Amherst, Tonawanda, and Cheektowaga Cashing in on NY Speeding Tickets

New York State data on the amount of money collected in traffic fines reveals that certain local communities have received significantly more fines than others.

For instance, the area receiving the least amount of revenue was Grand Island, which got only $166,000 in fines. Similarly, in the town of Lancaster, last year’s fine revenue totaled $231,000.

Amherst, NY police car
An Amherst, NY police car. Police in Amherst generated over $1.4 million in revenue in 2013 from traffic tickets. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Clarence received $500,000 worth of revenue for traffic infractions within its borders and the town of Hamburg took in $550,000.

However, Cheektowaga has a stretch of road that notoriously gives out the most speeding tickets in all of New York State.

Seven miles of I-90 produced nearly 6,000 traffic tickets and Cheektowaga’s total traffic ticket revenue was just short of >$1 million last year.

On I-290 in Tonawanda, nearly 4,000 speeding tickets were given out, pushing the total amount of traffic ticket revenue brought in to the town reached over $1.4 million.

However, Amherst raked in even a bit more than Tonawanda. Amherst raised $1,452,412 in traffic ticket revenue just last year alone!

In an attempt to disassociate himself from the amount of money generated from the tickets he issues, one New York State Trooper said, “It’s not up to myself … That is done by the actual town, village or city court judge, or traffic violations bureau judge, or the department of motor vehicles.”

Additionally, the trooper fleshed out the hidden costs of a NY speeding ticket: “If they’re convicted of say going 76 mph in a 55, their fine might be $115, their surcharge would be $88 and then the department of motor vehicles would assess them $100 a year for three years because of those high speeds.

He continued, “So, in essence, that fine ends up being $503 after 36 months … It’s gonna be expensive.”

Obviously, the best defense against NY speeding fines is not getting the ticket in the first place. However, if you do end up get pulled over for speeding, you know who to call.

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