Speeding In A School Zone in NY

School zone sign

Anyone who lives near a school in NY or NJ knows what a school zone is. These areas – usually the street in front of or surrounding an elementary school or similar institution – feature unique road laws that mandate drivers to slow down to speeds of around 15 to 20 miles per hour. For some, these laws are the very definition of annoying, requiring abrupt and often undesired deceleration, but the logic behind them is simple and sound. Anyone who has children knows how scary the possibility of a road accident is – a car careening down a quiet suburban street, striking children at play in front of their homes is no imaginary threat.

These laws exist to protect our children and ensure they can cross in front of or around their schools without fear of injury. Because they secure the safety of our children, they enjoy widespread support and are likely to stick around as permanent fixtures of traffic law for a long time. The point is, they exist and will exist, and a sensible driver will obey these laws or suffer the consequences, which can and often be very steep.

Any time you drive at a speed higher than the speed posted for that area, you are in violation of state law. Obviously this remains the case in school zones, which often post their unique speed limits right around the school that is protected. Smart drivers will notice these speed limits, come to anticipate them in future trips around those areas and make sure to abide by those limits when they appear next. They will also notice when these speed laws are in force – school zone speed limits are often not in force all day and night, usually only requiring decreased speeds from times between 7 am to 7 pm, or similar time frames.

So What Are The Fines and Penalties For Speeding in A School Zone ?

Penalties are, as you can imagine, typically expensive and come in the form of fines or similar punishments.  But that’s not the end of the story. In New York State, ignoring the posted speed limit near a school can actually carry the possibility of jail time. The extent of the punishment is related to by how much the posted speed limit was violated.

For example, if someone is 10 miles above the posted speed limit they will be assessed 3 points and a $300 fine with an $85 surcharge.

If they speed above 10 mph, they begin to face the possibility of jail time, ranging from 15 days in jail. They can also face fines up to $600 dollars in fines with an $85 surcharge. As it is becoming increasingly obvious, it does not pay to speed near a school.

If you’ve racked up significant penalties as a result of speeding near a school, it is highly recommend that you consult a legal professional as soon as possible. An experienced traffic attorney – like the attorneys at the Rosenblum Law Firm, know how to navigate the legal system and secure the best results for their clients.


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6 thoughts on “Speeding In A School Zone in NY

  1. Chelsea

    Hi, I just recieved my first speeding ticket, the cop says I was goin 82 in a 65, i honestly wouldn’t know I wasn’t paying attention. He asked where I was headed and where I was coming from, and I answered. Then he asked what I was doing in the town I came from, asked about the relationship I had with this person, and asked for the persons name. Then he asked if had cigarettes in the car, I said yes and he asked if they were in cartons. I don’t understand why he asked me so many questions. Did he have to right to ask all those? And do I plead not guilty even if I was speeding? I have never had a speeding ticket before. So any help would be appreciated!

  2. Mark

    Received a ticket 9/25 from a state trooper on I-90 for 75 in a 65 – he told me he clocked me doing 83 and attests that his distance was 726ft – There were vehicles both in front and behind me, despite him attesting that I was lead car in the middle lane, and I had been going approximately 65 until reaching a vehicle in the right that had rapidly decelerated to take an exit. I changed lanes and within seconds had a pickup truck rapidly approach – I accelerated to compensate and switched lanes back before slowing down. I didn’t exceed 75 but while I was being “clocked” there was a pickup truck with a trailer, that had seconds prior been tailgating me, passing me after returning to my lane.

    I am curious, not specifically what my fine will be, but what the general cost would be to fight the ticket?

  3. Lisa

    I’m from Quebec and I got a ticket for doing 55mph in a 45mph zone just passed the US border in NY. It was in a construction zone on a Saturday and no one was working. How much is this going to cost me?

  4. Will

    I’m an English driver over in NY for the summer/fall, I got a ticket for going 79 in a 55 work zone, I was sure it was 65 and I’d sped up to overtake a driver who was swerving in and out of the lane, just after I saw the police car the work zone became obvious. I was on my way from Stamford CT to Ottawa, this incident happened in Jefferson County and the court is Adams Town. Would really appreciate some advice.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Will – I suggest you find this ticket as it is a 6 point ticket, that has a fine of $693, along with an assessment fee of $300. You may contact us for a free consult.

  5. victor

    I got a ticket that said 164 with no decimals so does that mean i pay 1.64 or 164.00 . and no where its written in letters . this was in orlando fl

  6. Kim

    hi there, I am UK resident, I stopped by police, recived speeding ticket 86 on the 65 zone, don’t know what should I do?
    Any suggestion please
    Thank you

  7. Jesse

    Hello Adam,

    I was issued a “cellphone” ticket the other day. I was changing a song on my iPhone in traffic (cars couldn’t have been moving faster than 15-20 miles an hour). This is my second cell phone ticket in a year. I pleaded guilty to the first, but this one I feel that I was wrongly ticketed. Any advice for dealing with this ticket. I don’t quite understand the point system in NY, being that these two tickets happened in an 18 month period.

    Thanks, Jesse

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Jesse – if you receive 11 points in any 18 month period, your license will be suspended. Furthermore, it is illegal to use an electronic portable device while operating a vehicle.

      1. Dan

        Hello Adam,

        I received a speeding ticket this morning driving through Central Park in NYC. He said he clocked me at 49 in a 25mph zone. I understand that this is a 6 point ticket, and to make matters much worse, I plead guilty to a cell phone ticket this time last year (6 points). I’m concerned I will lose my license. I am eligible to take the point reduction class. I also don’t see the specific court to go to, it lists many at the bottom with none circled.

        Thank you,

        1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

          Dan – Due to the serious consequences that can result from this ticket, I strongly suggest you contact us to discuss this case in further detail. While the cell phone violation is a 5 – not 6 point ticket, you are still at risk for a license suspension if found guilty on the speeding ticket.

  8. Andy

    I am 25, this is my first ticket, I was driving home at around 2 am along a major avenue in which the speed limit was 35, I am sure i was going the speed limit, at one given point I did go around a guy who was going much below the speed limit since it was late and I needed to get home for many reasons. Once I passed the guy I slowed back down (I personally do not believe at any point that I was going faster than 35), I then made a turn and continued to drive along the road, got pulled over, and he claimed I was going 56 and when I asked to see if he clocked me he ignored my question. What can I do?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Andy – I strongly suggest you fight this ticket as the consequences are severe. Without knowing which court is handling your case, I can not advise you further, as there are different procedures throughout NY State.

  9. Abhijit

    Hi, I was given a ticket for driving 80 mph in 65 mph speed zone day before yesterday (9/20) at 8 pm. Tkt says for pleading NOT guilty, I need to mail the NOT guilty form within 48 hrs which is just over now (today 9/22) as I was busy at work. What can be done now? Should I plead guilty or plead not guilty? Please help.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Abhijit – you are facing a 4 point ticket that has fines of $393 along with an impact on your insurance rates. Therefore, I suggest you plead not guilty to avoid/mitigate these consequence.

  10. Cherleen

    not sure if you can still answer my question, but i would like to give a try. I have received a speeding ticket, and I was speeding at 90miles/h in 70 zone. I did not know you can fight it off, plus I don’t have time to stay in the state, so I decided to pay the bill. However, After I pay the bill, they just sent me another letter, saying that I have to pay for responsibility assessment . Up to this point, I felt frustrated as I dont have that much budget on the speeding tickets. I am wondering if I am able to clear my record at this point? what should I do ?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Charleen – it is possible to withdraw a guilty plea after it has been submitted by filing a motion with the court. We would be able to help you if you are interested.

  11. wrong town ticket

    I was recently issued a ticket in the wrong town. I was involved in an accident in one town but the officer issued the ticket to report to a court in a different town (they each have their own). Would this be grounds for dismissal?

  12. Luke

    got 3 separate tickets lately for making a left turn out of right straight lane only (16st & 6 ave)
    at that time I was driving rented 20ft- bed truck and had to go from other/right lane to make that left turn safe
    they(cops) see me, make a U-turn and obvious happens
    got slapped with :
    1128A- an safe lane chang *
    1163a – imp turn *
    ???? – faild yield ped* (cant read offense number due to poor hand writing skills)
    *all mentioned above are original writing
    as he handed me tickets and license back he mentioned “if I were You I would go to court”
    What the hell that supposed to mean ?
    does it make sense to fight it or I pay these anyway + will get poionts + court fees ??

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Luke – the officer is suggesting you fight these 3 tickets. I would not plead guilty, as there are significant consequences for these violations. You may contact us to discuss these in detail.

  13. Mike

    Hello I received a speeding ticket for going 75 in a 65. Was a speed trap setup at the bottom of a steep hill. What would be the fines and points given by this? I hold an ontario license

  14. Ryan


    I’m a New Jersey driver who got a ticket in Harrison, New York for going 65 in a 40 zone. The thing is, I am 100% sure I was not going that fast, especially when I passed the cop. I also do not believe that he clocked me because of the way his car was facing and when I asked him when I did 65 he responded with “when you passed my car”. But, when I passed his car I’m 100% certain that I was going 45. Is there any way to fight this to at least lower the fine or take off some points?

  15. Kallinga

    Hi Adam,

    I am driving back to Maryland and I was on Route 88, I wan just trying to over take a vehicle and I got speeding ticket for driving 86 mph on a 65 mph way. 21 miles more. I got this ticket yesterday and they asked me to plead guilty or not guilty by mail. What could be the points and fine and how far you think you can be of help?

  16. Cindy

    Was traveling on 90W and got pulled over for going 79 in a 65 in Fredonia NY. I live in Ohio and have a spotless driving record. Was trying to pass a semi when I got clocked. What am I looking at in terms of a fine and my Ohio license? Is it worth fighting. Don’t know if it makes a difference, but I was keeping up with traffic.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Cindy – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries a fine of $393. While we can not advise you on OH law, the violation will transfer, thus impacting your insurance. Going with the flow of traffic, while a common argument we hear, will not assist you in your speeding ticket.

  17. Steve

    I received a speeding ticket in mass I’m a licensed driver in ny. I did not pay it. Can mass suspend my ny drivers license for non-payment of the fine ?

  18. Alice

    My husband received 3 tickets in NYC, 2 of which have cross streets that do not exist where the incident apparently happened (speeding, not using blinker). Can he fight this or are they considered clerical errors?

  19. Justin Sohan

    I accidently pleaded guilty to a speeding ticket. I’m assuming there’s no way to change to not guilty, right?

  20. Sam

    I was traveling 67 mph in a work zone 45 mph in NY state. I have a NJ license. Does the insurance points carry over to NJ? If so, who would like to help me fight this? If not, is it best to just pay the fine and not be caught in NY again?

  21. Boris Primak

    I have NYS driving license, got ticket in OH for making 89 at 70 zone, and I was driving the car which is NOT belonging to me, and car is registered in NJ. What will happen with car insurance and my license if I do not pay? I am 72 years old, 1 week ago got renewed license for 8 years.

  22. Sinski

    Hi, while passing through New York towards Canada I got a speeding ticket of going 58mph in a 30mph zone. I’m from Ontario. I’m under 25 and I heard that the driving record gets wiped clean at the age of 25. Do you know how true is this? Will it be wiped forever? Should I just pay the ticket and let it get wiped or should I fight it?

    Also are cops in the States able to check the Canadian driving record? I have a small speeding ticket that I fought before and got it reduced to 15km/h with no points.

    What do you recommend?

    Thank you!

  23. Maria Paccone

    I got a speed ticket this afternoon in school zone, I play no guilty and send them a note, the officer said that I was go 35mph but he wrote 36mph.Do I need a lower for this? thank you

  24. milind

    I going 24 mph over the speed limit of 65. As I know this is a 6 point ticket which has a maximum fine of $393, plus a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300. I responded with plea of guilty and got a letter with just $100 fine and $93 court fee. The letter doesn’t mention any other fees like DRA(which is $300)

    Prior to this ticket my driving history was clean without any kind of violation.

    What might have happened? Whether I have been charged with less fine ?

  25. Andrey

    I have a CT license and got a ticket in NY on I-95 driving 75 in 55 mph zone. Should I plead guilty or fight? I believe, points will not be added for out-of-state violations but how big my fine could be? What are implications for my insurance rates? How much a lawyer can cost for such case?

  26. Michele Prince

    9/16/2015 – OGDEN – Monroe County NY
    Speeding in Zone 83 in 65
    Receive deposition at time of citation.
    Recently took Driver Safety Course to reduce Insurance Rates
    Had cruise control on and van in front was going 77 mph based on deposition

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Michele – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries a maximum fine of $393, along with an impact on your insurance rates. You may contact us with any questions you might have.

  27. Joe

    I received a ticket 1180A, unreasonable and not prudent speed but a speeding violation was not indicated on the ticket

    The officer indicated my speed was 60 in a 30 that has not effect on the points right since I was not charged with speeding?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Speed not reasonable and prudent is NY V&T Law section 1180(a) which is $150 plus an $85 surcharge, with 3 points to your license. For more information on Speed Not Reasonable and Prudent tickets, visit here.

  28. Manoj Jadhav

    I have NJ DL, and got ticket in tully,NY. I was caught by state police at I-81 highway. I was going on 83 MPH on a 65 MPH limit. while asking, I said, i was going approx 70MPH or may be little more as i was checking my GPS. I want to know how many point and fine will for that ticket.
    Is it worth to fight a ticket or what will be good advice ?

    As i am far from that place so cant go there in person to fight ticket.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are being charged with a 4 point ticket that has a fine of $300 and $85-93 surcharge. I suggest you fight this ticket. You should definitely consult with our firm to better understand your options. We can fight this ticket to help keep your record clean and avoid the points. The best part is you won’t have to come to court. Give us a call at 888-883-5529

  29. rochele

    L’shana Tova!!-Lets hope its a good one for all!!!! I need some help here.
    I received a speeding ticket in Queens in July. It is for 6 points and 21 miles over the limits (42 in a 25 zone). I live out of state and was visiting my dad (who is a survivor) in the hospital. I was driving a rental car. The ticket is completely illegible with incorrect name and address. The tickets has not shown up on the DMV website because all the information is incorrect. I signed “not guilty” and returned it hoping to fight it. I contacted the DMV and the woman said that it was returned to them because of an inadequate mailing address. She took my correct address and told me she would mail me paperwork to fill out so I did not have to return to NY for a court date. HA!! Yesterday, in the mail, I received a court date paper that has my wrong name and address on it. I again tried to find it on line to just pay it and end this mess and I cannot find anything. I have entered the information as they have recorded it and nothing. I have entered the correct information and nothing again. I am unsure as to how to proceed. My dad is very ill again and I am sure I will be coming back in to NY at some time but am afraid of letting this go and possibly having my license revoked or worse yet being arrested. I have a clean record. I didn’t know that NYC had recently lowered the speed limit on most city streets and there were no speed limit signs within the entire trip from my sisters house to the hospital. I was going with the flow of traffic and never meant to speed. There were speed limit signs a few miles after the ticketed spot and they stated 25 MPH and then a few blocks later stated 35MPH. Help how do I proceed with this mess. I am not even sure if they have my license number listed correctly because every aspect of the ticket was illegible. I don’t even know how much to pay. Please advice.
    Thank you in advance for your help,

  30. Johan valera

    Hi last night i got a speeding ticket doing 80 on a 50 thats my second ticket ever but the thing is i have court for another ticket on november i was doing 88 on a 55 so i want to know how bad its my situation.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      The tickets you are facing have severe consequences. The most recent ticket you are being charged is 30 miles over the speed limit, which is a 8 point ticket and a $600 fine plus an $85-93 surcharge. The ticket from November is also an 8 point infraction with harsh fines. By accumulating more than 11 points within 18 months, your license will be automatically suspended. Please call us at 888-883-5529 for assistance.

  31. Peter

    Mr. Rosenblum,
    I’m a Virginia license holder and received a speeding ticket for going 85 mph on 55 mph zone on the Taconic parkway. I was flowing with other traffic until I hit a speed trap just over the crest on a down hil curve.

    I found my misplaced ticked and missed a deadline to answer the court on 9/15/15.
    I don’t know what to do now. What are my options?
    Thank you,

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Because of the significant consequences associate with this ticket – 6 points, $393 in fines, $300 assessment charge, increased insurance rates – I strongly suggest you consider fighting this ticket.

  32. Andy bernal

    I recieved a ticket yesterday on highway 219 (near boston, NY) for goon 79 in a 65. The ticket does not pro ide a subsection as to my infraction. Would it be prudent to fight the ticket or pay the fine (Im military stationed near DC)?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are being charged with speeding 11 mph over the speed limit. This ticket has a $385 fine and you will receive 4 points on your driving record. This is in addition to an increase in your insurance rates. I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid/mitigate the consequences.

  33. Bobby


    About two weeks ago, I was driving to LI for my business. As I was coming off of the Throgs Neck Bridge, I was going with the flow of traffic and did not see any posted speed limit signs so I assumed (wrongly) that it was a 65 MPH zone. I was more concerned with the numerous pot holes on the highway and avoiding them. Low and behold, I see a NYC police highway patrol coming at me and was pulled over for doing 72 in a 50 MPH zone. Being a son of a NJ police officer with the PBA Shield and gold PBA card, I don’t speed often and was surprised that this officer issues me a summons. Being out of state, what am I looking at? I don’t currently have car insurance as I’m under my girlfriend’s policy (the car is in her name). Normally with parking and other tickets in NJ, I’d plead Not Guilty and talk to the prosecutor to erase or lower the fine.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are being charged with going 22 miles over the speed limit. This is a 6 point ticket, carrying a$300 fine plus an $85 mandatory surcharge and an increase in insurance rates. At 6 points the DMV charges you an additional fine called the DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment at $100 a year for 3 years. Points will transfer to your license in NJ. Give us a call for a free consult.

  34. SLAVA K

    S KS

  35. Aziz Kehila

    I have a ny license and I had a moving violation ( red light ) in nj . The statue number is 39 : 4 – 81. There s any point for that and that s could affect my insurance ? And then how long the points stay in record driving in nj ? Thank u

  36. Laurie

    Hello !

    This weekend, for the first time, I drove in the U.S.
    I unfortunately got a ticket for going at 72mph in a 55mph workzone.
    Since I am not familiar with the signalization of the country, I wasn’t aware of when the 55mph zone was starting (I thought it was starting with at the beginning of the workzone, not before).

    What am I facing and what should I do ?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are being charged with a 4 point speeding ticket, which is a $300 fine and an $85-93 surcharge. I suggest you have us fight it because of the points and potential loss of license due to the work zone.

  37. Lana

    Hello, my father got a ticket in New York state, he was driving from Plattsburgh to Montreal. He wasn’t speeding but the cop said that he was going 65mph in a 45mph zone (it was also a construction zone). He plead not guilty. What are out next steps? I know that we have to show up to court (which is next week). My father is a truck driver, this fact might be an issue too ( It is not suggested for truck drivers to get any ticket or even more to get points demerited? Please let me know what could be the consequences.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      I am sorry to hear about your father’s ticket. He was cited going 20 mph over the speed limit, which carries a $385 fine and 4 points. I would highly suggest hiring a lawyer to fight on your father’s behalf. If you were in a work zone you can be charged with VTL 1180f which means the total fine will double to $772 and demerit points will transfer to a Canadian license. It could also cause your father’s CDL license to be suspended. Contact us for a free consultation on how you can fight this ticket at 888-883-5529.

  38. Allison

    Hi I received a ticket for apparently going 45 in a 30 in Olean, I’m not from around here I just attend college here. It was my first time being pulled over and was written as “disobeyed traffic device” which I see will still add points to my license. Do you think it is possible to further reduce this to something without points or get it thrown out altogether?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Allison – I believe you have received a ‘roadside reduction.’ I do not believe you have received a speeding ticket, and suggest you contact us to discuss further.

  39. Dan

    I got pulled over on my motorcycle for improperly passing a car (4 point offense). The cop said he’d give me a break and charge me with riding between cars (2 point offense). Can I tell the judge the cop made an error on the violation code? Could they possibly end up charging me for the actual 4 point offense?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      I would take caution when questioning what the officer ended up charging you with on the ticket, as it appears he had attempted to ‘cut you a break.’ This is not to say that you should not fight this ticket – only to be cautious while presenting your defenses.

  40. Desiree

    I was pulled,over after making a pass a car going 50 in a 55. cop said I was going 73 when i passed in a 55. Is there any possible way to,defend myself against this ticket?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Yes – although how you would go about fighting this ticket depends on which court has jurisdiction over your case – which is based on the location of the incident.

  41. EA

    Hey Adam,

    I received a ticket for going 86 on a 55mph zone as I was trying to get back to return the rental I had that day. I had told the officer “I’m Sorry I was going too fast, I have to return the rental in by 11”. I didn’t realize I was going about 31 over the speed limit. I assumed I was about 15-20, But I had been going down hill so that’s why I may have picked up more speed. Is this ticket worth fighting? And how much would it be for?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      This 8 point ticket is worth fighting, as the fines are approximately $693, the assessment charge is $450, and the impact on your insurance is substantial. In order to provide any further information, I need more specific details. You may contact us for a free consultation.

  42. Jonathan Mann

    I just last night had gotten a speeding ticket for doing 98 In a 65 zone this was in some place called Wilton New York this is my first ticket and first time pulled over. He had originally clocked me at 94 and said he had followed me and I got up to 98. How many points will this be and how much would the fines be?

  43. tsherpa

    I was given a ticket for failure to yield to pedestrian. I was driving at less than 5 miles. it was making a right turn where the pedestrian had walk sign. I was halfway on the crossing when pedestrians starting walking. some waited for me to pass by as I was halfway making the turn. So I drove at less than 5 miles to pullover in that corner. Can I fight and win this.

  44. Mark vindman

    Adam I have a question I got a speeding ticket for doing 100 in a 55 in a work zone on route 17 in Sullivan county. But I have a New Jersey drivers license. That will only result in 2 points on my drivers license since it’s an out of state violation for me. Is it worth fighting the ticket or just paying it and taking the 2 points? How does that affect my insurance since it was an out of state violation that will only give me 2 points? This is my very first speeding ticket ever.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Mark – the speeding ticket you have received, aside from the significant financial penalties, will result in a license suspension in NY. This suspension will transfer over to NJ – and will thus result in a suspended license. Additionally, insurance rates will increase substantially for an offense such as this. I strongly suggest you fight this ticket to mitigate these consequences.

  45. Paul

    Hi. I got 85 in 65 ticked. I was in group of car led by speeding cop car for ~30 min. I moved to front of the group and moved to right lane to get closer to exit for bathroom break. Once I did that police car slowed and pulled behind me, collected my papers and returned with ticket without telling me about what I have done wrong. The court is 4 hours drive away. My cruise control was set at 74 and my speed could have temporarily increased while passing, but not to 85. Do I have change to get this thrown out?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Paul – while you do have the opportunity and ability to mitigate / eliminate the consequences of this ticket, I need to know which court is handling your case to advise you further.

  46. Gerry

    I got a ticket for failure to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle in Broome County. Basically, while I slowed down and gave an emergency vehicle on the shoulder of the highway a very wide berth, I did not move into the left lane when I allegedly could have. I did not know that I had to and saw no need to when I could pass the emergency vehicle with lots of room to spare. My ticket offers the option of providing a “statement of explanation.” If I do plead guilty but make such a statement, is the statement considered in assessing a penalty? In Ontario, we can plead guilty with an explanation and the Court can reduce our penalty. Do NY courts do the same? Are they inclined to do so for an out-of-state offender? Also, is the driver responsibility fine levied at the same time as the fine for the offense or is it only levied if there are more offences over the next three years?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Gerry – While the Court might consider your letter of explanation in assessing a fine, the issue here is truly the points. I suggest you plead not guilty and fight your ticket in order to prevent this ticket from impacting your record.

  47. Majedul islam bhuiyan

    Iam a canadian and I was driving on HWY I-81 N somwhere near Binghamton and posted speed limit as far as I know is 65 mph.But I got a speeding ticket for 85mph in a 55mph zone as the police said. May be somewhere a small portion was 55 mph but I could not see because it was very dark and raining ,but as far as I remember my highest speed never exceded 120 kmh .Anyway.I got the ticket and I requested the officer if he can help me to come out of the odd situation. But no result.Itsvery difficult on my part to attend the court at 531 OLD FRONT ST, BINGHAMTON,NY 13905.Can you please help me? Waiting for your reply please.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are facing a 6 point ticket – that carries a maximum fine of $393, along with an assessment charge of $300. We would be happy to help you deal with this ticket, and offer free consultations. You may reach us at 888-883-5529.

  48. James

    I got a ticket for 57mph in a 40 zone. What is possible violation and is it worth fighting it. This was on a clean nj license in NY on highway 155 near Albany.

  49. Pinaki

    I was driving high speed and officer caught me in Elicotville. I explained that i am from Ontario and told him that i got confused about the Miles/Kilometers conversion.

    Also in My car there is no Miles converted. Normally in ON all the highways are 100 so i was driving in that speed. The officer got convinced but he decided to issue a ticked under section 1110 A “Disobeying traffic device” but he didn’t mention any Speed. so how many kilometers i was violating is not mentioned in the ticket.

    Now the question is should i Plead guilty or is it worth fighting this case? Can the ticket be reduced to a parking ticket? Is it going to impact my Ontario Insurance? Just heard that any points which is 2 or less is actually not transferred to Ontario.

    Can you please provide some guidance?

  50. Ahmed

    Hi. I received a ticket for failure to stop for schoolbus in Brooklyn, when I am sure that the lights weren’t on when I was passing it. I have an Alberta, Canada drivers license. Do the points transfer over? Do you fight cases in NYC?


  51. Chris

    Hello. I was going 62 MPh in a 45. At night. .regular road..I’m am located in upstate new York I don’t know if you are familiar with the city, very small, watertown new York . Need to know how much money will I be paying .



  53. Juan

    Hi i got a speeding ticket the 7/26/15 by queens midtown tunnel going 67mph in a 30mph in one of the ramps , i have a NJ driver license ,my firts time driving there ,i was lost coming from the JFK airport,first time with a speeding ticket .we called a few people and they told me to plead guilty and paid the fines because i will recive only 2 points on my record and , i did call dmv and i plead guilty to the ticket and now i have to appear in court , what can i do ,thank you for you advise

  54. Leni

    I am a female from Ontario and was driving my minivan on hwy 390 in NY State on Sunday night. Other than a motorcyclist, there were very few cars on the road. The motorcyclist kept coming up right behind me, causing me to change into the left lane. When I changed lanes, the motorcyclist did the same, then I would go back into the right lane and he kept following me close. This went on for about 10 minutes and I got scared that he was road raging me or wanted to drag race me. I decided to go into the left lane and speed up in order to get far away from him and that’s when I got pulled over and given a ticket for going 90 mph in a 65 mph zone. My court date is Sept. 23. Can you advise me on what I’m looking at with this charge, I don’t want to have to appear in court. What is my best option?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Leni – You are facing a 6 point ticket (4 demerit points), that will carry fines ranging from $203 – $393; along with an assessment charge of $300. Hiring an attorney would allow you to fight your ticket without personally appearing in court.

  55. Paul

    I was pulled over doing 62 in a 45, and this is my first moving offense (have had a parking ticket and no front license plate ticket). I am still waiting to go to court for the license plate, and am 17 with a Junior license. What can I expect between fines/ license suspension?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Paul – because you are a junior license holder, the penalties will be severe. In order to provide more specific information, I need additional details about your current case and driving history.

  56. Vas


    I recently got a ticket for speeding at Chenanga New York. It’s mentioned 85 in 55 mph zone. Please advice what are the implications. Can I plead NOT guilty. Thanks Vas

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Vas – you are facing a 6 point ticket that carries a fine of $300, court fees of $93, and a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300 over the course of 3 years.

  57. JC

    Hi, I am Nj resident and received a speeding ticket while in nyc. The officer missed a digit while writing my drivers license no. on the ticket, will this lead to a dismissal ?

  58. Ian Sun

    Hi Adam, I got a ticket going 70 in a 55 mph Suffolk county long island. The policeman told me to mail in the ticket within 48 hours; what am I looking at? should I plead guilty or is this worth to fight? I have a NJ resident drive license. Thank You.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Ian – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries fines of $393.00. Two (2) points will be assessed against your NJ driving record. Additonally, your insurance rates will increase due to this ticket.

  59. David Tenn

    I have been given a issued a ticket (violation of VTL Section 1180F). Apparently I was going 64 in a 45 ” Speeding in a posted work zone” Date September 1, 2015 at 10:24 am C/T/V of Niagara Falls, City of – 3202
    Highway 1-Interstate I-190 South direction.
    Charge based on Officer’s “Direct Observation”
    Speed verified by “Laser” model “LTI – Ultralyte”
    Addition information: V1 S/B Near Niagara Falls Blvd 64/45 P1 Stat Laser in Uturn

    I was not aware of the “work zone” and I had my wife and 2 children in the vehicle, we all were wondering why we were being stopped. We had just crossed over to the USA on our way to New York City for my daughters Volleyball Tournament.
    I also did not see any work zone signs until after we received the ticket. I was going with the flow of vehicles in front and beside me where going the same speed but i was the only one that got pulled over. I am a Canadian citizen and unfamiliar with how to make a decision on whether to fight this ticket or not. I have never received any traffic violations in the USA and I have over 30 years of driving experience.

    Please advise how I should proceed.



    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      David – You are facing a 4 point ticket, that carries a fine of $693, and has a significant impact on your insurance rates. This violation will transfer to your Canadian license. Because of this, I strongly suggest you fight this ticket.

  60. Justin urban

    I received a ticket going 70 in an 30 mile zone but I was with my girlfriend she was in another car she said it was a 40 mile zone when the cops caught me an I wasn’t going 70 more like 50 no more then 60 what fines am I facing I don’t have a lot of money went threw a lot today can someone help

  61. Vlad

    Hi, i received a ticket (1180D) I 87 on my way back to NY, for going with the traffic flow, 80 mhp in a 65 mph zone. the awkward thing was that i was the only one pulled over from a group of 5-6 cars running at the same speed. I have a clean record never got a speed/violation ticket. Since is more than 4 hours away, should i fight this ticket or just plead guilty and pay the fine. I don`t want to spend 4+ hours driving to
    Chestertown Court, NY 12817 only to get the same result as of pleading guilty.


  62. Ann

    I got a ticket for going 50 in a 45! Is it worth fighting or is that more aggravation and I should pay the fee?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Ann – I suggest you contact us regarding this ticket, as we need more information in order to be able to help you. It is curious that you have received a ticket for 5 mph over the limit, and I would like to know if there was more involved in this traffic stop.

  63. Arlene

    I am 49 yo and rec’d my first ticket (by radar) going 45 in a 30 (I thought the road I was on was a 40). Should I plead not guilty even though I obviously was guilty (even if it was a mistake thinking it was a 40)? The deposition by the female officer states that I said, “When asked why if the defendant knew why they had been stopped the defendant stated, “I was going too fast and I didn’t realize how fast.” That is incorrect, what I said was “I was going too fast? I didn’t realize I was going fast.” I actually had asked a question but she didn’t write it that way. So should I just please guilty because obviously I’m not going to win if it was radar too. Never had a ticket in my life. My family says I drive like an old lady. : (

  64. Quoc

    Hello Adam

    I received a ticket for driving 73mph on a 65mph road. My court is in Junius town court in Clyde NY.
    Please advice if I should check plea guilty or not guilty prior to mailing my ticket in.

    Thanks very much

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Quoc – In order to provide you with advice – I need more specific information about your particular situation – such as where you are licensed to drive. You may contact me to discuss further.

  65. jason

    Hi, my wife got a ticket in Victor Ny going 81 in a 65. It’s her first ever offense. We’re just wondering what the fines will be, and if it would be cheaper to fight it.

  66. Jessica

    I have a clean NYS license. I recieved a ticket for 62 in a 40 in Florida. I understand the points will not transfer to my NY license, but because I just moved down to FL I intend on switching my car and license over. Would it be worth taking the defensive drivers course in fl to prevent my insurance for going up? And if I get my FL license after the ticket is settled, will those points show up?

  67. David Zhao

    I got a ticket for speeding in Grand Island, NY, 81/65 when I was on my way to Niagara falls on 16th, August. I have mailed the papers and put plead guilty but haven’t received any responses from the town court so far. I was wondering how to pay my ticket and how much is the fine, also wondering if there is still any ways to fight for the ticket.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      The court will send you a fine notice in the mail, although if you do not receive it shortly, I suggest contacting them. It is still possible to withdraw your guilty plea and fight the underlying 4 point ticket.

  68. Tyasia

    I have a speeding ticket and Schuyler town 83 in a 65 and I have another ticket for letting someone drive with I license in Fulton ny .

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Tyasia – you are facing a 4 point ticket which carries a maximum fine of $393. In order to provide information on the second ticket, I need more specific information on the nature of the offense. You may contact me for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

  69. D

    Hi so I was driving in white plains my and the officer pulled me over saying that I was going 49 on a 30! And then my friend swore the speed limit sign near the cop said 40 not 30 so we drove back around and indeed it was 40!. So should I goth or not not

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      D – Even if you are able to prove that the speed limit was 40 mph, you are still accused of a speeding violation of 9 mph over the limit. The difference in consequences between a 4 point and a 3 point ticket is often times insignificant. I suggest you focus on whether the officer can prove you were speeding at all – as this will benefit you the most.

  70. Andrey

    Hello, got ticketed for 75 in 55 in Smithtown, Suffolk county. The officer asked me what the speed limit was, and I did not know. I said that I had to keep the same speed as those around me. He kept asking how fast I think I was going. I said not sure, but probably 65. He gave me supporting deposition noting I stated I was going 65. What am I facing, and what should I do? Thank you!

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Andrey – You are facing a 4 point ticket, which carries a fine of $393. Additionally, this will have a significant impact on your insurance rates. I suggest you fight this ticket to mitigate these consequences.

  71. Sam

    I got a ticket for 86 in a 65 zone in Liberty, NY. It is my first offence in 9 years as a canadian driver. Is there anyway to plead NOT guilty? Also I am confused by this 48-hour window of NOT guilty. I had the ticket issued at 10pm on the 2nd Sept.. Please advise.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Sam – you are facing a 6 point ticket with a court fine up to $393 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment fine of $300 over course of 3 years. 4 demerit points would transfer to your Canadian license, and would significantly impact insurance. It is possible, and suggested, that you fight this ticket. The date of importance is the date listed on the front – which is approximately two + weeks from the date of the offense.

  72. Mike

    I receive a ticket in pleasantville for doing 35 in a 15 mph school zone. I wasn’t aware school was in session yet. How much will the fine be and how many points?

  73. Gary F Prior

    I received a speeding ticket on 9/1/15 for 82mph in a 65 mph, and I have to appear in Rush Town Court on the 21st. Please advise

  74. Fnu Kotlanka Rama Krishna

    I got speeding ticket in NY (Florida town court) and I hold MA driving license. I was charged for speeding 90mph in 65mph. While I believe I am on 70mph, I accepted the fact that I speeded 5miles higher and paid the fine of about $270 in florida town court. Now I received additional $300 and a 6 point letter.

    – I particularly, don’t think 6 points on my driving…kindly advise

  75. Tenzin

    Hi there
    I live in Ontario and got speedy ticket at NY Franklin village driving 51 miles on 30 miles area, although I have never got an ticket in my life, been driving for more than 15 years. I was slow that too when I just entered village, i am 100 percent sure that I didn’t drive 50 miles and if I calculate it comes to 80 km if I am driving in Ontario and how it’s possible I am driving 80 km in village area with car infront of me. Please answer thanks

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Tenzin – you are facing a 6 point ticket with total fines, including the driver responsibility assessment charge of $693. We would be happy to discuss how best to handle your defense. You may contact us for a free consultation.

  76. jake

    hi i got a ticket for going 103 in a 55 in new york state. What are the penalties I’m looking at and is there any chance they will reduce the ticket if i pay a larger fine

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Jake – you are facing an 11 point ticket, license suspension, a fine of $693, a driver responsibility assessment of $675, and significant insurance increases. You absolutely must fight this ticket. I suggest you contact us to discuss the specifics of your case.

  77. Liz

    I was pulled over in Alexandria Bay, NY for going 74 in a 55. I was told by the officer that the only way to not be required to appear (7 hour drive away from my home) would be to plead guilty, so I did, with the explanation that I was driving at the same speed as everyone around me. Fine is $90. Surcharge is $93! There is no mention of points on my MA state drivers license. Can you let me know if I made a mistake pleading guilty and if points are to be issued?


    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Liz – going with the flow of traffic is unfortunately not a defense to speeding. While we can not advise you on the point system in your home state, the violation will transfer and will thus impact insurance. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

  78. Charles-Olivier Gelinas

    I got a speeding tickets in the NY state for 75 mph in a 65 mph zone. Am I facing any demerit points in the province of Quebec, what is the price of the ticket? Should I contest this ?


    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Charles, you are facing 3 demerit points. The price of the ticket will depend on which court has jurisdiction over the case. If you would like further details, you may contact us.

  79. John Burgos

    I live in Queens NY. Received speeding ticket in Rensselaer on the I90 going up to Albany. Clocked me at 90 mph on a 65 mph. What should I do and how much will it cost if I fight the ticket ?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      John – this is a 6 point ticket that will cost upwards of $693, along with a significant impact on your insurance rates. Fighting the ticket will enable you to avoid many of the consequences associated with a ticket.

    2. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      The ticket you received is a 6 point ticket that carries a $300 fine, $93 court fee, and $300 DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment. If you plead guilty to this ticket, your insurance premiums will likely also increase. I suggest you fight this ticket to mitigate or eliminate these harsh consequences. You may contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case in further detail.

  80. Keiron Roberts

    I got a ticket o the belt Pkwy doing 120 in a 50 zone he said he got me on lazer can I lower these expenses

  81. Andrew

    I was on a fishing trip in the Adirondacks with some friends, I have a ct license and was driving my friends car on a road that had a 55mph speed, I got a ticket stating that I was going 79mph. I thought I had sent in the ticket by June 16 but as it turns out I never did and I just sent it in today. I plead not guilty. Is it even possible for me to fight the ticket at this point? And if so and I still loose how much is it going to cost me? I have a clean record and the speeding was completely accidental (which I know doesn’t matter) but I can’t afford a huge fine right now and don’t want any points on my license.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are facing a 6 point ticket, which will include a total financial penalty of $693. Additionally, this will significantly increase your insurance rates. It is still possible to fight this ticket and eliminate or lessen the points and fines, especially if you have a good driving record.

  82. Max

    I received a ticket 4-05 B1 ticket (u-turn), during an accident, but the officer neglected to put on the police report that the motorcycle who hit me, was speeding down the wrong side of the road. I was parked by the curb, both lanes of traffic on my side, stopped to let me out. There was a double parked delivery truck in front of me, regardless if I was going to do a U-turn or get out of the parking I still would have had to make a wide turn causing the front of my car to go over the double solid line. What is the best way to go about this situation?

      1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

        Paul – you are facing a 4 point ticket which will entail maximum fines of $393, along with an increase in your insurance rates. You may fight this ticket and attempt to mitigate / eliminate these consequences. Please note, however, that while there might have been cars going faster then you, it does not disprove the assertion that you might have been speeding.

  83. Dennis

    I have a NJ DL, and just got a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign in NYC. I believe I stopped with enough time at the stop sign. The summons says: “Disobey Stop Sign”. The officer said it would be (and I quote him) “Points in NY, not in NJ”. I don’t believe that. The fine is about $200 if I’m not mistaken. The points is what I’m worried about. Is it worth even taking the time off (which I don’t have as I just started a new job 3 days ago), paying an attorney, going to court, all for a $200 fine? The attorney fees alone will be way more than that wouldn’t it? I strongly believe you can’t beat an attorney’s knowledge, but Is this something I can plead down with the prosecutor?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Dennis – contrary to what the officer has told you, 2 points will transfer to your NJ license. There is no plea bargaining in the NYC court system. In order to avoid the consequences of the ticket, you must take this matter to trial.

  84. Jon

    Hi Adam,

    Just had a quick inquiry. Got a ticket last year for speeding in NYS. It was under 15 mph (Can’t remember exact) I pleaded guilty, but then ignored the fines and as a result, NYS suspended my license in the state of NY alone (My license here in Ontario has not been affected at all.) Due to the fact that I also drive truck for a company, I will be driving in NYS again I am sure. How do I go about rectifying the situation and getting my license back in the good graces of the NYS? Thanks in advance

  85. Joaeph

    Hello my wife received a tickets 76 In a 55 Suffolk county long island , what are yourrates to fight this ticket ,this is her very first offense , she had told the officer she was trying to pass another car .

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      This is a 6 point ticket, which will have fines ranging from $203-$393, plus a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee of $300. Additionally, this will have a substantial impact on your insurance rates. You may contact our office to discuss your case in further detail.

  86. Leroy

    Got pulled over and they said i was doin 102 on a 55mph highway in suffolk county plus a window tint, should i fight it cause i was not goin that fast

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are facing an 11 point ticket, which will result in automatic license suspension, over $1000 in fines and surcharges (DMV Assessment fee), and increased insurance rates. I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid/mitigate these consequences. Call us for a free consultation at 1-888-883-5529.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      This is a 4 point ticket with a maximum fine of $393 plus a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $300. You may contact us for a free consultation if you would like to discuss the facts of your case further.

  87. 12345

    Quebec driver, got the ticket in NY state, small town near the border, 74 MPH in a work zone of 55 MPH, any idea about the fines and demerit points? Should i plea of not Guilty to fight? Will they be transferred to Quebec? Thanks,

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      For going 74 in a 55 mph work zone, you are facing a maximum fine of $693 and 4 points on your license. You will receive 4 demerit points for this violation. You may contact us to discuss how we might be able to have these consequences reduced or eliminated.

  88. vince

    Got a ticket going 86 in a 55 on rt.17.
    I have a nj ljcense. What am i looking at? Does it make sence to drive 2 hours to court hoping for a reduction. In nj they reduce it just for showing up. Is it the same in ny?


    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Vince – The penalty for this 8 point speeding ticket is $693 + a $450 Driver Responsibility Assessment. You will be assessed 2 points against your NJ license for this violation. In NY, there is no reduction for just showing up, but we can fight this ticket on your behalf and you will not have to go to court.

  89. Jamie Abeel

    That’s funny I was charged 93.00 for failure to obey a traffic device in surcharges in Geneseo Village court plus 55.00 fine is that excessive

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Failure to obey a traffic control device (VTL 1110-a) carries a maximum possible fine of $243 and adds 2 points to your license. For more information, feel free to call us at 1-888-883-5529.

  90. Max

    I received a VTL 1180 0B speeding ticket in NY state with a British Columbia drivers license. What are the consequences with regards to my license? What will happen if I don’t pay the ticket?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      I advise you not to ignore the ticket. If you do, your NY driving privileges will be suspended, you could be arrested if caught driving in NY, and the suspension can transfer to Canada. The costs associated with this ticket will depend on how many miles over the speed limit you were traveling.

  91. eric tramp

    Adam – i received a speeding ticket on Astoria Blvd. as i was preparing to merge left onto the Grand Central Parkway going East. Officer wrote me up for 51mph(not 50 or 52) in 30 mph zone. I have a Georgia DL, registration. When
    the officer gave me the ticket he stated ” this is a fine only, no points citation”.
    Why would he say that …..I didn’t ask? Is that even possible? – I see no such category online.
    Anyway, it’s been 10 days, but I can’t find the citation online on Eplead, so will have to call.
    Seems like a total speed trap….

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Eric – this is not possible. The speeding ticket you are looking at is a 6 point ticket, that carries significant fines and insurance impacts. You may contact us to discuss further.

  92. Tracey

    Hello, Adam,.
    I’m a Canadian with a clean driving record (30 years). I received a speeding ticket on Sun., Aug. 16 travelling on the I-81 North at the town of Ellisburg on my way home. The speeding violation was for driving 80mph in a 65mph zone. The officer explained my options for pleading guilty or not guilty and said to mail my plea. How many points will go onto my Ontario licence? And, what would be the estimated cost of the fine? Would it be worth it to fight the ticket?
    Thank you,

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You will receive 3 demerit points onto your ON license, which will impact your insurance rates. It is therefore suggested that you fight this ticket.

  93. CAVE

    I was traveling from VA to NY going to Niagara falls, and I was pulled over for speeding 103mph on 65, the cop told me that I can mail the ticket pleading that I am guilty and I am worried to get in jail
    the violation description is
    Speed in zone
    the section is 1180D
    The place where this occurred is WINDSOR in Broome country

    am I going to jail for this ticket??

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      You are facing an 8 point ticket, that carries substantial fines and insurance implications. You may contact us for further information about your case. You should not be concerned about imprisonment for a speeding ticket alone.

  94. Paul Canady

    On 8/2/15 I was in Hamilton Country, had my cruise on and was cresting a hill with it shifting up and speeding up just as I came over the top. Was in the process on braking and turning off cruise when I met a cop. Was pulled over and ticketed for going 75 in a 55 zone. Don’t know what I should do from here. Plead Guilty? The car was going that speed but it is not what my cruise was set on. Advice?

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Paul – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries fines of $393, along with an impact on your insurance. What your cruise control was set on has no impact on your traffic violation – the only relevant factor being the rate of speed at which you were traveling.

  95. Jon


    I was pulled over for doing 50 in a 35 on Youngs Rd. in the town of Amherst. I plead not guilty to the ticket and giving a court date and told there will be a fine. I was wondering the chances of the ticket being plead down to a lower offense or not. This is my first speeding ticket and second overall (first was for a brake light). Also wondering what possible fine might be given to me in both cases, plead down and not plead down? Thank You.

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      The potential outcome of your ticket depends on numerous factors. While we cannot tell you what the prosecutor will offer, the maximum fine on this 4 point ticket is $393.

  96. Michael

    One more question. Is it right that in NYS once one acquired 11 points the license is revoked? If that happens for how long does it stay like this?. I mean when do each occurrence of points expire after it is applied?

    And if someone does go over the limit are there avenues for fighting this? Not that intend to be there, just curious as I’m a newbie and the system seem harsh and excessively penal.
    Or all states do it similarly and this is just what you get in the US (In Europe points expire each year)

    1. Adam Rosenblum Post author

      Michael – Accumulating 11 points in any 18 month period will lead to a license suspension, not revocation. Each state has different rules regarding their point system.

  97. Michael

    I got a ticket upstate NY w radar reading 86 on a 65 highway. I don’t have time to go to that upstate court 5 hrs away.

    What happens if I plead not guilty in the ticket answer?