Canadian Driver With NY Traffic Tickets FAQ

If a Canadian driver is ticketed for speeding in NY, should he just plead guilty and pay the fine to avoid the hassle of having to appear in court?

No!  Pleading guilty means paying large fines and accumulating point or demerits.  Plead “Not Guilty” and call the NY traffic attorneys at The Rosenblum Law Firm at 888-434-0406.  In most cases, our team of aggressive NY traffic lawyers will appear for you so you will not have to travel to court and miss a day of work.

If a resident of Quebec or Ontario is convicted of speeding in New York State does he have to worry about points or demerits?

Yes. The Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) issue demerit points for a Canadian driver who is convicted of NY traffic violation.  Under a special agreement, Ontario and Quebéc share information with New York State about traffic violations and transfer points and demerits between countries.

For a New York speeding ticket issued to a Quebec driver, the number of demerits given by the SAQ depends on the speeding violation.  For example, a speeding ticket for driving 80mph in a 65mph zone would translate to 2 demerit points. A speeding ticket for driving 90mph in a 55mph zone would translate to 10 demerit points.

For an Ontario driver convicted of a speeding ticket in NY, the MTO applies demerit points as if the offense occurred in Ontario.  Following is a chart:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by 16 to 29 km/h                  3 Demerits
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 30 to 49 km/h                  4 Demerits
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h or more             6 Demerits
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If the ticketed driver lives in Ontario or Quebec, can he just ignore the NY speeding ticket?

Ignoring any New York traffic ticket can lead to a suspension of your driving privileges in New York and in Ontario or Quebec.  According to New York Vehicle Traffic and Vehicle Law (VTL) 226(3) declares that if a person fails to appear at a hearing, his driver’s license, registration or driving privileges may be suspended.  Under New York State’s agreement to share traffic violations with Ontario and Quebec, if  New York suspends a Canadian’s privilege to drive in NY, the suspension may be extended to Ontario and Quebec.

If you have received a New York speeding ticket, what should I do?

Call an aggressive NY traffic attorney such as Adam Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm.  Our team of experienced NY traffic lawyers will appear for you so you do not have to miss work or travel.  In addition, in most cases we can negotiate a more favorable outcome by plea-bargaining to a reduced charge that involves fewer points (demerits) and lower fines.  Call 888-434-0406 today to speak to an attorney.


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