The Cost of Rushing This Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Between the struggle to get the kids ready and your wife changing her outfit for the third time, it looks like you are doomed to be late for Thanksgiving at your sister’s house this year. The temptation to gun it when you hit the highway is probably strong, but that could be an expensive mistake.

A typical speeding ticket costs at least $150. There’s also court surcharges that run about $90 and, if you end up with six points or more on your license (a speeding ticket carries at least three points), a driver responsibility assessment of $100. All told, you could shell out almost $350 – and that’s for going no more than 10 mph over the legal speed limit.

Consider what else you could have used the money for this holiday:

  • 7 bottles of decent-quality wine (avg cost $50). You could have skipped that cheap stuff your second cousin always brings and really splurged.
  • 14 Thanksgiving turkeys (avg cost $25). You probably only need one bird at the table this year, but you could have sprung for a lot more.
  • 30 gourmet apple pies (avg cost $12). They’d probably be better than the ones from Stop and Shop, too.
  • 350 boxes of Stove Top stuffing mix (avg cost $1). It’s not as good as Grandma’s homemade recipe, but still, that’s a lot of stuffing.
  • 1,300 pounds of potatoes (avg cost $2.72/10 pounds). Let’s hope there’s enough room in your trunk.  

That’s all based on just 10 miles over the posted limit. If you get busted going 30 mph over the legal limit, you’d be facing almost $800 in fines and fees, plus 8 points on your license (11 points or more will result in a suspended license), and possibly a reckless driving charge as well. Getting convicted of speeding can also cause your insurance rates to go up, guaranteeing you’ll be paying for extra turkeys for years to come.

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