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canadian flagEach day, a significant number of Canadians cross the border into New York and a large number of New Yorkers travel into Canada. Many travelers find themselves on the New York State Thruway, where the police are notorious for giving out plenty of traffic tickets.

If you are a Canadian driver traveling into NY, you need to be extra careful and understand that you may be in more trouble than you originally thought if you receive a NY traffic ticket.

New York State will transfer notices of conviction to Ontario and Quebec provinces and they will assess demerit points against your Canadian driving record.

Canada Has Reciprocity With New York

Although the United States and Canada operate under different laws and legal systems, both countries share driver information with one another.

This information includes who receives a traffic ticket as well as when and where. In other words, Canada has reciprocity with New York (and vice versa).

How Demerit Points Work in Quebec

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) made it abundantly clear that an equivalent offense committed in another province or in an American state that Quebec has a reciprocal agreement with (e.g. NY) will result in demerit points being put on your driving record as if the offense occurred in Quebec itself.

Put simply, if you received a New York traffic ticket for an offense that is recognized in Quebec, then you will likely receive demerit points on your Canadian driver’s license. The points you receive will be set by the SAAQ point system based on the equivalent offense that you committed. Remember, you will only be allowed to receive a maximum of 15 demerit points on your license.

If you receive more than 15, you will lose your driving privileges for a set duration of time (usually 30 days) and your license could be taken away (depending on the offense you commit).

Remember, Ontario also has reciprocity with New York. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, demerit points will be assessed against you for any traffic violation that you commit in NY that is equivalent to a traffic offense in Ontario.

What are the Ramifications of Speeding in NY With a Canadian License?

If you received a NY speeding ticket, the number of demerit points that Quebec will put on your license directly depends on the speed you were going and how many miles over the posted speed limit you were traveling.

For instance, if you received a speeding ticket for driving 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone (i.e. exceeding the limit by 24 kilometers per hour), you would receive 2 demerit points. If you received a speeding ticket for going 90 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone (i.e. exceeding the limit by 56 kilometers per hour), you would receive 10 demerit points.

It is crucial to note that Quebec does not assess demerit points for only traveling 10 kilometers per hour or less over the posted speed limit. In other words, if you hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney who is able to get your traffic violation reduced to a ticket for simply going 6 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, Quebec will not assess any demerit points against you.

However, in Ontario, speeding tickets tend to range from 3 to 6 demerit points.

  • More specifically, if you exceed the speed limit by 16-29 kilometers per hour, you will receive 3 demerit points.
  • If you exceed the speed limit by 30-49 kilometers, you will receive 4 demerit points.
  • If you are caught going 50 kilometers or more, then you will receive 6 demerit points.
  • Lastly, Ontario does not assess demerit points for speeding 15 kilometers or less over the posted speed limit.

Therefore, if you hire a traffic ticket attorney who is able to get your ticket reduced to one for traveling 9 miles per hour or less over the posted speed limit, you will not have to worry about having demerit points assessed against you.

Penalties Associated With Demerits

If you are a new driver and get 2 or more demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter. If you get 6 points, you may need to provide a good explanation for why you should be allowed to keep your license. At 9 points, your license will be suspended for 60 days.

If you are a fully licensed driver and receive 6 demerit points, you will be sent a warning letter. Once you obtain 9, you could be compelled to explain why you should be allowed to keep your license. However, if you receive 15 points, your license will be suspended for 30 days.

Aside from the possibility of having your license suspended or revoked, receiving demerits will cause your insurance to skyrocket. You can also incur hefty fines. Consequently, it is crucial to hire an experienced speeding ticket attorney who can help negotiate and argue on your behalf in order to reduce your offense or get it dismissed outright.

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893 thoughts on “Canadian Driver With a NY Speeding Ticket”

  1. Hi, I got a speeding ticket from NYC state police. The speed limit was 30 and I was at 49.this is the first time I’m getting a ticket. I have no idea what to do. How much is the approximate fine ?

  2. Hello, I am a Canadian driver living in Toronto with a G licence that I had for about 3-4 years with clean record. On Dec 28, 2014 I have received my first speeding ticket at the Town of Junius, Seneca County doing 89 in a 65 zone (I90) which is 24 miles (38km/h) over limit. Arrest type is L-Laser. I am currently a student who needs a car to commute. I have the following questions.

    1. What is the estimate of the ticket?
    2. Demirit point is 6 I assume. How is this reflected to Ontario system? To 4 points in Ontario?
    3. I feel I would need to fight the ticket. Based on your experience, how successful would you be? (Reduction to how much amount? And down to how much points?)
    4. What is the fee to hire you?

    Thank you. please Email me back as soon as possible. I will be leaving back to Canada on 31st (Currently in Hoboken). Or, give me a call 201-974-9342. I wil also be calling you in the morning to solve this issue. Thank you. Jimmy.

    1. This 6 point ticket has a $300 fine, $93 court fees, and a $300 DRA charge. You will likely receive 4 demerit points against your ON license. Our website is full of examples of results we are able to obtain for our clients.

  3. Hi,
    I got a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania. I mailed out the ticket and never received the amount owing back to me. I mailed the ticket in September, about 2 weeks after getting the ticket which is about the same time I returned to Canada. I would like to know how to approach this situation and if anything will happen when I cross the border?

    Thanks, Richard

  4. Hello,
    I am from Ontario, received a speeding ticket 70 in 55 mph, my court date is Jan, 13’2015.
    Court is in W. Amherst, can I plea bargain to non moving violation via mail and Can I reschedule my date as I am not able to travel to US on jan 13?
    Really appreciate your response.


  5. Hello there!

    I received a ticket for 79 in a 65. The cop told my to fight it if I am able to drive back so I did that and my court date is next week. However I didn’t receive the initial ticket fine and am wondering if I should have just paid the fine since I do not believe that is any demerit points. Or will the judge reduce it even more for a lesser fine?

    I am from Toronto Ontario so it is about a 2 and a half hour drive to my court.


    1. You are facing 3 demerit points for this offense. It is possible to have the points reduced or even eliminated. Thus, it is best to proceed as you have – pleading not guilty. Speeding tickets can significantly increase insurance rates which you should attempt to avoid.

  6. hi,

    i got a speeding ticket in Lafayette, NY going 80 in a 65 zone. the ticket did not have a fine amount, i have to mail it in. but before i do that i want to know if i should go through you to try to reduce the amount. i know that it will be 3 demerits, which i want to get rid of. i also want to compare your fees vs cost of the fine – what is a typical fine amount for 15 over? i live in mississauga, ontario.


    1. Kevin – You are facing a 4 point ticket, which carries with it $393 in court fines. As you stated, this will add demerit points to your license. Fortunately, experienced attorneys are able to handle this matter to assure an optimal outcome.

  7. Hi,
    I’m from Quebec and I have just received a ticket for going 84 in a 65 1180D zone. My main concern is if this is considered a misdemeanour? If so what can I do to fight it?

    1. While traffic violations of the nature you described are not considered misdemeanor offenses, there will be substantial consequences of this ticket. These consequences include points (4), double fines, and insurance increases. If you wish, you may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406. We will be able to advise you on the best course of action to mitigate and/or avoid these consequences.

  8. Hi, I got a speeding ticket in New York state in May 2006 which I promptly paid and got a receipt for. Now in November 2014 I’ve recieved a Driver Responsibility Assessment Starement (8.5 years later!) claiming I have to pay a new fine! What is the statute on these charges? The letter was sent to an address that I have not lived at for 18 years, I’m not sure how or where this information was obtained from. Thanks for your help.

  9. Hi,
    I’m from toronto and just received a speeding ticket in Amherst, NY.
    73 on 55. My court date is December 29th. What are my options?

    Thank you

    1. You are facing a 4 point ticket, which carries with it up to a $393.00 fine. Additional costs include the increase in your insurance premiums. Contacting experienced attorneys will enable you to protect your rights and obtain the best possible results. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

  10. I got a 70 in a 55 zone (15 over). I’m from Ontario. 1180D in NYS. Is it standard practice to charge the maximum $300 fine for a first-time offense (if I plead guilty)? If I plead not-guilty, do I have to show up in court or can I plead from Canada? Either way I’m calling your office Monday for a consultation. Thanks.

    1. We generally see the maximum fines applied. If you represent yourself and plead not guilty, you will need to appear in court to fight your ticket. Hiring experienced attorneys, however, will enable you to fight your ticket without making a personal appearance.

  11. Goodmorning,

    I have great reviews for your company and so thought I would approach you.
    I was visiting NYC and got a speeding ticket in Broome.

    I was ticketed at 83mph in a 65mph zone9 interstate. (arrest type: radar)

    Pls advise the advantage of going through you, your costs, and how you could help me.

    1. You are currently facing a 4 point ticket. As experienced attorneys, we are familiar with the court system, the procedural hurdles, and relevant laws which govern your traffic ticket. We will be happy to discuss your case in more detail. For a free consultation, please call us at 888-434-0406.

  12. Sorry, I just want to ask one more thing, what fee’s are involved? without a lawyer and with a lawyer? this was my first time in the states, not sure how anything there works.

  13. Hey, I’m a resident here in Ontario and just today afternoon I was just following traffic but I did end up getting a ticket for going 80 mph in a 55. Just a few questions and hopefully i can give you a call, but how many points are they going to cut? how much would the fine be? and what are the consequences of just pleading guilty and paying a fine (while sitting here in Ontario) versus hiring a lawyer such as you? Thank you so much for everything.

    1. You are currently facing a 6 point ticket. Pleading guilty will result in a fine, points, and an increased insurance rate. The violation will transfer to Ontario, often times adding 4 demerit points to your license. You may contact us to discuss this further at 888-434-0406.

  14. Hi, we received a speeding ticket and the original charge was VTL1180D (80/65) 4 points. We pleaded not guilty and was offered a Plea Bargain for VTL 1175 Obstructed traffic at Intersection (2 points).

    1) Is this a better offer to accept?
    2) Will this affect my Canadian Driving License? Will points be added to it?
    3) Will it affect my insurance coverage?

    Thank you.

  15. hey
    I was driving in new York near Wyoming county and in Sheldon I got a speeding ticket for being 51 in 35 zone. What should I do? and then not even 15 mins later I run into road closed and there was a cop car there and I tried to pull up to him to ask for help. he gave me a ticket for not following detour sign instead of helping me. so I got two tickets in one night. what should I do about this?

    1. Gurkirat,

      The best thing for you to do is fight your tickets to minimize the points, fines and surcharges that you will face from a conviction on these two tickets. First, the speeding ticket that you received is a 4 pointer. It has a $300 max fine and a court admin fee of $93. The second ticket you received, assuming it is a VTL section 1110(a), is a 2 point violation with a $150 fine and $85 court fee. Further, since the total of these two tickets combined will give you 6 points on your license, the DMV will impose a driver responsibility assessment against in the amount of $300. Since you are looking at expensive fines, costs and surcharges, as well as a combined total of 6 points which will remain on your NYS record for a number of years, it would be beneficial and cheaper for you to fight the tickets. We can handle both of your tickets reducing your points and costs, and help you preserve your driving record and avoid the DMV surcharge. Additionally, we can prevent you from the significant increase of your auto insurance premium that will result from a conviction of these two violations.

  16. I was pulled over this evening in New York state by the bridge coming back to canada.
    She put on the ticket I was doing 69 in a 40, however when I came to the 40mpr sign I had slowed to 50mph. I was doing 69 mpr when I was coming up to the 40 mpr ahead sign!
    I’m terrified of loosing my lic. As I’m dependent on it to provide for myself.
    Could you please let me know what my prices and demerit points would be?

    1. Tiffany – you are currently facing a 6 point ticket. Aside from the fines and points, this will have a negative impact on your insurance. As you correctly stated, you will receive demerit points for this offense. In order to provide you specific numbers, we would need to obtain more details from you. You may contact us at 888-434-0406 for a free consultation.

  17. I got traffic.ticket stating disobey traffic control device. I am still not sure why i got ticket. I thought it was for speeding as i was driving 45 in 30 zone. Need help.

  18. Hi.

    I was ticketed for going 87 in a 65. This would mean I would receive 4 demerit points, and my license suspended in Canada since I have a g2. I would like to fight to bring the penalty down so I can keep my licence. Can I speak to someone about this?

  19. I’m a Canadian and just received a speeding ticket for going 87 in a 65. I can’t go to court but I want to fight this. Is this possible? I’m afraid of getting 4 demerit points taken from me in Canada

    1. By retaining legal counsel, you will be able to contest your ticket without appearing in court. We will fight to get the points and fines reduced on your behalf. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss your matter in more detail.

  20. hello, i was pulled over yesterday (sunday) on the New York side of the Ivy Lea crossing. I was given a speeding ticket (section 1180D) for going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone (the road speed was reduced to 55 because it was a construction zone, although no one working and cones pushed to the side of the road). So this is 15mph or 24kph over. I live in Ontario. The ticket does not have a fine amount but was told to follow the instruction for my plea. A few questions:
    – what is the fine?
    – i read that there are demerit points associated and carried over to my ontario license, really?
    – is so, how many?
    – do i plead guilty and pay?
    – ramifications for pleading guilty?
    – show I plead not guilty?
    – should i show up to fight it?
    thank you for your help

    1. AA,

      So here are the answers to your questions, a couple of which I have consolidated:

      1. What is the Fine? A ticket for 15 mph over the speed limit is a 4 point ticket in NY. Because you received a work zone ticket, the fines are doubled, so the typical $393 max fine is a $693 max fine.

      2. Will demerit points be assessed for this ticket? Canada and NY are involved in a reporting agreement. If you plead guilty and are convicted of an offense in NY, NY will report the violation info to Canada. Canada can then assess demerit points against your Canadian driver’s license.

      3. How many demerit points will be assessed? In our experience, typically Canada will assess 3 demerit points against you for speed violations between 9.3 and 18 miles over the speed limit. You were going 15, so it could be as much as 3 demerit points.

      4. Do you plead guilty and pay? Generally it is ill advised to just plead guilty and pay. Pleading guilty means you are accepting the conviction, the demerit points, the fines, and insurance consequences that flow from the conviction. When NY reports the violation to Canada and it goes on your Canadian driver’s record, your auto insurance is subject to a steep increase, especially for a work zone speeding ticket.

      5. What are the ramifications of a guilty plea and should you fight it? In short and as explained above, the ramifications are likely to far exceed just paying the already expensive fine and court costs. As stated previously, in addition to the fine/court costs, a guilty plea can result in DMV surcharges, demerit points assessed against your Canadian driver’s license, and an insurance premium increase. We can fight your case, saving you money and preserving your driver’s record. Additionally, we can save you the trip back to NY by fighting your ticket for you.

  21. Hi
    I was a visitor to Canada and rented a car and drove to New York as a visitor too. while I was driving back to Canada from New York I got a speed ticket but unfortunately I lost the ticket and I don’t have the record of the court name or ticket number and I need to get the ticket information because I want to pay it .
    So how can I get the Ticket info.
    I am not in US or Canada any more.
    The driving license which were used were UAE driving license
    The car is from Canada which Canada Plat number

    1. Mohamed,

      If you lost the ticket and you cannot remember the name of the town that you were pulled over in, then unfortunately the only way to find out your ticket info is to go through the NYS DMV and provide them with your information. Paying the fine for the ticket, however, means that you are pleading guilty to the ticket and accepting the conviction. A guilty plea can have negative consequences that do not end with payment of the fine. All moving violations in NY, including speeding tickets like the one you received, carry points. Depending on the number of points associated with your ticket, there may also be an additional NYS surcharge called the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA). If this is the case for you, or you have accumulated 6 or more points on your NYS record, it is only after you plead guilty and pay the fine that you will receive a notice that you also owe the DRA. Additionally, because NY will report this conviction to Canada, Canada can then assess demerit points against your Canadian driver’s license. Unfortunately, insurance premium increases are then likely to follow. As you can see, paying the fine and pleading guilty to a ticket can create this expensive domino effect. To avoid all of this, our firm can do the research for you, find out where you were ticketed, request the ticket from the court, and fight your case. You can call us to discuss your particular circumstances. how pleading guilty will affect you, and your options.

  22. Hi,

    How can you find out if you have an outstanding speeding ticket in New York state?

    I am from Quebec and cant remember if a ticket was paid or not. It happened in 1990.


    1. Brad,

      If you can remember the court that you had to pay the fine to, then you can call the court. If you cannot remember the court, then you should call the New York DMV. Failing to address a ticket, even from a long time ago, can result in a revocation of your NYS driving privileges so it is important to follow up on this.

  23. I am a Canadian living in NY for school. I was driving my in laws car from where it was parked on 100 street. The car was parked facing toward the street (not in either direction) and trucks were blocking my view. I pulled out and drove a few feet where I was then pulled over by a cop for driving the wrong direction on a one way street. I have no previous offenses or tickets at all and it was one of my first times driving in NY. I am being charged $138 and 3 points. What should I do? Should I plead guilty / not guilty? Is there any way to eliminate or reduce either the points or the charge?

    1. You are able to fight the current charge against you. If you are found not guilty, points will not be assessed against your license. Additionally, insurance rates would not increase, as they are likely to do now.

  24. Hello,

    My coworker received a speeding ticket on her drive back from NY, but there are some inconsistencies. She admitted to speeding about 30mkph over the limit. I am unfamiliar with the legal system, but the ticket did not include a fine amount, or any mention of demerit points. There was only a paper to mail in specifying guilty or not guilty. If she wants to fight the ticket, does she need to go to court in NY? is there a way to fight it in her city?


    1. Roma,

      If your friend admitted to speeding about 30 miles over, and the officer gave her a ticket to reflecting 30 miles over, chances are she received a 6 point ticket which carries a $300 fine, a $93 court administrative fee, and a driver responsibility assessment of $300. If she received a ticket for 31 mph over the limit then it is an 8 point ticket which carries a max fine of $600, a court administrative fee of $93, and a driver responsibility assessment of $450. Since NY and Canada are involved in a reporting agreement, if your friend pleads guilty to the ticket and takes the conviction this information will be transferred to Canada, and Canada will most likely assess demerit points against her Canadian driver’s license. Further, pleading guilty can lead to increased insurance rates, and the increase can last for several years. As you can see, pleading guilty is very expensive. We can fight her ticket and help her minimize or avoid these costs. Plus, she can authorize us to appear in court on her behalf so that she does not need to come back to NY to fight her ticket.

  25. Hello,
    my father received a speeding ticket while going to NYC (82 in a zone of 65) back this August.
    This is is first time receving a speed ticket (we are from Quebec). We are not sure of how this all work. My father thought he would received a bill by mail on the amount he has to pay. Now 3 months later, we still didn’t get anything…he just told me about it and I just read that we have to complete the paper that the officer handed to him at that moment.

    First, we are late upon completing the paper. Second, should I plead guilty or not? Miles and km can be confusing when travelling in the States…

    And my father won’t be able to just go to NYC for a ticket, all the way from Quebec…He wanted to pay the fines (which we don’t know of how much this will be).

    What should we do?

    Thank you

    1. Rita,

      First, your father received a 4 point ticket, and if he was ticketed in NYC then the max. fine amount is 203 if he pleads guilty. Pleading guilty can have a negative effect on his Canadian driver’s license as well on his insurance rates, so it is best to fight his ticket. Second, your father is in danger of being convicted by default for failing to respond to the ticket, if this has not already occurred. If he is convicted by default the negative and expensive consequences of pleading guilty (e.g. fines, demerit points, increase in insurance) will most likely follow. If he has not already been convicted by default, our firm can help him fight the ticket and appear in court for him, so that he does not have to make the trip from Quebec. The best thing to do is call us right away so that we can discuss his options.

  26. My speeding ticket from New York State doesn’t have a dollar amount on it. The officer said I could pay it online, but there is no information on how to do that. It only has instructions on how to pay by mail, but I don’t know how much to pay.

  27. I got speeding ticket in Champlain for driving 61 mph in a 45 mph work zone. I am a Quebec licence holder. Do i loose points and roughly how much fine it will cost, is their any way i can get rid of this?


    1. The fine you are currently facing is approximately $393.00 – US dollars. You will receive 3 demerit points onto your license. These demerit points will have a negative impact on your insurance.

  28. I was recently pulled over for speeding and was ticketed for 20 mph over. I was at that time informed that I had an unresolved traffic violation from 1995 and consequently a suspended lic. And then charged with unlicensed operation as well. Iam a Canadian with a clear driving record in both countries for the last 20 yrs. not sure how I should proceed to avoid hefty fines, demerit point in Ontario and insurance increases thx

    1. Kate,

      These are two serious issues. First, the speeding ticket is a four point ticket in NY carrying a $300 fine and a $93 court administrative fee. If you plead guilty to this offense, you will have to pay the fines and fees just mentioned and you will also most likely experience a significant increase in your car insurance rates. Additionally, since NY and Ontario are in a mutual reporting agreement, NY will report the violation to Ontario, and Ontario will most likely assess demerit points against your Canadian driver’s license. Second, the charge of aggravated unlicensed operation in NY is in most cases a misdemeanor(criminal) offense in NY requiring an appearance in criminal court and will result in a criminal record if you are found guilty. Criminal offenses are non-expungeable in NY – once it goes on your record it is there to stay. The offense itself carries max fine of $500, a court administrative fee of $85, and the possibility of a 30 day jail sentence. If convicted of this offense, there is a high probability that you will face significant insurance premium increases. We can handle both of these tickets and help you to minimize the damages that you will face by pleading guilty and taking the convictions.

  29. Was Going 89 mph on 65 zone. I live in Ontario Canada this is my first Ticket in ny. I have clean driving record in both ontario and state. Don’t often come to US was unaware of law between canada and NY also confused by miles speed and km what I’m used to. What is my best option to reduce this to minimum find and avoid getting point in my record. How much will it cost me ?

    1. Zain,

      Going 24 MPH over the limit in NY is a 6 point ticket and demerit points transfer back to Canada. You face two fines: one for $393 (max. fine) and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. Also, your Canadian insurance can skyrocket. The best thing to do is plead not guilty and fight the ticket. By hiring a lawyer, you also will not have to come to court.

  30. Hello I got two tickets on the Thruway on Monday. One is for speeding which the trooper said i was doing 82 in a 65 zone. I also got a ticket because i didn’t know my license is expired. I would like to know how much the tickets are and if I should plead not guilty. Also i want to know if point will be deducted with speeding ticket like that.
    Please let me know

    1. Tatiana,

      Yes, you should plead not guilty and fight these tickets. Going 17 over the limit is a 4 point ticket in NY that carries with it a max. fine of $393. If the other ticket that you got was an “unlicensed operator” ticket, your max. fine could be as high as another $300 (depending on how long your license has been expired). Not only that, but your insurance rates will likely go up as well.

  31. I have a probationary Quebec license (I’m within my first two years of driving) so I only have a 4-point allowance. I just got a 4-point ticket in New York; does that mean my license will be suspended unless I fight it?

    1. Renee,

      A 4 point speeding ticket in NY usually transfers back to Quebec as 3 demerit points. Regardless, however, you should still fight the ticket to keep your record as clean as possible, to avoid a $393 max. fine, and an astronomical insurance hike.

  32. I got two speeding tickets in the state of new york. I pleaded guylty and paid all my tickets in full. Now i get a letter that in order to keep my privilige to drive in the state of new york i should pay a fee of 400$ and if i dont pay i will not be aloud to drive in the state of new york again… what is this !!?!?!?!

    1. Lina,

      It is highly likely that you received two 6 point speeding tickets. New York suspends your license at 11 points and that suspension could last for up to 1 year. The reason you are now facing a suspension is because you did not fight the tickets. As a general rule, always plead not guilty and fight your tickets! Remember, pleading guilty and paying the fine is not going to clear up your record. In reality, it does the exact opposite (even if you are an out-of-state driver).

  33. Received a speeding ticket from New York and live in Ontario Canada. I pleaded not guilty and just received a letter from the atttorney office offering me a plea of VTL with max fine and surcharge. I am. Just wondering what max fine is and will I lose any demerit points?

  34. Hello ,
    Am Canadian from Alberta , I received a ticket in newyork city for turning right on red signal which I thought is right like anywhere in Canada . I explained that to the officer but he cared less n gave me a red light ticket. I have 2 questions
    1- Are there points on such a ticket for an albertian ?
    2- can you fight that ticket ?

    Thank you


  35. Also, to add on my comment below, I remembered the office had increased the MPH to help reduce the fine significantly and also he stated that it would not affect my Ontario license. is this true?

    1. Lily,

      What the officer told you is, unfortunately, not correct. If you were cited for 10 or more above the limit, the points WILL transfer to Ontario. Also, the fine I stated above is for the reduced fine. If you hire an attorney, you do not have to come to court; we take care of everything.

  36. I am Canadian resident. I got a speeding ticket on route 17W for going 77 on a 55 zone. However, the officer was kind enough to increase the MPH Zone to 65.
    1. How much of a fine should I be expecting?
    2. Should I plea guilty?

    Please advise


    1. Lily,

      Never plead guilty to a traffic ticket. Points transfer to Canada, and in NY even this lowered ticket is a 4 point offense that carries a fine of $393 (max). Also, your Canadian auto insurance will likely skyrocket as well. It pays to fight the ticket.

  37. I got a ticket last year but miss placed since then. How can I identify the ticket and pay it? I am with an Ontario license. thanks!

  38. I have to add some details to my comment just before.
    I have no demerit points.
    I was following two Qc plated cars, and the area was hilly and lots of curves on the i-87. When I saw the cars in front of me not changing lane, I did have my flasher to change lanes, but didn’t when the other two cars didn’t move.
    All three of us who didn’t move over, then got pursued by the cops and pulled over approximately 1 miles down the road in a group.
    Is this worth fighting?

  39. I got a ticket today for failure to move into another lane when passing an emergency vehicle.
    I don’t know what the fine will be, nor the points.
    I’m from Ontario, Canada.
    Can anyone help me?

    1. Vincent,

      The Move Over Law is a 3 Point ticket in NY and carries with it a fine of $275. However, it will likely have little effect on your Ontario license since it is not an offense that is recognized there. Still plead not guilty in order to avoid the fine and any negative consequences.

  40. Hello,
    I have the same issue as the posting made by Judith on July 10th, 2014 5:37. I am a Quebec resident and have a ticket dating back to 2009 in the Town of Lewis. I believe my license is probably suspended in the State of NY. I am planning to travel to NY this Friday August 1st. Please point me in the right direction on how to clear this up as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    1. BS,

      If your license is suspended in NY and you are caught driving you can be charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in NY, which (crazy as it sounds) is a crime that they can put you in jail for. It is a misdemeanor. We can help you clear up these issues.

  41. Traveling home from New York today from a family vacation, I was pulled over and received a ticket for speeding in a posted zone. VTL section 1180F. A couple of notes, I was entering the Interstate 81 Northbound – ahead of me was a sign for 55….so close that when I pulled over I was passed that sign! The officer says I was clocked at 62 in a 45 with stalker dual. I was not driving aggressively, I had my family in the car and was simply following the flow of traffic. I did not realize that I was still within the workzone – there was no visible construction or workers present on the road. Being 6 hours from home, I don’t know how to proceed….plead guilty with an explanation? I cannot drive back for a court appearance given the distance. This was an honest error – any advice would be great.

  42. Got nailed doing 71 in a 55 behind a long train of 10 other cars also doing 71. Police were traveling in opposite direction using Stalker Dual radar

    A) I think they were picking on the Canadian who would unlikely contest the ticket due to having to travel back tot the US to defend himself

    B) officer got my name and address wrong on the ticket ( reversed my first and last names, and failed to notice the “change of address decal on the back of my licence).

    C) no fine or demerit points are listed on the ticket…. Even if I plead guilty, shouldn’t I know beforehand what my punishment will be beforehand?


    Thanks for your time


    1. Matt,

      A) Unfortunately, NY officers do that sometimes. That’s why we are here to help you fight back. B) NY does not list the points or fine on those tickets. C) Yes you should: 4 Point ticket; demerit points transfer. $393 fine and huge insurance hike on your Canadian auto insurance.

  43. Hi,

    I am from Quebec and got a VTL 1175 (obstructing traffic at intersection) ticket in NY. I see there is no equivalent offence in Quebec for this. Would you know if this ticket will be transferred to Quebec and if it is worth to fight it?


    1. Mikail,

      If there is no corresponding offense in Quebec, it is unlikely that points for this violation will go on your Canadian license. However, you will still have to pay the NY fine and surcharge associated with the ticket.

  44. Hi I’m a Canadian driver who was driving EB on 1-90 I was overtaking a truck once I passed I immediately went back to the right lane and reduced my speed even below the speed limit of 65 however an officer who was sitting a distance away (approx. @ 1662.8 feet as noted on the supporting deposition he gave me) he followed me once I passed him for a few meters and then pulled me over stating he clocked me at 81mph which would be approx. 140 I never drive that speed even in Canada I was in shock and asked him if he was sure it was my speed he captured and not the truck anyhow I proceeded to ask to see the laser gun at which point he stated he locked me at 76 but no details of my vehicle was on screen just a message locked 76 this is my first EVER speed ticket what do I do? I do plan to plead not guilty please advise what steps I should be taking here.

    1. Nichola,

      It is highly advised that you hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you fight your case so you don’t have to come to court. Demerit points transfer to Canada (this is a 4 point ticket in NY), you face a steep fine of $393, and your Canadian auto insurance could go up substantially.

  45. I got a speeding ticket last month in NY state just a few miles from the PA state line and I’m from Ontario. I was going 81mph in a 65mph zone. I plead guilty – mostly because the ticket said if I wanted to plead not guilty that I had to return it within 48 hours and I couldn’t send it in within that time. I just received the letter with the fine amount ($120 fine + $93 surcharge = $213) for my ticket. Is there anything I can do at this point to lower the amount of the fine?

    1. Maria,

      It never pays to plead guilty. Your Ontario insurance will likely skyrocket and demerit points transfer to Canada. You’re facing much more than the fine. We can still help you though.

  46. My son received his first speeding ticket on the i-87 in Chesterfield, N.Y travelling from New York to Montreal, Quebec. The offense is 1180F, speeding in a posted work zone. He was recorded going 75 mph in a 55 MPH zone. He has a valid explanation as he was travelling behind a construction truck with a sign reading “do not follow as this truack might be carrying dangerous materials”. As he passed on the left, the officer with radar equipment was right there. What would be the best and least expensive way to contest this ticket? Obviously, the demerit points plays an important role in this contestation. According to my calculation, he would receive 3 demerit points. Could you please advise. Thank you.

    1. Barry,

      Fines in a work zone are doubled. This means for going 20 over, your son could face a fine of $786 (not to mention the demerit points and a very steep insurance hike). He could be facing well over $1,000 in out of pocket expenses and a stained driving record.

  47. Dear Adam,

    I used to live in the US. I got the permanent residency in Canada so I moved to Canada. I got two tickets on the way moving to Canada in New York. One is VTL 1180 0D, speeding 62/45, the other is VTL 1144 0A, RT of Way VIOL. I wrote to the town court of NY, explained the situation and plead guilty of speeding and not guilty of Way Violation. The court mailed me back and accepted my not guilty plea, They reduced each tickets to a parking violation (sec 1201-A) with no points and a fine of 0-$150 each plus a surcharge of $25 each. Should I accept the offer? How much do they usually charge for a parking violation? if they charge $150 for each ticket, that would be $175 each and $350 in total. Would that be cheaper if I only pay the fine for speeding than pay two parking violation? I mean, I don’t live in the US any more, the points on my US license wouldn’t affect me much? my US driver license expires in Sep. I will get a Canada license soon.

    Thank you in advance, Adam.

    1. Jessie,

      First, points DO transfer to Canada and they DO affect Canadian licenses (NY and Canada have reciprocity). Second, the fines for speeding and right of way violations are merely the beginning of your financial concerns. After all, if you are convicted of these moving violations, your auto insurance will skyrocket–especially in Canada. Thus, do NOT plead guilty to either of the tickets.

  48. I got a ticket for doing 91 mph in a 65 mph zone in Groveland, Livingston yesterday,
    I noticed that 6 things on my ticket is incorrect.
    1) First name is spelled wrong
    2) Year, Model, Color of my car is incorrect
    3) Lic Class is incorrect
    4) Plate number is incorrect
    Please advice, Thank you.

    1. Aspi,

      Although defects like this–in rare circumstances–warrant dismissals, it is usually a long shot. After all, tickets can be amended in court and if the court has your DOB, they know it was you. This is not something to take into your own hands. This is a very high speed ticket and can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and insurance hikes.

  49. Hi,
    My husband was stopped last week in NY (Orangeville) for failing to stop at a stop sign. Unfortunately, we were following a detour and no one in the car saw the stop sign. The officer somewhat understood, and gave my husband a ticket for improper use of 4-way flash only. I gather this may be a lesser charge than failing to stop at a stop sign, but can you offer any additional information?


    1. Al,

      I sure can. A 1163(e) ticket for improper use of 4 way flash is a 2 point ticket that carries with it a max. fine of $243 (surcharge included). A 1172(a) ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign is a 3 point ticket that also carries a max. fine of $243 (surcharge included). The officer saved you 1 point, but remember, your insurance could still go up and if you get 6 or more points you will face a Driver Responsibility Assessment fine of $300.

  50. This is my first trip to US via land from Canada, where I live. On the way one officer gave me a ticket. Now on Sunday I am going back to Brampton, Canada on Sunday. Do you have any suggestions how I should handle it?

    1. Mike,

      Canadian drivers who receive NY traffic tickets have it hard. You get NY fines (which are very high) and Canadian-style insurance hikes (which are also extremely high). Also, points transfer. Feel free to call us to discuss this further.

  51. My spouse has four tickets dating back to ad far ad 1996 what can bd done to take care of it. The ticket number and dates are as follows:
    TW1265386 given June 30, 1995 in the town of Lewis
    TY6922230 February 11, 1996 Town of new borugh
    LA3815685 May 1, 1998 North Huston
    LM 3129302 October 28, 2001
    I need to travel to New york and just found that these tickets are registerd to his name
    Please help

  52. Hello.

    I was driving back to Toronto through NY state from Washington DC on Sunday. It so happened that there were two cops, one giving another driver a ticket, while another was on standy by. I was in the right lane when one of the cops stopped me and wrote a ticket for violating the Move Over law. The ticket has no fine or penalties listed other than to respond by mail to plead guilty or not guilty.

    I am not aware of NYState laws, nor were there any signs close by to tell me that I should move over for a state trooper who was ticketing other drivers. So far, I have been driving since 1986 and have not had a single ticket or traffic violation either in US or Canada and would not like to blemish that record. Please advise if you can assist me. Thank you much.

    1. KK,

      The Move Over Law is punishable by 3 points in NY (and points transfer to Canada). It also, carries a fine of up to $275 and could negatively affect your Canadian auto insurance. It is advised that you fight this ticket and contact us.

  53. I am a Canadian driver holding BC driver license and got a speeding ticket in NY. I was caught doing 82 miles on a 65 miles zone.
    I noticed that my last name was spelt wrong.
    Can I get off this?
    How would it affect my license and insurance if I plead guilty?

    1. Wilson,

      Spelling your name wrong on the ticket will not allow you to get a dismissal. For going 17 miles over the speed limit, your Canadian auto insurance will take a big hit. Pleading guilty will result in that insurance increase as well as a fine of $393 (includes surcharge) along with demerit points going on your Canadian license.

  54. I requested my driver record license from the Fredom of information law office. I noticed that my license was suspended because of a FAILURE TO PAY DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY ASSESSMENT in 2008 that I have no information about. What should I do?

    1. Samuel,

      The Driver Responsibility Assessment is a fine that a person is forced to pay when he receives 6 or more points on his license. Unfortunately, many drivers do not know about this fine and end up not paying it. Failure to pay is grounds for a license suspension–and you might not even know you were suspended. That can result in getting a ticket for driving on a suspended license, which can do tremendous damage to a driving record and your wallet, not to mention your freedom. We handle license restorations, suspended license charges, and fighting all of these types of traffic offenses. Please call us directly for a free consult.

  55. Hi Adam,

    I am an Ontario resident and received a ticket in New York State for going 84 in a 65 zone. Im aware it translates to 4 demerit points due to ontarios regulations but what kind of fine am i facing here? Also, what would be next step from here should i fight this ticket? Thank you for your time.

    1. Sami,

      The fine you face is $393 ($93 surcharge included). However, there is a higher, hidden cost to your Canadian auto-insurance, which can skyrocket. The next step in fighting this ticket is calling our firm to help you.

  56. Hi I received a ticket on the ST-17 going East on radar doing 82 mph in a 65 mph zone. I am from Ontario, Canada and also don’t know if I should plead guilty or not guilty. I am wondering what my options are and what kinds of fines I am looking at if I do plead guilty, and ultimately what costs i will be charged with. If your firm handles my ticket what fees to you charge?
    Thank you, Vanessa

    1. Vanessa,

      Do not plead guilty. NY tickets affect your Canadian license and steep fines and insurance hikes will result if you plead guilty. This will appear on your license unless you fight it.

  57. Hi
    I’ve received a ticked on the i-80 going north bound 79 mph in a 65 mph zone. I’m from Québec, Canada and haven’t yet plead guilty or not guilty to the charges. I’m curious to know my best options in having no demerit on my licenses and curious to know what kinda fines would be associated wit this type of ticket. I would also like to know what the cost would be to have a ticket like this handled by one of the members of your law firm. The officer accused me of exceeding the limit, but because I slowed down when I saw him. However, I do not think his radar took my vehicle due to distance and other vehicles circulated. In addition, he refused to show me his radar. He took a nasty pleasure of trying to take my fault.Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

    1. Marika,

      Demerit points transfer and the fine you would have to pay is $398 (to say nothing of the huge hit to your Canadian auto insurance). Lastly, the officer has no legal obligation to show you the radar. We can definitely help you with this.

  58. I am Ontario resident and got ticket in Broome county I90 highway, speeding 81 in 55 zone. I already file the ticket in court and got the letter for pre trial appearance. I am looking to go with 0 points and alternate pay to non-moving violation. please let me know best possible out come. Thanks.

    1. Nash,

      You are looking at a 6 point ticket, which carries two separate fines. One fine is $393 ($93 court admin fee included) and the other is a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. For every point on your license above 6, you will be forced to pay an additional $75. Also, your Canadian auto insurance will skyrocket. You could be facing hundreds of dollars in fines and insurance hikes. Please contact our firm directly to discuss how we can help you.

  59. I received a speeding ticket in NY and I have a Canadian license. Who adds the points? Canada or NY? According to the Canadian demerit system its only 4 points but according to NY its 6 points. How many will I receive?

    1. Cheryl,

      Great question! Points that you accumulate in NY will be put onto your Canadian driving record. However, the amount you will be assessed is judged based on your home state, in this case Canada. Thus, for this ticket you face 4 demerit points. However, what you really need to be made aware of are the fines you could be forced to pay to NY. For a 6 point ticket in NY (regardless of the points you end up with in Canada), you face two fines: one for $393 ($93 surcharge included) and a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee of $300 (plus $75 for every NY point over 6). Additionally, your insurance premium in Canada could skyrocket and stay that high for 3-4 years. If you plead guilty or are convicted, you could end up paying over $1,000 dollars.

  60. Hi
    I’ve received a ticked on the i-80 going north bound 93 mph in a 65 mph zone. I’m from Ontario, Canada and haven’t yet plead guilty or not guilty to the charges. I’m curious to know my best options in having no demerit on my licenses and curious to know what kinda fines would be associated wit this type of ticket. I would also like to know what the cost would be to have a ticket like this handled by one of the members of your law firm. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

    1. Rajendra,

      A ticket for going 28 mph over the limit carries up to $693 in fines and fees and 6 points in New York. It will also transfer as 4 demerit points, according to the Ontario government website. Depending on your driving record, which court is handling your case, and the specific circumstances behind what happened, if you fight this ticket you may be able to come away with 0 demerit points on your Ontario licence.

  61. Hi: I got speeding ticket yesterday driving at 76 in 55 zone just 6 miles away entering Canada near Alexandria Bay area. In bright sunset, I did not see the 55 sign. I am charged under 1180B. I have a clean driving record. Unfortunately, I mailed my ticket since never taught that I may be able to fight it in court.
    Can you still help. What will be the cost and traveling to court etc.


  62. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket in New York State (Elmira,NY) for driving 75 mph in a 65 zone on Sunday night (June 22nd). I have never had demerit points on my record and this is my first offense of any kind (no parking or moving violations since 2009). What fine am I looking at and will I receive demerit points? What can I expect?

    Thank you and look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi William,

      Right now you face a $243 fine and can receive demerit points on your Canadian license. However, the hit that your auto insurance will take is even greater. If convicted, the offense will remain on your driving record for 3 years and your rates will skyrocket. In most cases, we are able to get your ticket reduced to a 0 point ticket that will not affect your insurance.

    2. Right now you face a $243 fine and can receive demerit points on your Canadian license. However, the hit that your auto insurance will take is even greater. If convicted, the offense will remain on your driving record permanently and your insurance rates will skyrocket for 3 years. In most cases, we are able to get your ticket reduced to a 0 point ticket that will not affect your insurance.

  63. I received a speeding ticket a year ago and paid the fine of $200 as I could not attend court to fight it. Now I received a letter stating that my license is suspended in New York. Guess I do not drive thru NY again. My question is – can I correct this? Why must I pay $300 for driving instructions? if I do not live in New York as I cannot attend these instructions. Also does this mean I cannot drive in other states as well? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Diane,

      This is why you should never plead guilty to a speeding ticket, even if you are an out of state driver–the consequences will follow you. A NY license can be suspended for several reasons. The following are just a few: if you accumulate 11 points on your license, if you were convicted of speeding 3 times within 18 months, were convicted of speeding twice in a construction zone within 18 months, or failed to respond to or pay a New York traffic ticket. Although I need more information to tell you for sure, it appears that you probably can drive in states other than NY (i.e only your NY privileges were suspended). It is highly likely that pleading guilty to that prior ticket played a role in your suspension. Our firm can help you get your NY driving privileges back and fight the charges that are against you.

  64. I got a ticket today for 14 mph over the limit, I was with the flow of traffic, and I was picked out due to a modified car, they also got the color way off, my driving record isn’t the greatest when I was young but I’ve been clean for 3 years. I would like to know what the cost of the fines are, how to proceed. It was further in new York, what your costs are so I don’t have to deal with this back in Ontario.

    1. Andrew,

      Unfortunately, going with the flow of traffic is no defense to speeding in NY. That the officer got the color of the car way off is also unlikely to have any effect. As for fines, this ticket carries up to $393 in fines and fees and 4 points. Ontario will be informed of the violation and may assess demerit points according to its own law.

  65. Received a ticket @ 55mph zone driving @ 78mph. violation is 1180B, Chenengo Town Court. It is the first ticket received in US. PLease advise.


    1. Intisar,

      This ticket carries 6 points on your license and $393 in fines and fees, plus an additional $300 ($100 a year for three years) for what is called the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee. If you are a Canadian driver, these points will transfer as demerit points onto you Canadian license. But you can and should fight this ticket. With a skilled attorney representing you, you may be able to have this ticket dismissed by taking a six hour class.

  66. I am a Canadian and last year I received a speeding ticket in NY and paid the fine of $200. This year I received a letter stating that since I did not pay $300 for driving instructions? that my license is suspended in NY. I guess I do not drive in NY. This was my first speeding ticket and I thought paying the fine was the best way to go since I could not go to court to fight the ticket. My question now is – does this mean I cannot drive in other states as well? I am concerned as I am the principle driver (husband has never had a license) and this would limit our vacations in the US.

    1. Diane,

      Unfortunately, pleading guilty to a NY traffic entails much more than simply “paying the fine” and hoping it goes away. If you hired a NY traffic ticket attorney, he would have went to court for you and you could have stayed at home in Canada. Depending on the severity of the old ticket, you might have been forced to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300 and by failing to pay that (even if you did not know about it) could possibly be the reason for your suspension. However, without more information, I cannot be sure. Remember, never plead guilty to a moving violation! Feel free to reach out to us over the phone for further information.

  67. Hi
    My girlfriend and I both had received speeding tickets in New York a few weeks ago and I were planning on pleading not guilty for both. The deadline to mail in one of the tickets was today but I called the court and asked them about it and they said it was fine if I faxed it into them as well. From there they said they would send out a date to appear. One of the tickets was for doing 89 in a 65 on the I81 and mine was 84 in a 65 on NY Thruway. What should our next steps be in order to try and not get any demerits points for these tickets?

    1. Emil,

      You are facing two serious speeding tickets and could be forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fines, court fees, and insurance hikes. The next step in the process should be hiring an attorney to fight your case. It is not advisable to handle the matter on your own.

  68. Hi,

    I just received a ticket for going 62mph in a 40mph zone. How much will the ticket be and how many points would I lose? If I pay the ticket, do I still lose points? Thanks

    1. John,

      If you’re convicted for going 62 mph in a 40 mph zone, you will have to pay the court a maximum of $393 in fines and fees and the DMV $100 a year for three years, totaling $693. This will also add 6 points to your license (in New York, you start with 0 points and are given points for certain infractions; like golf, you want your “score” to be as low as possible). Pleading guilty and paying the fine will not negate the points that will be added; the two go hand in hand.

  69. I got speeding ticket yesterday in the state of NY for 85 vs 65 what is my option I never had any ticket this is my first time

    1. Shirin,

      If you are convicted of going 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, you will have to pay up to $393 in fines and associated fees and will be assessed 4 points on your license. You can either plead guilty and accept this or plead not guilty and try to fight it. Since this is your first ticket, if you fight this, and the jurisdiction in which this ticket was issued allows for plea bargaining, you should be able to get this ticket reduced to something much less severe, perhaps, with the help of a skilled attorney, even a parking ticket.

  70. Hi. My husband got a ticket yesterday. The yixket says state of new york 45 in a 35 mph zone. This in ontario registers as 16kph, which is points. We want to try and get it reduced to no points. How can we get this done? What should we fill out and send in?
    They also spelt his lasy name incorrectly on thr ticket. Is this grounds for dismissal? What kind.of fine are we looking at as well?

    1. Deanna,

      If your husband pleads guilty to or is convicted of going 10 mph over the limit in New York he will have to pay up to $243 in fines and will have 3 points in New York. According to the Ontario government website, a 16 kph violation carries 3 demerit points. The only way to avoid the points to is plead not guilty and fight the ticket in court. Unfortunately, misspelling his last name is unlikely going to be grounds for dismissal.

  71. I got a speeding ticket yesterday doing 75 in a 30 zone, It was 2am and they ask me to go to the court right the way (officer phoned the judge to come) and I explained some reason to judge and ask for forgive and NOT GUILTY but he said he can’t do that, so they gave me Livingston County District Attorney to talk to and might he can do something. What should I do in this case?

    1. Ali,

      If you are found guilty for going 75 in a 30 zone, your license will be suspended in New York immediately. You will also pay up to $1,368 in fines and associated fees. This is a very serious matter. You should plead not guilty and fight this ticket as hard as possible.

  72. From my previous question earlier, since I’m residing in Ontario and got those tickets from New York do you think its a great idea I hired a traffic client to sort it out or should I attend myself to the court

    1. Chevanne,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “traffic client.” Do you mean traffic defense attorney? If so, then yes, I believe your chances of getting 0 demerit points are much better if you have an attorney fighting for you. Prosecutors offer attorneys better deals because they know that if they do not, the attorney will take the case to trial and has a chance of winning.

  73. Would like to know if I have any outstanding speeding tickets in New York state. If I do, how would I rectify the situation.

    1. Eric,

      If you have outstanding speeding tickets, you’d probably know — you’d get a notice of license suspension in the mail. However, you should call the DMV and they will explain how to go about finding out. If for some reason you do have outstanding tickets and were never informed of them (e.g., the DMV does not have your current address), the way to rectify it is by paying a large sum of money. Again, this can all be explained by someone from the DMV.

  74. I am from Ontario and made my first trip to the USA alone to pick up a parcel that couldn’t be mailed to Canada. I was in NY state and I wasn’t familiar with the area and got lost. Then out of the blue, 2 cops pulled me over and gave me a ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign. I’m not even sure there was one. I never saw one where they pulled me over and the only intersection with a stop sign was further back. I do remember seeing that stop sign and think I stopped at it but I’m not really sure. Because I was lost, I was frantic and anxious. Anyway, I’m really worried about what will happened. The car I’m driving is under my father’s name although it’s suppose to be my car. I’m also under my parent’s insurance so I am allowed to drive the car. I’m also 32 years old but I haven’t been driving for very long and I have a G2 license from the Ontario so it’s not a full G license. Anyway, I mailed in the ticket and pleading not guilty. I will probably get a court date and when I go back to fight this ticket, I plan to go back to the same street and take pictures with my iPhone. I’m hoping that maybe there was no stop sign where I was stopped and I got a ticket falsely. My other problem is that I am unemployed and can’t afford to pay the ticket nor can I afford to hire a lawyer. Can you offer any advice on what I can do? Can I ignore this? Can earn demerit points or can my parents earn demerit points? And is it possible their insurance will go up, which they can’t afford? I wish this would just go away. I am a careful driver and either there was no stop sign or I simply made a mistake because I was lost.

    1. Melanie,

      You cannot and should not ignore this, especially now that you have plead not guilty. Because New York and Ontario exchange their respective residents’ driving records, you may earn up to 3 demerit points for failing to obey a stop sign in New York, according to the official Ontario government website. Your parents, however, cannot earn demerit points because they were not driving. It is hard to predict exactly how an insurance company will react to your driving infraction, but it is safe to say that there is a strong likelihood that the premium will increase to some degree if you are found guilty of having failed to obey a stop sign. Unfortunately, because traffic offenses are strict liability offenses, the excuse of being lost will not hold up in court. You’d have to prove there was no stop sign; that you did, in fact, stop at the stop sign; or that the officer could not have possibly seen whether or not you had stopped at the stop sign. Taking pictures of the scene is a good idea.

  75. My wife received a speeding ticket in NY last week. She was travellig at 65mph in a 55 zone. We live in Ontario. Since she was driving 10mph over the speed limit, it means she was above 16kmph and will get 3 demerit points in Ontario. How can we fight this? She doesn’t have any tickets in the last 4 years. The last one was in later part of May 2009. So she has had a clean record for almost 5 years. What will be the fine if we don’t fight the ticket? The document given by the officer does not state any amount. Also, what will be the cost if we decide to fight the ticket?

    1. Maz,

      If you do not fight the ticket, the fine for 10 MPH over the limit is a maximum of $393. This does not take into account the long-term effect on your insurance premium, which will likely increase and remain at the higher rate for at least 3 or 4 years. As for the cost of fighting the ticket, different attorneys charge different rates and this should be discussed directly with the attorney.

  76. On the afternoon of May 14, 2014 my girlfriend and I were on our way to NYC to tour, but unfortunately on our way, I was apparently speeding.

    I was ticketed for going 87 on 65 zone at Homer, Town of – 1244, Cortland county in NY State.

    It was a rental car, and I had been driving the car for only a few hours, and had trouble figuring out the MPH to Km/h conversion as in Toronto (where I am from) we use Km/h.

    The car we rented didn’t show Km/h on the physical speedometer, and we now learned we have to do a special setting to show the MPH on the digital part of the car display.

    I never drove in USA, it was heavily rainy, and the car is super quiet, it was hard to feel the speed. It was also harder as I didn’t have other cars around me to compare my speed to theirs.

    I have never in my life gone that fast, and I’m sad the officer didn’t give me a warning or a lower ticket after I pleaded with him about my honest error.

    I have never been involved in a car accident and currently hold no dimerit points.

    A brief research showed me that there are dire consequences that I face, including 6 demerit points. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and I’m very worried, please let me know what I should do.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Andrew,

      Unfortunately, at 22 MPH over the limit, you just barely passed the threshold between a 4 point ticket and a 6 point ticket, the latter of which comes with significantly greater fines — $393 plus a $300 driver responsibility assessment fee, for a total of $693. 22 MPH converts to 35.4 KPH and, thus, according to the official Ontario government website, may transfer as 4 demerit points on your Canadian license. In short, you should fight this ticket; your clean driving record should help you reduce it by half or better and perhaps to a non-speeding ticket, which may not transfer as demerits.

  77. I received a speeding ticket in N.Y. for going 80 in a 65 mph hwy. I was passing a truck. I receveived a ticket in the mail for $230.00 + a $93.00 surcharge. Will I lose points, it didn’t say on the summons or never listed what speed I was doing.

    Will this be the final charge once I mail in the payment. I really don’t want to lose points.

    1. Jackie,

      You don’t want to gain points — Canadian (as well as New York) drivers start with 0 points and, upon being convicted of a traffic violation, are assessed points according to the violation. In NY, a 15 MPH over the limit ticket carries 4 points. 15 MPH converts to approximately 24 KPH. According to the official Ontario government website, a 24 KPH violation will result in 3 demerit points on your Canadian license. If you plead guilty, this, plus the fine (and yes, no other payment beyond the $323 is required) is what you are facing.

  78. Hi, I am an Ontario driver, I went over the states and I receive a ticket for making an right turn on the red light and for going 78 in a 55 zone, I plead not guilty for them. Could you tell me if I have made the right choice and also what would you recommend me to do even though for the first ticket I’m sure I did not make the right on the red

    1. Chevanne,

      If you want to have a chance to avoid demerit points on your Canadian license, then yes, you made the right choice. Your chances of success depend on where the tickets were issued. For example, if you were ticketed in Buffalo, Rochester, or New York City, you have to fight your ticket in a trial — there is no plea bargaining, meaning you cannot negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce your ticket to something with less points and a lower fine. Generally, anywhere else in New York State allows plea bargaining, although some counties and town courts offer much better deals than others.

  79. I received a speeding ticket on May 11th, Mother’s day, shortly after crossing over into NY from Ontario at Buffalo. I was pulled over on the 90, but ticket says I was speeding on the 190 going 76 in a 55. at a distance of 950 feet. There is no amount on the ticket, nor can I seem to find an amount online. I’m not certain what the points equate to on an Ontario driver’s license, but I was in a 65 zone when pulled over. I am mistakenly quoted as saying on the deposition as saying “I usually go about 120 kilometers if that not right?” Which doesn’t even make sense.

    1. Terri,

      A ticket for speeding 21 MPH over the limit (76 in a 55) in New York carries a maximum of $693 in fines and associated fees (the maximum may be slightly less depending on the jurisdiction) and 6 points on a New York driver’s license, which will transfer as demerits. 21 MPH is approximately 34 kilometers; according to the Ontario government’s official website, exceeding the speed limit by 30 to 49 km/hour results in 4 demerit points. Such a violation on your Canadian abstract will likely significantly impact your insurance premium.

  80. Received a speeding infraction on why in grand island. I’m from Ontario and was told I was going 72mph in a 55mph zone on the hwy. Should I plead not guilty or guilty. What are my chances of having it reduced. What are the fine amounts in cdn dollars. And he did not show me the radar speed.

    1. Edward,

      If you want to avoid demerit points on your Canadian license, you should plead not guilty and fight the ticket. Depending on your driving record, your chances of getting a reduction are pretty good. As it stands, you’re facing a 4 point ticket (per NY law) and $393 in fines and associated fees. Then there’s the potential hike in your insurance premium over the next 3-4 years.

  81. I received a ticket for going 89 on a 65, i understand that i would receive 3 points however how much is the total charge for the ticket if I just simply plead guilty?



    1. Edison,

      Sorry, but you are mistaken — for 24 MPH over the limit, you would receive 6 points, not 3, on your driving record. This is more than half way to a suspended license in New York and carries a maximum $693 in fines and associated fees. This is a ticket worth fighting, not only to preserve your driving record and pay less or no fines, but also to save money in the long run by keeping your insurance premiums lower.

  82. Hello,

    My dad drove back from New York City and on the way got a ticket for speeding. The code on the very vague notice is 1180D.

    Can you help? There’s not much by way of information we can find online.

    Thank you.


    1. Amol,

      Yes, we can help. 1180D is the general code for a speeding violation. Depending on how fast he was going, he faces anywhere from 3 points to 11 points being assessed on his license and anywhere from $203 to approximately $1,400 in fines and fees.

  83. my husband got a speeding ticket on I-81 NB Cortlandville , town of 1251, driving at 85 at 65 zone. he is dibetic and he had to use the washroom. He didn’t realize the speed he was driving at. Section 1180D (what it means?). he doesnt know what is the fine and points. He has a clear record in Ontario. Can you suggest what he should do so he will be able to drive in states without any hastle and worry.


    1. Sharma,

      Section 1180D means that your husband was speeding in a work zone, which carries a larger minimum fine and may result in other consequences, particularly for people with commercial driver’s licenses. In your husband’s case, he is facing 4 points and $393 in fines and associated fees. These points will transfer into demerits on his Canadian license. My advice is to fight the ticket in court and try to reduce the ticket down to something that will not transfer as demerits on his Canadian license.

  84. Hello,
    This week I received a speeding Ticket in NY in the town of Corning for doing 84 in a 65 MPH zone with a stationary radar. He then followed me and caught me doing 97 in a 65 mph zone with a “Same Lane Radar.” This is what it states in my one ticket. (not to confuse it for two separate tickets) I am wondering what would my charges and demerit points be and what are my best options for fighting this ticket? Should I appear in court on the stated date by my self, with an attorney, get somebody to fight it i.e. It is very important that I have no demerit points, or reduced points.
    Thank you

    1. Alon,

      For a 97 in a 65 you would receive 8 points, which would transfer as demerits on your Canadian license. Your best option for fighting this ticket is to hire an experienced attorney who will be able to get you the best deal possible. While 0 points is unlikely, you may be able to get 4 or possibly 3 points.

  85. Hi, I’m Canadian and I received a speeding ticket (17 miles over) in NY State and went through the process of requesting a reduction through the mail. After fowarding the plea bargain from the county Prosecutor to the Town Court, I have finally received the agreement in the mail. It has been reduced to a 1201A with a $115 fine and a $25 surcharge. Though I think this is very fair, while finding out what a 1201 A was, the description said it was a 0 point demerit and NO surcharge violation. Seeing as I got a $25 surcharge, was I reading an outdated article? And what could of my fine have been?

    1. Rob,

      In fact, surcharge fees have gone up across the board, including for 1201 A violations. Your fine, had you been found guilty of 17 MPH over, would have been a maximum of $393, which includes the surcharge fee for that violation.

  86. I was heading to the Lewiston Bridge last night from the Buffalo airport…coming back to Ontario, was fined 60 in a 45.
    The officer advised me to plead not guilty and to ask to have it brought down to having 0 points against me.

    I’m going to mail the ticket in tomorrow…but who do I mail it to?

  87. I John Dykstra received a speeding ticket in Interstate 1-390 New York State on 04/23/2014. I was doing an 80 in a 65 mile zone. I am from Ontario and was wondering if you could help me with this. What are my options are. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you John

    1. John,

      You’re facing 4 points, which will likely transfer as demerits to your Canadian license, and $393 in fines and fees. You can fight this and end up with 0 demerits.

  88. hello. I got stopped twice for speeding in the same hour. once for going 85 in a 65 zone and another for going 100 in a 65 zone. the speedometer was in miles and the car is huge! i didn’t think I was going 85 miles, or 100 miles I thought it was KMS! if I dilute it this way do you think they will not charge me demerit points? also, I am 21. thanks

    1. Joe,

      These are pretty serious speeding tickets. In total, you’re facing 12 points/demerits and $1,836 in fines and other fees. Speeding is a strict liability infraction, so excuses like “I thought I was going in KMS” or “I didn’t think I was going as fast as the officer said I was” will not help.

  89. Received a speeding ticket (Section 1180D – speed in zone) after being clocked on radar on April 21st in New York State less than a kilometre south of the Canadian border on I-81 northbound. Ticket is for 55 MPH in a 40 MPH zone – just after the speed reduced on approach to the border crossing. I am an Ontario resident and understand that this ticket carries 3 demerit points with Ontario MTO and am concerned about the impact on my driving record and car insurance costs. Can you advise the cost of such ticket if I plead guilty? Also, if I plead not guilty and hire your firm to fight my ticket, do you have a flat rate cost? What are the chances the ticket could be reduced below the equivalent of 16 km/hour above the speed limit. I also understand that no demerit points are assessed in Ontario if 15 or less km/hr above the limit. Trying to understand my options more fully and related out of pocket costs. Thanks.

    1. This is a 4 point speeding ticket with a maximum fine of $393. We do charge a flat rate and should be able to get the ticket reduced, potentially to 0 demerits but I would need some more information to be able to give you an accurate estimate.

  90. Driver with Canadian license (Ontario) received a speeding ticket in New York State. If you have a ticket number and it is unlikely to be a TVB ticket (already searched using the TVB website), how can you obtain a copy of the ticket? I have no information on where it was obtained (which county), just ticket number. Is there a search method online to obtain this information?

  91. I received a ticket on the thruway for 17 miles over the limit my court date was April 9th and was advised that I have 30 extra days to file. I had planned on pleading guilty with an explanation based on my excellent driving record in Ontario. Before sending it out should I would like to know what are my chances of the matter being dismissed or fine and points reduced. Looking forward to your response.
    Jeff Shabes

    1. To be clear – if you plead guilty, you will get a fine and the full allocation of points – the judge has no choice but to convict you. The only way to get a reduction is plead not guilty or have an attorney do so on your behalf.

  92. I am an ontario resident, just a ticket on the I190 in posted work zone doing 60 in a 45.
    What is my fine ($CA) going to be?
    Is it only 3 points?
    What are my payment options? can I make payment at my local Ontario License Bureau ?

  93. I just received a speeding ticket this afternoon in Hanover New York. The ticket is for 85m in 65 zone. What do you think the fine would be? Do you think it’s worth fighting? If so, how much are your services?
    I live in Ontario.

  94. I just would like to comment on the services that I received from this firm.
    I received a speeding ticket driving to Canada on i290. Like most people the question for me was weather to fight the ticket and weather to hire a lawyer or represent myself. I researched and found this firm online and decided to take a chance.
    This law firm was absolutely helpful from giving me clear explanations and expectations as well as sending me a follow up email after it was resolved.
    The fee was well priced of course but it is complimented with a hustle free customer service.
    Definitely recommend it.

  95. I was caught speeding on HWY 81 a few days ago at 85 in a 65 mph zone.
    The charge is 1180D – Speed in zone.
    If I plead guilty what would I expect the total fine and other charges to cost me?
    I had been following a police car from Binghamton to Syracuse at 75 to 80 mph and then he turned off the hwy. I was just cruising along, talking to my wife and did not pay proper attention to my speed which had crept up.
    I was ticketed just outside of Watertown. Is there any value in contesting this?
    I don’t like the idea that I might plead guilty to somethng that I have no idea what the penalties and consequences might be for me.


  96. How do you plead guilty to a speeding ticket and agree to pay the fine when you were never told how much the fine was in the first place. The ticket given to me by the police officer had no dollar amount specified as the officer said it has to go to administration to figure out the cost. Isn’t this like giving someone a signed blank check and telling them go ahead and fill in the amount. Suppose the fine is 100 grand and I already pleaded guilty. Does this mean I’ve agreed to pay 100 grand. What should I do?

    1. That’s why you need to look up the minimum and maximum fines so you know what you are getting yourself into. Same goes with the number of points – they are not listed on the ticket either.

  97. I am from Ontario, received a ticket in Waterloo NY for 74miles in 55 zone. I have a clean record in Canada and US. Can you please advise what you can do for me and what are yopur charges? Thank you

  98. I am an Ontario resident with no demerit points against my license. I recieved a ticket for 55mph in a 40mph zone just before customs, which apparently is a common ticketing area. the officer stated that he reduced it to the minimum yet people were passing me, particularly when I left after the ticket had been issued driving at 40mph.

    I am unsure what my fine wil be, the demerit point penalty in Ontario and whether there is any realistic chance of reducing it, there are no obvious mistakes on my ticket although the color is noted as “MR” (my vehicle is red).


  99. I am from Ontario. I received a traffic ticket in Rochester March 22nd, 2014, under 1180D- Speed in Zone for going 64 in a 40 mph zone. It says I have 15 days to plea. Looks like that means at least $203 plus 6 points , Driver Responsibility Assessment (Are Ontario residents subject to this?) and a surcharge not to mention points here in Ontario. Does the zone part mean I am in the $318 range plus a surcharge. What am I facing in total? How much will it cost to defend and can the fines etc realistically be reduced.? The ticket seems to say fines and surcharges cannot be reduced. What do you recommend?

  100. hi,
    i’m from Ontario and i got a speeding ticket in the new York state. i was going 80 miles on a 55 zone highway. i plead guilty and am fined 252$ plus 93$ sur charge. i have never gotten a speeding ticket in the us or canada before. what should i do? also on the letter it say disposition= fine. theres is nothing on it that says i got de-merit points. will i get de-merit points? how will that effect me if i live in toronto. the section is VTL 1180 0B

  101. I’m from ontario, canada and got multiple ticket by new york state, one for 22mph in 55mph zone and second for one of passenger in third row not wearing belt.

    what will the approx fine and demerits point if plead guilty?

  102. I was ticketed for 18 miles over the limit in New York State. I sent the forms to the Huvelton police department and have not heard back regarding the fines or payment. What action should I take to ensure that my entry to the US is not affected. I live near Prescott Ontario.

  103. I received a traffic ticket in NY State on the highway towards Quebec apparently doing 92 mph instead of the allowed 65. I am resident in Montreal with a driver’s license issued in Quebec. I have a clean record in Canada and the US.
    I had shortly misplaced my driving license in the car, so the officer could only establish my identity as the owner of the vehicle based on another piece of ID and the car’s papers.
    From what I have read so far, I am looking at USD 300 (Driver Responsibility Assessment) + Max USD (393) for the over-speeding range bracket , i.e up to USD 693 as well as a 6-point deduction if I plead guilty.
    1.) My Last Name was incorrectly spellt in the ticket even though the remaining information like my First name and address were correct. The “Lic State” was also incorrectly listed as Ontario instead of Quebec. Are these enough grounds not to plead guilty or contest the ticket successfully?

    2.) If not; Apparently there is a training course which could be taken to reduce the points in NY State. I would like to know; if taking the course would get me a reduction of 4 points so that only a max of two points will be communicated back to Quebec.

  104. Hi Adam,
    I’m an Ontario driver with no infractions on my DL.
    I was issued a ticket for 102mph in a 65 near Erwin, New York.
    I have 2 important questions:

    1) What are the chances of you being able to at least get my speed reduced to something more reasonable eg 20-25mph over the limit?

    2) Are you guaranteed to make an appearance for me at the court in Erwin even though you’re located all the way in Albany? I had a bad experience once, whereby my agent never showed up to court because the court house was 4hrs from his location.

  105. I hold an Ontario Drivers Licence and received a speeding ticket in Broome County, New York State. The ticket was for driving 78 in a 55 MPH zone. I pleaded guilty and paid the fine. Now I received another bill for $300.00 and notice of suspension of my licence in New York State. Can you provide any assistance and what costs would be involved.
    Thank you for your response.

  106. Hello Mr Rosenblum,

    I received a UTT on Feb 17th on I-90, allegedly doing 82 in a 65MPH zone. While I’m aware and I acknowledge I was over the limit and may have been passing a car when they pulled the radar on me, I think the weather conditions (heavy winds occasionally blowing snow onto the road from the side) prompted the officer to pull me over more than anything as I was going maybe 3-5MPH faster than the car on the outside lane. The Florida plate may also have caused him to single my rental Subaru out. Either way, I’d like to fight the 1180D charges, if you can tell me what you would be able to reduce it to ina best case scenario from the present 3 demerit points and 390 USD fee.
    Thank you.

  107. Good Morning,
    I an from Montreal, Canada. I received a speeding ticket going 81 in 65 mph zone. While issuing me this ticket the officer informed me that my last speeding ticket was in 1987 and issued me another infraction for “unlisenced operator”. I sent the town court of Queensbury NY my plea of guilty for the speeding ticket but was hesitant to sign the guilty plea for the other infraction because I don’t know what the repercussions could be. And just wanted more information on this infraction. They returned all my documents and stated that I needed to send a plea for all infractions entailed. What does it mean “Unlisenced operator” and how can I go about clearing my file?
    Thank You,

  108. Hi:

    I got a speeding ticket in New York TWO years ago. I have a Quebec license and I really forgot how much I was speeding. Similar to another post here, on the ticket he entered my old house address, the correct one was on a sticker on the back of my drivers license. It’s also isn’t a ticket it’s a paper that says I have to mail in if I plea guilty or not guilty. It doesn’t say much the ticket is. I plead not guilty within the time, and I did receive a letter from the court, but I never heard from them again. Please e-mail me back, as I am worried and I am going to NY in a week.

    1. There is a good chance that you are suspended and if you get caught driving in NY you could be arrested and charged with a crime for driving while suspended (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation). That is why it is imperative that you contact a qualified attorney to assist.

  109. Hello,
    I got a speeding ticket in New York. I have a Quebec license and was caught going 54 mph in a 35 zone on a little highway through a dead town. On the ticket he entered my old house address, the correct one was on a sticker on the back of my drivers license. My registration has the correct new address. Is the ticket still valid? It’s also isn’t a ticket it’s a paper that says I have to mail in if I plea guilty or not guilty. It doesn’t say much the ticket is.
    Could I get this ticket dismissed? And if I don’t know how much the ticket is how can I decide what is worth it?

  110. I received a 1144-AA (FLD DUE CARE FOR EMERG VEH STOPPED OR STANDING) ticket from NY State trooper on SR 219 on my way home to Hamilton ON, from Ellicotteville. Obviously I was not aware of the law surrounding this infraction, although I understand it. What are the chances of successfully reducing these charges and is it worth fighting?

  111. Hi,

    I got a speeding ticket in the state of New York, Malta town, for going 91mph in a 65mph zone. How much would the fine be, and how many points will I lose. I’m from Montreal, Quebec.

    Also, what is needed to send the ticket. Just signing my name, and writing the Malta town court address on the envelope? Should I include other information?


  112. I got a speeding ticket in the state of New York (i am from Ontario) for 18 mph over the speed limit. I received a reduction for a “failure to obey traffic control device in violation of sec 1110a.” But they har not provided any info on why the fines would be for either if the charges.
    Is this a better reduction than paying the original fine?

  113. Hello, I am From Montreal, Yesterday i had an accident near lake George New York due to heavy snow conditions on the highway, The roads were not cleaned. I was going about 37 mph when i tried so turn the steering wheel during a curve it did not respond so pressed the brakes and ended up sliding into the guard rail, My car was damaged badly enough that i had to have it towed and leave it in Lake George and had someone come get me from Montreal. The roads were cleaned 10 minutes after the accident and a police officer wrote me a ticket because according to him my speed was not reasonable & prudent. I don’t think this is fair at all. I had a rude police officer, as if crashing the car 3 hours away from home and not being able to drive back wasn’t and have thousands of dollars damage wasn’t enough. I would have liked to fight this ticket but i cannot go back there. my car is broken i don’t have enough money and there is no one to support me for that. And would i receive demerit points for this if i plea guilty? Is there any other way? Maybe calling and talking with someone with higher authority at the police station?

  114. I have an outstanding ticket I got some 15 years ago. I don’t have the physical ticket anymore nor any reference to the violation but I know that my driving privileges have been suspended. How can I pay the fine and have my driving privileges restored?

  115. I currently reside in Hamilton, Ontario. Today I had received a speeding ticket in Lewiston NY- work zone 58 in a 45. The officer had used a radar gun for this. There were no workers present outside only the cop sitting to the side of the road.

    My question is in what way should I go about it? Will this affect my insurance in Canada to go up? The court house is closed so I have no idea how much the ticket will cost not until sometime later next week.
    I have a clear driving history In Canada.

    My main concern is my insurance and points that would possibly go on my license etc.

    Hopefully that is enough information,

    1. This is a 3 point speed. If you plead guilty the max. fine is $393 and if you get another work zone conviction within 18 months they will suspend your NYS driving privileges. I cannot advise you on Canadian insurance consequences.

  116. I am canadian from Ontario in college in New York State. I got stopped last night while coming back home in Adams for going 80 in a 65 on the highway. I have a full g Lisence, no convictions of any sort in Canada or the USA. I am very worried and have no idea what to do. The officer told me I would be able to get a form of reduction which would help lower the cost of the fine. I want to just go ahead and pay the fine but I’m not sure if that’s the best idea or not. Can you please help explain all this and offer me some advice?

  117. Hello
    I was caught going 76 in a 55. I want to plea not guilty, how much is it to recieve your service and should i mail the letter back pleaing not guilty?

  118. How much will it cost me if I received a speeding ticket in New York State for going 13 mph over the posted speed limit. I’m Canadian so how will that affect my driving record in Canada. I’ve never received a speeding ticket in my 22 years of driving.

  119. I received and paid a speeding ticket in November 2011 in Clifton Park, NY. I have received a Driver Responsibility Assessment Statement claiming I owe $300. Since I have a Quebec driver’s license does this assessment apply to me?

    Also, the DMV does not have space to include my postal code. With no zip code on record, three (December 8th 2011, January 22nd 2012, December 8th 2012) of the four letters sent did not make their way to me before December 23rd 2013. My license is now suspended in NY State and I was not aware until December 23th 2013. Someone at the DMV sent the missing statements to me by writing an envelope by hand on December 24th 2013.

    1. Kathleen,
      You are required to pay any driver assessment fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles in NY, even if you have a Quebec license. If you need more information, contact us at 888-434-0406. Thanks!

  120. I am a Canadian from Toronto and received a ticket on 3rd of January for travelling 85 MPH in a 65 MPH zone , on I-81 N, Cortlandville, Town of -1251, Cortland, NY. My driving record is clean. I was in hurry for the nearest exit/gas station because my wife needed to go to washroom urgently. I never got any speeding ticket in Canada or USA. It was 1st time in my life. What is the fine? Is it worth fighting or should I just send in a guilty plea and explaining the reason for the speeding as I mentioned above?

    1. Mohammad,
      This ticket is a high 4 point offense with a max fine of $300 and an additional $93 surcharge fee, which does not include the possible increases to your auto insurance rates. Please call us today for a free consultation so you can better understand your options with this ticket! Our number is 888-434-0406 – we look forward to hearing from you.

  121. Hi, I received a speeding ticket back in 2003 in New York State ($693). I have never returned to the U.S since then and the fine remains unpaid. Will I get stopped at the border and denied entry to the U.S because of it? Even if I am not driving to NY? If I will be denied entry, what can I do?

    1. Jeremy,
      Traffic tickets that remain unpaid can result in further issues with the law. Your best course of action is making sure your license is free and clear of any suspensions. If you need more information you can call one of our attorneys to discuss your case at 888-434-0406, all the best!

  122. Recently visited New York and I got pulled over by a sheriff for driving 81 mph in 65 zone.
    I was wondering how the charge would be converted into Canadian law if I plead guilty (seeing as how I broke the law and went over fast)
    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

    1. Brian,
      You are looking at a 4 point offense that will transfer against your Canadian license under the reciprocal agreement. If you have us fight the case for you we can possibly save you money in fines, points and help keep your license in good shape! Please call us today for a free consultation at 888-434-0406. Looking forward to helping you.

  123. I picked up an 84-65 ticket heading through buffalo. my first state side ticket. the “ticket” has no fine marked so i am guessing it is decided at a later date, I have until the 14th to get in contact with them and a possible trip back down to deal with it. Any help would be great.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You are looking at a 4 point offense in New York with a maximum fine of about $300 and possible court and dmv surcharges. We can fight your case for you without you having to go to court. Please call us today for a free consultation at 888-434-0406.

    1. Hi LD,
      You should definitely fight your ticket because the points and violation will affect your Quebec license. If you need more information our attorneys can give you a consultation free of charge! Call today and let us help you fight your case, 888-434-0406.

  124. I got a speeding ticket at Leroy travelling at 90 MPH at 65 MPH zone. What is the fine and the demerit point deduction? How much do you charge and how much fine and demerit point deduction can you reduced? Thanks.

  125. I am Canadian and received a ticket on 29th of December for travelling 72 MPH in a 55 MPH zone , state road 30, in Town of Tupper Lake, county Franklin. My driving record is clean. What is the fine? Is it worth fighting or should I just send in a guilty plea?

  126. Hello, I got pulled over on my way to the Canadian border in New York state I-81.
    I did not know how fast I was going as it was my first time driving in USA and did not understand clearly the KM to Miles transition and I was going to the flow of traffic. Officer told me I was going 70 in a 40.
    I’ve never had a speeding ticket before.
    What can i expect and would you or anybody be able to truly help me get this reduced?

  127. Hello,

    Last year I received a ticket in Chatham, New York. The ticket was failing to change lanes for a parked emergency vehicle. I was completely unaware of this requirement as it was new to me. However, I did slow down significantly for the stopped officer. Even still, he came to find me and ticketed me. Unfortunately, they said the only way to deal with it is to come to Chatham, between 6-9pm on a Wednesday. Thats ridiculous as I’d have to drive 9 hours just to go for a 3 hour window. I requested the fine so I can pay it, but the courthouse mentioned I must appear in court so the Judge appoints a fine.

    It is my understanding that my license is now suspended in the state of New York, as I “failed” to show in court. Please do advise as to what I can do, or what can be done in order to drive in New York again. Being from Toronto, I’d like to go shop and visit etc.

    Please let me know if you require and further information.

    Thank you,


  128. Ticketed doing 90 in a 65 on Nov 25. on I-90 Westbound by New York State police near the town of Sheridan.
    I don’t want to plead guilty.
    I am from Ontario, so what are the consequences in my home province?
    I don’t know what the fine is. Can you tell me?
    I’d like to know your fee for representing me and what can I do.

    1. That is a 6 point offense with a max fine of $393 and $300 DRA penalty. The consequences are that the speeding conviction would transfer to Ontario and they would sentence you to the number of demerit points that they assess for this kind of offense.

  129. Hi, My husband got a speeding ticket on Nov.11, 2013 on the I-90 WB going 78 in a 65 zone (German Flats County of Herkimer). We were coming home to Toronto from New York City. He was going with the flow of traffic and didn’t realise he was speeding. Should he plea guilty? What would the fine be and does he lose points on his Ontario licence? He has a clean record and is a mature driver!

  130. Hello,
    I have received a Speeding ticket going 59mph in a 30mph (it was a downhill sectiom) in Wyoming county in new York state. What kind of fines/penalties am I looking to face if I plead guilty? ($$ and amount of points?). What should i do? Thanks

  131. Hi, I recently got a ticket on Thursday for going 80mph in a 65mph zone. The cop told me that it was three points on my record and I live in Quebec. Would it be two or three points? Because I already lost five and have three left, not sure if I should pay the ticket or make a not guilty plea

  132. Hi my friend got a ticket (speeding 83/65). She sent “not guilty plea” to North Dansville Town Court and received a letter yesterday. He court date is Dec 4. How can you help to minimize the loss (fine and points)? Appreciate your immediate attention.

  133. i got a speeding ticket going at 88 in 65 zone. police said when he polled me over, i was driving 88, i clearly remembered driving at 120 km/h when he pulled. my dash display does not convert mph to kmph. based on your website, i could get $393 plus 6 points, transferred to Ontario, that is 4 demerit points. anything you can do to help?

  134. Received a ticket for travelling 70 MPH in a 55MPH zone on the I290 EB, Tonawanda, on October 4th. Is it worth fighting or should I just send in a guilty plea?

  135. I just got a ticket for speeding in NY state near Ellicottville. I was speeding only to overtake a car for a few seconds. The officer said that I was going at 75 miles in a 55 mile zone but it was only to pass a slow moving car. The ticket carries 4 points and I have to send it to a court here. I have an Ontario license and no offence ever in the 10 years i have been driving in North America. Can you help me understand what I might have gotten into in terms of trouble? What are your fees?

  136. I got a speeding ticket on Friday (Oct. 11) afternoon on I-90 going 74 on 55 zone in West Seneca.
    According to your website info, I’ll get 4 demerit points plus fines.
    And apparently I had an outstanding ticket that I didn’t pay from the 90’s??? and the officer gave me another ticket for Unlicensed Operator (Section Sub-Section 5091).
    Is there demerit point for this too? And what would be the fines?

  137. I received a speeding ticket in Diana Town, New York State by a State Policeman. Speed of 47mph in a 30mph zone. I’ve never had a ticket before and my abstract driving record is clear in Ontario. Unfortunately, I forgot about it. The offence occurred 18th April 2012. I am going to the Finger Lakes for Christmas and do not want any problems. How can I get this problem resolved.

  138. I requested an answer to my question of Sept. 26th. regarding a speeding ticket I received April 18th, 2012.
    All I have received is a comment that my comment is in moderation. Could you please explain.

  139. received a 70mph in 55mph on I-90 in West Seneca, NY on oct 2/13, officer thanked me for pulling over promptly and not lying about speed, said he would not object to reduction and realized I was not from area; told me if I pleaded guilty ticket could not be reduced; court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 25; is this something you could assist me with ?

  140. if you pleaded guilty for speeding in new york while living in toronto and the due date to pay the fine is just passed 3 days, can you still do something since i was not speeding intentionally because i thought the sign is 40 KM not in miles as in Canada. the question is, can u do something about it and your fee will be less than the fine?

  141. I had received a speeding ticket on the way to New York and was told to fill out if I was guilty or not guilty and mail it in. The problem is, I lost the ticket before I was able to mail it in and its been almost 3 years since the incident. I did not receive anything in the mail and I don’t know who to contact about this incident or what to do. What can I do about this and would I have a warrant out for me?

  142. According to this article, there are only two provinces inn canada that have Reciprocity With New York.
    Are there provinces in canada where there is no Reciprocity With New York?

  143. My speed was 70 mph, on 55 mph limit. I got court date letter from the court. is there any chance for get reduce fine or forgiven by justice

  144. Was caught speeding in northern NY State (Plattsburgh) THIS IS MY FIRST violation in almost 30 years of driving and really don’t want to tarnish my record. Please call me on my cell (514) 627-1870 if you can assist me.
    I have yet to submit my plea.
    I also left voice mail message.

  145. I would like to use your services however before I found your website I had already filled out the guilty section of the ticket and placed an “x” over the not guilty portion. Can you still fight the traffic ticket for me?

  146. I am a canadian citizen with Ontario driving license and got a speeding ticket in New York state yesterday afternoon. The officer said I was driving at 84mph on a 65mph zone. The officer gave me the ticket and told me to sign it and send it back to the court once I go back to canada. How do I deal with that ticket? Should I sign and send to the court to see what the fine is and afterwards talk to the traffic ticket lawyer or represent a lawyer now.

    1. We represent Canadians all the time who are concerned about the speed going on their driving record. We should be able to get you a very good result. Call me to discuss. – Adam Rosenblum

  147. Hello,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my message.

    I am Canadian and I hold a Quebec drivers’s license. I was driving a rental car from New York city to Montreal, in July 2012. I got stopped by the police on the motorway near the border for going 72 miles per hour on a 65 miles road. I was given a piece of paper that I had to fill out, and post to the County. I did it, pleading guilty.

    They afterwards sent a few letters at my Canadian address, asking me to pay about 250$ and fax my credit card number.

    I completely forgot about it, and I now live in Germany. I initiated the process of converting my Quebec driver’s license to a German one and will get it quite soon (it’s done through a deal between the two countries, I don’t need to take a new test here). So effectively, I won’t hold the Quebec license anymore..

    Basically, my question is… Is it really a big deal if I just forget about the fine? Could I get problems at the border?

    Thanks again,


    1. Hello,
      Not fighting a traffic ticket is never the smart route as this can be a problem somewhere down the line. If you would like to resolve the matter we can help you fight your traffic ticket and get the points and fines reduced. The best part is you won’t be required to come to court for the appearance. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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