Will An Error On My Speeding Ticket Lead To A Dismissal?

One of the questions we get from clients quite often is whether an error on the ticket will lead to a dismissal. Plain and simple, getting a speeding ticket can cause a lot of unneeded anxiety, pain and headache. Trying to get out of paying the fines, surcharges and increased insurance premiums is everyone’s first objective. Many times our potential clients believe that just because the officer misspelled the address or wrote the license plate wrong on the ticket means that the case will be dismissed.

Although dismissals may be granted in some cases, the vast majority of facial errors on a ticket will not lead to a dismissal.

Errors that could lead to a dismissal 

  • Date the ticket was given 
  • Wrong VTL section
  • Insufficient information on the Supporting Deposition (non-TVB only)

Errors that don’t matter

  • Car color 
  • Vehicle type/model
  • Speed 
  • License plate number
  • Address / location

If you think that your case will be dismissed do not make the mistake of not showing up to court or consulting with an attorney about your case. If you fail to respond your license will be suspended and you could get charged with a crime if you are caught driving while suspended.

A police officer who pulls you over is just looking to charge you with a violation. The police officer many times does not know how much the fines and fees are and if there are points associated with the ticket. The court handling your case is in charge of applying the law to your case.

Remember that the police officer’s job is to issue you a ticket and appear as a witness against you in court. The officer is not your friend and is not going to help you fight your case. After you are charged with a violation the majority of police officers just want to move on with their day and avoid any confrontation on the side of the road. Do not rely on what the officer tells you after he/she has pulled you over on the side of the road because many times that information can be incorrect and there is nothing else you can do about that other than researching your options through an attorney.

There is plenty of misinformation out there that may be supplied by a friend or maybe something you may read on the internet. Contacting a licensed attorney in New York will mean that you are talking to a professional that knows the law and the penalties with respect to your case. One mistake on your traffic ticket usually does not mean your case will be dismissed. If you have received a notice to be in court (in most cases on the maybe itself) that means that you have likely been properly identified.

One of the other common mistakes by drivers that get a traffic ticket in New York is believing that since they are from another state or Canada the ticket will not affect them. The Driver’s License Compact is an agreement made between 45 out of the 50 states in which each state has agreed to share traffic violations with one another. This means that your home state may find out about the traffic violation in New York and apply points against your license.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in New York, call The Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation about your case. We can help you fight your ticket and explain to you how your traffic ticket will affect your driving privileges and how much the penalties will cost. In many cases in New York there are separate fines and surcharges that may apply to your case.

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  1. I received a driving ticket in Nassau County for using a cell phone while driving. The ticket describes 7/31/18 at 5:10 pm. The supporting describes the incident as 8/2/18 at 3:01 pm? Can this be a defense and grounds for dismissal. Additionally, the ticket describes a general street location with no intersection or address. The street itself runs for one mile. In fact, I was on a connecting road when the incident occurred, notably: a church parking lot and private property; so asking to my physician. Thank you. Kerryj

    1. Kerry – this will likely be seen as an error that was clerical in nature – and as such – would not result in the dismissal of the ticket against you. I would still urge you to contest this violation as cell phone tickets have serious consequences.

  2. I received a speeding ticket in Allegheny County, New York. On the ticket, the officer put the absolute wrong license plate number. It wasn’t just a digit or a letter off. None of the letters or numbers matched my plate number. I pled not guilty and asked the court to dismiss it. They responded by offering to decrease the ticket To failure to obey a traffic control device. I am not sure if I should take the plea or drive the four hours and show up in court to try to get it dismissed. What are the chances of dismissal based on the incorrect plate number?

    1. Jennifer – There is no way to know with certainty how the court will rule here. The issue will be whether this will be seen as a clerical mistake – which would not warrant a dismissal of the ticket against you. Although the license plate number was entirely incorrect, the court would likely look to the rest of the ticket in determining whether there was proper identification present.

  3. I recently received a speeding ticket in NY. I was driving on the Belt Parkway at 5:15pm on a Friday night. I was in heavy traffic conditions as it was rush hour but the officer wrote me up as going 68 in a 50 zone. Given the traffic conditions it was impossible to be going that speed. Additionally the car I was driving does not have fast acceleration so I would not have had the room to accelerate and maintain that speed in the traffic i was in. I also have a clean driving record. I am planning on pleading not guilty due to these facts. Additionally the ticket also has the incorrect vehicle date and registration expiration date as well. Is this a defense that would help my case?

    1. Brian – you are facing a 4 point speeding ticket that will carry fines of approximately $203 – along with a likely increase to your insurance rates. This jurisdiction is a trial only court. As such, the only way to avoid the points is by proper cross examination of the officer.

  4. I was pulled over for passing a red light, however I believe the light was yellow when I passed. The deputy put the wrong time on the ticket, and I was at work at the time the deputy reported. Is this grounds for dismissal?

    1. Whether this will be grounds for dismissal will depend on whether the court finds that this error was a mere clerical error or significant error. This may hinge on the discrepancy as listed on the ticket itself.

  5. I got pulled over for a speeding ticket but the vehicle make says “Ferrari”, I do not own a Ferrari, nor have I ever. I was driving a Ford. Is this enough to contest the ticket

    1. While generally these types of errors will be seen as clerical in nature, there may be an argument based on an improper identification of your vehicle.

  6. Hello,
    I received a ticket for operating a motor vehicle while using a portable electronic device. On the ticket, the police officer wrote my last name for my first name and my first name as my middle name and no notation for my actual last name is listed on the ticket. Also, has the wrong year of my vehicle listed. everyone is stating this would be a dismissal but i am not sure.

    1. Unfortunately, these mistakes are generally seen as ‘clerical’ in nature, and would not likely result in the dismissal of your ticket.

    1. Unfortunately, these mistakes are generally seen as ‘clerical’ in nature, and would not likely result in the dismissal of your ticket.

  7. My husband received a ticket for operating a motor vehicle while using a portable electronic device. On the ticket, the registration expiration date is not even close (ticket says 11/30/17, actual expiration is 7/20/2019). Is this enough to get the ticket dismissed (I think I already know the answer but figure I have to try). Thank you in advance for your help!

  8. I recently received a ticket for going 51 in a 30. The only charge listed is an 1180d for a “a speed in zone” violation. The officer said I should mail in the ticket. Upon looking at the ticket the violation is marked as a felony and as a result I cannot mail in the ticket and must appear in court. Is it remotely possible that this speeding violation is a FELONY? If not could this error be grounds for dismissal?

    1. The speeding ticket can not be treated as a felony. This must be a error by the police officer. That said, however, errors considered ‘clerical’ in nature will not result in the dismissal of a ticket. I none-the-less suggest contesting this violation to avoid/mitigate the serious consequences.

  9. I was recently caught for speeding 42 in a 20. The 20 MPH zone is specifically for school zones, and I accelerated after the zone ended. The officer still wrote me up for a 20 miles zone. Can I fight this? Also, the code on the ticket is for a school zone, but the “area” is checked as residential (School was an option) – a contradiction. lastly, She noted that I had an OHIO drivers license and plates, but both are from IL. Do I can a case at all for dismissal?

    1. Daniel – Clerical errors will not lead to a dismissal in your case. You can still, however, contest this violation. The procedures for doing so vary based on the location of the incident.

  10. NY state speeding ticket.Supporting deposition says general direction of travel “East” but I was traveling “West” Ticket just has my info and violation of speeding. Is this enough to get ticket dismissed?

    1. John – this is a highly fact sensitive question that can only be answered by the Judge. The issue becomes whether this will be seen as a ‘clerical error,’ which will not result in a dismissal of the charges, or rather an error as to the location of the offense – which may result in dismissal.

  11. I Have a notice to appear in Lindenhurst justice court for defective taillight. The name and the DOB on notice is incorrect. This is information gathered by the officer when he makes the stop. Is this a legitimate ticket.

    1. Karyn – while you may contest this ticket, it may be more cost effective to fix the underlying issue and show proof of the repair to the court.

  12. I got a ticket in Manhattan for using an electronic device (not calling or texting, just holding on my hand). I am a NJ driver, and the officer didn’t write down my license number in he ID section. If I plead guilty and pay, does this mean it won’t go on my record?

    1. Andrew – your current violation as you have described it is likely a 1225(d) – improper use of a portable electronic device. This violation does not require an active phone call – but rather, any ‘use’ of the device. The officers failure to properly note your drivers license number will generally be seen as a ‘clerical error’ – which is insufficient to warrant a dismissal of the charges against you. Pleading guilty and paying the ticket will not prevent points from going on your license. In fact, the contrary is true – paying the fine will be an admission of guilt, and will result in these points being assessed against your license. Finally, please be advised that NJ does not assess points for the first two (2) cell phone violations. However, your insurance rates may be impacted.

      1. i am in a similar situation. I am also NJ driver and received ticket holding my phone. They wront NY instead of NJ on my ID information. friends tell me to write not guilty and ask for dismissal due to wrong information.
        i tried to look online, but they can not locate the ticket. what should I do… I did not know there are points for this on my records.

        1. Mistakes such as the one you are describing will generally be seen as ‘clerical’ in nature by the court. As such, they will not likely be sufficient to warrant the dismissal of a ticket. NJ, while assessing 2 points for most moving violations committed in other states, will not add points for the first two cell phone tickets you receive in NY. Whether this ticket will lead to an increase in your insurance rates is not entirely clear. We therefore suggest contesting this violation.

  13. Hello, brooklyn Staten, NYC

    I got pulled over in what was a bad uarkwd construction scene, for driving in an hov towards nowhere i was trying tk get to. It was a mistake. anyway the cop said he believed me when i told him the school i teach at and how a week ago the hov lane was just a regularlane to get home/work. he gave me back my stuff, but his superior came and took my stuff back and said i had to be issued a ticket. Anyhow, the cop comes back say “don’t shake my hand i don’t want my asshole sgt to see” he tells me he put the wrong DOB on the ticket and any cop i know can tell me what to do”. I asked many many cops, amd they all said he did me a big favor. I would have just paid the ticket, but i listened and now i am allowed to testify on paper and not show up. So far this is what everyone is telling me is supposed to happen. But i really don’t know.

    1. Jenny – an incorrect date of birth will likely not be sufficient to warrant a dismissal of the ticket against you. While there are other arguments that can be used at trial, Judges will frequently view this as simply a ‘clerical’ error.

  14. I received a 1163a “fail to signal lane change” after he gave me a roadside break because I was speeding but he did not gun me, just assumed. Should I fight this?

  15. Wife recieved cell phone ticket while driving in Suffolk county beach parking lot. Vehicle is 1 month old(2017 Chevy ), and wife presented officer with old, different registration by mistake, showing 2003 Chevy – which is written on the ticket. I traded in 2003 Chevy for the 2017 Chevy last month and switched the plates to the new vehicle. Can the fact that I traded in the 2003 vehicle and don’t own it anymore stand up in court and cause dismissal of ticket?

    1. Carl – Please clarify how your argument will help negate the fact that your wife received a cell phone ticket – as these matters seem unrelated.

  16. Hi I was pulled over for going 95 in a 70 in ohio and I noticed that the officer put Oklahoma for the state instead of ohio. Could the ticket be dismissed for that or no?

  17. Hello, I was pulled over by a state trooper in the state of PA. The officer had informed me that I was doing 65 in a 35. I received the ticket in the mail and it shows that I was doing 72 in a 55? This is was of the officers word. Is this something that should be looked into further? The speed limits changed very closely to each other. 35 to 55 withing half mile of each other. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  18. I got a speeding ticket today. The cop put ALL of my father’s information on the ticket when I was the one driving it, my father wasn’t even in the vehicle. There is no information on that ticket regarding myself, everything on there is my father’s information, DOB, license number, everything. Do you think the ticket will get tossed out or should I pay the ticket clinic and not deal with a headache?

    1. Michael – I suggest that you consider contesting this ticket. However, I would like to clarify certain facts here – particularly the location of the incident, and the circumstances behind this misidentification.

  19. I received a speeding ticket in Municipal Court of Galloway, NJ, that has an offense date of 6/4/17 but the officer signed it and dated it for 6/3/17. The ticket has two different dates on it. Can I get this ticket dismissed? Do I need to appear in court as I live in NY or can I plead not guilty by mail? Thank you.

    1. NJ generally requires a physical appearance, although it is possible to avoid this. You pose an interesting argument here – generally speaking – the date of the offense is vital in determining guilt. However, there is a possibility that the judge may view this mistake as ‘clerical’ in nature. If you forward the ticket to our attention, we may be able to have a more precise answer.

  20. I received a traffic violation last night around midnight for passing another motor vehicle on the left and crossing the double yellow lines, but I had no choice the car in front of me had there hazzard lights on and was basically going 5 mph with some kind of engine trouble. But I see the officer wrote in the violation box violation 1122-a which means passing a bike unsafely. Would this violation be dropped for a technicality?

    1. Rob – The court will not dismiss a ticket for a ‘clerical violation.’ The issue, of course, is whether this will be seen as such an error. The location of this incident will be a significant factor in determining the next course of action.

  21. If I received a ticket for speeding and a failure to yield to an officer when he was parked on the left and he pulled me over so I pulled to the left shoulder on a main highway that has left and right shoulders. I called and got nothing that they would call back. Now I have a failure to appear on top of citation. When emailing the judge that his staff never gave me the price or returned calls he emailed me. He stated they sent a letter but in the email he had the wrong address. Do I have grounds to fight this

    1. Antonio, while you may have grounds to fight the underlying ticket itself, I would not focus on any arguments relating to notification of the ticket and/or court dates. You should immediatelly respond to the ticket and resolve any outstanding suspension fees (if applicable). You may then contest the underlying ticket.

  22. I was pulled over for speeding. 35mph in a 30mph zone. The officer told me he was reducing it at the scene and wrote me a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device. Then he told me to plea not guilty. I’m not really sure what to do.

    1. Matt – It appears that the officer has given you a ‘roadside reduction.’ In order to further advise you, please provide the state where you are licensed to drive, as well as the court name.

  23. Hi,
    I received s ticket today in Chautauqua county for 82 in a 65 and was handed the ticket and a deposition right there. The deposition however doesn’t have anything but what speed I was going and where. He didn’t write anything under statements or additional… is there anything I can do? This ticket was based off direct observation.


    1. Heather – you can contest this ticket by pleading not guilty and setting the matter for trial. I would need to review the ticket in further detail to be able to advise you on the validity of the supporting deposition.

  24. Ok I know this was asking for attention but I recently passed by a scene in my local town & stupidly joking around gave the officers the bird, I know I know what I immature ignorant person yes I know. My question is the web the officer pulled me out of the car I asked what was the PC and the officer blantly lied & it honestly shocked me on how dirty they were he said his PC was “excessive speed” I gasps and laughed at the comment because I know & even he knows I wasn’t traveling near 65 MPH in a 45MPH I can honestly say and my wife is a witness I was traveling cautiously slow due to me see them 500 feet before passing them. On the ticket he didn’t write anything on how he determined my speed & he was ON the side of the road outside his car, too me there is no way he can tell how fast I was going the only reason he did was because he was pissy that I gave him the bird & it’s incredibly frustrating because I 100% know I was not traveling anywhere near that speed he listed. On another note he checked on the ticket the registered owner was the same a driver meaning me, but the car is not in my name? Is there any loop hole in that? Just curious as I am more than confident my whole case will get thrown out as the officer has no justificatiable reason to initiate the stop in the first place. Thank you & again apologize for my stupidity once again

  25. Hi,
    I was pulled over for doing 75 in a 65 mile zone. The officer wrote my old address on the ticket. Is there any chance this could get me out of the fine/points?
    Also, how long does it take for points to go away from a record?

    1. Unfortunately that is not enough to exclude you from this ticket. This ticket carries a total of 3 points as well as a fine of $150 and a court fee of $93.00. Keep in mind this will also have an impact on your insurance. I suggest you contact our firm for further assistance at 888-434-0406.

  26. I got a ticket for NO TURN LEFT a there are wrong written informations like number and street, city, state, zip code, licence state, date of birth is 1.6.90, but Im 6 jan 90. and there is no drivers licence number or id number. Im from EU. Policeman told me to send this ticket to court. Should I do it?

    1. The court procedures vary based on the location of the incident. Generally speaking, errors on the ticket that are seen as ‘clerical,’ will not result in the dismissal of the charges against you.

  27. I received a ‘failure to stop at a stop sign’ ticket from a campus police officer and pleaded ‘not guilty.’ When I received the town court paperwork regarding the ‘Appearance/Pre-Trial Conference’ with the ADA the ‘Officer’ listed with my ticketing info does not correlate to the ticket. In fact the officer listed by the court appears to no longer even work for the campus police, but now works for the local police. Is this a big enough clerical error to make a difference?

    1. BB – It appears that this may be more than a clerical error – as it goes to the underlying issue of whether the officers will be able to meet their burden of proof.

  28. I received a dui ticket in Georgia and my DOB, address, height, weight, state, zip code, sex….were all left blank on my ticket. Does this warrant an invalid/dismissal ???

  29. I got a ticket in Massachusetts for speeding. The city he wrote on the ticket is about 40 miles away from where I got pulled over. Is this a good reason to contest. I don’t think I had a ticket in 4 years.

  30. New York City ticket. If the office wrote a ticket for a cell phone violation but the stated place of occurrence of the violation is a non-existent address (e.g., let’s say he wrote 500 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York but there is no such address like that in Brooklyn) is the ticket void?

    1. While the ticket is not ‘void,’ an incorrect location can substantially assist when contesting this ticket. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  31. If a ticket was physically written in a different town from what is referenced on the ticket is this considered an error worth pursuing? Occurred on I390 NB, ticket states violation occurred in Avon (Livingston county), physical stop occurred in Rush (Monroe County).
    Is there a place to find out what the Loc Code 2650 means?

    1. Robert – if possible – please forward us a copy of the ticket and contact us thereafter to discuss. I would like to review this, as it presents a fascinating question.

  32. I received a speeding ticket a few weeks ago that has the incorrect address. I’ve never even lived at the address on the ticket and I’m not sure where it came from, but my current address on my license and the one on the ticket are clearly different. He didn’t just misspell a word- it’s a completely different address in another city! What are my options?

    1. Amanda – I suggest you contest this ticket to avoid the points / insurance implications In order to provide any additional information, I need specific details about the ticket, namely the actual rate of speed, and the location of the incident.

  33. I go to a ticket last night for speeding 68mph on a 35mph but I don’t think I was speeding. I checked the ticket and the officer wrote down ID license number but it looked like it was crossed the first three number and again he wrote the ID number is that something that will help me out get the ticket dismissed?

    1. Tony – unfortunately, minor clerical errors will not warrant the dismissal of a ticket. However, there are other methods of contesting your ticket. You may reach us at 888-434-0406.

  34. Hello, I was pulled over today for spending. The police officer never told me how fast, but I know it was 10-15 over the speed limit of 35. When he handed me my ticket there was nothigh written on there but a court date.

    1. Ricky – this type of error is seen as ‘clerical’ in nature, and will not lead to the dismissal of this ticket.

  35. I received a ticket on I 95 north bound on the 29th of December. The officer said, I was doing 74 in a 50 mile.. I had a car infront of me and a truck next to me. The cop car was tailgating me. He pulled me over exit 15 in the Bronx which is 55 miles and he wrote on the location is e Conner street. I don’t think I was speeding. I might be doing 60 in a left lane trying to pass the truck and the cop pulled me over. He also said he is allowed to give a ticket even if you go over 1 mile more than the speed limit. I have a very clean driving record, have 2 very young kids and I drive very carefully and responsibly. what are my options?? I am not a reckless driver.

    1. Laskshmi – you are currently facing a 6 point violation that entails fines of $393, $300 assessment charges, and significant insurance implications. The officer is correct in their assertion – travling but 1 mile over the sbeed limit is consdiered a 3 point ticket

  36. I recieved a speeding ticket this morning, and the officer did not put a local police code on the ticket, it is just blank next to it.. About it, it says the police agency is the NYS university police, butni thought they need to put the local police code on there?

    1. Jake – Clerical errors on the ticket are not enough to warrant a dismissal. The best way to minimize or eliminate the fines and penalties associated with this ticket would be to plead Not Guilty and fight the case in court.

  37. I received a speeding ticket today. The officer put the incorrect name on the ticket (twice). While it maybe considered a misspelling, it is a different name from my own. The officer also noted the time of the incident to be after the actual incident and I have time stamped text messages I sent out to my wife and supervisor that show the incident would have occurred prior to the time the officer wrote on the ticket. Are these errors enough to warrant a attorney consultation?

    1. Hi Jamel, the information your provided is not enough information to have the ticket dismissed. It is also not enough information for us to provide you with assistance. Please provide the exact location and ticket details for us to provide you with further assistance. If you have more questions please contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  38. I was recently pulled over, and the identifying officer said it was due to him seeing me with your phone in hand. Now he wrote on the ticket the incorrect road he pulled me over on as well as he didn’t write the reasoning he pulled me over only the fact of no insurance, no license on person and somethung else to do with no license. My question is, “is the way he wrote my ticket correct or is there any way for me to go about contesting it?” I wasn’t speeding or anything and I’m confused on how he wrote down my ticket.

    1. Hello Samantha, the information your provided is not enough information to have your ticket dismissed. If you received a cell phone ticket, this is a 5 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $150. We suggest pleading not guilty.

  39. I recently recieved a ticket with the section stated as 24042A, however i cannot find this section so is this a mistake? can this be grounds for dismissal? the description says “FAIL/ YIELD RIGHT-OF-WAY”

  40. Hi Adam,
    I recently received a tickets for speeding. However, on the complaint, my approx. speed is 65 mph (he probably made a mistake), and the speed limits is also 65 mph. Could this be sufficient to the dismissal of a ticket? Since according to the tickets, I was not speeding.


  41. HI Adam,

    I was charged with violating VTL 401.1 -Unregistered Vehicle, in Nassau County.
    The car was registered to and owned by my mother, who had an accidental insurance lapse when Geico couldn’t charge her expired credit card, and her registration was temporarily SUSPENDED without her knowledge, which is VTL 512.
    When i was stopped the registration sticker in the windshield was valid with expiry date of 11/13/2016 and the card I presented to the officer was also valid.
    I had my pretrial conference with the prosecutor the other day and explained that it wasn’t my car, I had no idea the registration was suspended and he said I have imputed knowledge, which I found dead absurd. He tried to get me to plead down to Jaywalking and pay a fine, I didn’t take it.
    Upon returning home I realized that I’d been charged with 401.1, but actually committed 512.
    Are they likely to dismiss or amend the ticket?

  42. I got a ticket that said 164 with no decimals so does that mean i pay 1.64 or 164.00 . and no where its written in letters . this was in orlando fl

  43. I was recently issued a ticket in the wrong town. I was involved in an accident in one town but the officer issued the ticket to report to a court in a different town (they each have their own). Would this be grounds for dismissal?

  44. My husband received 3 tickets in NYC, 2 of which have cross streets that do not exist where the incident apparently happened (speeding, not using blinker). Can he fight this or are they considered clerical errors?

  45. I got pulled over on my motorcycle for improperly passing a car (4 point offense). The cop said he’d give me a break and charge me with riding between cars (2 point offense). Can I tell the judge the cop made an error on the violation code? Could they possibly end up charging me for the actual 4 point offense?

    1. I would take caution when questioning what the officer ended up charging you with on the ticket, as it appears he had attempted to ‘cut you a break.’ This is not to say that you should not fight this ticket – only to be cautious while presenting your defenses.

  46. Hi, I am Nj resident and received a speeding ticket while in nyc. The officer missed a digit while writing my drivers license no. on the ticket, will this lead to a dismissal ?

  47. What if i recieved a ticket on 8/12/2015 Wed, but the ploice wrote down 8/11/2015 Wed. Does it consider a mistake since the police didnt know the exact time when he issued the ticket. Do i have any chance to dismiss the ticket from the court? In addition, Aug 12 2015 is Wed, Aug 11 2015 is Tue.

    1. While general clerical errors on a ticket will not lead to a dismissal, a mistake on the date of the offense could allow for such an outcome. You may contact us to discuss further.

  48. Hello,

    I received a speeding ticket in Staten Island, NY. I was going 74 in a 50 mile zone. I waited to plead not guilty. When my ticket finally appeared on the system, the violation said that i was going 31+. I pleaded not guilty, but by bringing in my original ticket would this be able to lead to a dismissal? It’s my first ever violation.

    1. Miriam – this 6 / 8 point ticket is absolutely worth fighting. Whether this will lead to an automatic dismissal, however, is not something I can answer without reviewing all documentation. The fact that it is your first violation is not relevant in this case.

  49. i received a ticket 1:41 am for speeding
    on the ticket he says it happened in the pm
    it was also a pacing speeding ticket
    it was on a steep hill and the lighting was very poor
    he claimed i was going 70 but there was no way i was going that fast on that hill, ive been trying to pull the video off my dash cam but the video didnt save because when i pulled over i turned off my car and my camera turned off and the most recent video didn’t save

  50. I receieved a ticket last year(july 1) still havent gone to court. Will it be dissmiss since its been over a year ago?

    1. Tickets are not dismissed by simply ignoring them for an extended period of time. In fact, your license is likely suspended. I strongly suggest you contact us to discuss how best to address this situation.

  51. Hello:

    I was visiting New York recently and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I received a speeding ticket and noticed that my postal code was wrong on the speeding ticket issued by the officer. I am pleading not guilty and will be mailing in the ticket (so I will be responding), however, can I also inform the court that there is an error on the ticket & perhaps the fine be reduced or some sort of deduction be awarded in my behalf due to the officer’s technicalty failure.
    please inform.

    1. Nirmal – Generally speaking, an error on the face of the ticket will not lead to the dismissal of the traffic infraction. These types of mistakes are generally seen as clerical errors and are not considered material to the underlying traffic stop.

  52. Hello, I am 20 years old and live in Rome NY. Yesterday, I received a speeding ticket in a school zone that was 15mph and the ticket said I was going 39mph. I received previous tickets in the past that were reduced to non moving no point violations. My question is there any way by just talking to the district attorney to get something reduced I don’t care about the fine I’m worried about points etc. or should I have an attorney represent me.

  53. Live in ny got pulled over 70 in 55 says he was doing A laser but was driving. When he gave me ticket also it said was a 2013 2 door vehicle while I’m driving a 4 door 2015 can I get this dismissed or do anything?

  54. Good one, My ticket says 8:04 PM in NY and I am in Ct at 8:04 PM, letès be frank though, we all know it happened in the morning… But can I plea guilty to an offense that never happened and from an officer that may have been off duty?

  55. Hi,

    I read your text about elements that could lead to a dismissal and you are saying that the date matters. What about the hour? I am from Quebec and I got a ticket in New York State recently. The ticket states I was pulled over at 5:51am but I can prove I wasn’t even in the US at that time. I have a receipt from a gas station stating that I was in Canada at 5:53am the same day 200 miles away. I also have the usual plate number and date of birth errors.

    Are the time issue plus the other two minor errors enough to get the ticket dismissed?

    I received a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. I was stopped at a stop sign when the cop drove by me and saw no belt.
    Here’s my questions.. the ticket reads that I unlawfully and willfully operated a motor vehicle on a street in forward motion without having the provided seat belt properly fastened….. I was sitting still as the cop drove by. I was not in forward motion.
    Also the ticket reads 2011 chevy pick-up and mine is a 2009.
    Also the license plate number is wrong on the ticket.
    Also the state of my vehicles registration/plates is wrong.
    Can a cop really get this much wrong and still I get the ticket enforced? I feel like at the very least I have some kind of grounds to dispute this ticket and say that he pulled over the wrong guy!!!!
    Wrong vehicle state of registry
    Wrong vehicle year
    Wrong vehicle license plate.
    Plus ticket stating forward motion when I was at a stop sign….
    Please Help!!!!!
    Any suggestions are much appreciated!

  57. I received a speeding ticket in Louisiana. The officer wrote down the correct drivers license number but the wrong state. My DL is out of FL and he wrong LA. Does that help void my citation?

  58. I live in Oregon; I got a speeding ticket via stationary Marked Police unit Radar gun. 70 in a 55. The error on my ticket is the statute. The ticket states that I was going 21-30 Miles over the speed limit when it is cleary 15 miles if you do the math. This officer was at the same spot every Friday for a month and I witnessed him stop several vehicles while passing him on the way to work throughout this time. The Deputy that made the stop is here http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2011/05/yamhill_deputy_steven_wilkinson_charged_with_assault_criminal_mistreatment.html .

    Does this Error give me grounds for Dismissal? The ticket should have been written for 11-20 over the speed limit.

    Thank you, I do have court today so a response ASAP is much obliged

  59. I received a ticket earlier today. When I returned home to inspect the ticket, I noticed that the “Location Of Offense” was completly incorrect. The actuall location was two blocks away, WHICh is in another town(Trenton, NJ), while the ticket states that the location was (Hamilton, NJ). B-T-W, the officers were Hamilton Police Officers. Just wondering if I have a chance to have the ticket dissmissed on those grounds.

  60. Hi – I’m from Ontario (Canada) and got pulled over in NY going 81 in a 65. On the ticket, it list my “Client ID Number” (ie. my license #) incorrectly – he wrote …999-60904 instead of …988-60904. This seems like the main identifier of who I am and is incorrect. By any chance can this help get it thrown out? Or even if it is not thrown out, how will this actually come back to affect me in Ontario since this number is wrong.

    1. Unfortunately, this will not be sufficient to warrant a dismissal of your ticket. If you are found guilty of this offense, you will likely face three (3) demerit points onto your license.

  61. I got a ticket in NJ for making a turn where it said “No Turns.” This was not in my town, though I am from NJ. (I am 65 years old and this was my very first ticket.) The officer wrote down the date and time of my court appearance – 5 pm on Thanksgiving eve – and when I went to court, I found that the court was closed. I found a police detective in the hallway, and she signed and dated my ticket to show that I had indeed showed up as required. But now what do I do? Could this be grounds for dismissal? By the way, while the detective was signing my ticket, another guy with a ticket also showed up for court – the ticket had been written by the same officer.

    1. Misprints / typos / clerical errors on tickets alone will rarely be sufficient for a dismissal. There are other methods to fight your traffic violation, however, and you should consider those in order to avoid the negative impacts of such a violation.

  62. Hello i got a speeding ticket. 48 in a 30 zone in NYC. The officer wrote on the ticket that my drivers license is from NY which it isn’t. Its a NJ license. I tried looking up the ticket online but it doesn’t come up. What can I do? Is this enough to get the ticket dismissed?

    1. Ivette – Unfortunately, an error such as this will not lead to the dismissal of a ticket. However, there are other ways to fight this ticket. Additionally, it does take some time for tickets to be entered into their system.

  63. Hi, i have found multiple errors on my ticket and was wondering if any of them could lead to dismissal.
    First off, the date of the offense is wrong. The officer put the date as a day before the incident. Secondly, the officer put the complete wrong address for me (500 hull street east meadow instead of Sidney Court Seaford). Next, on one of the offenses he lists the location as “helen street, freeport,ny” but no such street exists. i believe he was looking for helen ave. Do i have any legal ground to stand on here?

    1. Generally speaking, errors regarding incorrect spelling or similar mistakes will not lead to the dismissal of a ticket. However, an incorrect date can lead to a stronger argument for dismissal.

  64. Ok I’ve received a ticket for no insurance and the officer marked my license on the ticket as Operator instead of a CDL which is what I have, is that good for dismissal?

  65. Hi, I got a ticket today and the cop wrote it up as I was going 63 in a 35, in which I was. But then he put it that I was going 38 miles over and I wasn’t. I was going 28miles over. Yes I’m lucky I didn’t go to jail but can I do something because it was wrote wrong?

  66. question my son received a ticket for 71 in a 55 had a clean record is 22 years old he was ticketed in the town of sodus hwy104 although the ticket listed him as being in the town of huron hwy104 is that a sufficient reason to request a dismissal? wrong town and would the town of huron court have territorial jurisdictional for an offense in a different courts township be reason to dismiss?
    Also if the officer does not show up can he request a dismissal on the ground of lack of evidence NYSCRR Title 15 chapter 1 sub-chapter I section 124.9 failure of officer to appear?
    look forward to your reply

    1. Terry,

      Unfortunately, tickets are not dismissed for simple informational errors on the face of the ticket, and they can be amended. An error like the location will not lead to the ticket being dismissed. If the officer does not show up, the case may be dismissed, however, generally the judge will just adjourn the matter for a later date and give the officer a second chance to appear. Since your son did receive a four point speeding ticket, which carries a heavy fine and which will have a negative impact on his driving record and insurance, he should fight his ticket. We can fight his ticket for him, helping him to mitigate, or avoid altogether, the consequences he will face if he is found guilty of the offense.

  67. I know this probably doesn’t matter, but if the cop put the wrong Year of my vehicle on the ticket will that make a difference?

    1. The short answer is that you cannot get your ticket dismissed for minor errors such as the wrong vehicle year. Generally when an officer makes a minor mistake in recording the information on your ticket, the ticket can be amended to reflect your vehicle information accurately.

  68. I got a ticket on the 678 today, and I noticed that the officer wrote in a completely different date for my birthday. He wrote in the date my license was issued instead of my birthdate. This was a moving violation for handheld device. Instead of 04-15-1982, he wrote 04-30-2014. What do you think?

    1. Edwin,

      It’s very unlikely that a minor error like this will result in a dismissal. Officers are allowed to make simple, even at times careless, errors. I wouldn’t bank on this being your only or best defense to the ticket. You can still fight the ticket, of course; just don’t think this minor error will have any effect.

  69. I got a speeding ticket in Missouri on May 29, 2014 but the date the cop wrote was 5-29-15. Can this be dismissed & if so what actions do I need to take?

    1. Cindy,

      Sorry but we do not practice in Missouri and therefore cannot provide legal advice related to Missouri. Contact a local attorney and they will be able to better assist you.

  70. I was pulled over for doing 88 in a 70. The officer marked pacing on the ticket but told me he got me on laser. Can this get me out of the ticket if i go to court and point out that he did not pace me.

    1. Dustin,
      First there are no 70 mph zones in NY. You most likely were in a 65mph zone and are facing 6 points on your license, fine of $393 plus an additional $300 DRA assessment fee. In any trial the officer’s testimony is the key to whether you will be found guilty or not on these charges.

  71. Hi wife got traffic ticket had wrong time on ticket was pm on ticket but was suppose to be am so she didn’t go till pm court was over so was told she could get it thrown out that the case but they gave her time for next day can they do that its bullshit even though she showed them ticket had pm

  72. Hello, I got a speeding ticket in the state on NY Saturday morning drive from Montreal to NY on the I-87.
    The office said I was going 87 but didn’t show me any radar gun and I was coming down a hill. I do live in Canada and was wondering how much will the fine be and how many demerit points will I lose. I do want to fight it because I was going with the flow of the traffic as I was behind 3 cars with another one on the right of me. thanks