost in NY?

A typical speeding ticket costs about $150, although they can run as high as $600 depending on your speed. Each ticket also includes a mandatory state surcharge of up to $93. Moreover, if you accrue more than six points on your license, you will be hit with a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA). This will cost you $100 every year for three years, even if you don’t receive another ticket during that time.

Will a speeding ticket raise my insurance?

There’s a good chance of it. Speeding tickets in New York are known to have a high likelihood of affecting your insurance rates. Studies have shown that a single speeding ticket can increase premiums by as much as 21%.

How many speeding tickets can I get before my license is suspended?

In New York, being convicted of three speeding tickets in 18 months, or two convictions of speeding in a work zone in 18 months will result in an automatic suspension. Drivers who accrue 11 or more points on their license will also face an automatic suspension of their New York driving privileges.

Can speeding tickets be dismissed?

Yes. A speeding ticket in New York can be dismissed on a number of grounds. One example would be if the officer failed to include important information on the citation, such as the street or intersection where the violation occurred. Other reasons for a dismissal might include a faulty radar gun, but the burden of proof would be on you to prove the device failed. And even if the radar reading were to be thrown out, an officer could still testify to his visual estimate of your speed which is enough to obtain a conviction.

It’s also theoretically possible for a ticket to be dismissed if the officer repeatedly fails to show up to court. Repeatedly is the key word; a single failed appearance by the officer usually results in a postponement of the case to a later date. Two or three failed appearances, while highly unlikely, could result in the speeding ticket being dismissed.

Can speeding tickets be reduced?

Yes, in New York State (with the exception of New York City) it is possible to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce a speeding ticket to a lesser offense or perhaps even a non-moving violation. A skilled traffic ticket attorney is an expert negotiator and can often obtain the best results possible.

Can speeding tickets be expunged from your record?

In New York there is no expungement for either criminal or traffic ticket cases. However, there are alternatives. For starters, a conviction for most traffic violations will automatically come off your driving record on January 1 of the fourth year following conviction; i.e. a speeding ticket issued in March 2017 will be removed from your record automatically on January 1, 2021.

You can also challenge a speeding ticket that you pled guilty to by filing a Motion to Vacate. This essentially asks the judge withdraw the guilty plea on various grounds (e.g. that you were unaware of the consequences). However, you will likely need the assistance of a lawyer to help file the motion and even then the motion could be denied by the judge.

What’s the best option if I want to fight my speeding ticket?

If you wish to fight a New York speeding ticket, your best bet is to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Contact the Rosenblum Law Firm at 888-203-2619 or email us today for a free consultation about your case.