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With New Jersey being in such close proximity to New York then you are not alone if you were handed a traffic ticket while commuting to work or spending a weekend in the City. With so much traveling between the states, many motorists receive various traffic tickets without fully understanding how it affects their license New Jersey license.

For A NJ Driver, Is It Worth Fighting A New York Ticket?

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Most New Jersey drivers are under the impression that points do not transfer for a speeding ticket or for other moving violation tickets received in New York. The reason most drivers believe this to be the case is because they don’t think states communicate regarding traffic violations. Unfortunately for those drivers this could not be further from the truth. Forty five states across America have made an agreement between each other to communicate traffic violations between each other under the Driver’s License Compact.The purpose of the Driver’s License Compact is to promote driver’s to have one license at a time and to ensure that the state that issues the driver’s license to have a complete record of the motorists past and future driving history.

This means that the home state that gave you your license will have a clear picture of what traffic ticket convictions you have on your record from other states. Your home state then will impose points and communicate this to your insurance company. The insurance company can use this information when deciding on issuing you a policy or raising your current rates.

NY Speeding Ticket Fines vs. NJ Speeding Ticket Fines

Do Points Transfer From NY to NJ?

Yes, motor vehicle points  do transfer from NY to NJ. New Jersey drivers who receive a ticket in New York should fight their speeding tickets and moving violations because both New York and New Jersey are members of the Driver’s License Compact and communicate traffic violations between each other.

How Many Points Transfer To My NJ License From My New York Traffic Violation?

Each state has different rules on how points will transfer between the states. A New Jersey driver that is convicted of a moving violation in New York will be given 2 points by New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). This point transfer is regardless of how many points New York assigns to the violation and assumes that New Jersey has a similar or like offense within its laws.

Violations committed in other states not including New York will also lead to a 2 point transfer for the offense to your New Jersey State license. States that are not included in the Driver’s License Compact include Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin. If you receive a ticket in one of these states then the information will not be communicated to New Jersey and the points will stay off your record.

Should I Consult With An Attorney About My New York State Traffic Ticket?

Cities and states across the nation are struggling due to a down economy. Unfortunately what this means is that police officers are now pulling people over for moving violations at an increased rate to not only keep roads safe but also generate revenue. Officers are less likely now to let you off with a simple warning and are ready to hand out speeding tickets for driving even a few miles over the speed limit.
Before you think about pleading guilty and paying the fine for a New York State traffic violation you should contact an attorney to discuss your matter. Points can have a significant impact on your insurance rates so it is always worth making sure you keep a clean driving record, even when the offense happens out of state.
Call or email The Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation about your traffic ticket in New York.

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  1. Hello,
    I got pulled over by police officer for speeding on Staten Island highway 276 . Posted speed limit is 50mph and my speedometer was showing 60mp/h. There was another vehicle driving much faster. Before all this happened the police officer was on the shoulder taking care of some traffic violation done by other driver. Suddenly he left the shoulder and accelerated and I though he is going the get the vehicle that was passing me with much faster speed and I was wrong, officer slowed down and got behind me and pulled me over, He stated that I was speeding 75 mph on 50 mph zone. I told him it is impossible and he said “ok” and returned to his vehicle with my documents. After approx. 20 minutes he came back to my vehicle and handed me the ticked that stated me driving 75 mph! I started asking him a question but he completely ignored me and walked away to his vehicle and drove away. I never experienced such a ignorance from the cop. Is there any way I can prove that he got a wrong guy speeding 75 mph. I already have 2 points on my driver license from June last year and I really don’t want my insurance to go up because of some officer wrong judged me and stated that I was speeding 75mph where I actually I was doing 60mph. Is there any way they cloud drop my points to zero and what would be the fine.
    Thank you.

    • Tom – as there is no negotiation in this court system, there will either be a guilty or not-guilty verdict. The burden of proof is on the officer to illustrate that you were, in fact, the individual that was speeding. Any mention of other cars speeding in the area will not help your case.

  2. Hello, just read your informative article after I got a speeding ticket the morning. I was given a ticket in Binghamton, NY on RT 81 for going 85 in a 55. I am a NJ licensed driver. As best as I can tell from your article, I I opt to plead guilty, I will have to pay the NY fine of an undetrermined amount and may receive 2 points on my NJ license. My thought is just to pay the fine after all 2 points is not bad. I have no other points on my license and haven’t had any moving violations in over 30 years. It would probably cost more in time and inconvenience to fight the ticket?????

    • Tom,

      With this ticket you are facing 6 points in New York, a separate 2 points in New Jersey, up to $393 court fee, a $300 DMV surcharge fee and approx 25% increase in your insurance rates. Based on the severity of the penalties that would be imposed, I highly recommend you fight this ticket.

  3. I recently was pulled over for doing 89 in a 65 but the ticket was issued for 74, only 9 over. the fine is 85 with 2 points. I can take defensive driving and wipe out those points. is it worth fighting?

    • JD – where did you receive this ticket? New York does not have 2 point speeding tickets so I need to clarify what you are specifically being charged with.

  4. Hello,
    I received a ticket for 86 in a 65 zone. Interstate on I90 near Victor Town, Ontario County NY. I am NJ driver. The police told me 84 MPH but ticket received is 86. Difficult to argue on this point. 86 is 6 points in NYC but 84 may be lower. Should I plea not guilty? How hard to fight this ticket to lower my points? I have never gotten any tickets in any states in US with almost 6 years driving in both California and NJ.
    How can you help me to fight this ticket? What is the estimate charge from you and process?

    • Dennis – As you correctly state, you were unfortunately given a ticket in the higher bracket – namely for 6 points. This ticket, including assessment fees, will cost approximately $693. NJ will assess 2 points for this violation. Additionally, your insurance rates will likely be impacted. I can assist you contest this violation, and would be happy to discuss any additional questions you may have. You may contact me at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation.

  5. I blew off a ticket in Brooklyn and my NY driving privlage was suspended. Am I legal to still drive in NJ. I am a NJ resident with a NJ driving license with no prior points…

    • Patrick – The suspension from NY will transfer to NJ – thus preventing you from driving in NJ. You must resolve any underlying issues with NY asap to protect your driving privileges.

  6. Hello!
    NJ driver here, I received a ticket for doing 89 in a 65 zone, interstate off of Marathon. I’m aware that this leads to 6 points in NYS, but how many transfer over, and what is the monetary fine? Also, I am looking to plea not guilty, but I need to drive another 4/5 hours to make it back up there and would like to know if there is a way to have the appearance a little closer to home?

    • Tom – This violation will result in 6 points on your NY record, as well as 2 points onto your NJ record. There is also a $393 fine associated with this violation, along with a $300 driver responsibility assessment fee. Feel free to reach out to us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation.

  7. Hi
    I am a NJ driver who got a ticket for using a handheld device. NY assesses 5 points for that but NJ doesn’t consider it a moving violation and has no points. Will anything happen to my NJ license?

    • Michael – Assuming you do not have any prior cell phone violations in NJ, NJ should not assess points against your license. However, insurance companies often raise rates due to cell phone tickets committed in other states.

  8. Hello,
    I am a NJ licensed driver who has never been pulled over before – I have been driving for 5 years. I received a speeding ticket in Lake George for going 80 on a 65. (My speedometer read 75 at most but I guess at this point that is besides the point.) What will be my consequences – and do you recommend pleading not guilty and taking this to trial? I live about 6 hours from Lake George. Thank you.

    • Veronica – you are facing a 4 point ticket in NY – 2 of which will transfer to NJ. The penalty for this violation is $393, along with a subsantial increase in insurance rates. We can fight this ticket on your behalf, without the need for your personal appearance in court.

  9. Just got a ticket in NYC for “unposted speed limit exceeded” 37 in a 25. I was pretty much going with the flow, no signs stating the spped limit…How on earth is this legal? How should I proceed?

    • Hugo – the ‘unposted limit’ in NY was recently changed to 25 mph – as part of Vision Zero. Unfortunately, going ‘with the flow of traffic’ is no a defense to speeding. Since speeding is a strict liability offense, the only way to fight your ticket is by illustrating that you were not, in fact, speeding. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case in further detail.